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The mid-line of the brain is the quintessential integrative mirror. To the point that your left hemisphere controls the right side etc.

Everything points to the same thing....integration.
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bri wrote:Great video lela. That line by Lennon is classic as well..."Oh I don't care"
Thanks for the kudos, I, too, was quite impressed by Lennon's dismissal of Cavett. Classic stuff.
Just stumbled across this series of videos by Dr. Bruce Lipton that explores the fractal nature of biology...which leads him to apply it to the question of reality. Lots of correlations with Fintan's work. Unfortuntaly it is out of sync, making it a bit tedious to go through all ten episodes (though they are worth the effort). But his conclusion was so awesome I wanted to share it for your consideration.
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This is the first trailer for "Meeting Andrei Tarkovsky", a new documentary that explores an enigmatic belief: that death doesn't exist. ... nbaum.html

Tarkovsky is listed among the 100 most critically acclaimed film directors; director Ingmar Bergman was quoted as saying "Tarkovsky for me is the greatest [director], the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream"
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Watch His "Zerkalo" (Russian for Mirror)
It is a "slow" film in some ways but can be appreciated by the general crowd as well. Very simple for an "art film"(---the scene below is one of the more difficult to understand without a back round---), avoids pretentious metaphors. Is what it is...a symbol.
Tarkovsky understood the simple, mirror aspect of life and it's eternal nature.

Andrei Tarkovsky - Mirror
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Andrey, what is art?
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Andrei Tarkovsky also directed the original Russian version
of the movie Solaris (George Clooney statted in the remake).

The ocean of the planet Solaris has a lot of parallels with the
surface of the HyperSphere which I detail in TreeIncarnation.
Solaris (novel)

Solaris is a Polish science fiction novel by Stanis&#322;aw Lem (1921-2006),
published in Warsaw in 1961 and is his best known work in English
translation. While the narration suggests that humans study the planet,
the opposite seems to be the case, where the titular alien planet, Solaris,
examines the secret and often guilty thoughts of human beings. These
secrets and thoughts are given physical form on the space station which
hovers above the planet. The novel is pervaded by a powerful and
moving poetic sense of remoteness and loneliness.


The novel is about the ultimately futile attempt to communicate with an
alien life-form on a distant planet. The planet, called Solaris, is covered
with a so-called "ocean" that seems to really be a single organism
covering the entire surface.

The ocean shows signs of a vast but strange intelligence, which can
create physical phenomena in a way that science has difficulty explaining.
The alien mind of Solaris is so inconceivably different from human
consciousness that all attempts at communication are doomed (the
"alienness" of aliens was one of Lem's favourite themes; he was scornful
about portrayals of aliens as humanoid).

The novel begins with the arrival of the protagonist, Kris Kelvin, at a
scientific research station, suspended near the surface of Solaris by
means of anti-gravity generators. Research has been ongoing for years,
but scientists have been unable to do more than observe the highly
complex phenomena on the surface of the ocean, all the while classifying
them into an elaborate nomenclature without understanding what they
actually mean.

When the protagonist and his colleagues become more aggressive in
trying to force contact with Solaris, the experiment becomes
psychologically traumatic for the researchers themselves.

The ocean's response, such as it is, lays bare their own personalities,
while revealing nothing of the ocean's. To the extent that the ocean's
actions can be understood, the ocean begins experimenting with the
researchers' minds by confronting them with their most painful and
repressed thoughts and memories through the materialization of complex
human constructs......
Solaris (2002 film)

A psychiatrist still dealing with the loss of his wife, Chris Kelvin receives
a disturbing video message from a friend and scientist, Gibarian, asking
for Chris' help and that he come to the enigmatic ocean world, Solaris.

He agrees to go on the mission to Solaris as a last attempt to recover the
crew. Kelvin, arriving at the space station, quickly learns that members of
the crew have died (or even disappeared) under mysterious
circumstances with the only two surviving members reluctant to explain
the cause.

After shockingly encountering his dead wife alive again, Chris discovers
that Solaris has been creating physical replications of people familiar to
each crew member. Up until the end, Chris struggles with the questions of
Solaris's motivation, his beliefs and memories, and reconciling what was
lost with an opportunity for a second chance....
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The concept of space travel and connection with other beings is one of the ultimate manifestations of our inability to face our true nature. A comfortable distraction from our searching.
This concept is put forth brilliantly in Solaris. You have to be in the right mood for Tarkovsky's version to reap it's powerful benefits.
Anti-Communist sentiment, Spirituality, an Anti-Space travel movie?
This guy was not well liked by the authorities, his films were shat on and squashed for years.
In the opening shot of his first feature film,a cuckoo bird is heard.
While editing the film however, he placed the soundtrack a bit further back.
As the MosFilm hammer and sickle appear on the screen:

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo"
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Location: Capacious Creek is an interesting website with a great section on Milo Wolff ... Matter.htm ... riment.htm ... -WSM-1.wmv
More video interviews of Dr Milo Wolff on Physics and the Wave Structure of Matter. ... cs-wsm.htm
A simple solution to the Problems of Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity
The Wave Structure of Matter in Space

Einstein (from Faraday, Maxwell, Lorentz) represented matter as a continuous spherical field in spacetime. Einstein is correct that there is no 'particle' and matter is spherically spatially extended (Matter and Space are One and the same thing!). However, the spherical 'force field' can be sensibly explained with the Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter. We realize that forces are caused by a change in the velocity of the spherical In-wave (from one direction) as this changes where these In-waves meet at the wave-center, which we observe as a 'force accelerating a particle'. The change in ellipsoidal shape of the In-waves is the cause of Einstein's Metrics and the Riemannian geometry of General Relativity.

With this new understanding let us then briefly summarize the problems of Einstein's Relativity, as their solutions become obvious once we understand the Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter.
i) Einstein's Relativity is a Theory of a posteriori Effects not a priori Causes, and is founded on Many things (Matter) rather than One thing (Space).

Einstein did not know how matter existed in Space and his electromagnetic field theory of matter is Inductive (empirical / a posteriori) and describes effects (of relative motion).

The theory of relativity leads to the same law of motion without requiring any special hypothesis whatsoever as to the structure and behavior of the electron. (Einstein, 1954)

His theory is empirically (a posteriori) founded from observation of how matter 'pushes' other matter around (thus his 'representation' of matter as spherical force fields).

As Ernst Mach insistently pointed out, the Newtonian theory is unsatisfactory in the following respect: if one considers motion from the purely descriptive, not from the causal, point of view, it only exists as relative motion of things with respect to one another.
It compelled Newton to invent a physical space in relation to which acceleration was supposed to exist. This introduction ad hoc of the concept of absolute space, while logically unacceptionable, nevertheless seems unsatisfactory.

Considered logically, concepts are free creations of the human intelligence, tools of thought, which are to serve the purpose of bringing experiences into relation with each other, so that in this way they can be better surveyed. The attempt to become conscious of the empirical sources of these fundamental concepts should show to what extent we are actually bound to these concepts. In this way we become aware of our freedom to create new concepts.

Descartes argued somewhat on these lines: space is identical with extension, but extension is connected with bodies; thus there is no space without bodies and hence no empty space.

continued.... ... tivity.htm
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Back in 2002 I worked in contemporary art gallery
And there was an exhibition which had quite an impact on my psyche
An artist named Bill Albertini had a show interpreting SOLARIS.
There was one particular element that gripped me, tranced me out
Every morning I set up.

He had laptops and one of the images was the surface of the
SOLARIS ocean, as far as I can remember it had an
. The perspective was looking down
Upon it.

The strange effect it had on me was I had a RECURRING dream
During the show, where I could see myself FLOATING UPON,
I’ve never attempted to interpret those dreams but the mention
Of it here in the forum brought the memory of that dream back
Not necessarily decode it
But I think to

There are obvious correlations with the
Laptop Screen~Solaris Ocean~Surface Of Hypersphere

The LAPTOP SCREEN being the MIRROR jus as Neo passes
Thru the mirror into REALITY, and for all of us the CYBER
(screen) being the PORTAL into revealing the REAL WORLD
As it is all around us but impossible to see CLEARLY
Cos of the CULTURAL MATRIX our minds were born

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So we are all NEO=ONE,
As NEO plays out his
so are we all playing Out the same probing of our own
Within this forum and like NEO we will finally let go
And jus BE WHO WE BE.

But we’re all..~ ONE ~..oh sorry I mean NEO :)
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And we have been, for an EON.....(neo?) :wink:

AT the quantum level, the surface of the ethereal hologram while flat when seen from a distant perspective, is a wave field when perceived up close and very personal.

The wonderful wave world.....www :idea:
The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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" I say there is nothing which
does not arise out of the fundamental nature of Sphere. Sphere is
built of Sphere or contains Sphere depending on your perspective."

>>>>>>> so could you say that besides the X, Y and Z axis lines, there's another which actually goes inward? infinite regress...
edit; sorry, i was referring to the comment about the point.

One of his major contributions is to highlight the way different parts
of the classic understanding actually have inbuilt vagueness which
allows the same thing to have multiple roles in theoretical ideas.

Another implication of his vaild criticisms is that this vagueness makes
it possible to have neverending arguments about physics --due to the
fact that different people are using the same terms in different ways.
You can go round and round in this forever. And they do!

>>>>>>> this is what i've been saying about the hermetic axiom "as above, so below". depending on the context (of discussion), this idea can be the perfect obfuscation.

"So we have to revisit the Greek foundations of modern thinking"

>>>>>>> some say the greeks basically corrupted the prior ancient wisdom. and there's this western fetish of labeling everything.

as far as expanding earth, L. Graham in his "deceptions and myths of the bible" related the ancient wisdom of how suns, planets and moons are simply stages. seems to tie together; each body going through all.
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Perhaps related to the ancient wisdom about divesting oneself of all worldly entrapments.....

As within, so without.... :idea:

It's all in what you do with it and not what others say it is.
The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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i agree with Mckenna. shrooms have taught me more about things than anything. i usually find verification or corroboration after the experiences. just wondering about the fixation on purity.

my first post in this thread sounded like i was parroting questions as addressed in the audio. but i just now finished listening. nice mix with Mckenna....

what does Lipton say about gmo foods which are forced on us? should i enter my zero point and reconfigure my dna?
or how's about them nano particles in chemtrails? guess what they're supposed to do?
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And the native americans thought that they were getting some nice warm blankets.....

If we need help in seeing our reality, increasing the internal perspective (shrooms etc.) is surely not the way to go. The internal perspective is what is limiting us. Going with more of the same (no matter how deep or intricate or spectacular) is going, going, gone.

Getting out of our heads gets us where we are going. To do so, we need a link and directions that lets us hit the target without being able to see it. That requires an external perspective and that only comes from those with whom we share. Once that sharing has created the caring that is required to "put up with" all of the incidentals that come with the territory, then all that we need to do is go with the flow.
The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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