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George Galloway: The NWO's Performing Clown

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 11:52 am    Post subject: George Galloway: The NWO's Performing Clown Reply with quote

Well - we warned you about George Galloway, and now he is making a laughing stock of himself
(and by implication discrediting the antiwar movement) with his antics
on the UK reality TV show - Celebrity Big Brother. ( http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother/ )

Is this the same guy who gave a serious political dressing down
to US Senators when they invited him to speak before them?

Yes, I'm afraid it is..... ...and you've been HAD !

George Galloway: NWO Performing Clown.


British MP George Galloway testifies to the Senate subcommittee.

British MP turns tables on US senators
May 18, 2005 - 11:45AM
British parliament member George Galloway today sought to turn the tables on US politicians alleging he pocketed Iraqi oil kickbacks, and accused the United States of unparalleled corruption and waste in Iraq.


By George, now he's wearing lycra!
08:28am 23rd January 2006

We've already seen him take part in a degrading task in which he got down on all fours and pretended to be a cat.

But George Galloway has hit new heights of public humiliation with his latest TV antics by prancing around the Celebrity Big Brother house in a bright red leotard.

Big Brother rewarded the housemates, who had to guess the emotion being expressed and the medium of dance, with a hamper containing alcohol, cigarettes and cigars.


MP loses respect after 'Big Brother' cat caper

By Richard Alleyne and Lucy Shaw, London -January 15, 2006

A BRITISH MP plumbed new depths when he pretended to be a cat as part of a task set for him during his appearance on the television show Celebrity Big Brother.

George Galloway of the left-wing Respect party, who last year lambasted the United States Senate over the war in Iraq, crouched on all fours, purring and licking imaginary milk from the hands of the actress Rula Lenska, 58. Lenska, who is married to the actor Dennis Waterman and is best known in Australia for her role on the 1970s TV show The Rock Follies, then rubbed the "cream" from his "whiskers" and stroked his head and behind his ears before he put his head on her lap.

Mr Galloway, 51, faced a backlash from his constituents in Bethnal Green and Bow, east London, who voted for him last May. His party was only founded in January 2004. He further angered conservative Muslims, who comprise the bulk of his support, when he told housemates, including models, entertainers and minor pop stars, that his favourite pursuits were sex and sunbathing.

James Sibthorp, 47, who runs an East End cab company, said: "It is an insult to local people that we've got our MP acting like a fool pretending to be a cat." Monir Ali, 50, a tailor, said: "I think a lot of people are regretting voting for him. A man of his importance should not be on a program like that."

Hilary Armstrong, the Labour Party's chief whip, said that by participating in Big Brother, Mr Galloway had missed vital votes and debates, particularly on a new rail scheme and renovation of a hospital, which would affect his constituents.

John Biggs, a Labour member of the city council, the Greater London Authority Assembly, said: "Big Brother is full of media people with failing careers making one desperate throw to get back on the stage. Does that apply to George? I'll leave that up to viewers."

Mr Galloway's spokesman said he wished the cat episode "had not happened" and claimed the MP had been misled by the program makers and had his views on war and poverty censored. Big Brother producer Peter Bazalgette said the show was simply adhering to the broadcasting rules on political balance.


Galloway facing ruin as court joins public in deciding his fate
The Scotsman Tue 24 Jan 2006 LAURA ROBERTS

RESPECT MP George Galloway will face eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house and possible bankruptcy tomorrow, when his fate will be decided by both the general public and the High Court.

Eviction night on the celebrity TV show falls on the same day as the High Court is due to decide whether the Daily Telegraph can overturn the MP's libel case against them.

The paper had been ordered to pay Mr Galloway 150,000 after claiming he received payment from former dictator Saddam Hussein. A reversal of that decision on appeal would leave the MP with a legal bill of about 2 million and financial ruin.

Mr Galloway has been widely attacked for his decision to take part in Celebrity Big Brother, with critics claiming he should be in parliament rather than in an entertainment show.

It has also emerged a fatwa has been issued denouncing his appearance in the show. Supporters of Omar Bakri Mohammad, the banned Islamic cleric, described the Scots MP as "the lowest of the low".

Millions of TV viewers have seen Mr Galloway dress up as Count Dracula and pretend to be a cat - going down on all fours and pretending to lick cream from the hands of actress Rula Lenska.

His antics spawned a series of mocking tabloid headlines and calls for him to step down as an MP. This weekend he was filmed dancing around the house in a tight red leotard.

The MP for Bethnal Green and Bow in London has already made enemies among his fellow contestants after it was revealed he was deliberately trying to manipulate their votes, which is against the rules.

He was not allowed to vote in this week's nominations after discussing tactics with Rula Lenska, who was evicted on Friday night.

Fellow contestant, the rapper Maggot, said he felt it was time the Respect MP went back to his day job and helped his constituents. He said: "I think his constituents deserve to have him back where he belongs.

"If he's going to continue breaking the rules, it doesn't help life in here."

Mr Galloway is up for eviction with faux-celebrity Chantelle and former US basketball star Dennis Rodman. The two with the most votes from the public will be evicted and must leave the house on Wednesday.


Galloway attacks his Big Bro housemates
24 January 2006

George Galloway has launched an attack on his fellow housemates in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house, making his feelings about them clear.

George was furious at Chantelle and Preston for living in luxury in a private room, that they had been allowed to use as part of their last task.

"If I'd have been called in there I would have stood ramrod straight, refused to sit down, refused to eat, refused to drink, refused to smoke," he said.

Chantelle explained that they were just playing a game, adding: "Well, I really wish you'd done the task instead of us then."

George also attacked Preston, after hearing him talk about the other housemates when his private conversations with Chantelle were broadcast to the rest of the house on a plasma screen.

"You're a sneak and a liar and you're exposed to the world as a sneak and a liar," the politician said. "You float around promiscuously - stroking, metaphorically or literally, everybody's ass to protect your own. We saw on the screen your real character portrayed for all to see. And that's my last word."

When Preston tried to defend himself, George said: "Pipe down, Mr Indignation. We'll see what the viewers thought of your double standard."

George also had a go at former friend Michael Barrymore, saying: "You never let anyone speak. Now you're going to let me speak."

"I was close to you, Dennis was close to you, and you stabbed both of us over your mania for hoarding cigarettes. You're a real cigarette addict and you ought to address the fact that you've no loyalty to anybody." He then branded him "the most selfish, self-obsessed person" he had ever met.

Barrymore replied: "You're going to be sorry for what you said to the kids, and you're going to be sorry for what you started here tonight."


Our BreakForNews Audio Discussing Galloway:

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2006 12:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's pains me to say it, but Hitchens was right. This guy is a scumbag.

Everytime some supposed leftist is vocal and gets traction in the mainstream, he or she turns out to be a mole. It's enough to break you spirit and blow your mind.

Wait, that could be their goal. Hmm... Shocked
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