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Spotlight On Cell Phone Dangers
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 1:27 pm    Post subject: Spotlight On Cell Phone Dangers Reply with quote

The cell phone industry: Big Tobacco 2.0?

By Molly Wood, senior editor, CNET.com
Tuesday, March 8, 2005

So, there's this incredibly popular product that has widespread consumer use and a massive marketing presence. Nearly everyone uses it, and it has very high social acceptance, even though some people find it annoying when it's used in public. It's highly habit-forming; people who use the product on a regular basis find it almost impossible to live without.

Unfortunately, studies start to appear showing that the product might be harmful to its users--even cancer-causing. The product's manufacturers deny the presence of any danger and even spend millions of dollars trying to discredit the research that points to problems. Then, an insider emerges, seemingly with proof that the product could be dangerous. The industry agrees to publish warning data about the product, but continues to maintain that the product itself is safe for use. Lawsuits against the product's manufacturers are filed, but all are dismissed. Industry analysts know that any case that does succeed could start a domino effect of future lawsuits, which keeps the industry determined to maintain that the product is harmless, despite increasing evidence to the contrary.

Sound familiar?

Well, put down your lighter, I'm talking about cell phones. I've already maintained that I don't like the cell phone industry's iron-clad control over phone releases and pricing, its ever-lengthening contracts, and the annoying habit it has of crippling Bluetooth phones so that I can't use them the way I want to. But it takes only a few minutes of looking into the cell phone radiation quagmire before I start to think, man, these guys have Big Tobacco 2.0 written all over them. Actually, I'm not the first to think of it, but a recent article in the University of Washington alumni magazine indicates that the behaviors aren't going away, even as the potentially damning research continues to mount.

OK, I know the obvious differences: I'm sure cell phone manufacturers are not deliberately making their products more addictive, for example--although they are, of course, always offering new and improved services and ever-increasing buckets of minutes, which can't help but encourage us to use our phones more and more frequently. But, just as Big Tobacco did, the cell phone industry seems bound and determined to thwart and deny any suggestion that its product might be dangerous.

A history of bad news

For example, in 1994, University of Washington bioengineering professors Henry Lai and Narendra Singh found that the DNA in rats' brains was damaged after two hours of exposure to levels of microwave radiation considered safe by the government. When Lai and Singh published the research, a leaked memo from Motorola's head of global strategy, Norm Sandler, talked about ways to minimize damage by undermining their research, with Sandler writing, "I think that we have sufficiently war-gamed the Lai/Singh issue." Ouch. Worse, research biologist Jerry Phillips, who was paid by Motorola to conduct similar testing, says he was able to duplicate Lai and Singh's findings, but was then asked not to publish the research and was subsequently shunned by the company. Motorola says it told Phillips that his findings needed clarification, and the industry still maintains that Lai and Singh's results have never been duplicated and can't be considered legitimate.

The biggest Russell Crowe-style insider in this case, though, is Dr. George Carlo, who was hired by the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association to head up a $28 million research program into possible health effects from cellular phones. Unfortunately, he now says his findings show an increased rate of brain cancer deaths, development of tumors, and genetic damage among heavy cell phone users. He wrote this letter of concern to the president of AT&T Corporation and later went public with his findings after what he considered to be neglect by the industry. He's since broken with the industry, become a vocal critic, and coauthored a book called Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age--so you can tell he's on the "cell phones could cause cancer" side of things.

Meanwhile, more studies keep coming, and they seem to be getting worse. A study funded by the European Union reported last December that radio waves from mobile phones do, definitively, damage DNA and other cells in the body--and that the damage extended to the next generation of cells. Even though mutated cells are considered a possible cause of cancer, the UK National Radiological Protection Board said that since the study didn't show that the damage definitely led to disease, consumers shouldn't worry too much about the findings.

Uh, right. In the meantime, the report recommended that children use mobile phones only in emergency situations. You know, just in case. How reassuring.

The cell phone industry hasn't commissioned another large-scale study--at least not publicly--since its fateful encounter with Dr. Carlo--and why would they? They're in a catch-22. It's a multibillion dollar industry, and they simply can't afford to find out, definitively, that cell phones are dangerous. Worse, just like the tobacco companies, if they start issuing warnings and precautionary tales now, it'll look like they knew all along that the radio waves were dangerous, opening them up to major liability claims. They've already dodged one big, big bullet--an $800 million lawsuit against Motorola and cell phone carriers was thrown out in 2002, with the judge ruling that there wasn't sufficient evidence for trial. Since then, neurologist Dr. Christopher Newman, who filed the lawsuit, has died of brain cancer.

Listen, I use a cell phone, and I'm not trying to scare the bejesus out of everyone. But I do use a headset when I'm talking for any long period of time, and I carry that sucker in my purse, not my pocket. (I know you guys don't have that luxury, but reconsider the briefcase, OK?) And if you're shopping for a new phone, you might want to check our cell phone radiation chart to see which ones carry a low dose.

In a few more years, we'll either know for sure that cell phones can cause cancer, or we'll know they can't. I just hope we don't find out the hard way--through subpoenaed documents from cell phone makers and carriers who've been trying to minimize their damages and maximize their profits for more than a decade.


Vital Information:

DNA damages in cells could have an important implication on health because they are cumulative.
Lai, Henry, “Neurological Effects of Radio frequency Electromagnetic Radiation” a paper presented by at the Mobile Phones and Health Symposium, Oct. 25-28, 1998, University of Vienna, Austria.

A study done at Penn State University concluded that EMF exposure produced no effect for the “first few minutes, . . . then a cascade of microbial destruction occurs.”
Penn State University, “DNA and the Microwave Effect”, January 20, 2001.

The levels at which damage occurs have been shown to be as low as .024-.0024 W/kg--much lower than any cellular phone!
Phillips, J.L; Ivaschuk, O.; Ishida-Jones, T.; Jones, R.A.; Campbell-Beecher, M.; Haggren, W. DNA Damage in Molt-4 T-lymphoblastoid cells exposed to cellular telephone radiofrequency fields in vitro. Bioelectrochem. Bioenerg. 45:103-110; 1998.

Even using an earpiece will not keep you out of danger from EMF exposure. Earpieces act almost like “conduits” to funnel as much as three times the harmful radiation to your brain.

Hands Free Phone May Triple Risks

HANDS-FREE mobile phone kits are tripling levels of radiation to the brain, research has found. Thousands of people have bought the kits believing that they reduce the risk of cancerous brain tumours.

The findings are being studied as part of the Health Department investigation into mobile phone safety, chaired by sir William Stewart, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government.

The results emerged in tests on two hands-free devices conducted for the consumers' magazine Which? The kits tested were on two popular mobile phones: an accessory designed for the Philips Savvy mobile phone sold at BT Cellnet and an earpiece for the Eriksson A101-8S sold at Carphone Warehouse.

The tests found that the hands-free sets acted as aerials, channelling three times as much radiation from the phones to the brain as did ordinary mobile phones, and did not offer health protection.

Graeme Jacobs, editor of Which?, warned mobile phone users last night not to rely on the devices to reduce radiation levels. "The two models we tested triple the radiation to your brain, though we still don's know for certain whether that radiation is harmful," he said.
London Times, “Hands Free Phone May Triple Risks”, April 4, 2000.

"The results took us by surprise-by the time we discovered them it was too late to test more kits," the report says. "But looking at several other kits, our experts thought they would also conduct the radiation."

Jean Philips of consumer watchdog Powerwatch, an organisation that gives advice on electromagnetic fields, said: "Anyone who uses a phone extensively runs a risk of averse health effects. We estimate that 10 per cent of the population may be at risk of milder effects such as headaches and loss of concentration."

The report also warned that the 35,000 mobile phone masts across the UK could pose a significant health risk. " People who live or work near transmitter masts may also have legitimate health worries," it says.
Daily Express, 4th April 2000

Hands-Free Mobile Phones May Increase Radiation Exposure

Mercola.com 26 Nov, 2000

Contrary to previous assumptions, hands-free mobile phone kits can significantly boost the brain's exposure to radiation, according to new research conducted by British consumer research magazine Which?

One reason that the government's tests did not show this increased exposure is that they used only one position which did not allow the wire to hang straight down, Which? said.

Which? said it was impossible to recommend a "safe" position for holding a phone. Both short and long distances between the aerial and the earpiece produced increased emissions, with only a short length in the middle generating lower emissions than conventional mobile phone calls.


Technically Speaking:

Electromagnetic waves are a flux or field generated by an RF source and transferred into the atmosphere.

This field has two components, called the electric and magnetic field. These two components are normally phased 90 degrees from each other in a plane wave condition.

This wave can be classified as infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays and ¥ãrays depending upon the wave's length. The speed of the wave is the same as invisible light speed (3 x 10 8 m/x) within the vacuum condition but it is rather slower within the medium. Maxwell demonstrated this theoretically at first, and then Hertz characterised and measured the electromagnetic wave.

Finally, Marconi applied it to Radio Communication. The flux or energy departing axially or energy departing axially from a conductor is to be called the electric field. The electric field without charge movement is defined as constant electric field.

At the same time, the energy that departs concentrically or goes off phase from the above vectors is to be called the magnetic field. The electric and magnetic fields generated at very low frequency (VLF) induce very low energy into relatively small objects when they are irradiated.

The electric field can easily be shielded due to its characteristics but the magnetic field is more difficult. The magnetic field is therefore more likely to be absorbed by the living tissue, making it more harmful to the human body. How harmful depends on the intensity and frequency of the wave or field.

A Protection Solution:

by Fintan Dunne

The problem with wired headsets for mobiles is that the wire can
conduit up to three times the radiation -right into your ear!

Mobile phones can be fitted with headsets which have a range of around
30 feet. The RF energy used to communicate with the phone is
substantially less than the phone's microwave energy. You can buy
adapters that let you use a headset with a non-Bluetooth phone.

Bluetooth networking communicates on a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz.
The same radio-frequency band as baby monitors, garage-door openers
and the new generation of cordless phones. Bluetooth devices send out
very weak signals of about 1 milliwatt. By comparison, the most powerful
cell phones can transmit a signal of 3 watts. The low power limits the
range of a Bluetooth device to about 10 meters (32 feet).

So locating your phone at a distance and using a wireless headset
seems to be the best risk minimization tactic.

However, there is one caveat. Some research indicates that very low
power EM signals may cause more damage, because the cellular effects
may be below the body's threshold of detectable damage.

But on balance it seems like the safer option desipte this caution.

The best solution would be a headset which uses an FM Radio level frequency
to communicate with a phone, but interferrence would be a problem.
Anybody know of a product which has cracked this one?

Of course, where possible use text messages instead of voice calls.
They are cheaper, often sufficient and far healthier.

But it's not just cellphones. The average motorola cdma phone operates
at about 5% of the maximum public exposure (mpe)limits set by the FCC,
while a standard 2.4 gHz remote phone used in the home operates at
about 20% mpe.

Fintan 19 March 2006

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 1:48 pm    Post subject: Cellphones Are Frying Your Brain Reply with quote

Cellphones Are Frying Your Brain


An update to our Sept '04 investigation
confirms typical use of cellphones may
cause early brain aging
-by Fintan Dunne

A team of scientists funded by the Australian communications giant, Telstra, to investigate claimed links between cellular phones and cancer has turned up probably the most significant finding of adverse health effects yet. The study looked at 200 mice, half exposed and half not, to pulsed digital phone radiation. The work was conducted at the Royal Adelaide Hospital by Dr Michael Repacholi, Professor Tony Basten, Dr Alan Harris and statistician Val Gebski, and it revealed a highly-significant doubling of cancer rates in the exposed group. [11]

The mice were subject to GSM-type pulsed microwaves at a power-density roughly equal to a cell-phone transmitting for two thirty minute periods each day; this was a pulsed transmission as from a digital cell-phone handset. Using NRPB figures most GSM digital cell-phones will be putting between 10 and 30 times more radiation into the user's head than the Repacholi mice were subject to! [12] If there are cancer connections with the use of mobile phones, they are most likely to be expressed in adult leukaemias which typically take between 10 and 30 years to appear and be diagnosed.

Full Article at:


Daily Mail, 6th November, 1999

Mobile phones were at the centre of yet more health fears last night.

Neurologists claim users could be at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease because of radiation emissions from the phone handsets.

A study found that only two minutes of exposure can disable a safety barrier in the body which is meant to protect the brain from harmful substances in the blood. Once they invade, there is a higher chance of developing diseases of the brain and nervous system.

In a separate study, scientists claim they have proved mobile phones also cause long-term memory loss.

The findings will heighten alarm over the safety of the phones, used by more than 13million people in Britain. Already there have been reports linking them to brain tumours, confusion and headaches.

The latest evidence, from a Swedish study, explains how mobile phone radiation can set off what could be a disastrous chain reaction in the body.

Researchers at Lund University carried out experiments on rats using microwave fields which mimicked mobile phone emissions.

After two minutes' exposure, the rats' blood-brain safety barrier opened up, allowing proteins and toxins to enter the brain.

Worryingly, even when the microwaves were not strong enough to heat up the rats' heads, the scientists detected poisonous activity deep in the centre of their brains.

This suggest that current World Health Organisation guidelines on mobile phones use, based on minimum radiation heating levels, may not be enough to protect users.

Professor Leif Salford, the neurologist who carried out the research, said: 'We saw opening of the bloodbrain barrier even after a short exposure to radiation at the same level as mobile phones.

'We are not sure yet whether this is a harmful effect, but it seems that molecules such as proteins and toxins can pass out of the blood while the phone is switched on and cross into the brain.'

'We need to bear in mind diseases such as MS and Alzheimer's which are linked to proteins being found in the brain.'

Professor Salford said his team came up with the same findings when they repeated the experiment. 'So we think we are on to something very significant,' he said. Proteins are a normal part of blood, but can cause nerve damage or set off diseases of the nervous system if they manage to get into the brain.

Last night the Cambridge-based consumer group Powerwatch said the findings provided the first biological explanation for health complaints about mobile phones.

'This is very exciting but also very worrying research,' said spokesman Jean Philips.

'We have long suspected that poisons must somehow be getting into the brain to produce some of the effects that people are complaining of from using their mobile phones.'

In a separate study, due to be published in the U.S. science journal Bioelectromagnetics, mobile phone radiation was linked to longterm memory loss in rats.

Dr Henry Lai, of the University of Washington in Seattle, carried out the experiment in which 100 rats were placed in a large tank of cloudy water and taught to swim to a platform.

Half the group were then exposed to radiation and all forgot the way to the platform, while the unexposed rats remembered.

A second test involved removing the platform from the tank.

While the normal rats swam around in bewilderment at its removal, the radiation-exposed group showed no memory of it ever being there.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said a Government appointed committee, due to report on mobile phone safety next year, would examine the latest research.

Ed: That second study by Dr Henry Lai may not have used comparable EM radiation. The Swedish study mentioned holds up. -Fintan

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:22 pm    Post subject: Cordless Phones Alert Reply with quote

Cross-posted from 'Planet Toxic'

New Cordless Phones Danger

by Robbie Collin News of the World, 5th February 2006

Cordless handsets 100 times worse than mobiles, say experts.

Having a cordless phone in your house can be 100 times more of a health risk than using a mobile. The popular phones constantly blast out high levels of radiation - even when they are not in use. Landlines are widely thought a safer option than mobiles. But researchers in Sweden now warn cordless phones are far more likely to cause brain tumours than today's mobiles.

Emissions from a cordless phone's charger can be as high as six volts per metre - twice as strong as those found with a 100 metres of mobile masts. Two metres away from the charger the radiation is still as high as 2.5 volts per metre - that's 50 times what scientists regard as a safe level.


At a metre away the danger is multiplied 120 times - and it only drops to a safe 0.05 volts per metre when you are 100 metres away from the phone. Because of the way cordless phones work, the charger constantly emits radiation at full strength even when the phone is not in use - and so does the handset when it is off the charger.

The most common cancers caused by such radiation are leukaemias. But breast cancer, brain tumours, insomnia, headaches and erratic behaviour in kids have also been linked. Those with chargers close to their beds are subjected to radiation while they sleep.

Phone watchdog Powerwatch, using a testing device called the Sensory Perspective Electrosmog Detector, even found electromagnetic fields as strong as three volts per metre in a bedroom above a room holding a cordless phone.

Baby Monitors give off deadly radiation

News of the World Sunday February 19, 2006 Page: 39

BABIES are being put at risk of cancer by hi-tech cot monitors which emit deadly radiation, it is claimed.

Parents will be horrified to learn that slow-pulsing microwaves blasted out by modern digital equipment may cause leukaemia, say scientists.

Lab tests have also linked the radiation to potentially fatal brain tumours, breast cancer, headaches and disturbed behaviour patterns in kids.

Consumer group Powerwatch has urged parents to ditch digital (DECT) monitors.

Boss Alasdair Philips said: "We don't recommend they are used. Do not put a wireless transmitter in your child's bedroom and irradiate them unnecessarily."

Emissions, even if the monitor is not in use, can reportedly reach six volts per metre-TWICE as strong as those found within 100 metres of mobile phone masts.

"We have had a number of reports from parents that their babies did not sleep well and cried a lot when they used DECT monitors but were ok when no baby monitor was used. When they then tried a cheaper analogue monitor, the infant then slept as well as they did with no monitor."

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 11:06 pm    Post subject: Cell Phones Hurt Children -Even Worse Than Adults Reply with quote

See Also:
Cellphones Are Frying Your Brain

Cell Phones Hurt Children
Even Worse Than Adults

by William Thomas July 2003

Last April, while corporate “news managers” were guiding the attention of Americans elsewhere, a London newspaper reported on “What Cell Phones Can Do To Youngster's Brain In 2 Minutes”.

It turns out that a call lasting just two minutes can open the “blood-brain barrier” in kids as well as adults, allowing toxins in the bloodstream to cross this blood vessel gateway into the skull and attack brain cells. The same two-minutes cell phone exposure also disrupts the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour afterwards.

“Leading medical experts now question whether it is safe for children to use mobile phones at all,” reported the Mirror. “Doctors fear that disturbed brain activity in children could lead to psychiatric and behavioral problems or impair learning ability.”

Dr Gerald Hyland says he is “extremely disturbed” by the new findings released in Marbella, Spain by the Spanish Neuro Diagnostic Research Institute.

"The results show that children's brains are affected for long periods even after very short-term use,” this mobile phone adviser to the British government explained. “Their brain wave patterns are abnormal and stay like that for a long period. This could affect their mood and ability to learn in the classroom if they have been using a phone during break time, for instance.”

Dramatic photographs from a recent Spanish study show radio waves from mobile phones penetrating deep into the brains of an adult, 10 year-old and five year-old child.

Dr. Hyland and other MDs worry that cell phone’s deep penetration into children’s brains and the resulting disruption to the subtle electronic exchanges between brain cells could cause kids to lose the ability to concentration and remember, making it impossible to learn.

Dr. Hyland also states that cell phone use is also linked with aggressive behavior in children. Previous studies show that anyone exposed to cell phone energy may experience “radical changes” in mood and behavior. Measuring relatively low microwave and radio frequency power levels in urban areas in 1975, Dr. William Blise found clinically diagnosed depression and violence. These effects may be even more pronounced in more susceptible adolescent children. [EMF Health Report March/April, 1995]

"It makes one wonder whether children, whose brains are still developing, should be using mobile phones," this MD declared.

The Spanish findings coincide with a potentially apocalyptic new survey showing that 87% of 11- to 16-year-olds own mobile phones; 40% of them spend 15 minutes or more talking each day on them, and 70% said they would not give up their cell phones in the face of government warnings.

Dr Michael Klieeisen conducted the Spanish study. "We never expected to see this continuing activity in the brain,” he told reporters. “We are worried that delicate balances that exist - such as the immunity to infection and disease - could be altered by interference with chemical balances in the brain." [Sunday Mirror Apr/04]

"This information shows there really isn't a safe amount of mobile phone use,” Dr. Hyland emphasized. “We don't know what lasting damage is being done by this exposure. If I were a parent I would now be extremely wary about allowing my children to use a mobile even for a very short period. My advice would be to avoid mobiles."

Unfortunately for anyone still in ignorance or denial about putting the equivalent of a loaded pistol to their heads and pulling the trigger, new research from Sweden’s Lund University Hospital corroborates the Spanish findings. The Swedes also found that exposure to radiation emitted by mobile handsets and neighborhood relay towers can destroy cells in the parts of the brain responsible for memory, movement and learning.

Professor Leif Salford, the neurologist who carried out 15 years of research said, “We saw opening of the blood-brain barrier even after a short exposure to radiation at the same level as mobile phones.”

Salford added, "We had already shown that mobile phone radiation can allow harmful proteins and toxins to pass through the blood-brain barrier. Now we also see a significant degree of damage to neurons in the brains of adolescent rats. If this effect is transferred to young humans the effects can be terrifying." [Daily Mail Nov6/99]

A study by Finish scientist Darius Leszczynski published in the journal Differentiation shows that several hundred chemicals operating in a certain type of human brain cells could be altered by the weak microwaves broadcast by mobile phones.

The blood-brain barrier normally keeps toxins and microorganisms circulating in the blood out of the brain. But Prof Leszczynski found that at the legal limit for mobile radiation, a blood-brain barrier protein named HSP 27 became ineffectual in keeping blood poisons out of brain cells. [The Guardian June20/02]

Proteins found in the blood can, if they get to the brain, cause autoimmune diseases such as Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis. Damaged nerve cells could also lead to dementia, premature aging, and Parkinson's disease. Brain cells inflamed by cell phone conversations are also indirectly be linked to Alzheimer's disease.

In addition to these potential personal disasters, medication that under normal circumstances wouldn't be able to penetrate the blood-brain-barrier could do so and cause damage. [British Library Net Sept14/03]


Scientists have discovered that prolonged exposure to radiation emitted by mobile phones, cell phone towers and hidden relay stations can destroy cells in the parts of the brain responsible for memory, movement and learning.

Professor Leif Salford said, "We can see reduced brain reserve capacity", meaning those who would normally have got Alzheimer's or dementia in old age will get it much earlier, those who would not 'normally' have got Alzheimer's or dementia during their lifespan are at greater risk of doing so, and that both will at best have a significantly diminished number of non dysfunctional brain cells and brain subsystems throughout their lives.

Neurosurgeon Leif Salford and colleagues at Lund university hospital in Sweden published data including the above 'before and after' images showing for the first time, an unambiguous link between radiation emitted by GSM mobile phones - the most common type worldwide - and brain damage.

After fifty days, the rat brains showed significant blood vessel leakage, as well as areas of shrunken damaged neurons. [British Library Net Feb5/03]

According to RFSafe.com, “A whole generation of teenagers face premature senility in the prime of their lives due to the use of mobile phones and new wireless technology.”

RFSafe.com continued: “Leif Salford, who headed the research at Sweden’s prestigious Lund University, says the voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones is the largest human biological experiment ever. He is concerned that, as new wireless technology spreads, people may drown in a sea of microwaves.”

Salford said it was possible that brain neurons would repair themselves in time. [Examples of brain cell self-repair are extremely rare. –WT] But the scientist warned, neurons that would normally not become senile until people reached their 60s might now do so when they are in their 30s. [RFSafe.com Nov26/03]

“ Cell phones” are aptly named. Every call you make, every conversation you have on a cell phone dials your cells directly. And the message is not good. Just 13% of the cells exposed to mobile phone radiation remained intact and able to function, compared with 70% of cells exposed only to the natural electromagnetic field produced by the human body. [London Observer April11/99]

It is not the power level but the frequency of electromagnetic emissions that pose the greatest danger. Even at very low power outputs of typical cell phones and cell phone relay towers, researchers have found the higher the frequency, the graver the risk.

“Very High Frequency” VHF, “Ultra High Frequency” UHF, microwaves and portable phones operating in the Gigahertz range are all high-frequency electromagnetic emission sources.

“ It is well recognized that the human body becomes more transparent to RF energy as the frequency of RF energy increases,” reminds radiologist Dr. Catherina Mills.

Human brains achieve peak absorption in the UHF bands, right where cellular telecommunications operate. Human bodies act as antennas whose peak resonance frequency lies in the middle of the VHF TV band.

“As we sit watching TV, our bodies are absorbing the same energy as the set,” writes Robert Becker in his landmark book, Cross-Currents.

TV, radio and cell phone towers adjacent to schools or homes could be killing kids. An Australian study by Dr. Bruce Hocking has found that children living near three TV and FM broadcast towers in Sydney had more than twice the rate of leukemia than children living more than seven miles away.

The radio frequency and microwave radiation exposures measured by Hocking are similar to those emitted by cellular towers. The highest power densities occur in a widening cone of transmission at a distance of 100 to 800 feet from towers rising 150-feet or higher above the ground. [EMF Health Report March/April/95; London Observer Apr11/99]

In New Zealand, cell phone towers are prohibited on school property because of possible health effects: learning disabilities, cancer, leukemia, DNA damage, blood disorders, brain tumors and electrical sensitivity. [EMF Health Report Mar/Apr'95]

But in the UK and USA, newly introduced “Picture Phones” featuring picture messaging are already boosting the power levels of often-disguised cell phone relay stations. [Sky News]


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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 8:39 pm    Post subject: Long-term mobile phone use raises brain tumor risk: study Reply with quote

Long-term mobile phone use
raises brain tumor risk: study

Fri Mar 31, 10:00 AM ET

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - The use of mobile phones over a long period of time can raise the risk for brain tumors, a new Swedish study said on Friday, contradicting the conclusions of other researchers.

The Dutch Health Council, in an overview of research from around the world, last year found no evidence radiation from mobile phones and TV towers was harmful. A four-year British survey released in January showed no link between regular, long-term use of cell phones and the most common type of tumor.

However, researchers at the Swedish National Institute for Working Life said they looked at the mobile phone use of 905 people between the age of 20 and 80 who had been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and found a link.

"A total 85 of these 905 cases were so-called high users of mobile phones, that is they began early to use mobile and, or wireless telephones and used them a lot," the study said.

"The study also shows that the rise in risk is noticeable for tumors on the side of the head where the phone was said to be used," it added.

Kjell Mild, who led the study, said the figures meant that heavy users of mobile phones, for instance of who make mobile phone calls for 2,000 hours or more in their life, had a 240 percent increased risk for a malignant tumor on the side of the head the phone is used.

"The way to get the risk down is to use handsfree," he told Reuters.

He said his study was the biggest yet to look at long-term users of the wireless phone, which has been around in Sweden in a portable form since 1984, longer than in many other countries.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 8:46 pm    Post subject: Cell/Wave Guard? Savior? Swindle? Reply with quote


What is Cell/Wave Guard™?

Cell/wave Guard™ is a new revolutionary ceramic composition which has the ability to absorb electromagnetic energy waves from your home portable and cell phone. It therefore reduces the potential harmful effects of these emissions to the human body. This product has been tested in both government and independent laboratories.

From: Earthpulse Press

Hmm. Ceramic, eh? Here's the Patent Application in case anybody's interested. I cannot fathom how or why this would work, but I can say the same for electricity, and I got no problem using that, so...

Science guys?
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 9:44 pm    Post subject: ??? Reply with quote

The important thing is that you never know how or why these devices work ... shhh, its a secret. Cool

Looky here:


"Every BioPro EMF Harmonization Chip uses quantum technology to “harmonize” (more on this in a few paragraphs) potentially harmful EMF Radiation/waves before they enter your body. This technology can not be explained in a SIMPLE way that most people will understand. Unlike advanced technology products like lasers, x-rays, and MRIs, where simple descriptions and diagrams can provide clear and easy to understand explanations of how these different devices work, this technology is relatively new, and utilizes scientific principles that are not easily understood. Furthermore, the mechanics and operation of this kind of device CAN NOT be measured directly or even witnessed. But their effects can be substantial and obvious – as WELL as beneficial."

"Look up here, I'm in heaven. I've got scars that can't be seen. I've got drama, can't be stolen. Everybody knows me now." - David Bowie
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Jerry Fletcher

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 5:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hehe. The 'Bio-Pro' eh...

Personal Enhancement Pack
This is a "must have" for anyone who uses a  Cellular Phone

1 -  Cell Chip
1 -  BIOPRO QLink
1-  HandsFree Headset 
Product ID# 29131         Price  $331.90  USD

yeah, well, here's my slightly cheaper solution...

Mickey Mouse Animated Phone . . . . $69.00
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:17 pm    Post subject: Can One Survive with a Land Line? Reply with quote

I used a cel phone briefly during 1999, and haven't used one since. I still get by with a land line, and feel if anyone wants to contact me while I'm out and about, they can leave a message.

I didn't abandon cel phones from any fear about the microwave technology, I simply found taking calls while driving annoying and dangerous, and at that time it was very difficult to hear what was being said clearly on a cel phone anyway, much less in city traffic with the window open. Seemed a waste of money, and I didn't like the concept of 'buying minutes' either.

Now I'm glad that I haven't spent seven years and god knows how many hours of attracting powerful microwave transmissions to the proximity of my brain. Just one less thing to worry about, early Alzheimer's.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't have much choice. I often work on the road in music production, and without the cell, nothing gets done, I don't communicate, and I get replaced with someone who's not afraid to use a cell phone constantly.

So farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I haven't seen muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh in the way of side effffffffffffffffffects, other than myyyyyyyyyyyyyy left hand ocassssssssssssssinally vibrates like a jackkkkkkkkkkkkkkhammer.

"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 9:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rump stammered:
So farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hoo! - no wonder yer 4skin's rumpled! Wink

Seriously, though, why don'cha get a hands-free kit, or just use it on 'speaker' mode - or better yet, use txt msgs?

PS - Needless to say - those 'quantum' protective devices are *so* much bullshit. I can't believe they actually say, "It's just *too* complicated for us to explain." Yeah, right. More likely get their arses sued off as soon as someone with an elementary knowledge of physics/electronics sees it.

The rule for today.
Touch my tail, I shred your hand.
New rule tomorrow.

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Joined: 11 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 9:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Continuity wrote:

Seriously, though, why don'cha get a hands-free kit, or just use it on 'speaker' mode - or better yet, use txt msgs?

I text as often as possible, and I usually use a headset. But I thought the prevailing opinion is that headsets do little to squelch the transmission, because they travel up the wire to your ear?

Correct me if I'm wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong.

"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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