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due to unforeseen realplayer and microsoft circumstances, i lost thursday and then fridays quite interesting newsnights down the datahole, so here's monday...

a shifty and mentally exhausted looking tony blair gave his final Lord Mayors Speech at the pompous and ceremonious tiara infested do in London, he wants Syria and Iran to join his axis of evil...Iran can join if it does the 'right thing'...but it's NOT a change of policy - apparently so

the Syrian Ambassador to U.S. said it was "music to his ears"

blair is supposedly due to go 'on tour' in the Middle East late this year or early next, supported no doubt, by the Grateful's got some front...did you know he features in the charitable 'Children in Need' advert this week ? charity for some kids, blown away limbs for others, i guess it all balances out in the end ?

Baker was at the whitehouse for a meeting to plan Middle East policy with bush, which no doubt was in the form of a game of militopoly, enhanced with 'weeeehpiouch-piouch' noises

Sir Menzies Cambell, liberal democrat (who was previously very anti-war), has found the nwo songsheet and is singing of phased withdrawal

according to 'Will' Hague, ex conservative leader, it's NOW going to be very difficult for a 'dying' blair to influence America ROTFLMAO

it was inferred that bu$h is going to do as recommended by baker, and bl£ir will do what bush says, so baker rules the world, or somebody who isn't elected does

...or put another way, the news is no news
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newsnight tuesday 14 november 2006...

1600 potential islamic terrorists in the UK, 30 potential plots...oh, and private spooks in online chatrooms suggest terror targets click title to watch...then click on > watch 'radicalising British Muslims...i don't think this works outside UK, and i know not how long it will be 'live'

newsnight investigates the hands behind the scenes moulding anger and resentment to create a British Jihad

...if they can wipe the blood from their hands first, i would recommend they look at bush and blairs

a growing cadre of terrorist sympathisers and extremists, are posing the biggest threat to national security since the IRA, their groups are both well organised, and secretive, we've investigated the hidden story of radicalisation in Britain today, and can reveal alarming new evidence about how a minority of young British Muslims, are being sucked into a life of hatred and extremism...there's a secret war being conducted against Islamist extremism deep within the English countryside, not by the police or the intelligence services but by a network of former spies, hackers and amateur detectives who are spending thousands of hours tracking radicals on the internet...working from his bedroom into the small hours, this man is infiltrating websites used by extremists, gathering evidence to be passed to the police

'Glen Jenvey', Vigil [can supply a jpeg of Jenvey]
these sites are very significant - in radicalising these young Muslims - they actually glorify Bin Laden - they glorify suicide bombers, they're an education tool to brainwash young Muslims, this is how it starts

he works for the private group called vigil, 'Glen Jenvey' is using a false identity tonight, to gain access to an internet chatroom run by Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed who's been radicalising young British Muslims for twenty years, his group Al Mahajaroon [spelling ?] is now a prescribed organisation, and Bakri Mohammed is no longer allowed into the country - the home sectretary excluded him, after the London bombings last year, but that hasn't stopped him from preaching

'Glen Jenvey', Vigil
we found a cybermosque, run by Omar Bakri Mohammed, from Lebanon, speaking to British Muslims in the UK, organisiing demonstrations, um, hate speeches, incitement to terror, calling on them to take up arms against British and American troops

so where society had thought that Bakri Mohammed was off the scene, you've discovered he's still 'at it'

he's active but he's back in the UK in a cyber sense

Omah Bakri Mohammed has just come back online using one of his false identities, we've confirmed with a voice recognition expert that this is actually Bakri Mohammed speaking, we've also listened back to his past lectures in the archive, and it's clear he's been teaching extremism and intolerance, here reserving praise for the London bombers

'Omar Bakri Mohammed'
how we can condemn those who great men, it's not something to feel shame about it, it's not something bad happen so good [hard to make out so may be inaccurate]

and then there's a eulogy for Abu Musab Zarkawi, the brutal former Al-Qu'ida leader in Iraq

may Allah smile in the face of Abu Musab Zarkawi, when you meet the enemy strike their own necks, he remind the Sunnah of removing the head of the enemy, he remind the Sunnah of slaughtering the enemy - we saw him and his brothers how they remove the head of the enemy by their own sword

but perhaps the most shocking, is the reaction to the suggestion from another undercover investigator, who'd infiltrated the site, that Dublin airport should be a legitimate target for attack, because US forces were flying through on their way to Iraq

airport [inaudible - "like in" ?] in Dublin [inaudible - "where Kufar" ?] American forces fly via to reach Iraq to kill our brothers...[should] be part of the [inaudible - "battlefield" ?] the airport ? [inaudible - "your question ?"] hit the target, the question is to, er hit the target, hit it very hard, and that issues must be understood

each night Omar Bakri Mohammed's inspirational talks take place in an open internet chatroom, that's the idea to entice new members in to hear radical and extremist viewpoints, which would otherwise be shunned in Mosques up and down the country, but we've found out that this open website contains links to a far more secretive password protected website, and we've discovered that, plays a crucial role in the organisation...Glen Jenvey used a false identity to gain access to this password protected members only website, two weeks ago he noticed this message which was calling for a demonstration outside the old bailey, headlined 'Mohammed on Trial', it called for a protest against the prosecution of an Islamist radical...sure enough the following day the radicals turned up and there was a violent struggle with the police outside the court...they were protesting against the trial of a 23 year old British muslim facing a charge of incitement to murder, arrested at the demonstration against the Danish newspaper cartoons of Mohammed...but the advert for the old bailey demonstration was not the only lead we followed up, a female member calling herself Um Terra - Mother of Terror, posted [a] notice about a debate at Staffordshire University between the Bible and the Koran, given recent statements from the govenment about radicalisation on universiy campuses, we decided to follow it up, we sent an undercover researcher to the meeting in Stoke on Trent who found that it was addressed by a known radical from Luton, a man who has preached that Al-Qu'ida is Islamically justified, Staffordshire University had no idea of the background of this speaker, they declined to be interviewed, but said that although no extremist views were expressed at the meeting
"the University is obviously concerned to learn of reports that this debate was advertised on an extremist website, and attended by a known extremist, and this is subject to investigation"
...Sheikh Musa Admani, Imam, [London Metropolitan University] knows more about how radicals target universities than anyone in the country, in 2002 he was appointed Imam and Muslim Chaplain for London Metropolitan University, and for the past four years he's waged a battle against the extremists

they have long experience of subversion, creating mayhem, upsetting the normality of student life, so, you have to really study and see their ways, and knowing that there'll be violence

Mr Admani found that the Islamic society like many across the country at the time were dominated by radicals linked to Al Mahajaroon and [Hizb-ut Tahrir], another Islamist group which campaigns for a global Islamic state, the [?] would bring in their own guest speakers

the centrality of it is the control of friday prayers, if they have control of friday prayers, then they have the community on hold, they abuse this tradition to pass their message of hatred, continuously, it will be about Jihad, about fighting, about war, Afghanistan

he created a new rule, all preachers had to be Islamically qualified and approved by the university, this meant that extremist speakers were excluded, but this put him on a collision course with the radicals, things got very nasty indeed when he got an unexpected visit from a student

...came to me very politely, [said] "i just came to inform you of something" and i said please come inside, and he said "a group from imperial college are coming to kill you finish you off"

the university Imam took action to avoid the men, but the threats made him realise just how ingrained extremism was in the university system, he submitted a detailed plan to the home office in 2003 to create a moderate body of Imams to go out into universities and take on the radicals but it was ignored

i was invited to meet the minister of education, and i met the home office minister then, three years ago, and they took my report and very politely, and thanked me, and that was the end of the story - never heard anything from them since "[nn] nothing ?"

while the government sat on its hands Mr Admani was getting more and more evidence of radicalisation, at his local Mosque he met Jawad [can supply a jpeg of Jawad], who'd been drawn into the world of the Islamist group Hizb-ut Tahrir

i was advised not to mix, and not to discuss things with people who were non-practising, even the Muslims, and then, also, other faith communities, and the UK wide society, they were labelled as kafar and infidels as well, they always promoted hatred..they promoted hatred, they promoted hostility, towards, you know, the wider UK society

Hizb-ut Tahrir like to present a squeaky clean image to the outside world, but during the course of this investigation we've heard about serious allegations of much more sinister behavoir, allegations that the group is radicalising and recruiting sometimes violent young men, linked to gangs and crime...Hizb-ut Tahrir campaigns for a global Islamic state, and urges followers not to vote in the UK, they believe in Shariah law...the group came very close to being banned last year, after the London bombings there were fears they were radicalising young people

Croydon Mosque...
Croydon Mosque Committee representative
we were in danger of losing the Mosque, we have evidence of people applying en-block to become members of the Mosque in terms of trying to effect an administrative takeover, and to that end what we did was to safeguard the future of the centre we actually amended the constitution to make it a lot harder, this was coupled with other measures such as policing all meetings at the Mosque

the committee invited nn to film at the Mosque to make the point that they don't want anything to do with HT or other political Islamic groups...though HTs activities have been banned inside the Mosque, outside the lobbying continues

they were filming campaigners outside, asking why the HT representatives were bloke outside the Mosque took a dislike to the camera and started knocking it, a bobby turned up and it all calmed down again
whilst some take a non confrontational approach, others seem out of control, and some of these elements have been seen fighting outside the Mosque

Croydon Mosque Committee rep
there tends to be some sort of element of gang warfare, you can only describe it as that, but this gets very vicious and you get knives involved, swords involved at one stage as well and you know generally speaking people need hospital treatment, people have observed the same faces in these gang warfare situations as they have observed distributing literature outside the Mosque on fridays "[nn] literature from which organisation ?" well these are these organisations such as HT and Al Mahajaroon

HT denied their supporters were violent saying they tried to stop the fight, stories about the crossover though between Islamist radicalism and violence come as no surprise to the organisation which collected the recordings of Bakri Mohammed

Dominic Whiteman, vigil [have jpeg of Whiteman]
'J' has been supplying intelligence to our network for the last seven months, er, the intelligence that he has been supplying has bee on a voluntary basis, it's intelligence which we've always trusted, um and why because he, er, his family was a victim of terrorism and he feels that he owes quite a bit to this country for, er, having looked after him and his family "[nn] do you think it's reliable ?" [DW looks shiny faced by now] in the past we've had absolutely no reason to doubt the reliability of the intelligence, um, a member close to me in the network has debriefed him fully, and er from what we've er, found, that the evidence is waterproof

'J' describes how he was recruited to become part of a secretive cell

where i'm taught is like a cell, and there's five of us, plus [?] teacher, i know for a fact - that we are a number above 50

but these were no university students he was joining, they were he says, violent young men already linked to crime, to become a full member you would have to find another five recruits, he says it's built like a pyramid

they've been taught that it's alright to hurt non're nothing to them...the loyalty to the group, i had to show it in a rough way, they actually asked me to take some money from three guys by force..and i went there, and i had to ask those three guys 'i'll take whatever you have right now', you know i threatened them and they gave me the money because they saw who i was with "[nn] HT may well say this has nothing to do with our organisation, it's a bunch of criminals it's a bunch of hoods, what do you say to that ?" that they would be lying !...they made me swear on the Quran of the clips i've seen [from a dvd purporting to show prisoner mistreatment at Guantanamo Bay shown in a private house] apart from guys being tortured and being battered up and chained up, being left naked on the floor, to me there was one really strong clip where they showed a lady interrogating a tied up prisoner "[nn] 'J' says the scene was staged, but the others in his cell were convinced that the images, which then showed an extremely degrading assault of a sexual nature were real...and what were the fellow brothers in the room saying at this time ?" they were angry, they were really pissed off you know, one of them was saying you know these fucking Americans you know, they're evil
...and then good old microsoft crapped out on me again, i'm getting quite massively pissed at this unreliable crap...alas, microsoft is on the same page as government when it comes to being a dutiful servant and doing as expected and asked, so the rest of that programme isn't happening

but from memory, a representative of HT was in the studio calling the piece total fiction, and stated that the 'evidence' was falsehood and propaganda
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more bbc censorship, but this time of their own material

hmm, that handsome hero Mork must've had a bit of trouble posting the following judging by his closing snipe...third time lucky (i guess)...
566. At 03:42 PM on 22 Nov 2006, Mork wrote:

I Have a Conspiracy Fact for you all.

Tuesday 14th November 2006. Newsnight.

It was stated that Glen Jenvey and his cohorts have indulged in terror provocation.

Jenvey, of Vigil, uses fake fundamentalists to suggest terror targets, in the name of the British Government.

So who are the terrorists? I just told you. Funny, I didn't read about these entrappers being rendered. Naturally the segment of the programme has disappeared down the datahole, but many of us saw it. I won't forget it.

Newsnight, YOU broadcast this, and now it's not allowed to be known?

What's the matter? Vigil running your website are they?
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sourced from and via J7, more on those shadowy 'heroes' at Vigil...

The Scotsman
Thu 23 Nov 2006

Private spies track extremists across world

IT SAYS its members brought about the conviction of radical Egyptian-born cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, uncovered insurgent tactics in Iraq and are now working to provide intelligence from North Korea.

The organisation is not the US Central Intelligence Agency or Britain's MI6 but Vigil, a shadowy network of retired spies, senior military personnel, anti-terrorism specialists and banking experts.

The group's director Dominic Whiteman said he set up Vigil with two other businessmen last year to act as an conduit between retired spies who were still party to good, raw intelligence, and the police and security services.

"This evidence was just getting lost in the system," Mr Whiteman said.

Vigil numbers more than 30 members, from India to the United States.

Sixty per cent of Vigil's work involves gaining information via the internet, by infiltrating chatrooms.

The information gleaned is passed on to authorities such as the FBI, and British Counter Terrorism Command (CTC).

A CTC spokeswoman said: "The CTC is working closely with Vigil and in particular its director and spokesman who has made officers aware of chatroom material," she said.

One member of Vigil is credited with helping bring about the conviction of cleric Hamza, jailed in London in February for inciting racial hatred and soliciting murder, and wanted in the US on terrorism charges.

Glen Jenvey said he tricked Hamza into handing over videos and audio tapes which were used by US authorities in their case against James Ujaama, who pleaded guilty in 2004 to trying to help al-Qaeda militants.

Mr Jenvey's latest work has involved another hardline Muslim cleric, Omar Bakri Mohammed, banned from Britain in August as part of a crackdown on so-called "preachers of hate".

The revelation that Bakri had been delivering nightly sermons via an internet chatroom from his exile in Lebanon was reported by the BBC this week.

"When you listen to a whole lecture ... he's inciting terrorism, and supporting terrorism," Mr Jenvey said.

Anjem Choudary, a close friend of Bakri, denied there was anything sinister about the sermons and said the talks in "no way encourage or incite" British Muslims.

Mr Whiteman said a very trusted contact who had a "key security role in the UK" had revealed that 70 per cent of information given in a daily briefing to the US president, George Bush, by the intelligence chief John Negroponte centred on the British capital.

Vigil has now turned its sights on two groups prominent in Britain: Tablighi Jamaat, a missionary organisation that is planning to build Britain's largest mosque in east London, and Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), an organisation Britain announced it would ban after the 7 July , 2005 London bomb attacks.

Both groups say they do not have links to militants and that they promote peace.

"We wanted to find out more," Mr Whiteman said, adding that his group had infiltrated the organisations. "There's nothing to suggest they will be banned, but there are definitely a few rotten apples that need to be looked at."
Working on the internet from an anonymous city office, the shadowy figures exposing Islamic extremism

By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 12:38am GMT 19/11/2006

They are both British and in their 50s. One is a City financier, the other an ex-member of the Armed Forces. And 18 months ago they became the unlikely financiers of a secretive organisation that, alongside BBC journalists, last week revealed how a cleric banned from Britain is using pseudonyms to broadcast his support for terrorism into the UK.

The two "patriots" who set up Vigil keep their identities secret, but others from the organisation agreed to talk to The Sunday Telegraph.

Vigil's founders believe that the police, security and intelligence services are so overstretched that they need help.

The organisation seeks to make Britain a safer place by disrupting and exposing terrorist activity. It is also working with media groups to highlight the threat from Muslim extremists. Last week it teamed up with BBC2's Newsnight and Radio 4's File on 4.

Vigil is non-profit making and does not charge for its services. It operates from a discreet office in London, but the address is kept secret in case it is, in turn, targeted by Muslim extremists.

It has five paid staff and a further 25 workers, many with military, security, intelligence and financial experience who charge only their expenses.

The group says it is non-political and non-religious: it has Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists working for it.

Only two of its staff are willing to be identified. One is Dominic Whiteman, its director and spokesman. Mr Whiteman, 34, who has a business background, said: "We are motivated by the scale of the terrorist threat in the UK: 3,000 people living here have been through Osama bin Laden's training camps and 16,000 people in the UK are al Qaeda sympathisers.

"Vigil was formed because we realised that there were a lot of recently retired ex-military and intelligence personnel who had a stack of contacts around the world and who knew a lot about the war on terror. We also learned that some individuals working on their own were getting some amazing raw intelligence. We felt some of this expertise was being under-utilised.

"We are vigilant but we are not vigilantes. We are also aware of our boundaries: we gather evidence that can be used in a court room but we don't meddle. If necessary, we also liaise with the FBI and US anti-terrorist units."

Vigil carries out an estimated 70 per cent of its work on the internet. It monitors extremists groups and tries to infiltrate them. However, if it obtains details of protest rallies and other meetings it also attends them. Some of its operators are fluent in Arabic, while others are banking and financial experts who try to trace terrorist funding around the world.

Vigil's two sponsors originally provided tens of thousands of pounds each for the group. Mr Whiteman said: "They are both real patriots who want to do their bit to make Britain a safer place."

Vigil's running costs for the past 18 months have totalled less than £200,000. As well as its two original sponsors, other donors have provided funding

The other Vigil operator willing to be identified is Glen Jenvey, 42, a freelance counter-intelligence investigator from Wiltshire. He set up the internet sting which last week saw Omar Bakri Mohammed praise the London 7/7 bombers on the internet. Bakri, who now lives in Beirut, also appeared to advocate a terrorist attack on Dublin airport.

Bakri was excluded from the UK in August on the grounds that his presence was not conducive to the public good. He ran the radical al Muhajiroun group in London until it was proscribed last year.

Mr Jenvey also helped to uncover last week's allegation that an immigration worker at the Home Office is a senior member of Hibz ut Tahrir, an extremist Muslim group that Tony Blair wants banned.

Before working for Vigil Mr Jenvey infiltrated the Tamil Tigers while working for the Sri Lankan High Commission in London in the 1990s.

More recently, he set up an internet sting that provided evidence linking Abu Hamza, the British radical Islamic cleric, to terror camps. Mr Jenvey had set up an Islamic internet site using a fictitious name. Hamza sent him propaganda films designed to attract recruits for jihad training in Afghanistan and Bosnia.

Earlier this year Hamza was jailed for seven years for inciting murder and race hate. Hamza, 47, who preached at Finsbury Park mosque in London, was convicted of 11 of the 15 charges against him but is seeking to have them overturned.

Scotland Yard confirmed it was "working closely with Vigil, particularly its director and spokesman who has made officers aware of chat-room material. This material will be considered and appropriate action taken."

Patrick Mercer, the Tory spokesman for homeland security, has also worked with Vigil

He said that he had been impressed by the group's professionalism. "Anything of this nature that helps the security services has to be encouraged," he said.
Bridget wrote:Would Newsnight Radio 4 or Scotland Yard be interested in information collected by a group that is trying to expose malevolent and terrorist connections I wonder? I could ask!

I'd contacted Jenvey via his website before I found this article:

Dear Mr Jenvey

I am very intrigued by your work. I understand that you are a part of a business called Vigil, a private counter-terrorism agency.

What I don't understand is who pays for this service? Does the British tax payer pay a reward for information from your company or do you have a contract with the Government?

To which he replied:

no british tax payers are not paying for our work in any way.

I am going to ask Mr Whiteman who Vigil's sponsors are.

Interesting how Newsnight not only repeatedly use Peter Power as their 'expert' on Terrorism but now they're in league with this Vigil mob.

Jenvey advertises this on his site: with links to MEMRI who are another shady bunch, with a similar set-up to Vigil:

Selective Memri

Brian Whitaker investigates whether the 'independent' media institute that translates the Arabic newspapers is quite what it seems

Monday August 12, 2002
Guardian Unlimited

For some time now, I have been receiving small gifts from a generous institute in the United States. The gifts are high-quality translations of articles from Arabic newspapers which the institute sends to me by email every few days, entirely free-of-charge.
Its work is subsidised by US taxpayers because as an "independent, non-partisan, non-profit" organisation, it has tax-deductible status under American law.

Memri's purpose, according to its website, is to bridge the language gap between the west - where few speak Arabic - and the Middle East, by "providing timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media".

Despite these high-minded statements, several things make me uneasy whenever I'm asked to look at a story circulated by Memri. First of all, it's a rather mysterious organisation. Its website does not give the names of any people to contact, not even an office address.

The reason for this secrecy, according to a former employee, is that "they don't want suicide bombers walking through the door on Monday morning" (Washington Times, June 20).

This strikes me as a somewhat over-the-top precaution for an institute that simply wants to break down east-west language barriers.

The second thing that makes me uneasy is that the stories selected by Memri for translation follow a familiar pattern: either they reflect badly on the character of Arabs or they in some way further the political agenda of Israel. I am not alone in this unease.

I feel a formal complaint to the BBC coming on!

Reply from Mr Whiteman of Vigil

Dear Ms Dunne

VIGIL is constituted primarily of volunteers. The majority of our
trackers are retired and not in need of payment. VIGIL is an
interface between these retired professionals and the working
security services.
The funds that VIGIL requires for technical back-up, hired
expertise and occasional expenses is generated from a handful of
British patriots - centre ground politically (not the FSB,
Zionists, MI6 etc as our enemies like to claim)- Brits who are,
quite frankly, recognising the scale of the security threat and
want to help out. VIGIL is secretive rather than shadowy. VIGIL
lacks ulterior motives - plain folk, simple mission. Very useful in
the current climate. We never break the law.
May I ask why you are asking?
Yours sincerely,
The Antagonist wrote:I don't think I've ever read Shiraz Socialist before but I found this article in which the blog's author was less than impressed by the 'journalistic' 'standards' (both terms used in the loosest possible sense of each word, hence the quotes) of the BBC's Newfright team:
Vigil's lies, Newsnight's shame : Shiraz Socialist

I honestly never thought I would see the day when I was put in the position of having to post something in public defence of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, but having just watched BBC Newsnight, I don't feel I have a choice.

It was the kind of bog-standard "Jihadi devils in our midst" piece that has been hashed and rehashed over and over again in the gutter press since 9/11 all over the West, and especially since 7/7 in the UK. With a twist.

This particular report relied on supposedly new "secret" evidence from an organisation called "Vigil", which showed that Islamist organisations in the UK, the Hizb among them, were organising and actively plotting violence in the UK, as well as organising random gang warfare in order to stoke up ethnic tension. Don't bother trying to find Vigil's website, they're really secret squirrels apparently. Except for the fact that not one, but two of these brave men appeared, remarkably without balaclava or voice-over actor, on the report.

The first was Glen Jenvey, a man so free from bias and attached to reality that he calls his own website the "Anti-Terrorist Report", and links to several Christian ultra and right-wing sites ranging from the Western Defense Studies Institute (password protected, but it apparently exists to "to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opportunities between U.S. and European individuals and businesses to counter-terrorism and protect Western civilization"... oh, yes), to Pipeline News (motto: "The RIGHT news, RIGHT now"... preach, brothers...). Also the ubiquitous Internet Haganah. So he's obviously a model of journalistic impartiality.

Anyway, according to the report, Glen hangs around on Islamist websites until the early hours of the morning, pretending to be a Muslim and seeking to "expose" staggering facts such as that Omar Bakri Muhammad has terrorist sympathies. Now, I've heard Omar Bakri Muhammad speak in public before, and the "recordings" that Vigil presented didn't sound right to me, but that's by the by. Bakri's organisation Al-Muhajiroun (latterly apparently called Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa'ah) is the nearest thing that exists to extremist street theatre in the UK, with pantomime clowns in toilet roll bomb belts parading around calling for "death to the infidel" whilst being laughed at by passers by. The notion that these halfwits could be passed off as a serious terrorist threat is a joke to anyone with halfway reasonable knowledge of the Islamic political scene in the UK, and surely, surely if I know that then so do the BBC's researchers.

The other fellow from Vigil was one Dominic Whiteman. He's a pal of Glen's who (the wonders of Google reveal) spends a lot of his time writing smug polemics about having "infiltrated" the Tamil Tigers. Funny how they don't seem to give a toss about him, but there you go. He's apparently a reliable enough source for BBC Newsnight, so there.

And the attacks on Hizb-ut-Tahrir just made it look all the more weird. For those not in the know, the Hizb are a wacko group that call for a global caliphate - and they do this in many parts of the world. They dissasociated themselves from Bakri over a decade ago. Further, contrary to the Newsnight report, they have no record of violence in the UK, and in that light follow in a long tradition of harmless kooky ranting weirdos in British politics who go back to the flat earthers and beyond.

Dr Abdul Wahid of the Hizb was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman after the report was shown. At least, it was an "interview" in the sense that Paxo yelled and fulminated at Wahid, who appeared to refute all his points masterfully. This included Wahid producing written complaints from a South London Muslim forum about BBC cameras harrassing people outside a mosque, where the report attempted to show that the camera crew had been subjected to violence.

It was an attempted hatchet job by the BBC reporters concerned, and I for one am glad that the Hizb stood up to them.

I have never seen such a disgusting excuse for journalism in my life. In this era of daily attacks on Muslims in the UK, both in written form in the press and in physical form on the streets, for a national broadcaster to commission such a report based on the rantings of right-wing Islamophobic goons, demonstrates journalistic standards worthy of the BNP. Hizb's website is already stating that they plan legal action, and I say good luck to them. BBC News, you should hang your heads tonight - you have brought shame upon yourselves and your profession.

Jenvey, RIGHT news RIGHT now and White Man, eh? It's only subliminal, if....

Full post with embedded links on Shiraz Socialist.

The Antagonist wrote:Full post with embedded links on Shiraz Socialist.

All of which led me to this little Vigil expose on Vigil Exposed.

Glen Jenvey (the original Tamil Tiger?)

Dominic White Man with Patrick Mercer, outside Scotland Yard.

Another Vigil vigilante, Glen Reynalds.
Bridget wrote:The aforementioned Mr Whiteman replied in an email to me:

If you care to look online, VIGIL has exposed the LTTE in London
recently, as well as Irish, Kurdish, British and other non-Islamic
terrorism. Please research us a little before filling my inbox with
your paranoid conspiracist viewpoint - who are you? Where are you
from, Bridget? Or do you wish to remain anonymous?
VIGIL is far from murky for an intelligence operation, having a
spokesperson and some operatives who talk out in the open. Indeed,
unlike some LSD-afflicted conspiracy theorists, our strategy is
crystal clear as well - anti terror. This means anti the Copelands
of this world, anti Islamist (rather than Islamic), anti extremist
(BNP HT Extreme evangelicals, extreme jews etc) and anti terror.
Jenvey - whose site you visited - has some edges but he's brilliant
as a terror tracker and has saved many lives. We suffer his website
- a small price to pay for the intelligence he gathers.
Sure, some people hide behind "patriotism". In our case we have
nothing to hide, except details of members and donors for their own
security and the security of their families. We're centre ground,
solid citizens who are really rather pissed off with the way things
You - do you support terrorism? If not, what are you doing to
combat it? If you are doing nothing, think what you should be
doing, Bridget.
We came together to help with a huge problem. We operate within the
law. We are honest, level headed and want to help. So far that is
all we have done.

[which was a reply to]...

Dear Mr Whiteman

Thanks you for this reply.

Why would 'British Patroits' wish to remain anonymous I wonder? I
think this adds to the rather murky image of Vigil, not unlike that of MEMRI.

What concerns me and others, and the reason I ask, is that the
only terrorism that Jenvey identifies, and therefore I assume
yourselves as well, is that of Islamist terrorism.

I assume you're aware that there are many instances of State
sponsored terrorism, for example, Operation Gladio and the Bologna station
massacre? The Lavon affair, the Algerian Secret Services and the Paris Metro to name just a few.

The last bombing in London before 7th July was by a far right wing group for which Copeland was tried and convicted.

Recent newspaper articles, but not unfortunately the main stream
press, reported 'the largest chemical explosives find ever, including a
rocket launcher and chemical suits' at the homes of BNP members. In
comparison to Forest Gate where a man was nearly murdered by police
gunmen, and no chemical or other weapons found, this lack of coverage strikes me as bizarre.

Do you only monitor those that you perceive as posing an Islamist threat or ALL terrorists?


The Antagonist wrote:
Dominic Whiteman wrote: You - do you support terrorism? If not, what are you doing to combat it? If you are doing nothing, think what you should be doing, Bridget.

Patronising fucker. Every single taxpayer in this country, including those that only pay VAT or tax on smokes or booze, or any other form of tax, is complicit in fully supporting terrorism, it just happens to be terrorism perpetrated by the State, instead of Muslims.

What are Mr Whiteman, Jenvey and Reynalds doing about British or American State terrorism? Or are Whiteman and his ilk a little bit too backwards to be able to keep up with what really goes on in the world?
couldn't have put it any better myself

Doesn't sound particularly violent to me, but what do I know. :)
Hizb ut-Tahrir adopts the methodology employed by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he established the first Islamic State in Madinah. The Prophet Muhammad limited his struggle for the establishment of the Islamic State to intellectual and political work. He established this Islamic state without resorting to violence. He worked to mobilise public opinion in favour of Islam and endeavoured to sway the political and intellectual elites of the time. Despite the persecution and boycott of the Prophet Muhammad and the early Muslims, they never resorted to violence.

The party is therefore proactive in disseminating the Islamic intellectual and political thoughts widely in Muslim societies so as to challenge the existing status quo that exists there.

Does Hizb ut-Tahrir advocate violence?

Hizb-ut-Tahrir is convinced that the change we seek must start in the minds of people and we do not accept for people or societies to be forced to change by violence and terror. Consequently, Hizb ut-Tahrir does not advocate or engage in violence. The party strictly adheres to Islamic law in all aspects of its work. It is an Islamic intellectual and political entity that seeks to change people?s thoughts through intelligent discussion and debate. We consider that Islamic law forbids violence or armed struggle against the regime as a method to re-establish the Islamic State.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is a completely non-violent organisation." [Craig Murray, the ex-British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Al-Jazeera, 17/5/05]

"It will be impossible to see Hizb ut-Tahrir as a terrorist organisation. If Hizb ut-Tahrir resorts to violence then it can be described as a terrorist organisation. Further more Hizb ut-Tahrir, as it stands, cannot be proscribed as a terrorist organisation." [Verdict Turkish Second State Security Court, 13/4/04]

Hizb ut-Tahrir quite explicitly disavows violence as its means for achieving power." [John Schoeberlein, Director of Harvard University?s Central Asia program]
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dilbert_g wrote:Doesn't sound particularly violent to me, but what do I know. :)
tell me about it, everything i've seen about HT seems reasonably benign, but the agents provocteurs have been busy trying to discredit them, hired idiots trying to be nasty for the camera left me unconvinced

unfortunately i had blightcrosoft problems that night, and the erudite response from the HT representative in the studio didn't make it here, but he seemed quite sane and appreciably indignant at the shameful reporting of the bbc
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Newsnight does 'snake oil' aids cure expose
goat serum is quackery say quacks on world aids day

40 million people are now living with hiv aids, but for some a worldwide human tragedy is an opportunity to make money, newsnight and richard e grant expose the men trying to raise millions of dollars to provide what scientists say is a quack treatment for comes as the world marks a quarter of a century since hiv was identified as the virus that causes aids, it's estimated that more than 65 million people have been infected, two thirds of them in Africa - which is where a London based businessman hopes to test what he claims is a cure, among some of the most desperate people in the world
paul mason
[in Swaziland] over half the population is infected with hiv, this country has been hit harder than any other place on Earth by the virus, so many children have lost their parents here, that the entire structure of society is under threat...and now we've discovered that people here have become prey to something else...i'm on the trail of a businessman selling what he claims is a miracle treatment for aids, it's a story about mercenaries, goats, a famous actor...what's at stake is millions of dollars, and the lives of about half the people in this country.

the trail starts with actor richard e grant, he was born in Swaziland and has made a film based on his boyhood there, earlier this year he received a remarkable approach

richard e grant
somebody whom i'd only met a couple of times came round and said that a friend of hers, had found a cure for aids and i said this is absolutely astonishing, and she said that a man called michael hart jones, and mark wardell had a brochure, and, er, were approaching people in Swaziland, and would i. er, be interested in helping to promote this and speaking to celebrity people that i know, um, to forward this cure for aids which was based on goat serum...every alarm bell went ringing in my head
paul mason
the business fronting the goat serum cure was called Commercial African Resources Development, or card, it's fronted by a man called michael hart jones
i thought that it was, uh, snake oil, horse medicine, and went straight to the internet and looked him up and his name came up involved with a military junta in Sierra Leone ...and he's involved with a private army in Tanzania as well
paul mason
richard e grant alerted one of Britains top hiv doctors, and then alerted us, but could there really be a British based company selling goat serum as a cure for aids ?...that's been specifically forbidden here and in America, it was time to have a closer look at the men peddling the goat cure...michael hart jones is trying to persuade a group of investors to put millions of dollars into the goat serum scheme, but they're not really investors, they're an undercover team from newsnight
michael hart jones.....mark wardell

michael hart jones
trials have proved successful...[we tested the serum on hiv infected soldiers] they were virtually dead, they were stretchered in...all bar one within two weeks they were up and about

prof michael adler
i'd be delighted if it was true, there is very effective treatment which could modify the course of the disease but there's no cure, if there was a cure, we would all know about it, the press would be, you know there would be banner headlines

derek von wissell of 'nercha'
life expectancy [in Swaziland] at birth will have halved from 1995 to 2010
dr patrick okoth
we always tell them you have got to take your medication, right does at the right time, and every day for the rest of your life
dr velephi okello
my feeling is the government needs to put in more funds into the ART programme
paul mason
the goat serum scheme relies on the myth that anti retrovirals are not working
prof michael adler
to rubbish anti retrovirals, er as a basis for you then trying to peddle, er, a unproven er cure is, i think, er, very wrong. and dangerous

cock was on hand to spew out the usual hot gobs of wisdom..medication medication medication, education, vaccines, blah blah blah

...all sounds a wee bit like a hypocrisy to me
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568. At 10:42 AM on 09 Dec 2006, Andrew wrote:

When the BBC is "told" something by 'the authorities' it's repeated as serious news, despite the standard use of quote marks around contentious words, and the odd caveated use of 'appear to prove' in the body text.

Tests 'prove' Diana driver drunk

"BBC Two programme The Conspiracy Files was told the French authorities carried out the tests within the past year."

Only 'conspiracy theorists' stoop so low as to 'claim' something ;) ("Conspiracy theorists have claimed that Mr Paul's blood samples were swapped.") once the 'public imagination' has been 'gripped'.

The French authorities aren't reported to have 'claimed' anything. In fact, further down in the body text, their claims are elevated to the status of 'new evidence'. Afterall, to satirise Peter Barron [1], there's surely no rational explanation for these new DNA results by the French authorities, other than their making available acccurate information in the pursuit of truth and justice.

The BBC news story creates an imaginary narrative of events with, "However, conspiracy theories have gripped the public imagination as a result of doubts raised about the French crash investigation."

That 'imagination' was gripped in the days after Diana's death, not from the results of the slow French investigation.

As a general CT comment; it's funny how CCTV footage from the Pont de l'Alma tunnel (31/08/97), Kings Cross (7/7/05) or around the Pentagon (11/9/01) isn't available to the public (other than indeterminate frames), for whatever reasons.

Q: how do you detect crime that's covered-up by government?
A: the best CCTV footage is unavailable to the public

[1] ... iracy.html - I wonder why he didn't mention this Newsnight blog. Perhaps there's too much information on it for his liking!
love that Q&A, he's good :)
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a bit stale now, this lot, but it was mostly not exactly fit for consumption by the discerning palate in the first place ;) sorry it's all a bit snippety, but it's all i can stomach to watch it once before my eyebrows start to go all paxo, so here's the 'best [worst] bits'...

"all the women in Dafur have been raped" according to an asylum seeker

according to newsnight "it's seared into the public consciousness how four muslims murdered their fellow briton" really ? i think there might be some doubt about that outside msmland

in a bumper bullshit edition of newsnight we had kirsty wark begging for planespotters to email in with sightings of the SPY-op nuclear airliners :?

sorry, this might be stating the obvious to time goes on, i get the increasing sense when watching the news that they let slip tiny little slices of what's really going on - and that these newsmonkeys have all the appearance of actors in front of a camera, and they play out a role, they follow a script, and yet, despite their best efforts, it seems somehow glaringly obvious that it's a plotline, they are actors...there are rare, quiet admissions of the way things really are, so quiet that you're not meant to hear them...for what purpose anything's admitted at all i don't know...but layered on top of that is this quite different white noise

the (occasional) quiet admittance of what's really going on, is, as far as i can tell placed in there to prevent those people who may be better informed as to how things really operate from reacting - must be a very time consuming and difficult balancing act for these media types

if anyone has any doubts about there being a problem with the tv, ask yourself why there isn't a continuous barrage - a tirade of people saying in 'news' and 'current affairs' programmes - "what about the world we're creating ? what about the government ? what about the things they're doing in our name ? the changes to our laws ? the restructuring of our society ?" (and never in a positive direction, unless you're a corporation)...some of the debates and conversations may seem on the surface to be right and relevant - debates regarding having a common language would be fine if they then didn't drift into far right diatribes...and for our 'leaders' to start naming other countries as causes of all our problems, pointing the finger at 'others' not believing in things that are 'right', things that should be 'followed and accepted as norms', is an utterly tragic hypocrisy...just showing Brazil once late at night, does not an adequate attack against this fifth reich bullshit make

that 'historic' day, thursday 14th december 2006, was claimed by newsnight to be an incredible day..."first serving prime minister to be questioned by police", stevens inquiry into the death if Diana, and the 'unprecedented' anti corruption climbdown by the government over the sfo investigation into the Saudi arms deal - the reason ? 'bad for business', dressed up as "concerns over national security and maintaining a sphere of influence", but hey, this is a democracy, we expect this kind of stuff don't we ? one commenter said "it shows the power the arms industry has over the government"

tony "we must be cleaner than clean, be seen to be cleaner than clean in government" blair either had a short game of Monopoly, or maybe a 'best six out of ten' round of Kerplunk during the time he was interviewed for one and a half to two hours over the cash for honours debacle

"very well - fantastic" blair replied later when asked by jacques chirac 'how things were ?' [himself facing corruption charges when he leaves office]

South Korean ban ki-moon denied he is a james bond style spy: "i'm not 007, but i take office on '07", and sang christmas carols, the usual you'd expect from someone with an important role as secretary general of the un...he's on message over global warmworrying too ...maybe he's not one of 'm's, but he might well be cia

paxo made an interesting comment in relation to the murders in Suffolk - that it almost looked as though the events were unfolding as if designed to be very tv frenzy friendly "...after an investigation played out to - and sometimes seemingly for the benefit of an unprecedented media interest" nudge nudge, ;) ;)

prescott's reaction to the ''''leaked'''' 'saddam' 'snuff' movie was incredulous disgust...either he's out of the loop, or he's a damn fine actor

it's getting increasingly difficult to tell where newsnight ends and The Day Today begins

have i slagged newsnight off enough now ? i certainly feel better :)
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"immigration is good for the country because it boosts wages* - if you have foreign nannies it allows investment bankers to go back to work*"

*boosts the wage average, NO beneficial effect on the lowest paid workers

and of course, it's good for the corporations and other big businesses too

other arguments of merit aside, this might be all about muddying the borders so that there can be some bribe into Yerpean union at some later time (remember the 'referendum' ? what happened to that then ? they knew we'd vote "Non !" that's what happened), alternatively the melting borders are intended to extort a begrudging acceptance of chips n' similar stuff


"could Iranian agents be influencing the Iraqi government ?" [and where would that leave American influence] LOL, oh pleeaassse

mobile phones to save Africa from its government ineptitude (and no murderous air assaults in Africa)

lovely cuddly paul mason was in Africa showing us how the mobile phone (and especially motorola, maker of torture equipment extensively used in Africa) is, via the corporations, going to allow Africans to sidestep their pointless governments, and "have one hundred years of [industriocorporate] progress in a decade" they can avoid the middle man in financial transactions, and send money to family electronically...of course, they're just replacing one smaller middle man for a big business one instead

looks like they're trying to fast track them to consumerism, which they barely even tried to sugar coat...Africa is the new moneyfuck frontier...the usual garbage - having a population with mobile phones = prosperity, but as we all know, not only does this 'prosperity' leave people behind, and soon evolve into a closed off poverty-gap-ridden-quagmire, but even those 'prosperous' types who are wielding mobiles are often slaves to where the next credit is coming from
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more newsnight nuggets of non-news

johnny reid getting bad press :)

reID's facing fallout from 'lost' foreign-crime records not entered onto the pnc...oh goody :)

more global warming nonsense (it's not environment destruction by industry that's the problem, you're crazy if you think that)

blair "unrepentant and unembarassed" over his flying in the face of "climate change", saying:
monotony bliar wrote:i'm not going to be in the situation of saying i'm not going to take holidays abroad or, [horrendous toothy grin, hands raised up like meat cleavers, chopping motion] use air travel, it's just not practical
...nice little meme there: 'pay your enviroguilt taxes, but carry on as before'

as i was saying to someone today, if there were any real threat, there would be draconian ENFORCED changes upon behaviour, not taxation

to tackle climate change, the government has increased fuel duty, doubled air passenger duty, will introduce a climate change bill and 'zero carbon' homes by 2016...oh, well that's sorted then, all those toxic chemicals and other pollution are not the real problem after all

some scientists want to sprinkle sulphates above the poles, others are wanting to use giant solar reflectors in space, one bloke wants to pump fine sea water spray into the atmosphere using a ship fitted with oversize pumps looking like the titanic's smoke stacks fitted to a small trimaran

there was a nice idea for passively cooled offices though, using cool air drawn in from the north wall low down (in a northern hemisphere locale), and drawn up to the south side up in the roof - simple and effective, and a clever thin photovoltaic film

live online 'cos the real world is shit

paul mason, who is a super chap and not in the least a suspicious character, wants us all to go into online computer games and 'find our "selfs" in the virtual world', parallel lives in which we can regain something lost since what he referred to as 'the enlightenment'...if you believe mr mason, by fighting in virtual wars or slaying virtual dragons, you'll find some 'new soul space'...underlying message seems to be turn on [a pc] tune in [to 'desert storm new nazi assualt', 'second life', or whatever], and drop out [of any useful interaction online or out there in the real world, where, let's face it, everything's fine]...i like the power of the internet to connect people despite geographic distance, but i fecking hate this idea that you need to live a vicarious fantasy life online...there is a difference, the internet should empower your real life, not your real life sustaining your mind simply in order to exist in a false online world...the technazis are telling us that there is a new renaissance in the making, i think i know what they would like that to manifest as, and it's a waste of time, precisely the intention

why object to real war when you can playfight in your own ?

usual modus operandi for this programme, read very carefully between the lines (which you're never actually told to do) and you'll hopefully get that there are a few online places where you'll get something profound in the form of truth or growth, and this is one of those few places, take the programme at face value, and you'd be led to believe that a fantasy life online has something more than nothing to offer you, which i personally do not believe that it does
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