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Saddam's Capture Is a Fraud

Page URL: http://www.fakesaddam.com/capture.htm Article Date: January 02, 2004

MOSCOW - The Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement doubting the capture of Saddam Hussein. "It is difficult to comment on this and to understand whether Saddam Hussein's capture is a fact, as there was much information about his multiple doubles" Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Yury Fedotov told reporters. The Russia Journal Daily

On Dec. 14, 2003, the Bush Administration announced the capture of Saddam Hussein. The US Administration wanted to present the capture of the supposed Saddam Hussein as a historical event. After studying and analyzing the pictures, the historical event turned to be a historical fraud. We are not assuming or suggesting that. We mean it and we can scientifically prove it. In this article we will see that the shaved Saddam's picture is no more than just an altered old picture.

The bearded 'Saddam Hussein' above was shown in a video tape and after shaving his beard, the shaved 'Saddam Hussein' was shown in a STILL picture. Now before we go any further, you have to agree with us that STILL pictures can be easily faked. Otherwise, you must say both of the pictures below are real pictures.

Trying to compare the presented Saddam's pictures to see whether they are of the same person or not is meaningless. Simply because they have been presented in such a way to prevent any kind of comparison. Different lights, different angles and different colors can make different people look the same and make the same person look different. Please don't be fooled by the pictures' background.

Saddam's Eyes

Let's take the supposed Saddam's picture after shaving his beard and compare it to his original pictures and see the similarities and differences. Based on this, we can judge whether the presented picture is a recent picture has been taken on that day or a historical pictured that has been altered to match the picture of the bearded man.

Looking at the pictures above, it is clear that the shape of the left eye of the original Saddam is NOT the same as the eye shape of the presented Saddam. Regardless of the direction he is looking. By looking at the original Saddam's pictures, you can also notice that the left eye looks smaller a little bit than the right eye. The shape is also different. We want to concentrate on the eyes, a mark that can never be changed by time, weather, environment, age or any natural thing.

Sometime before announcing the capture of the supposed Saddam Hussein, the US Military in Iraq has released some digitally made pictures of Saddam and how he might look. See the eye shape and size. The left and right eyes are not of the same shape and size.

Since the above pictures are meant to be informative, there is no big deal to figure out from which original pictures these computer pictures have been taken.

The Altered Historical Picture

Now we will see how the recently shown Saddam's picture is no more than an altered old picture. It is in no way the picture of the bearded guy.

After spending some time comparing pictures, rotating them left, right, up, down, I came across a picture that seemed for the first glance a completely different picture. It is the one below. Look carefully at the pictures below and see the similarities and differences. The haircut style looks the same, but everything else seems different.

Rotate/flip the recent picture horizontally.

Please compare the eye shape and cornea position. Weren't these eyes the other way around in the supposed Saddam's recent picture. So how come they perfectly match the real Saddam's eyes after rotating them. We have already seen that Saddam's left and right eyes aren't of the same size and shape. But we got them matching only after rotating them. Not only the eyes, see the shadows around the eyes and how they match this old picture. Remember that these shadows were on the other side on the recent picture. It is clear that the recent picture is a fake picture that has been taken from this old picture, or at least upper part of it. It could be a mix of two or more pictures and this one is one of them. Otherwise, how can you explain this perfect match. Again, we wouldn't be able to get them matching without rotating the recent picture!

In today's computer graphics, fabricating images is made easy and even beginners can do it. The photo below is an example.

Why do they have to change the eye position anyway? Look at the bearded guy, see his eyes and you will get the answer. They tried to make the eyes of the shaved Saddam looks like the bearded man's eyes. This also proves that the bearded guy isn't Saddam. He is an actor and they know it.

The Bearded Guy Could Be Left-Handed

Left-handed people are also left-eyed. Most left-handed people have the left eye dominant and most right-handed people have the right eye dominant. When left-handers concentrate on something, they tend to partially close the right eye. And in a natural position, their right eye seems slightly smaller than the left eye. The opposite is true for right-handers. Look at the picture of the bearded guy above and see in which hand he is holding his beard. Look at his eyes. If this guy is Saddam, what force on the earth has turned him left-hander all of a sudden! Saddam is right handed.

Final Word

One might say there could be a technical problem with the film developing machine that caused things to turn around. To answer such a thought, I say look at the pictures again and see the haircut. Why the machine didn't turn the haircut style around. What about the video camera? Does that one have a technical problem too? And the doctor. Is he a left-handed and the camera turned to right hander.

Everything we have seen about Saddam's capture is just a hoax. This includes the video tape, medical test, interrogation reports and the so-called official statements. Who could manage to fake a picture and a video film, can easily manage to issue false verbal statements and fake interrogation reports.

What about the DNA test? Have they ever told you the DNA they have is 100% matching Saddam's DNA. The closest figure I heard of is 99%. So there is a way out. For the public, 99% is a very good percentage. But for the people in charge, the remaining is a very good percentage. And when they need it, expect them to divert the public attention to something else while they are announcing in a small headline at the bottom of the TV screen that the guy they have isn't Saddam.

Now you should know why Saddam Hussein hasn't told the US officials anything about the so-called WMD and his bank accounts. And you should know why Saddam's family members are not allowed to visit him in prison. Because he isn't there.





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