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Christchurch Mosque Massacre EXPOSED, Vinny Eastwood, The Big Puzzle With Barry Prince

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaYOUkT ... e=youtu.be[/youtube]

The video is about an hour long, and the NZ guys point out some obvious, and some not so obvious 'anomalies' surrounding the attack. Here are some highlights from the video (the meat starts around 9:50). I wonder whether youtube will remove the video or not?
- Immediately after the arrest the government already had hundreds of pages of new anti gun laws prepared to pass… How did they do that? In politics such things take a long time to accomplish… 600 pages in 3 minutes … you gotta be freakin’ kidding me…
- The event receives an abnormal amount of press coverage.
- This is a global mind control operation.
- Podesta was there days before the attack and warned them to be prepared for a cyber security attack. Allegedly the terrorist streaming video could not be censored in real time, because there was a backdoor hacked into Facebook to make sure that the automatic flagging algorithms should not be able to block his streaming. If the guy talking about the mass killing could be censored in real time, how could the mass killing itself not get censored in real time?
- Bombs did not detonate; the terrorist had 2 cans of petrol but he did not burn down the place…
- The manifesto is a “copy-paste” of the unabomber’s (MK Ultra - CIA mind control program victim; a Manchurian candidate) manifesto, which indicates a high probability that we are looking at an intelligence operation.
- Nobody is talking about the 2nd and 3rd shooters at the second mosque, because legally speaking a conspiracy is between more than one person. They have to eliminate anybody else from the story of a lone gunman, to eliminate the possibility of a conspiracy.
- Etc, etc.
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The video Fintan posted of the two shooters was taken by Cody Jeffery Butler. Hes from Canterbury NZ.

How Sotiri Dimpinoudis whos from Belgium got hold of the video, and stuck it on his twitter feed is anyone's guess.

I cant find the original source of the video and this Cody butler does not have a twitter or facebook account as far as i can see.

It might be the case that this Cody butler shared the video and recorded on his own phone which you can see in the twitter vid. Its possible that he just shared the vid from somewhere else. Its strange as fuck.
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Here we go. :|

https://abcnews.go.com/ABCNews/zealand- ... d=61742270
The 22-year-old, who has not been named by police, will be charged under the Films Videos and Publications Classification Act. He is expected to appear in court Monday.

https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/ ... 7694025728
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Police reveal how they caught the alleged gunman

18 Mar, 2019 2:20pm By: Anna Leask

Anna Leask is senior police reporter for the New Zealand Herald.
anna.leask@nzherald.co.nz @AnnaLeask

The police officers who dragged an alleged gunman from a car following
a shooting at two Christchurch mosques came straight from a training session on how to
deal with armed offenders.

The Herald has exclusive details about how the officers, after hearing
there was an active shooter on the loose in the city, took to the streets
to find him - and stop him.

The officers, who the Herald has agreed not to name, are both based in
smaller towns out of Christchurch.

Their boss rural response manager Senior Sergeant Pete Stills said the
pair had travelled into Christchurch to attend a training session at
Princess Margaret Hospital in Cashmere.

The training was held on a disused floor of the hospital and was around
room clearance and dealing with offenders in armed incidents.

"They were actually training when the call came through that there was
an active armed offender in Christchurch," Stills told the Herald.

"They had their work vehicles there with them with firearms in them.

"They operationalised themselves and got into one car, they decided to
skirt the city, they thought that's what the offender would do - rather
than drive through the CBD.

"They were driving on Brougham Street because they thought if he'd just
been to Linwood [the second mosque attacked] that's a route he might

"They decided to bring it to an end as quickly as possible and they decided to immobilise the car by ramming it," Stills said.

They rammed the gunman's car on the driver's side and footage supplied to the Herald shows the officers dragging him out of the passenger side.

Stills said one officer saw "high risk" items in the back of the car and ran back round to the police car to radio the information in and warn other police.....

Bush said the alleged gunman did not give himself up and was "non compliant".

Stills said his officers remained composed throughout.

"I was surprised how calm and collected they were," he said.

"They wouldn't have been scared, we practice for this stuff - to be honest, it was lucky two officers with that amount of service and experience were there.

"One of the officers phoned me straight after to advise me that they'd damaged a car."

Stills said it was the second car from his patch damaged in a week and he'd previously told staff not to wreck any others as they were already short.

He wasn't worried though when he heard what his staff had accomplished.

He commended them for their work and hoped that one day they could tell their stories in their own words.

"It was a good catch," he said.

"You could police for 100 years and not get an apprehension anywhere near that good.

"They did a good job."

At this stage the officers are not able to comment on the shooting or apprehending the suspect as the investigation is ongoing.

Footage of the arrest has been widely shared on social media and the officers have been hailed as heroes by many including Police Commissioner Bush.

He said without their brave actions, it was likely more people would have been killed.

Stills has spoken to both officers at length about their actions.

The men said they were not - and did not want to be described as - heroes.

"They were just doing their jobs, what they are trained to do," Stills said.

Both are taking some time off and one has travelled overseas on a planned holiday.

https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/arti ... d=12213551
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Most probably my last contribution to this thread. Public discussion of politics unrelated to science is not my piece of cake, and my postings on this thread are only exceptions, because the unusual nature of the story got me sidetracked. Before returning to finish the thread about a scientific paradox let me highlight a few noteworthy points.

We are still in the information gathering phase when not much is known with 100% accuracy, and there are a lot of suspicions and allegations without proof. About a year later the hidden parts of this case with proofs will be most probably exposed, and an accurate final conclusion can be drawn. For now only what can be concluded from the available information so far with high probability:

- The Christchurch Mosque shootings are not the result of a loner, extremist madman, despite the efforts of the authorities to display it as such, and despite their intent to suppress the fact that a conspiracy may hide behind it. It was too well planned, too well executed, too well funded, overly ideologized, and blown out of proportion by the mass media. There are also facts that indicate the presence of more shooters filmed, and then we didn’t speak about the intelligence personnel who planned it in the background. I am sure that it was not planned by Tarrant alone; according to his own description of his lack of interest in school and studies, he was not smart enough for this.

- The globalist’s doctrine "never let a good crisis go to waste" served as the basis for this psyop. The primary aim was apparently to give a pretext for introducing new gun laws in NZ (and if possible in other countries as well), and if possible ban any legal gun ownership, or restrict it. Why in New Zealand? Because that is the safe heaven where the plutocrats plan to flee from the US and other western countries when the SHTF, especially the Clintons, who might escape there even before that. They would not feel safe if the serfs would have guns to attack them. In US there is no noteworthy islamization crisis; in Europe on the other hand gun laws are already strict enough in most countries, except perhaps Switzerland. So the best place was NZ especially since the appropriate name of Christ Church, to fan the conflict between Islam and Christianity.

- The secondary aim was to serve as a pretext for further control of the internet and free speech, and generally reduce the rights of the global population, strengthen the grip of government control. This is tightly connected to their need to suppress the rightful rebellion of the European local population against the Islamization of Europe, and forced illegal immigration. They want to introduce laws that would forbid the critique of Muslims, their religion, or illegal immigration, just like they did with the issue of anti-Semitism. For this they need the problem-reaction-solution doctrine, and a false flag Christian terrorist act, where the Muslims are the victims.

- They have already combined two main important globalist objectives in the operation, but if possible why not add some more; now that they are at it (remember, no opportunity should go to waste)? This is where they have messed it all up, due to greed, and added all kinds of weird features that naturally shouldn’t be there. This is where they have exposed the terrorist attack as an awkwardly over-politicized propaganda operation.

They wanted to evoke hate in the global population towards their enemies and targets by associating them with the horrendous act of mass killing. In their minds all these countries and people involved are guilty by association (or so they want you to believe). They desperately want to establish Kosovo as an independent (Muslim) country in Europe to function as a subservient US military base at a very strategic point, especially considering that Serbia is a natural ally of Russia. The US, NATO, and EU had no problems with gobbling up most of Europe already, except for Serbia, which became a thorn in their eyes.

The problem is that if the economic crisis hits the US (and probably EU) then they will have to withdraw most of their offshore troops, including from Kosovo. When that happens, Russia can step in, in a similar manner as they did in Syria, and support the Serbs to take back Kosovo, which would mean that the US and allies would lose their military base there, and also an important drug smuggling route (more income loss to the plutocrats). This is why the scapegoating and demonizing of Serbs and Karadzic (who’s sentence is on 20th march) has taken such a prominent place as to place the Serbian Chetnik anti-muslim song at the very beginning of the attack as an initiator of violence.

If the attack would have happened on the Balkans, or if Tarrant would have any Serbs among his ancestry, the Serbian song would make complete sense and nobody would care. But according to his manifesto Tarrant was of English, Irish, and Scottish origin and does not have any Serbian blood at all. I highly suspect that he does not speak Serbian either, so the lyrics make not much sense to him either. The song was chosen by the psyop designers with a very specific purpose in mind, and not by Tarrant.

Another weird feature is the inclusion of Tarrant’s visit to North Korea. Why would a Muslim-hater terrorist be interested in visiting a closed, isolated, ‘recluse’ communistic country lead by an alleged dictator? What is there to see? Completely out of place, it makes no sense at all if this would be a grassroots loner terrorist attack. But, it makes complete sense if the purpose of the visit was to demonise North Korea by the assumed guilt of involuntary association with the massacre. Similar issues are his visits in Muslim countries of Pakistan and Turkie. Why would a Muslim-hater visit Muslim countries and even praise their people on the internet, as he did? Total lack of commonsense. It makes sense only in the light of the designed psychological effect on the observers.

- The official narrative is that he travelled extensively, especially on the Balkans following the Ottoman Turkish conquest of Europe in order to study the Muslim invasion. Baloney… If he would be a scholar with keen interest in history, I would accept this argument, but we have already addressed the issue of his disinterest in studies and lack of education. A person like that would surely not be naturally interested to learn history, especially not if that would require lots of travelling, effort and money. If he hates Muslims, then he certainly does not need any knowledge of history to kill people. The success and efficiency of massacre will not improve by learning some history. The travelling route and the narrative about his radicalization in France and on the Balkans is a totally politically concocted hotchpotch. It serves only the political aims of the globalists.

- His alleged motive for the revenge of the Swedish girl victim again makes no sense. If he would really wanted to dedicate the massacre to her, then he should have done it in one of the many mosques in Sweden. Why didn’t he do it there? It would have made much more sense and much more impact, than in New Zealand. He didn’t do that because there is no need for new gun laws in Sweden, they have been already pacified to such an extent, that their daughter can be raped by Muslim immigrants without consequence.

- If he would have been seriously fighting against the Islamization in Europe, then why not do his thing in Europe? But that would make too much sense, right? If he would have been really inspired by the Serbian Chetniks to kill Muslims, then why not do it in Bosnia, or even better on Kosovo? That would be too hot there right, and again would not fit the objectives of the globalists.

- Then there is the alleged connection to the North Korean Embassy attack in Spain, the multiple shooter report, and some more anomalies, and only few days passed since the attack. I am sure that more weird features will surface in the near future.

Basically that’s it for me, I am disgusted, and lost interest in this subject. Will take another look at it a year later and see what new facts will be discovered. But now it is time for me to return to more productive activities.

Finally one more relevant link:

Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attacks

https://disobedientmedia.com/2019/03/ev ... h-attacks/
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Z_Losonc wrote: But now it is time for me to return to more productive activities.
Oh how will we all manage without you please hurry back. :lol:
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Mass Censorship, Mystery Shooters, And The Globetrotting Lone Gunman

Tarrant's video in particular has been "classified by the Chief Censor's Office as objectionable," under a 1993 New Zealand law, meaning Kiwis face prison time and a $10,000 fine for 'downloading a copy of it' or 'distributing' it. The government has been leaning heavily on ISPs to block websites until they have removed it while, globally, several million iterations (including just links to it) have been removed by all media outlets and all social media platforms - and not just by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter; it's also gone from BitChute and similar lesser-known video-hosting platforms. New Zealand Police have also been demanding personal data on users who even discuss Tarrant's 'manifesto' or video.

Though ostensibly done out of consideration for the victims of the attacks and their families, to 'protect children and the vulnerable from seeing these images', and to not 'give the attacker the attention he wants', no such 'clean sweeps' have previously been conducted following the many gruesome mass shootings and bombings in terror attacks around the world, particularly those in non-Western countries. All these years 'ISIS' and affiliated terrorists have enjoyed full use of Western social media platforms to share footage of their crimes - footage which is then typically shown by corporate media outlets, complete with running commentary (just search 'Charlie Hebdo massacre' or 'ISIS beheadings' on YouTube) - but now suddenly it's imperative that all "objectionable materials" relating to this event be excised from global consciousness. Why would that be the case?

Though he has since said just one IED (improvised explosive device) was found in just one car, recall that Commissioner Bush specifically "confirmed", at his his first press conference 3 hours after the Linwood attack ended, that "several IEDs attached to cars have been made safe now." You don't say, much less confirm, 'several' anything, unless you have in mind at least two, and more likely three or higher, vehicles with bombs in them. Emphasizing his point, he subsequently commented: "This speaks to the seriousness of what occurred."

A Guardian stringer cited police sources as saying they were searching for three people in this area, while a local man said "a white van" was "at the center of police focus." One eyewitness to Tarrant's arrest on Brougham Street reported that a second man was in Tarrant's silver Subaru, and that this man escaped from police at the scene:

Statements given to newsroom.co.nz, March 15th 2019

On the day of the attacks, it was reported that - in addition to a bomb having been defused in Tarrant's Subaru - a second bomb had been defused in a white vehicle on Strickland Street. This incident was later conflated with Tarrant's arrest, apparently because of this location's proximity to Brougham Street. However, we know from this local media report that there was indeed at least one other separate incident in this immediate area, south of the city center, that afternoon: a different man was arrested here after being stopped driving a 'white sedan'. A modified long gun, apparently a shotgun fitted with a silencer, was found in his possession.

Active Shooter Drill

The training session was "on how to deal with armed offenders," or active shooter situations, and was being held in a facility at the nearby Princess Margaret Hospital. This meant police officers did not have to first meet up at their stations and arm themselves, which enabled tactical response units - some in plain clothes - to respond in unusually fast time to the reports of shots fired at multiple locations. New Zealand Police Association President Chris Cahill was proud of his colleagues, saying: "Any police force in the world - to get to the scene in six minutes, a specialist team there in 10 - that would be a success." On the simultaneous active shooter training for Christchurch officers, Cahill said it was a "hell of a coincidence." Indeed.

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Southpark Fan wrote:or 'ISIS beheadings' on YouTube) - but now suddenly it's imperative that all "objectionable materials" relating to this event be excised from global consciousness. Why would that be the case?
You wont find ISIS beheading videos on youtube, its all clickbait. Anything of that nature gets flagged, and taken down as its not a gore site.

I don't know what the conspiracy angle is with those arguing that the video is being taken down so we wont see some truth as its a bit late for that. I get these platforms are pressured, and compelled to take them down as they don't want to be seen as not being sympathetic to the victims. They have a policy against that kind of stuff normally so its nothing nefarious.

If fintan was told he had to take the video of it here down or he faced a fine or lose the site he would take the video down 100%.
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The 'beheading' videos were CIA propaganda fairy tales (i.e. never happened). They were permitted to be shown to the tax-slavers because they incited more Islam-hate, 'justifying' robbing tax-slavers of more trillion$$ for the purpose of robbing and killing hundreds nof thousands of innocent people in far off lands..

The NZ video may or may not be the real thing and is therefore not permitted.
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The whole video is allegedly created by a GoPro helmet camera. This has the effect of creatingvideo footage EXACTLY like a first person shooter video game.

Here is my problem with what is presented to me as evidence/facts to the events in NZ:

Then we have the hero Muslim at the second mosque. He happened to have a gun of his own in the original version. He opened fire and chased the attackers off. Oh yes I said “attackers”, plural. Because you see in the original version of this event THERE WERE FOUR SHOOTERS. A team of two shooters at each mosque for a total of four. This could explain why in the video footage when Tarrant goes into the mosque people are already slumped in the corners—the other shooter had already shot them. That was quite a big mistake but it has all been sent down the memory hole now.

This reality has been brushed aside.
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MichaelC wrote:The 'beheading' videos were CIA propaganda fairy tales (i.e. never happened). They were permitted to be shown to the tax-slavers because they incited more Islam-hate, 'justifying' robbing tax-slavers of more trillion$$ for the purpose of robbing and killing hundreds nof thousands of innocent people in far off lands..

The NZ video may or may not be the real thing and is therefore not permitted.
Do you know how many videos there are out there that show real beheadings?. You must be blind not to see they are real. There was a hoax beheading video filmed by Benjamin Vanderford, Robert Martin, and Laurie Kirchner in 2004, but there was a reason behind that.

It's besides the point anyways, and a strawman on your part for even if they were fake YouTube wouldn't show them, and that's the point of South parks claim they show beheading videos but not Christchurch, and create a conspiracy behind it. To claim they won't show the Christchurch video because it proves its fake is laughable. It's like the people who say where are the bodies where is the blood, and when you get the bodies and blood it's STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

You sound like an apologist for Islam, and West is the evil?. I suppose you think Isis was not real either?, and a figment of our imaginations?. I used to go along with that kind of thinking, and we are the cause for it all. It's not Islam extremists that are the problem but Islam. It's not capitible with Western morals, and values, and never will be.
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The shooting victims are real; this video has added elements to it and is a work of fiction.
My first viewing I thought this was real time event recorded in real time..

But not now.
Update March 28 2019: The shotgun casings ejected when dude starts his way up to the front door are fake as well. They disappear into nothing. It is obvious the spent casings are layered into the video; but so poorly it begs the question why?
When he walks out and down the drive to the sidewalk; at 8:57 he starts firing down the sidewalk to his right, unloads quite a few bullets. Then spins 180 and fires quite a few bullets down the sidewalk to the left. Watch the spent shell casing disappear into thin air. None are on the ground. No tink, tink, tink either. Reason for clamping down on sharing this video; obvious errors were made during its production. It's obvious how these scumbags don't really care about the finer points they just say we are a go; action and work with what we got. It's a sad commentary on how gullible peeps are.

(1) When shot, people don’t just fall like inert sacks
(2) Shell Casings vanish into thin air
(3) Bullets hit victims leaving no marks
(4) Bullets fired at car windshield leave no marks

Now I think this video is a fraud. Shot with blue screen tech and a floor wall room car mock up.

Also, The Aramoana massacre was a spree shooting that occurred on 13 November 1990 in the small seaside township of Aramoana, northeast of Dunedin, New Zealand.

After the shootings, sweeping changes were made to New Zealand's firearms legislation in 1992, including 10 year photographic licences and tight restrictions on military style semi-automatic firearms.

I am not sure what they are banning this go around?

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"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." - Buddha
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