Audio: THE QUANTUM MIRROR Part 1: Here Comes Everybody!

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The excursion started some time ago. The reduction of magnetic field intensity is accelerating (over the last few decades and is at 80% of full power) as the magnetic poles continue their "excursion" towards Indonesia, at which time, field strength will be at zero. It won't be too long before it starts to come back with the poles likely reforming near to present locations. The problem is one of vulnerability to CME's and solar wind during those years.
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How does our biology give rise
to the experience of consciousness?

7.00pm to 8.30pm, Thursday 2 September

In this talk Anil Seth will argue, using innovative combinations of theory
and experiment, that our brains are prediction machines inventing our
and correcting our mistakes by the microsecond.

Anil's new perspective on consciousness has shed light on the nature of
the self, free will, the intimate relationship between being alive and
being aware - and the possibility of conscious machines.

Copies of Anil's book, 'Being You', are available from amazon
and all good bookshops. ... -being-you

Here's His Ted Talk.

A bunch of magic tricks posing as science: ... us_reality

I watched it to see if there was any there, there. No there isn't.:)
Interesting to watch materialist science blunder around in the dark.
Gotta understand it -to properly debunk it.
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Turning the question around: "How does consciousness give rise to biology?"

In our life experience, intention gives rise to attention which provides retention. Now, that is a lot of tension! Since everything is one form of energy or another, potential gradients exist that can establish tensor fields. Since any such field is a product of and dependent upon the number of elements in its array (algebraically speaking) that can establish an order sufficient to induce manifestation. Order being the hallmark of evolution, such forms continue to develop in response to additional inputs and ambient conditions. Thus a tiny, ephemeral spark of sufficient complexity can give rise to and engender the demonstration of its presence, on every available platform.

We are what we become.

p.s. Best wishes to all for a better new year.
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