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’X (shrugging) Kings are killed, Mr. Garrison. Politics is power, nothing more. But don't believe me. Don't trust me. Do your own work, your own thinking’.1

Interesting angle Fintan but ever since an Italian friend gave me a T-Short entitled ‘George Bush and sons family butchers est. 1989’, I knew there was a lot more to all this than just one crime family.

If you look at the above quotation, you realise these people are not in this for the money. Politics is a drug named power, so I have decided today to do some of my own work and thinking.

This morning’s Helsingin Sanomat 2 is awash with the Anna Politkovskaya assassination story and the Finns are not buying it one bit. They are implying it is a political murder carried out by the FSB at the behest of it’s ’former’ (give us a break!) leader Vladimir Putin.

One Russian commentator Viktor Shenderovich has stated yesterday-
’The culprits will never be found, because the people who will be investigating this murder walk down the same corridors as those who ordered it."3

Of all the G8 countries, Russia has to be the least subtle in the machinations of its intelligence apparatus.
So kind reader, let us plot recent events there and compare them with what we have gleaned from the 3i investigations and recent breakfornews audios.

Russia without tinfoil- Part 1 The Coup.

How far back can we go? Honestly I am not sure.
Sheer conjecture throws up several possibilities-
1945 When the Americans and Russians divvied up all those Nazi scientists for their rocket propulsion, space, nuclear and mind sciences programmes. and instigated a Cold War to keep their respective military machines on the backboiler, yet nicely ticking over.
1963 The Kennedy assassination-after the missile crisis, Khruschev and the KGB recover from the ’thaw’ that was Kennedy’s presidency and it’s all systems go in south-east Asia again.
1978-The Russians are ’lured’ into the Afghan trap by the Americans, thus handing them an excuse to distract the populace with a foreign war.
1989-Gorbachev’s glasnost and perestroika leads to the fall of the Berlin Wall, opening up the markets of Eastern Europe to ’Free Trade’.
1991 Vodka-swilling ’president’ Boris Yeltsin staggers to power, guarantees the Russian people ’bread and circus’ in Chechnya (thereby distracting them from the ’international’ market’s destruction of their currency) and then together with Clinton keeps the world’s conflict zones at idling speed.
What a potboiler!

Russia without tinfoil-Part 2 The Deception.

It’s September the 11th 1999. The battle of Grozny is a distant memory as the biting reality of free market Russia dawns upon its people.
Enter the dragon, in the form of weasel-faced head of the KGB\FSB Vladimir Putin and Yeltsin’s prime-minister.
You know the rest 4. The Moscow apartment bombings allow Putin to invade Chechnya again and become President.
Since then, we have had the Kursk disaster, the murder of 14 journalists, the Moscow theatre siege, numerous war crimes in the Caucasus, including the Beslan school siege.

The deception lies in the detail. Yeltsin was a Patsy president, just like Reagan and Clinton.
The KGB\FSB have always run the show and now , thanks to their buddies in other western intelligence agencies, they have taken it to the next level.

Russia without tinfoil-part 3 The next level.

"You just have to look at the subjects of her latest work and there's your list of chief suspects," 5

In your face; I said they weren’t subtle but as the Finnish saying goes-
’Russia is still Russia, even if you fry it in butter’.

Putin will not comment on the murder of Anna Politkovskaya . It happened on his birthday by the way.

Oh what else? Hmmm, according to Helsingin Sanomat, the authorities have confiscated all her computers, so as to get an idea of possible suspects-
Would these be the same computers that store all her sensitive information about war crimes in Chechnya?
Talk about the fox guarding the chicken coop, from the Warren Commission to the Kremlin. Like the hijacker’s passport the FBI magically found at the WTC, the FSB is dangling their dastardly action in front of our very eyes. But who are we?

Did somebody just whisper ’cognitive dissonance’ in my ear?

Yes, gentle reader are you-

Group 1 The Believers
-some random guy in a white baseball cap shoots her in the stairwell of her apartment block in view of a CCTV camera (remember the assassination of Swedish Foreign Minister, that was in a shopping mall and he later committed ’suicide’)
My God, how arbitrarily ghastly!

Group 2 The Non-Believers
Lone ScepticWhat a joke! These FSB guys are so sloppy and stupid, they think I’m going to buy this.
Oh no I won’t!
FSB- Oh yes you will!
Sceptics- Oh no we won’t!
Cut to ’Wag the Pantomime’ conspiracy theory ad nauseum scene…
Enter stage left Russia’s answer to Charlie Sheen, assorted whacko ’Lenin’s mausoleum is actually a cryogenic lab run by Stalin from the Moon’-types, Blah, Blah, Blah
FSB-Now how can anyone take you seriously when you’ve people like that on your side?
Putin-controlled media-Thanks for coming out of the underground guys and reassurung us that this sort of thing can’t happen in this great country and that anyone who dares think so must be a nutcase.
Now over to live coverage of those pesky Georgian terrorists getting pulverised by the (former)Red Army.

Group 3-The Don’t cares

The scene is a lonely blogroom in cyberspace. Our hero Neo Nureyev wearily types up his last entry before hocking his laptop for a one-way visa to Dublin.
’Dear Diary, I have become so disallusioned with the futility of fighting these people in my country that I’m off. Corruption is so rampant and I can’t make a difference. Everybody knows this but does nothing. I guess I could get a government job, since I understand these people’s tactics…'

Group 4-Read on…

Russian without tinfoil-Part 4 Hic et ubique.

So now the Russian government is under pressure. Other G8 leaders send token words of disapproval and condemnation, while they cover up their crimes with Janussian involvement in some ’Peace process’.
Blair is in Scotland simmering up another potboiler initiative with Northern Ireland’s Cartoon ’leaders’, a trick he has played with panache since 1998’s smashhit ’(Hidden) Hand of History-The Good Friday Agreement’.
Bush has got the Darfur ’Attack of the Peacekeepers’ module sewn up 6.

Putin needs some event management to take all eyes away from Moscow-
anyone for Georgia perhaps?
Scholars of Finnish politics will of course recall that his stooge in Finland, President Tarja Halonen has been president since 2000 (this year she was reelected for a further 6 years7).
In addition, Finland currently holds the presidency of the European Union and would under EU protocol be responsible for coordinating the European response to any ’atrocity’.
-In the best of diplomatic language (read code) of course
Get it yet?

And the future?

Well, witness the recent ’centre-left’ election victories in Italy, Austria and Sweden.
No doubt, precursors of the grand chessboard in the USA, where the Clinton Global Initiative has subliminally placed the Clinton (she of that ilk) \Gore candidacy in the public eye, as spotted by you Fintan.

Closer to home, is Ireland’s Prime Minister or Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to become the latest victim of the G8’s masterplan?

So unfortunate the timing of that story about the unpaid loan from business friends 12 years ago, 8 months before a general election 8
Particularly with his partner-in-peace Tony Blair also looking vulnerable and due to step down within a uncannily similar timeframe…
Both he and Ahern have been leaders of their countries since 1997 and party leaders since 1994.

Ahern piloted the European Constitution Project during his presidency of the EU in 2004 and is widely tipped for some juicy UN post when he ’steps down’…
Like Russia, Ireland is so corrupt and everybody knows everybody’s on it, a similar psyop effect is produced as scripted above.
The difference is, useless crap like horseracing\breeding and the ’trappings’ of the ’Celtic Tiger’ economy, provide circus for the mob, so that they keep their eyes off Shannon airport and its links to Iraq.

Today’s news in Russia is another facet of the 911 phenomenon\macro-context.
It only really presses home when you look at events in your own backyard, in my case Ireland and Finland.
I strongly urge those of you who have read this article to do the same at a local level.
Fintan, as a fellow Irishman, I would be fascinated to hear your analysis of events back home.
’But don't believe me. Don't trust me. Do your own work, your own thinking’.

’You heard it here first on off-the-record, on the Q.T. and very hush-hush…’9


1 JFK, Oliver Stone 1992.

2 Finland’s national newspaper printed daily , also ran an article in October 2004 about George W. Bush and John Kerry’s skull and bones connections.
Editors have attended Bilderberg in recent years, alongside former Nokia head Jorma Ollila and their line sees to be that Finland should join NATO-to defend ourselves against the Russians of course!

3 A russian radio and television commentator as quoted in today’s Guardian- ... 57,00.html

4 See for more information.

5 Ibid footnote number 3.

6 Interestingly, Bush’ former special envoy to Northern Ireland Richard Haas is now head of the Council on Foreign Relations-see for more, unfortunately you’ll need a subscription.

7 Halonen, in an election runoff last January, defeated European Investment Banker and right-wing candidate Sauli Niinisto who returned to his plum post there after a 3 month sabbatical.
Nice work if you can get it.
Halonen was an SDP candidate, the party whose former head Paavo Lipponen is a regular Bilderberg attendee and also in May 2003 shafted his coalition partners for leaking details of his secret deal with the Americans for tacit support of the Iraq War (most likely in return for NATO wooing) in a classic shoot the messenger-style hitpiece.

8 Ahern’s Tánaiste or deputy prime-minister (also minister for health) Mary Harney, unexpectedly resigned her leadership of the coalition minority party ‘The Progressive Democrats’ roughly 2 weeks before Ahern’s woes began.
Enter stage-right former attorney-general and minister for justice (and ladies and gentlemen 1993 Bilderberg attendee) Michael McDowell to become Tánaiste just in time for Ahern’s ‘Bertiegate’.

Cue stage-left Minister for Finance Brian Cowen, an almost carbon copy of Britain’s Chancellor Gordon Brown, heir to the throne of the British-Irish Intergovernment. ... 39831.html
-’A spokesman for the Tánaiste said last night that the two men were "moving to create a situation where this issue cannot arise again under the law"’.

9 ‘LA Confidential’ 1997.
'Essayons de ne pas rire avant la fin d'Hamlet'-'Let us try not to laugh before the end of Hamlet'- Pierre Desproges.
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Neil said:
'Hic et ubique' [....]
Wow - great post, Neil - a good backgrounder and a good breakdown - good stuff!
The rule for today.
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New rule tomorrow.

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actually the one on the left is SERGEANT Major Zero.

SERGEANT Major Zero is a Zeroid Type AA (batch number 873 TH).

SERGEANT Zero is a Zeroid Type AC (batch number 874 TH).

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RedMahna asked
faxmam, is your avatar from a scene from "v for vendetta?"
Yes! My avatar is Evey from V for Vendetta :wink:
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'The revolution will be televised...' ;)


I liked the film, and I like Hugo and Natalie... Nice avatar.
Since I have nothing important to say, I'll quietly retreat again... Changing job and new apartment leaves no time for research and posting.. ;)

See you all soon...

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Great post by Neil.

An unauthorized potted history of modern Russia. :wink:

And I get the point about it being bigger than one crime family.

What I am trying to do is to anchor the US end of the G8 Imperium.
People often portray it as a shadowy coalition of East Coast influence,
Southern rogues, mob money and the pervasive M.I. Complex.....

Which it is!

But that's to miss the key role of GHW Bush Snr. The various members
of the mob all want their piece of the pie, but Bush 1 is the boy who is
hungriest of all. He is the enforcer. The enabler. The one who siezes
the reins of the State. The lynchpin around which it resolves.

And he has built an intra-governmental and extra-governmental
intelligence and PsyOp apparatus of consumate slickness, which
knows where ALL the bodies are buried --including the ones it
buried itself.

As to the situation in Ireland. Yeah, the coreography is almost boring.
Domestically, the downtrodden half of the peasantry have had eonugh
(as in Mexico/US/UK). So regime change is on the cards to limit the
fallout from 10-15 years of corporate gorging (as in US/UK lol ).

In the UK, Blair Must Go! is code for Gordon Brown Must Come.

As if changing captains on the Titanic...
after hitting the iceberg....
makes any difference.
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Continuity wrote:Hmm - is that a pre-cancerous lesion that I see on the bridge of his nose, there?
Maybe he's just happy to see you...

(It was funnier when I thought of it. By the time I typed it out....) :wink:
"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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nice comparative collage, deep logos...

hey, speaking of changing of the guards (or captains of the ship Titanic), check out this NY Times article on Mark Warner removing himself from the presidential race: (personal reasons, f'shizzle)
Ex-Gov. Warner Decides to Forgo White House Run

Published: October 13, 2006

WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 — Mark Warner, the former Virginia governor who had spent the last year working to establish himself as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s biggest potential rival for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, announced Thursday that he would not run. His decision sent other Democrats scrambling to reposition themselves.
Mr. Warner, who five years ago became the first Democrat elected governor of Virginia since 1989, had drawn broad interest among party leaders assessing the potential 2008 field, both as a centrist elected in a Southern state and as a wealthy entrepreneur able to finance his own campaign.
But at a news conference in Richmond and in a subsequent interview, he said he had increasingly turned against the idea of running as he found that the obligations of even exploring a candidacy were consuming him and taking him away from family obligations. He said he had long set Columbus Day weekend as a deadline for making a final decision, fearing that to wait any longer would compromise aides who might want to sign on with other presidential campaigns.
“This is the right time politically,” he said in the interview. “It’s just not the right time for me in my life at this time.”
The 51-year-old Mr. Warner had made extensive preparations for the possibility of a run, assembling a staff of 35, raising close to $10 million for his political action committee and campaigning constantly on behalf of other Democrats. In fact, he had barely made his announcement Thursday when he left for Iowa, the first state on the presidential nomination calendar, to stump for a Congressional candidate.
Mr. Warner described the decision, which he began disclosing to his aides early this week, as one of the hardest of his life. With it, he stepped out of a presidential contest as wide open as any in 50 years, at a time when the Republican Party is troubled and Democrats are concerned about Mrs. Clinton’s strength as a general election candidate.
“It’s hard to figure out another time when there would be as good an opportunity as now,” he said.
He also said there were no factors in his personal or business background that had led him to quit the race. He said that his background had been explored by campaign investigators looking for potential problems, a common practice for candidates considering a presidential bid, and that they had turned up nothing.
Mr. Warner said he doubted that he would again consider seeking the presidency, but strongly suggested that he might run again for governor of Virginia or seek a Senate seat. Governors in Virginia are barred from serving consecutive terms, so Mr. Warner was required to step down from that office last year. He unsuccessfully challenged Senator John W. Warner, a Republican who is not related to him, in 1996.
The announcement sent tremors through Democratic political circles, where a Warner candidacy had been considered as certain as anything can be in American politics.
Mr. Warner’s exit will probably benefit three other potential candidates most immediately: Mrs. Clinton, who is widely viewed as the front-runner to win the nomination though some fear she could not win the general election; former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina, who would be making a second run for the presidency; and Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, whose political résumé is similar to that of Mr. Warner: a moderate Democrat elected in a Republican-leaning state. In the wake of the announcement, Mr. Bayh canceled a day of fund-raising in California so he could make telephone calls to try to corral some of Mr. Warner’s supporters and contributors, the senator’s aides said.
But the field remains very crowded and unsettled, notwithstanding Mrs. Clinton’s effort to establish dominance early. Other potential candidates include Govs. Tom Vilsack of Iowa and Bill Richardson of New Mexico. In addition, some in the party continue to press two prominent Democrats — Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and former Vice President Al Gore — to get into the race.
Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the nominee in 2004, has strongly signaled that he will run again, and Senators Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and Russell D. Feingold of Wisconsin have all said they may run as well.
Mr. Warner had established as sophisticated and far-reaching a network for a presidential campaign as any of the other Democrats. Some of his advisers, who thought he had a very strong chance of winning the presidency, sought to dissuade him from leaving the race when they met with him at his house on Monday night after he had returned from taking one of his three daughters on a tour of colleges in Connecticut. But Mr. Warner was described as resolute.
“A few of us had dinner together,” said one adviser, Jim Margolis, “and he said: ‘I know this is the best chance I’ve got. I think we’ve had a really good year. But I just don’t thinks this is the moment to do it.’ We pushed him pretty hard.”
Mr. Warner said it was during his weekend in Connecticut, where he also celebrated his father’s birthday, that he finally decided not to proceed.
“I was headed in this direction, but I did not make my final decision until this weekend,” he said. “The notion of being at my dad’s 81st birthday and being with my daughters — I’m never going to have those times again. I may never — probably never — will have an opportunity to meet this challenge, but that is in the ‘probably’ category.”
Mr. Warner acknowledged that after all the time and energy he had put into laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign, that kind of explanation would draw skepticism. But he said it should not.
“It really is what it is,” he said.
Mr. Warner declined to say which prospective candidate he considered strong, or whether he thought additional Democrats should get into the race.
“At least for the next 72 hours,” he said, “I’m going to dodge those questions.”
Not getting much rotation down here in Virginia, tho... even my next-door neighbors had no idea til i told them.
I don't understand how "family reasons" would stop someone from such a high call of duty... anyone have inside dirt on this one?

just cos things are fucked up doesn't mean it isn't progress...
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I still think it's neat the way they put Barbara Bush's portrait on the new $1 bill.

Want to lose your lunch?

Think: Barbara's bush!
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Jerry Fletcher
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Speaking of nauseating...

Dictatorship or 'Family Feud?'.
What's next? Richard Dawson as State Secretary?

What I'm interested in is who 41 is gonna get to play 44.

One proud Poppy ... but W follies mar legacy, ex-Prez's aides gripe


The elder Bush voices public support for his son, but many of the former president's closest aides beg to differ.

WASHINGTON - At this month's christening of the nuclear aircraft carrier bearing his name, former President George H.W. Bush delivered a rousing endorsement of his son.
"I am very proud of our President," the elder Bush said in rain-swept ceremonies in Newport News, Va. "I support him in every single way with every fiber in my body."

Yet many of his closest former aides beg to differ.
Indeed, one of the worst-kept secrets in Bush World is the dismay, in some cases disdain, harbored by many senior aides of the former President toward the administration of his son - 41 and 43, as many call them, political shorthand that refers to their numerical places in American presidential history.

For five years, the 41s have bit their collective tongues as, they complain, the 43s ignored their counsel. But as the war in Iraq has worsened and public support for the current administration has tanked, loyalists of the elder Bush have found it impossible to suppress their disillusionment - particularly their belief that many of 43's policies are a stick in the eye of his father.

"Forty-three has now repudiated everything 41 stands for, and still he won't say a word," a key member of the elder Bush alumni said. "Personally, I think he's dying inside."

To 41 loyalists, the bill of indictment is voluminous. Some alleged 43 has betrayed his father's middle-of-the-road philosophy by governing as a divider, not the uniter he promised in the 2000 campaign. Others, like former 41 speechwriter Curt Smith, argue 43 isn't conservative enough.
"Conservatives want limited government, a balanced Middle East approach, a foreign policy that builds, not destroys, and general, not special, interest," Smith said. "Bush 41 endorsed all of the above. Bush 43 supports none."

A common refrain of the 41s is that 43's muscular approach to foreign affairs - what one derided as "cowboy diplomacy; - has estranged the U.S. from its allies and diminished its authority around the globe.

The ultimate sticking point for the old guard is Iraq. They cite the appointment of 41's close friend and former secretary of state, James Baker, to chart a new Iraq policy as belated vindication.

The 41s remain incensed, however, that Brent Scowcroft, 41's national security adviser and once a top outside adviser to this administration, has been demonized since he wrote a 2002 article opposing an Iraq invasion.

"What Brent said is now the accepted wisdom," a senior 41 hand said, "and everyone believes 41 agrees with him, though he'll never say it."

While the 41s do most of the finger-pointing, aides to the current President reject the criticism as nitpicking from out-of-touch malcontents.

They also bash the 41s for going public, charging much of the damaging material in Bob Woodward's new book, "State of Denial," was provided by 41 partisans.

"Nobody has a monopoly on wisdom," a 43 staffer said, "especially those whose information may not be as good as when they were in power."

The family-feud fault lines were on dramatic display at the carrier christening festivities, where both camps turned out in full force.

"We're all on our best behavior," a top 43 official joked.
A few moments later, however, one of 41's most prominent counselors couldn't resist.

Trading social gossip at a reception, the ex-aide noted that former Secretary of State Colin Powell was in attendance. "He should be here," the adviser noted. "We didn't fire him" - a barbed reference to Powell's departure as 43's top diplomat after four years of bureaucratic fisticuffs with Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, two frequent targets of the 41s.

"Everyone knew how Rumsfeld acts," another key 41 assistant said. "Everyone knew 43 didn't have an attention span. Everyone knew Condi [Rice] wouldn't be able to stand up to Cheney and Rumsfeld. We told them all of this, and we were told we don't know what we're doing."
Another top former 41 loyalist confided that several ex-colleagues remarked on a perceived "stature gap" between father and son as they sat on the dais.

The 41s concede their broadsides are awkward for their ex-boss, but say they're motivated by a desire to protect his legacy.

In fact, the 41s suggest a singular irony: the unpopularity of the son's administration may be rehabilitating the father's.
"By comparison, the old man looks better and better," a senior 41 hand said, with undisguised satisfaction. 

Originally published on October 15, 2006

From: ... 8588c.html
The '41's' vs. the '43's'. Gak. How can anybody buy this crap?
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Jerry Fletcher: The '41's' vs. the '43's'. Gak. How can anybody buy this crap?
Not easily. They're also asking us to believe leading dems like Hillary are supporting the war more aggressively than 'the 41s?'
Maybe the feeling's mutual all around.

There's some chance that a few people 'at the highest levels' are as deceived as the average 'well-informed' MSM-addicted douche, but I'd say there's more evidence to suggest this is just another staged dichotomy - not very difficult to acomplish in a thousand words or less. Words, words, words.
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Jerry Fletcher wrote:Speaking of nauseating...

Dictatorship or 'Family Feud?'.
What's next? Richard Dawson as State Secretary?

What I'm interested in is who 41 is gonna get to play 44.
It gets worse, Jerry. Now Dubya is "chiding" Poppy. ... rss&rpc=22
Bush chides father for election remarks
Sun Oct 22, 2006 3:32pm ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush gently admonished his father for saying he hates to think what life would be like for his son if the Democrats win control of Congress in the November 7 election.

It was the latest sign of possible strain in the relationship between the two men.

"He shouldn't be speculating like this, because -- he should have called me ahead of time and I'd tell him they're not going to (win)," a smiling Bush told ABC "This Week" in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

It follows the recent release of a book, "State of Denial," by journalist Bob Woodward, that says the 82-year-old former president was "anguished" over how the Iraq war has played out, although he has dismissed that account.
In response, Woodward has consented to change the title of his book to "United States of Denial."
"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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