How the CIA Helped Create the First Mexican Cartel

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How the CIA Helped Create the First Mexican Cartel: On Amazon's "The Last Narc"

Berrellez found three witnesses to the torture and murder of Kiki Camarena: Jorge Godoy, Ramón Lira, and Rene Lopez, all former law enforcement officials who also worked as bodyguards for the Guadalajara Cartel, which was responsible for Camarena’s kidnapping. All three claimed to have seen notorious CIA agent and George H.W. Bush confidante, Felix Rodriguez, interrogating Camarena before he died. The men claim that Rodriguez was asking Camarena, a DEA agent, what he knew about the CIA’s relationship with the drug trade and corrupt Mexican officials.

Berrellez and others came to the conclusion that Rodriguez's involvement in the interrogation was to protect the CIA: to hide from the DEA their involvement in the drug trade and their illicit support of the Contras—the U.S-backed rebel groups in Nicaragua at the heart of the Iran-Contra affair, in which top government officials sold arms to Iran to fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

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A drugged populace is a docile populace.
Drugs are a vital part of the usury banking satanists' NWO.
Before the 1960s recreational drugs were confined to a small part of society, usually looked down on and ridiculed. The viet nam war was waged for many reasons, two of which were to 'foreclose' the over-indebted french planters and remortgage their lands to new debtors, and also to move the narco industry from SE Asia to south and central america, the better to serve the planned-to-be gold mine bonanza market of the USA. The banker controlled media complied by conceiving and promoting the new drug culture , Beatles' drug music, etc., which made the drugs OK for the middle class for the first time.
The rest is a history of zillion$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in profits! When there are profits like that naturally there is a lot of fighting for control.
BTW, the CIA is owned by the Bank of England/NY Federal Reserve Bank. The CIA is the 'child' of British Intel - which was itself started by the Bank of England around 1700 for the purpose of fomenting caca everywhere that would 'justify' the British government borrowing zillions from the Bank. Same story today with CIA. With criminals nothing changes!
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What a fascinating post Southpark. Rodriguez is one of the most interesting cold warriors to date that is still breathing and I have deep suspicions of his possible involvement in what would be one of his biggest and earliest operations: the murder of JFK. I have absolutely no proof of this but I’ll be damned if he knows absolutely no relevant details at the very least about the attack. Here’s a great article written by veteran researcher Larry Hancock on some pertinent details on some of Felix’s earliest operational days: ... es-update/

I might add that Cold War scholar Doug Valentine also goes into great detail on how the CIA infiltrated and imploded the DEA with Operation Twofold. The article posted, plus Valentine’s details clearly provide a foundation for understanding Rodriguez’s actions as an agency asset at the very least.
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