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Audio: SuperState vs. The People
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 1:27 pm    Post subject: Audio: SuperState vs. The People Reply with quote

The abolition of Britain is now set for May 2009

The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has persuaded President
Barroso of Europe to present her "Declaration of Berlin" for all EU nations
to sign on the 25th March 2007.

This declaration will commit all nations to sign the sixth and final EU treaty.
This sidesteps a vote of the people - the other five treaties were signed by
the Queen without the consent of the people.

This final treaty will adopt the EU Constitution. Frau Merkel wants this
signed before the European elections in June 2009.

The EU constitution in turn will abolish the nations of Britain, England, our
48 counties, our monarchy, common law, and the Conservative, Labour
and Lib Dem parties (clause I-46-4).

We will then be sealed inside the nation of the European Union, a
dictatorship with a soviet style constitution, and the laws of a police state.
The 111,000 EU regulations will then turn the former nation of Britain into
a soviet style command economy, bringing unemployment and poverty to
us all.


Dear Arnie said "95% of the people need to be told what to think .." CONCENTRATE on the 1 in 20.
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Joined: 14 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

President Barroso of Europe

Nobody elects these mothah fuggahs.

We all knew in 2005 when an angry Blair had to 'shelve' the UK vote on the EU Dictatution that they'd just wait and slip it past without a vote later, didn't we?

It's going to happen here in the US sooner that people think--if they even know about it at all. My Republican friends that know about it say there will be 'revolution' if a President 'tries it'. Thing is, this is an old procedure done over and over again since the public were 'allowed' the illusion of voting. My grandfather told me about that. They run something they want in bits and pieces, and if the pubic votes something down and can't get on board, they wait and do it the more obvious way.

We have Presidents and governors simply declaring 'mandates' now. The time for rejecting this totalitarian behavior was 2001.

So what's the next PM going to do in 2009? Just kiss the foot of the 'President of Europe' and nod 'yes, Master'.....?

Ah, it's too bad that all of Europe has been so occupied with this crap messing up their own societies that the public don't come together on this EU thing and fight it together. Let's see the French and Dutch out in the streets protesting this in Paris, and let's see the UK citizens out protesting it in Britain. Is anyone squawking about this, other than perhaps a few patronizing editorials in the controlled medis?

And here in the State---nobody I've been telling about this even knows it's happening. Worse, they can't seem to relate it to the fact that it means, 'we're next'.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 1:41 pm    Post subject: Audio: SuperState vs. The People Reply with quote

SuperState vs. The People

The Plan to Create a Global Soviet System.

Special Guest: David Noakes http://www.eutruth.org.uk

A merger of the EU and the former USSR is on the cards, as a plan to
create a global dictatorship gathers pace. David Oakes discusses the
latest developments threatening an era of poverty under a brutal
police state, and how the truth is slowly dawning on the people.


- Coming EU Treaty to sidestep the people
- EU Arrest Warrants with detention without charge
- The EU legislation allowing property seizure
- EU command of UK Police, Army, Navy, RAF, Nuclear Weapons & Oil
- The Truth about Terrorism and the EU

DSL Mp3 Audio

Dialup Mp3 Audio




The EU arrest warrant
(signed by the Queen on 18th November 2003)
allows UK citizens to be arrested without charge and held indefinitely with
no right to see a solicitor, make a phone call, or even a right to a trial.
You can simply disappear.

Under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) 2005, we can
now be arrested and held in the cells by any police officer for any petty
offence, like dropping litter or breaching any of the EU's 107,000 regulations.

The Civil Contingences Act 2004 allows government to confiscate anything
you possess permanently; you have no right to object. This includes your
house. It also gives government the right to forceably move its population
around to different locations; you can be left with no place to call your own
and live like a refugee. The only check and balance here is a Minister just
needs to utter the words "This is a national emergency."

If a demonstration or strike government doesn't like is being organised,
they can cut off all communications in a town - phones, mobiles, the
internet, TV, and block all access to that town including closing roads and
railways. This has all the powers and more of Hitler's Enabling Act of 1933.

It is the formal end of Britain and England as nations.

Britain's 153 embassies around the world will be closed.

The EU takes ownership and command of our Police, Army, Royal Navy,
RAF, nuclear weapons, currency reserves, North Sea Oil.

Serving officers in our police, army, navy and air force already know they
will have to take an oath to the EU instead of to the Queen. If they don't
many have been told they will be dismissed. The EU will have complete
military control of the UK.

Many people will be excluded from the jobs they know best, as the EU's
demand that you must pay to be re-taught the job, and pay for a
certificate before you can be employed, becomes universal.

Hundreds of thousands more small businesses will close on the
enforcement of the remaining 100,000 EU regulations our government has
already passed. Several million will be permanently unemployed as a result.

Under EU regulations it is now illegal for you to repair your plumbing,
electrics or your car (from 1st January 2006). If you buy a boat over six
feet long, built after the EU Recreational Craft Directive of 1999, and don't
pay the EU £4,000 to "measure" the boat, you get 6 months imprisonment.

Massive corporations will do well, but with huge immigration allowed from
the EU, they'll be able to pay minimum wage everywhere, not just in the
provinces as they do now. If you don't accept the minimum they'll employ
a Pole or a Czekoslovakian.

Big corporations will also have a near monopoly (with the government) on
employment and will be able to dictate unfavourable terms to staff without
fear of contradiction.

Plum government jobs and corruption will ensure the wealth of politicians,
bureaucrats, their businesses and associates at all levels of government,
including local government and amongst our 7000+ quangos.

Society will divide into two: the remaining 60% of us will be either
unemployed or treated abysmally on minimum wage.

Massive EU corruption

The EU's auditors have found the fraud is so widespread they've refused to
sign off the EU's accounts for each of the last ten years. Whistleblowers
like Marta Andreason, the EU Budget Director, who in 2005 found the EU
couldn't account for 95% of its £66 billion budget, are simply fired for
telling the truth.

The bribing of our Politicians by the EU

Europe works by bribing politicians with huge salaries and expenses to
vote for Europe, against the best interests of their own voters.

As a result all three parties are in favour of the EU - Westminster acts like
a one party state of politicians: the Lib-Lab-Con. The parties are run top
down and implement the policy of their leaderships, not that of their

EU corruption is now exploding through our Civil Service,
our local government, and our 7,000 quangos.

A shadow EU government lives inside our bureaucracy, headquartered in
the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM.) It includes many parts of
government including the RDA and the Regional Assemblies. Common
Purpose, an EU organisation, the UK branch also headquartered in the
ODPM, has members across many government organisations including
some city and county councils, the Land Registry, the police and the NHS,
which it is destroying from within.

Businesses closing under EU regulation

The EU's 111,000 regulations, when fully enforced, will transform Britain
from a free market economy into a Soviet style command economy,
closing hundreds of thousands more businesses. They will also control our
personal lives far more closely than were those of Soviet citizens.

Our counties to be abolished

The Queen signed the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, which adopts the EU
Regionalisation Plan. This will abolish England's 48 counties and replace
them with 9 European regions, each with their own Regional Capital, which
reports directly to Brussels, not to Westminster. This effectively obliterates
the country of England.


What's the truth about terrorism and the EU?

The Independent Newspaper's front page article "The Great Deception"
(15th Feb 06) covered the government's fabrication of non existent
terrorist incidents, but missed the point of why its being done.

That fabrication exists to allow the EU police state to be built all around us:

- the EU Arrest Warrant 2003, the Civil Contingencies Act (more draconian
than Hitler's enabling act), passed in 2004, when police with machine guns
began guarding MP's offices in Westminster, 30 years of "Anti terrorist"
legislation and Police Acts, the ID cards Bill, all removing our freedom.

Few realise that Habeas Corpus has gone - only the theory remains.

Terrorism is cured by good foreign policy, not by making us
subservient to the state.

The small amount of terrorism that exists now is largely caused by our
part in killing 950,000 Iraqis - 250,000 during Desert Storm in 1991,
600,000 starved to death under our sanctions according to UNESCO
(we paid the "oil for food" money to Saddam Hussein), 12 years of
"no fly zone" bombing , and 100,000 in Blair and Bush's war....

Our government has clearly generated terrorism; it suits them as it
provides the reason to withdraw our freedom. But they have failed, it
would seem, to annoy the Iraqis enough, and as the Independent points
out, government feel the need to fabricate more terrorist incidents to
justify their criminal dismantelling of our Constitution, common law
and nation.

The resulting laws, of what is now legally the UK police state, might not be
so frightening if they were to be administered from Westminster and left
largely unused. But that is not the plan. These laws have been put here
since 1973 by our new rulers, an undemocratic foreign power - the EU.
The EU will enforce them. No more frightening a future could
possibly await us.


The EU Constitution

EU Constitution Part 1: Sovereignty. Summary

The EU Constitution is a summary of the six EU treaties the Queen has signed since 1972; most of it is already implemented. Rejection by the voters of France and Holland has not slowed it's progress. We may have two years before a seventh and final treaty appears, which can be signed without our consent by the Queen. This Constitution will then be fully implemented. Unlike the other six treaties it is in readable English, and reveals the true nature of the EU.

I-6 The EU Constitution and law has primacy over the law of member states.
I-9-2 Accepts the EU Convention on Protection of Human Rights, but not if it affects the EU's powers.
I-10. We start with both EU and national citizenship. Yes, the EU is to be a nation in its own right.

I-12 Member states may not compete with the EU's powers ("competencies").
I-12-2 In shared powers, member nations may not exercise power unless the EU allows it.
I-12-4 The EU has power over defence.
I-13 The EU has absolute power on: customs, rules on the single market, monetary policy, fishing, commerce, and international agreements, eg treaties. (Absolute power = exclusive competencies)
I-15 Members must make their employment, social and economic policies comply with the EU's.
I-16-1 The EU has absolute power over foreign policy, security and defence.
I-16-2 All states shall comply with 16-1. So there are no useful powers left for Westmister
I-18. If the Constitution forgot powers to achieve its ends, the Council of Ministers can add them.
The EU will have absolute power; Westminster will have no powers of its own; not even those of a county council, because Britainís 12 EU regions will report directly to Brussels. The EU will clearly have the power to close Westminster whenever it so decrees.

I-19 Institutions: The Council of Ministers ("The Council") controls all EU Parliament legislation.
I-20 Maximum 750 EU MP's, five year term. Minimum 6, maximum 96, per State.
I-21 The EU Council, consisting of Heads of State, shall direct the EU and its foreign policy.
I-23 The Council of Ministers, one per state, shall direct legislative and budgetary functions.
I-26 The EU Commission is the executive.
I-26-7 The Commission has absolute power. It's only accountability is a censure vote from Parliament.
I-27-1 The Council chooses the President of the Commission, parliament merely ratifies it.
I-27-2 The Council of Ministers appoints Commissioners. Parliament has no say. There is no democratic process in the Commission, which is a dictatorship. Only the Commission may propose legislation, Parliament's function is merely to approve the Commission's legislation.
The EU Parliament, (the only vote we will have left,) is a sham. It's the Soviet system.

I-33 EU laws, decisions and regulations are binding on member states.
I-41 Confirms yet again the EU's powers over defence / armed forces policy.
I-4I-3 Each nation is to build up its armed forces. They clearly want the EU to be a military power.
I-43 The EU has the power to mobilise the military assets of all States if it declares an emergency.

I-46-4 "The principal of representative democracy" "Political parties at the European level contribute to EU political awareness and express the wishes of citizens." Our Lib-Lab-Con parties will be replaced by EU wide parties with names like Party of European Socialists (PES), and European Peoples Party (EPP).
I-47-4 Petitions: One million citizens from many countries (ie with difficulty) may merely invite the Commission to propose that the Constitution be implemented. ie, we can only agree. Soviet style.
I-50. Only the Council sometimes, and Parliament, shall meet in public. (All others meet in secret.)
I-50-3 The right of our access to EU documents, and the right of the EU to limit our access.
I-53-7 "The EU shall counter internal fraud" It protects and fosters fraud! It breaks its own Constitution!
I-59-3 If there is just a "clear risk" of a State breaching I-2 (Human rights), the EU can suspend that State's rights (including voting), but its obligations to the EU remain. (Designed for abuse!)

I-60 "Any State may decide to withdraw from the EU". But terms will be decided by the Council (they keep our oil, fishing, currency reserves, armed forces and nukes?). Requires agreement by the EU Parliament. Article III-325 3 puts more steps in the way. A qualified majority is 72% of the Council. Like Hungary, Poland, or Chechnya, we cannot leave.

In summary, the EU Constitution is similar to the old Soviet Unionís and builds a dictatorship. It starts with human rights platitudes, then conceals its destruction of democracy in its massive 465 pages; while the EU's Corpus Juris legal system steals our rights. Harmonising our laws with the EU over 33 years has given us the laws of a police state, temporarily unenforced. The EUís 111,000 regulations will control our personal lives more closely than were Soviet Citizens. This Constitution makes the EU become our nation, and as a result Britain is abolished as a nation.

We can only avoid this by repealing the 1972 EU Communities Act before we are imprisoned inside.


EU leaders prepare to sign carefully worded declaration

Mar 25, 2007, 7:47 GMT

Berlin - European leaders are to sign a declaration in Berlin on Sunday setting out their aims for the continent in a carefully-worded document that marks 50 years of the European Union......

The Berlin Declaration outlines past achievements but avoids explicit mention of contentious issues like the stalled European Constitution and enlargement of the 27-nation bloc.

According to the widely circulated unofficial text, the declaration instead says Europeans 'are united in our aim of placing the European Union on a renewed common basis' before the European Parliament elections in 2009.

While the leaders of all 27 member states were present in Berlin - a venue seen as symbolizing Europe's unification after a divided past - the declaration is to be signed by only three.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to sign as current president of the European Council, Jose Manuel Barroso as European Commission president and Hans-Gert Poettering as president of the European Parliament.


EU leaders sign declaration in Berlin

Leaders of the European Union (EU) signed a declaration on Sunday on
the occasion of the 50th birthday of the union, vowing to achieve
"a renewed common basis" by 2009.

The Berlin Declaration, setting out EU values and future goals, falls short
of mentioning the word "constitution." The EU constitution, designed to
streamline EU regulations and raise its efficiency, is virtually dead after
two of the EU founding members -- France and the Netherlands --
rejected the draft text in separate referendums in 2005.

Merkel, expected to present a roadmap for the revival of the constitution
by the end of Germany's EU presidency in June, had hoped for a strong
push for the constitution during the summit in Berlin. The ambitious plan
has recently been played down due to the disagreements among the 27 EU members.


Finns wary as EU celebrates


Finland joined the EU club in 1995, after a narrow victory over the hearts
and minds of the Finns in the 1994 referendum. A decade later, according
to a survey published by the Finnish Business Policy Forum EVA in
February, the Finnish public is hardly enthusiastic about the EUís achievements

For the past two years, more Finns than ever before have taken a
sceptical view of the EU, claiming that the few membership benefits come
at too high a price for the country. The number of those who view the EU
negatively has gone up from 23% in 2004, to a record high of 34% in 2006.

The survey also shows the Finnish population to be neatly divided into
three approximately equal groups, who view the membership positively,
negatively and neutrally. The most optimistic attitude towards the EU is
held by students, entrepreneurs and supporters of the National Coalition
Party, while Centre Party supporters and farmers are among those least
convinced by the Union. It seems that the home front publicity efforts
during Finlandís presidency in the latter half of 2006 have still failed to
break the ice with the sceptics.


Last edited by Fintan on Fri Mar 30, 2007 11:17 pm; edited 3 times in total
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 10:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm glad an Englishman is doing something to inform the public and get some damn resistance going to the EU takeover. Europe and the EU is in the eleventh hour on this 50 year plan, and the Germans seem to already be 'gone'.

He has correctly identified what the EU contracts contain, what it's really about, and how they are sliding this through.

As for the NAU I'm not entirely on the same page with his perception that the elected Democrats are going to help us or even on our side. At street level, it's those who think they're democrats that are inclined to be foolishly supporting doing away with borders, think the UN is our friend, and will give up their rights to what they think is a foreign global consortium that promises peace. Very likely when he lived here, he was living in more aware circles here than I see in Houston. I suspect awareness may be a lot more on target in places like Chicago and the rust belt than it is in Texas.

I find all levels of active people here in Houston are oblivious to the NAU movements happening right now to prepare for merger. It's been announced, but in bits and pieces--right now coming out as cross border friendly business arrangements, NGO style.

I for one must be active about this, the NAU. I've had some success with getting people to become aware of it one-on-one. But we've got to get awareness more widespread and we only have something like two years to wake enough people up or we're liable to lose it all.

Got my eye on what's going to happen over Easter with Iran. On the Iran post, I'm wondering whether they will indeed pull a non-committal, relatively 'cheap' stunt with an air strike over Iran in an attempt to cause another national nervous breakdown to distract us from the real agenda of tightening the bolts on the EU and the NAU moves.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 10:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

With this interview we're really getting to the crux of a half century plot for global system changes.
The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 10:41 pm    Post subject: Zapped Reply with quote

For those who missed it, we had a load of diversionary rubbish posted
immediately under the post about the Audio above.

The troller 'Trondh' had only ever posted once - and that was his post.

Yeah, it looks like we just hit a major nerve of the NWO.

Nice to know they care Very Happy
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 11:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yep. That troll post was such a knee jerk reaction. Didn't even have anything to do with the topic, just the standard provocative keywords of COINTELPRO. Not surprising at all, just confirmation that we're not supposed to know about the EU and NAU or talk about it with such detail. We're supposed to be begging for global masters to bring peace, by now. That's the trick.
That was a CIA *blink* fer sure.

I don't know whether Mr. Oakes will read this, but he's on track. We're not supposed to know what the EU and NAU is really about. He's taken the trouble to find and read the right documents (and they do not make that easy!)

Churchill made this speech in Zurich over a half century ago...

"I wish to speak to you today about the tragedy of Europe. (...) Yet all the while there is a remedy which, if it were generally and spontaneously adopted by the great majority of people in many lands, would as if by a miracle transform the whole scene, and would in a few years make all Europe, or the greater part of it, as free and as happy as Switzerland is today. What is this sovereign remedy? It is to recreate the European Family, or as much of it as we can, and to provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace, in safety and in freedom. We must build a kind of United States of Europe. (...) The first step in the recreation of the European Family must be a partnership between France and Germany."

Winston Churchill
Speech at Zurich University
19th September 1946

That's how they got the ball rolling. Selling the notion to a traumatized Europe after a world war that killed and dislocated millions.

Hm. One big happy family. Punching the clock to slave for global corporates. No need for those pesky local habits and traditions

But people must be very resilient, since even WWII evidently wasn't enough for them to feel confident to just announce a global socialist state.

They have spent decades working on this, dumbing down, terrorizing, and numbing out populations. The biggest, longest, advance job in history.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 4:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Since I am irish, not british, I sort of glazed over much of the phone interview. However, this stuck out vividly:
""Big corporations will also have a near monopoly (with the government) on
employment and will be able to dictate unfavourable terms to staff without
fear of contradiction"".

This is quite evident in the heavy duty socialist countries, such as germany and holland, where a mass of confiscatory taxes and 'regulations' ensure that only the corporate megaliths will prosper and that the small entrepeneur does not have a chance. This is the reason that these two countries are totally dead economically(in marked contrast to Eastern Europe) at the moment. I was in Berlin a couple of years ago and it was like a ghost town. [/b]
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 6:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A merger of the EU and the former USSR is on the cards

I wasn't sure if David Noakes was referring to a merger with the former Soviet States, or with Russia (some people confuse the two sometimes).

There is something of a battle going on in the former Soviet States (like the Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia etc.), and Russia (Putin) want them back. But the US and Europe are keen to convert them into the "Western" fold.

Having lived in Russia for almost 15 years (with friends in reasonably high places), I don't think there is any chance of Russia becoming a member of the European "team", any more than there is of it being a "friend" to the US.

From what I have seen, Russia has its eyes on taking over the position of Global leader from the United States (with some help from China perhaps), and would only consider involvement with Europe if THEY have control.

The prospect of Russia playing a leading role in world politics might seem a frightening prospect to many I'm sure, but in reality it may not be as bad as it seems. The corruption levels (and desire to dictate) in the US and Europe have escalated considerably, and whilst these exist in Russia too, the problem is more open and visible. You could say that there is a more "honest" dishonesty here (if that makes sense), and the corruption is created more by private individuals, than some secret organization meeting in dark rooms to control the world.

Don't get me wrong, Russia do have plans to dominate the world, but are not looking to do this by invading countries in the way the US have. It will be achieved in a much more civilized way.

In my personal opinion (as a British citizen), if I had to choose who should run the world, I would opt for Russia at the moment.

But there is another choice, an option that has been available to the public from the beginning of time, and that is to control their own destiny! Unfortunately, out of fear, greed, or stupidity, we (the general public) have never been able to unite to achieve this.

Even though we outnumber our "leaders" by a vast majority, we choose to let them decide our destinies and make us slaves. This is the way it has always been and perhaps always will be!

I have tried many times to form a kind of "club" where its members are people like you and me. Imagine the power we would have if that membership was to total a billion people or more. Would governments be able to force their policies on us if such a large group were to say NO?

Sadly this vision remains nothing more than a dream because the people are limited to just "complaining" and hoping that "someone else" will do their dirty work for them. The only solution is for EVERYONE to work together, and then the changes are possible. Until then, we must accept whatever s**t is thrown at us and be good children. Our leaders know that we will do what we are told, we always do. Not because we don't have a choice, but because we can't work together to fight back.

If there are enough serious people out there who want to develop a "club", let me know. I'm still willing to give it a try, are you?
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Wu Li

Joined: 20 Feb 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 7:19 am    Post subject: A Hidden Agenda Reply with quote

Great show once again
This is probably the most important topic facing all of us.
I also appreciate the fact that it is being labeled as a communistic style take over.
Did the Soviet State really die? My thoughts on this is exactly what was suggested in this show, which is the planned dismantling of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union was nothing more than a lesson plan for what will need to be done to Europe as well as America. We may want to look at the redevelopment plan of Russia after the collapse and how the oligarchy was created. Then we see the starvation which ensued along with the resentment of the russian people towards Democracy and Capitalism. So then Putin begins to reign back slowly the tide of Democracy with the popular acceptance of the people that he will save them from the evils of the western style system. This is all very clear to me now.
I along with a few others when I was on My Space have spoken about these facts almost to the tee of what was in this interview. We looked at the astonishing growth and modernization of the Russian military and the slow push by the U.N. to enact plans for ownership of State and Federal parks as well the adoption of the U.N. charter as a new constitution to be used in the New American Union.
There is so much to discuss when dealing with this subject so I will cut it short for now.

Has anyone here seen this very interesting interview by G.Edward Griffin?
Hidden Agenda

If all this insanity is really on the up and up this video is old enough to show how far back these ideas have been in the works. The one thing I do know is that the Reese Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations did exist and there is some literature floating around to put creedance to this mans statements.
Anyway this discussion is one we all may be careful.
Sometimes when up against such subjects we should understand that their is a fine line between information dispersal and fear mongering.

I was actually quite surprised by this audio. Shocked
But i am very happy it was done.


"Fear is the passion of slaves."
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 9:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the excellent show, and the 'heads up' about how far down this road we really are.

Here is a link to a websight focused on stopping the North American version of the One World Government. http://www.stopthenorthamericanunion.com/
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Joined: 09 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 9:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fintan............from about 39:00 to 42:33 on the Program.........

You put everything that has been happening in the past in such SIMPLISTIC TERMS AND WORDS...........this is important because when I try to talk to some of my friends its always get so bogged down by the complexity of it all..........

Maybe you should put that down in some kind of article or text?? I think it would be very useful......Hits key points of what is going on thats easy enough for the average person to understand.......

Thanks for the great show.........
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