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9/11 Deja Vu : The Audios. The Analysis.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

9-11: a mythic event dividing
time into before and after

Dr. Kevin Barret

9-11 was designed as a quasi-religious event that would divide time
into a before 9-11 and an after. The architects needed the event to wage
endless aggressive wars around the world and continue to stage false flag
events, such as the Boston Marathon bombing to continue the myth that
we are all being threatened by terrorists.

The entire War on Terror paradigm that we have all lived with since 9-11
was recently turned on its head when through its proxy Saudi Arabia, the
US and Al-Qaeda (the CIA Database) threatened Russia with a terrorist
attack. Dr. Kevin Barret explained in detail all of these events and more in
an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia.

Hello, this is John Robles, You are listening to an interview with Doctor Kevin Barrett, a Doctor of Arabic and Islamic Studies and the co founder of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for Truth, he is also the owner and manager of truthjihad.com.

Barret: …whenever there is country that is fairly cohesive and is not cooperating with their program and Syria would qualify, Iran would qualify, Russia would qualify, maybe tomorrow it will be China, then these nations and their leaders become targets.

So I think that is the way the game is being played. And when you cited this meeting between Bandar, who is sometimes know as Bandar “Bush” because he is an honorary member of the Bush Crime Family here in the US, and President Putin… in which Bandar Bush rather outrageously said: “Which do you want billions of dollars in this hand or do you want us to go stage a huge terrorist attack at the Winter Olympics next year?”

Talk about an outrageous Mafiosi style approach, it so crude and thuggish. The reports are that President Putin rejected this approach.

Robles: He just gave him a big “NYET”.

Barret: A big “Nyet” saying that we are not interested in this kind of dealing. We want to be dealing in an above board way, with people that we can have confidence in. I think that is the best possible way…

Robles: With people who share our views, right?

Barret: Yeah. So, but it is kind of stunning that someone like Bandar would come to Putin and threaten to bomb the Winter Olympics and claim that he was acting with the full support of the US Government. Since when is the US government, you know, going to be threatening to bomb the Olympic Games with Al-Qaeda, through its Saudi proxy, it kind of turns the whole “War on Terror Paradigm” on its head.

Robles: Exactly, exactly and, I mean, the western media has almost ignored that completely but I think it goes all the way to… the root of all this and 9-11 and the whole Bandar family connections with the Bush family, his mad desire to be king even though he is out of the running because of his mother etc.

What can you say about the Saudi connection to 9-11 again, to Boston for example, was there any connection there? When he made the revelation that the Saudis control the Chechen terrorists and can you tell us anything about Boston that you might know?

Barret: Yes, I think that Saudis had some involvement in both 9-11 and probably the Boston attacks as well. Of the 19 hijackers, I believe it was 17 of them were Saudi nationals, and these guys were apparently intelligence connected Saudis, who were brought to the US on “snitch visas”. These are visas that the CIA issues to Saudis who are willing to spy for the CIA in Saudi Arabia, and as a reward they are given some money and then they are given special type of visa.

So 17 of these hijackers came over on CIA “snitch visas” meaning that they are all CIA agents and they are also presumably reporting to Saudi intelligence as well, which is very tight with the CIA.

While they were here, several of these hijackers did have connections with Royal family Saudis. And then after 9-11 suddenly all of these well connected Saudis, Ben Laden’s family, Bandar-Bush I believe, were packed up on planes and flown out of the country at a time when planes were not allowed to fly. They were basically evacuated to save them from being interrogated by the FBI.

So there are some interesting Saudi connections around 9-11, I don’t think they are quite as overwhelming as the Israeli connections, or even the US connections, but I think Saudi Arabia was a player in 9-11. And I think part of the purpose of 9-11 was to prevent Saudi Arabia from leaving the US orbit.

The king of Saudi Arabia had threatened to leave the US orbit in August of 2001, saying that: “The time has come for a partying of the ways.” And I believe that part of the purpose of 9-11 was to cut the knees off of the people in Saudi Arabia who wanted to move in the direction of independence and to restore that part of Saudi Arabia that is basically just a slave of the empire, people like Bandar Bush.

Robles: I see.

Barret: And with Boston, I think that… To me at least it was very counter-intuitive that they would be telling us that radical Muslim Chechens would be bombing the Boston Marathon, because these radical Muslim Chechens, as you say, are part of this US-Saudi Axis, the element of so called Al-Qaeda that has been harassing Russia, ever since Al-Qaeda meaning: “the CIA Database”, was created during the Afghan war.

So why would radical Muslim Chechens want to bomb the US when it’s actually the US that’s supporting them in their fight against Russia? That makes no sense. And then all sorts of information popped up indicating that yes, these guys were probably patsies, they were controlled by these CIA-Saudi, so called Al-Qaeda types.

Apparently the older one had gone to Chechnya and maybe got trained. Their uncle is a CIA man, so it seems that probably the CIA and its Saudi, so called Al-Qaeda, proxies were involved in setting up these brothers for the Boston bombings. But I don’t believe that the Tsarnaev brothers actually carried out those bombings, I think they were probably set up as patsies.

Robles: The reason behind that is to increase defense and security spending to expand the police? What was the reason for that?

Barret: It is actually to keep the post 9-11 regime going. 9-11 was designed as a kind of “mythic event” that would create what Philip D. Zelikow called a ‘whole new world’.

Philip D. Zelikow was the author of the 9-11 Report, who wrote the whole report in chapter outline before the commission ever convened, meaning he probably just took his script for the 9-11 attack itself, which he wrote before the attack and it was used to stage the attack and made that script into his 9-11 Commission Report.

Robles: Was he part of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)?

Barret: No, I don’t believe that Zelikow was actually a member of PNAC but he was associated with the same people, and he was the author of the Bush Doctrine of the preemptive war. He was a member of the Bush Administration and in fact the guy that was most responsible for that change to a preemptive war doctrine.

He described himself as an expert in creation and maintenance of public myths, such as the myth of Pearl Harbor, which we’re told was a perfidious Japanese surprise attack and that was used to turn the American people away from this 85% anti-war sentiment on the eve of WWII. And since Pearl Harbor Americans have been willing to allow the US to run rampant all over the world, and so Zelikow is an expert in this kind of thing.

He wrote an article in 1998 speculating on the likely “psychological, social, political consequences of a massive Pearl Harbor style attack on the World Trade Center, such as the “destruction of the World Trade Center”, was a quote from his article. So he nailed that three years in advance.

Basically this whole new world that Zelikow created using myth-making techniques, it’s the same way that time is always divided into “a before and an after”, by all myths and Zelikow talks about this in his article. He says that the destruction of the world trade center will divide time into a before and an after.

Just like, the great myth such as Christianity, divided time into before Christ and after Christ, BC and AD. And in Islam its before the Hegira and after the Hegira. Every great mythic sacred system divides time into a before and after.

So Philip Zelikow, the expert in public myths, staged 9-11 as this epochal human sacrifice, that would be a kind of quasi-religious event, that would divide time into before 9-11, when there was the Constitution and one set of rules, and then post 9-11, when we are in this whole new world where the government can do anything it wants and waging aggressive war all over the world with no restraints.

And in order to maintain ‘this whole new world’ that was created with the September 11th attacks, they have to keep staging a lot of follow up attacks.

They can be relatively small but they have to be spectacular enough to get a lot of attention and convince the people that were still living in this whole new post 9-11 world where we are all threatened by terrorism.

This is not true. The average American is more likely to be hit by lightening or drown in his or her bathtub than to die of a terrorist attack.

But the media is being used to brainwash Americans in an Orwellian fashion to believe that they are in danger from terrorism.

So these insiders who staged 9-11 have to keep staging follow up terrorist attacks in a way that they will get a lot of media attention in order to maintain this illusory “whole new world” that was created with this mythic event of September 11th.

Robles: Thank you very much sir, it was great hearing from you. Thank you.

Barret: You too. Bye bye.

That was the end of part 3 and the final installment
of an interview with Dr. Kevin Barret.

PART 1 and PART 2


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 8:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi Fintan,

"Over at Gizmodo Adam Clark Estes points out that these
F-16s are not the first jets to be converted into drones:

Before the F-16s became QF-16s, the Vietnam-era F-4 became the QF-4. And before that, pilots took aim at converted jetslike the PQF-102 Delta Dagger, the QF-100 Super Saber and the QF-106 Delta Dart. The Air Force prefers the drone approach because nothing simulates actual combat fighting like a full-sized fighter jet pulling real-world maneuvers in the sky, and the lack of a pilot (somewhat ironically) lets them test the lethality of their weapons systems.


I can attest to this
I was stationed at Eglin AFB in Florida in the late 60's
there was a dedicated airfield there where drones took off and landed
they would fly around so pilots taking off from other airfields
could interact with them (i don't believe any were actually shot down)

but "planes hitting the buildings" and "planes causing buildings to disintergrate" are two different things

formerly known as duane in a previous registration
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