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Dr. John is a pretty mainstream guy (but in some ways, surprisingly not, and nonetheless has interesting things to say), Covid wise, but he's got some great reports. Here's a brand new one specifically on Vitamin D.

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Indeed, Bri, keeping the vitamin D sufficient is a key for immune system efficacy and overall health in general. I make sure that I have at least 1000 IU per day and eschew sunscreen in golf season, getting reserves for the long winter months.

Dr. John is mainstream but willing to discuss many subjects including side effects so that is a plus. I really like the Darkhorse Podcast, as Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (Evolutionary biologists) are at the forefront of rational thought in this era of scare-tactics.

With a good series about vitamin D as well. ... nd-covid:f
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Right on Peter. Say what you want about Weinstein and Campbell, they're definitely keeping a lot of normies sane. I know quite a few people who would be still on the #zerocovid train if it weren't for these guys.
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KILLER VIDEO by Ivor Cummins
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(btw/ who has played a noble role as a covid skeptic)

D is for Debacle
- The Crucial Story of Vitamin D and Human Health

279,899 views11 Dec 2014
Ivor Cummins
203K subscribers

Leveraging the knowledge of the foremost experts in the field, I can now release what I believe is a comprehensive explanation of the Vitamin D story. It's benefits are difficult to disentangle from those of healthy Sun Exposure though - the beneficial effects of D status may be hugely due to the sun exposure that got your D up! I use sun and UV sources to achieve my D levels as a result, not supplementation.

Other key elements like K2, A, Mg, Ca etc are inextricably linked also, but here we focus mainly on D. Reverse Causality applies also - people who have inflammatory issues and are obese may drive down their D status, but data on this is sparse - but keep it in mind. Also important is that DAILY supplementation rather than big bolus dosing is used - the half-life of D3 is only a couple of days.

This Seminar is of interest to Mothers & their Children particularly (e.g. see 15:00:00 to 21:00:00 segment), to avoid probability of serious chronic diseases, in childhood and beyond.

The main message is that blood levels of D should be targeted towards healthy evolutionary levels, ideally through access to UVB / healthy sun exposure (NO burning).

So to stress again: there is a lot of assocational "correlation but possibly not causation" data in this, and there is every possibility that Sun exposure delivers more benefits than D3 supplements (by the production of many other photoproducts in the skin), and also the modern carb-inflamed/diseased population may be causal in driving down 25(OH)D status (e.g. the obese people with low D - is it their fat sequestering away the D, or is their inflammation driving down their status?)

Anyway, thanks for watching!
Ivor Cummins BE(Chem), CEng MIEI
December 2014
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