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I'm not really sure what thread to post this on so I'll stick it here.

A suggestion:
Would it not be a good idea to include a link to a thread on this forum for people to comment on the (brilliant) Rumble videos that you're producing these days, Fintan?

I see good comments on Rumble and YouTube from people whose names I don't recognise from here.
Would it not be a good idea to make it as easy as possible for them to join this community and contribute more of their thoughts?
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The Booking Of Enoch
by Stephen J Delaney
Tuesday, 06-Sep-2022 18:13:13


Google Links: ... noch+burke

Ge'ez Louise, Just like that a man can be put behind bars indefinitely for refusing to allow a child in his classroom to control his speech. Guilty of Blasphemy against the Church of Woke, Enoch must now spend time rubbing shoulders with murderers, rapists and thieves. Now Im certain Enoch Burke knows what he is doing. I am certain he has the long game in mind here.

I do not think he could have gained the attention on this case the way he did if he accepted the injunction and simply appealed it. This has to go all the way.

The Burke family themselves are a renowned academic and religious family from Mayo. They have all been homeschooled by their mother and gone on to become some of the most academically successful families this country has ever seen. Why are they not celebrated, adored and emulated?

They resist big government and therefore they are enemies of the state. They are also devoted to their Christian faith. Modern day Ireland with its empty and shallow immoral brand of mainstream, atheism has created a culture of extreme hypocrisy and bigotry.

This purging of society, which began right around the time Trump got elected, has shifted through the gears over the last 6 years. The speed at which this anti-crusade travels at is both astounding and underwhelming at the same time. Society is not accepting this bullshit. We are now all collectively starting to lock horns with the deep state narratives of the countries in which we dwell. We have a deep understanding of the system and its web of traitors.

An important part of this web is the judiciary. Without the judges running suppressive fire for the globalist traitors embedded in our institutions none of this would be possible. Enoch had an injunction against him granted by a court with no evidence of wrongdoing and no sanction against him. The school simply asked for an injunction and got it granted without question on an ex party basis.

This is a court order granted without any wrongdoing or even a claim of any wrongdoing. This is repugnant to the very essence of Law and Order and also the liberty promised in our constitution. It goes without saying, whatever excuse of a Judge granted this injunction must be a vile creature indeed. So who did think that it was acceptable to do this? to bring forward and allow the Tort of Abuse of Process to pass by unscrutinised?

This started earlier in the year when the "parents" of a child who is "transitioning" made a request to the school for their child to be referred to as a "they" instead of a he/she and also for the school to use a different name. If I asked my teachers to use my nickname in school they would have rightly refused. Now, a legal name, that may be different but you will notice from the rag articles about this that no reference to legal name is made. Yet on the back of all this hot air without legal precedent, The school represented in court by Rosemary Mallon Bl instructed by Mason Hayes and Curran solicitors, sought the injunction because it fears the teacher's refusal to abide by the terms of its decision may be very disruptive. Rosemary Mallon is a disgrace and so are Mason Hayes and Curran Solicitors for bringing the entire legal system into disrepute and intentionally causing controversy. It is well known that there is Blasphemy laws being drafted up by tyrannical control freaks and this pack of legal hyenas are trying to stay within range of this lucrative opportunity. A quick look into Mason Hayes and Curran shows the establishment was likely involved. Tusla regularly employ the services of a one Sonya Bruen, partner of the firm.

Tusla's involvement in this case needs to be questioned. I called Sonya on her number, available on the firms website, to obtain further information on this massive conflict of interest. A pertinent fact that is not available anywhere else in any media publication. It was confirmed by Sonya that she has in fact represented them and the HSE in the past. Sonya did not confirm who was the driving force behind the injunction, The school, the church or the state. The school is a private, Christian, boarding school so the involvement of a solicitor that specialises in victories against parents and guardians for the state is completely off centre. This to me is cause for concern that the state, the ministers involved in pushing the TQP agenda in schools and the board of said schools are all working in lockstep before any legislation is even in place. Astoundingly using, pre-emptively, the solicitor firm that the state will be using in such matters? what are the odds? why would they do this in advance of the legislation though? what is causing the premature litigation?

There is some more information that I have found on Wilsons Hospital Schools Website. The school is looking to fill the vacancy of principle would you believe!? Niamh McShane, the woman responsible for the injunction in the first place, is no longer in employment at the school. She is now employed at the Bandon School of Grammar. A woman responsible for insisting on incorrect grammar, is now the principle of a grammar school. She seemingly used her departure as a free shot at Enoch Burke. Enoch, a high achiever with an awkward, Asperger like infatuation with academic achievement hardly had his eye on that role did he? Did he apply for it? If not, was there a jealous click among members of staff? perhaps of a certain political persuasion who did not want Enoch to become Principle? Was the student in question put up to it? Did Niamh McShane fold under the pressure of her childish infatuation with wokeness and high tale it out of there? She is guilty as sin in my books either way but if she is not there then who is upholding this injunction? This injunction is now moot in my opinion. The interested party is no longer an employee at the school. I put it to you the people that this is in the hands of the solicitors entirely. 5 minutes after I took a screenshot of the job listing the Wilson Hospital school website went offline stating that the bandwidth had been reached. Very suspicious as this was only 1 hour after I called their solicitors for comment. Are they concealing their tracks?

To be clear, This injunction request is the powder keg the establishment needed to bring the topic forward so they can show you what happens to those who refuse to conform to their agenda. The injunction itself landed on the desk of a high court Judge still unidentified and, in my opinion, protected by the media. Mr Justice Michael Quinn was the judge tasked with issuing the warrant for Enoch's arrest as he sat in the classroom he rightfully should expect to be teaching in. Mr Justice Quinn intentionally brought the court into disrepute by allowing such a request, in complete breach of abuse of process, to pass him by without scrutiny.

Left to right: Niamh McShane, Sonya Bruen, Ian O'Herlihy, Rosemary Mallon, Michael Quin.

We have multiple guilty parties here, all guilty of religious bigotry, conspiracy, and also of Abuse of Process. It is painfully obvious that the result or outcome of the process is not important to these people but simply the process itself. They want Enoch to be persecuted and they want you to witness it and stay silent. Enoch is going to win this case. He will be reinstated in his job but only after the new principle takes their seat. The School itself is Run by the Church of Ireland, Enoch's own denomination. They are Betrayers of the highest order. If the Burke family read this or even other Protestants, Presbyterian, Catholic faithful I want you to know that this is a war on your religious freedoms. I want you to know that you are not alone and that many of us, gone from the Church, have retained our sense of Nationhood and morality that would not exist without the Christian values passed down through the ages. The institutions of the Churches of Ireland have been infiltrated. Even the dog on the street knows it. Don't close yourselves off to us or each other. open up the dialogue now that is needed to form massive, religious and cultural push back.

The best way to support your child, and Enoch, is to take on the schools directly. Get visible and be counted. Just as Enoch had an injunction taken against him we too can take injunctions against staff and the board of management of these schools. We can remove our children from these RSE programs, We can demand that such speech is not used in-front of our children. I have written a letter to my own daughters school to demand such action from them. You can take from this letter what you will but I call on you all to get active on this. Simply responding with an angry emoji or sheltering away from conflict is no longer acceptable. If you hold the same views as Enoch or myself or any of the rest of the silent majority you need to speak now. There will be no "blowing over" with this. This is the religious and sexual persecution of children and those who protect them. I see thousands of people sharing telegram posts but no action. It is the same 200 or so activists in Ireland every time fighting for you and your children. Their labels have held you, as Enoch said yesterday in court, as a prisoner of your own conscience. No more. get out there and release the hounds of hell on these schools. We are already winning we need to bring this home. We need a huge push on this from everybody. Even if it is a round of letters to your schools to protect your kids and threaten legal action against these sick teachers and principles. We must not make idle threats either, we must follow through when they call our hand. Drag them through the courts like they are doing to Enoch. I fully intend to seek injunctions, prosecutions and remedy from the courts if my daughters school pulls this with my child and any parent that wouldn't do it for theirs is waste of oxygen. Im sick to the back teeth of hearing the excuses about protecting your job and your mortgage. You are doing everything but. The first shots have been fired in the war on Irish children. Get out there and fight!

Here is my letter:

The Burke family are odd, sheltered, religious, old fashioned and cringy .... but they are not guilty. They are not wrong. Now that we see this war on tradition and religion escalate I will argue that the Burkes are a national treasure. Irish Christians holding firm those traditions that helped built this country in the first place. I will ask those of the Christian, Catholic and any other faiths who are fighting this great evil to join Enoch and family in their prayers. This is the Church of Ireland Litany but I ask you to choose a prayer or incantation or intention that bodes well by you the reader. God the Father, creator of heaven and earth, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us. God the Holy Spirit, giver of life, have mercy on us. Holy, blessed and glorious Trinity, three Persons in one God, have mercy on us.

Save us, good Lord, from all sin and wickedness, from pride, hypocrisy and conceit, from envy, hatred and malice, and all uncharitableness, save us, good Lord.

From sins of thought, word and deed, from the lusts of the flesh, from the deceits of the world and the snares of the devil, save us, good Lord.

From fire, storm and flood, from disease, pestilence and want, from war and murder, and from dying unprepared, save us, good Lord.

From all false doctrine, from hardness of heart, from contempt of your word and commandment, and from the evil of schism. save us, good Lord.

But for the elect there shall be light and joy and peace, and they shall inherit the earth - Chapter 2, 14: Book of Enoch
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