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The "Beast" is of our making

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:33 am    Post subject: The "Beast" is of our making Reply with quote

How much money would banks have if nobody paid their money into them? If the soldiers ordered to go to Iraq or any other war say "NO", how much power would some lanky git like Bush or Blair have? How much power would a politician have if nobody voted?

So how do we get to the light by practicing blindness? We say " here, have our power, "YOU" represent "ME". And they say "oh thank you very much, you can deposit your little bit of power in me....and I'll take care of it for you". By giving your power away you have unseated yourself from power. The people that have the power are walking around with your power, but they themselves are blind and are not generating that power themselves. They are blind simply because they accepted your wish to unseat your power. Therefore their power is an illusion. But we sustain that illusion in them by remaining blind ourselves to our own place of power.

Why do we do this? Why do we secretly consider ourselves unworthy to have this power remain in us? Well, in my opinion, it is about deception. We are tempted to deceive ourselves. If a suggestion/temptation finds conducive ground it will take a hold, and then the individual will continue deceiving themselves through that initial suggestion. Politicians are highly skilled in providing the temptation most folks cave in to. Yet the politician finds conducive ground within the individual due to the attachments and need for distraction that is there. Where is the deception really born? Most things need an anchor. And that anchor is the needs of the heart.

In an atom one gets a positive charge, a negative charge and a neutral. The neutral is the real dominant power, that balances the charges effortlessly. Take a see-saw as another example; one gets the continual fight between the up and down motion from either side of the centre. The point of balance effortlessly says "there they go again, fighting amongst each other....ooooh here is the point of balance, no it's there now..ooops there it is, no just moved over to there". And on and on, as the two sides fight like demented peacocks for domination, the neutral effortlessly provides the point of balance. It is the dominant force. The other two forces never win anything. One moment it is the positive/up that thinks it has control, but the negative/down soon wins the next battle. The neutral always wins the war. Instead of endless wars between the "good" guys and the "bad" guys, Palestinian versus Israeli, capitalism verses communism, "terrorism" versus "freedom" etc etc, we need to ask ourselves what it will really take to achieve peace if that is what we want.

If one wants to defeat the beast, don't give it power and don't play its game where it successfully keeps you from the centre. In fact that is why we are employing it to do so, so as to keep our own secret attachments fed. Attachments come in all sorts and sizes, and it isn't only material attachment. One hangs on to all sorts of positive and negative energy in order to create a false image of oneself. It should be no surprise that, on the outside, we see a beast that we really don't like.

Attachments close the lid on the central position and cause a struggle between ego and higher self. The higher self quietly calls one back to the centre, the ego interprets it as guilt and looks for ways to alleviate that guilt...food, cars, music to get away from the silence, love, hate. These things in themselves have no power, but it is the power we assign to them that gives them a collective power. Ego cannot stand alone.

Another big con is this apparent "Jesus coming to save us" stuff. Think about it, it doesn't make sense, and is another way to keep people from their place of power. Sure, it can be called the Christ Consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness, but no-one is going to do it for us and give it to us. We simply have to realize it. That is not to say an awake Master cannot incarnate and do what the so called leaders of the world are not doing, leading the people back into themselves and their place of power. Jesus could come back 100 times to save us poor powerless folks, but the time would surely have to come when we say "no thanks, I think I can do it myself this time". And in one of the books left out of this bible it even states " when a spirit finds the place of power, being wisdom in harmony and harmony in wisdom, not even God can displace them from that place".
And that "kingdom", place of power is within, the Heart. The heart controls attachments and desires. And the adverts take the piss out of us, "go on be a devil", give in to the temptation. To con us into staying asleep we see adverts that promote a car by showing a meditating monk give up his meditation because the car seems just soooo alluring. All kinds of adverts
keep the masses blind.

Don't let emotions win. They con us. They are the way suggestions enter into our psyche. The day mankind awakes enough for the balance to be predominantly in the Light, we will not need machines to do anything for us. We will have learned to manifest that which we desire, and it won't be a manifestation born from blindness that pollutes that which it touches.

Peace would already be ours, and we wouldn't have to fight for it. To return to the peace we say we want, it isn't a out of fighting. The blind leading the blind is a tangible phenomena outside our windows every day, and inside our hearts we cannot let go of the energy that wants to hide behind our blindness. The energy born from the attachments in our life can never give us the happiness we assign to them. It is fleeting at best, and will require bigger and bigger doses of that specific attachment in order to keep us thinking we are happy.

We gave our power away so that we could drive to work, get a career and buy our Christmas presents. We conned ourselves, and got conned big time. It is the illusion of power that pollutes. It only has reality because it is held within the collective ego, as a dominant desire within mankind. The only way to tip the balance toward light is to stop feeding the illusion. The place to start is within.

The "Beast" is an illusion given power by the beliefs of the collective.
Turn around and say "you're not real" and it will disappear.
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