Helicopters doin' the shootin' in Vegas

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[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFwQ949 ... e=youtu.be[/youtube]

It seems that in the FBI and LVMPD's rush to judgement, they neglected to interview a number of witnesses.

Why no shell casing found littering the ground where the 2 helicopters were seen near M-Bay " ....Answer: They could easily use "shell catchers" they are small bags that look kinda like a tiny mesh laundry bag that is made specifically to attach to semi-auto and full auto machine guns to 'catch' the hot brass as they fly out of the ejection port. There are even larger hard plastic shell catcher boxes that can attach to larger belt-fed machine guns!
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CIA military-intel kills again?
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Well I think he says it was the Saudis.
But that's another day's work.

Big question is - was it a chopper??

btw/ I dug out the history behind the
#IAMJOHNCULLEN hashtag which our
dude uses in his videos. Makes sense:
John Cornelius “Jack” Cullen was born and raised in Bayside, Long Island. At age 21, he enlisted in the Coast Guard shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. After basic training, he was assigned to the Coast Guard station at Amagansett, Long Island. In June 1942, Cullen had an encounter that changed his life and altered the course of the war at home.

At midnight, on Saturday, June 13, Cullen started out from the station on his beach patrol alone and armed with only a flashlight and a flare gun. His easterly walk would normally take him three miles toward the uninhabited tip of Long Island. Twenty minutes into his walk, barely 300 yards from the station, Cullen came upon a man clad in civilian clothes standing on the beach in the fog. As he approached the stranger, Cullen noticed others in bathing suits standing knee deep in the surf.

They were four German infiltrator saboteurs who had just finished unloading weapons and explosives a raft on the beach. Cullen, 21, was unarmed. One of them bribed him, shoving a wad of cash into Cullen’s hand, saying in clear English, “Take this and have a good time. Forget what you’ve seen here.” When Cullen returned to the beach at daylight with several Coast Guard officers, they found footprints that led to the cache.
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