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more resonance ... 100416.php

Are planets setting the sun's pace?
HZDR researchers suggest a link between the solar cycle and the tidal effects of Venus, the Earth and Jupiter

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ImageThanks for that article duaneh !!

It led me on to other stuff too... more l8r
Kept me busy for a damn week! :lol:

What I also found really interesting was that the Sun spot cycle
magnetic field reversals were driven by effects which oscillate
back and forth between right- and left-handed.

That's a mirror image oscillation and consistent with the mirror plane
in the human body & mind - as I explored on

From your article:
The Sun's so-called alpha-omega dynamo is subject to a regular cycle.

Approximately every eleven years the polarity of the Sun's magnetic field
is reversed
, with solar activity peaking with the same frequency. This
manifests itself in an increase in sunspots - dark patches on the Sun's
surface which originate from strongly concentrated magnetic fields.

"Interestingly, every 11.07 years, the Sun and the planets Venus, the
Earth and Jupiter are aligned. We asked ourselves: Is it a coincidence that
the solar cycle corresponds with the cycle of the conjunction or the
opposition of the three planets?
" ponders Stefani. Although this
question is by no means new, up to now scientists could not identify a
plausible physical mechanism ....

A new recipe for the solar Dynamo

There is significant lack of clarity regarding the position and cause of the
Alpha effect, which uses the toroidal field to create a poloidal field - the
latter running along the Sun's lines of longitude.
According to a prevalent
theory, the alpha effect's place of origin is near the sunspots, on the Sun's

The Dresden researchers have chosen an alternative approach which links
the alpha effect to the right- or left-handedness of the Tayler
. In turn, the Tayler instability arises due to strongly developed
toroidal fields in the tachocline. "That way we can essentially also locate
the alpha effect in the tachocline," says Frank Stefani.

Now the HZDR scientists have discovered the Tayler instability also
oscillating back and forth between right- and left-handedness. What is
special about this is that the reversal happens with virtually no change
to the flow energy
. ... 100416.php

That led me on to look closer at the
curious way the Sun rotates:
The regions of the Sun near its equator rotate once every 25 days.
The Sun's rotation rate decreases with increasing latitude, so that its
rotation rate is slowest near its poles. At its poles the Sun rotates once
every 36 days!

The interior of the Sun does not spin the same way as does its surface.
Scientists believe that the inner regions of the Sun, including the Sun's
core and radiative zone, do rotate more like a solid body

The outer parts of the Sun, from the convective zone outward, rotate at
different rates that vary with latitude
. The boundary between the inner
parts of the Sun that spin together as a whole and the outer parts that
spin at different rates is called the "tachocline".

The behavior of the Sun's magnetic field is strongly influenced by the
combination of convective currents, which bring the charged plasma from
deep within the Sun to the Sun's surface, and the differential rotation of
the outer layers of the Sun. The complex, swirling motions that result
make a tangled mess of magnetic field lines at the Sun's surface. ... ation.html

As my further research uncovered, another key place we find a
tangle of solar magnetic fields is at the boundary of the so-called
Heliosphere: the outer edge of our Sun's supersonic solar wind.

And it was at the Heliosphere level that ~I hit paydirt!!
Led me to see we have a system incorporating the
Sun, Earth, Moon and Heliosphere. Thanks & more l8r

But here to conclude is a the scientific mainstream view.
Spot their blind spot in all it's casual glory: (bold below)

Conditions at the Sun's core (approximately the inner 25% of its radius)
are extreme. The temperature is 15.6 million Kelvin and the pressure is
250 billion atmospheres. At the center of the core the Sun's density is
more than 150 times that of water.

The Sun's power (about 386 billion billion mega Watts) is produced by
nuclear fusion reactions in the form of gamma rays. As it travels out
toward the surface, the energy is continuously absorbed and re-emitted
at lower and lower temperatures so that by the time it reaches the
surface, it is primarily visible light. For the last 20% of the way to the
surface the energy is carried more by convection than by radiation.

The surface of the Sun, called the photosphere, is at a temperature of
about 5800 K. Sunspots are "cool" regions, only 3800 K (they look dark
only by comparison with the surrounding regions).

A small region known as the chromosphere lies above the photosphere.

The highly rarefied region above the chromosphere, called the corona,
extends millions of kilometers into space but is visible only during a total
solar eclipse (left). Temperatures in the corona are over 1,000,000 K.

It just happens that the Moon and the Sun appear the same size in
the sky as viewed from the Earth.
And... sometimes the Moon comes
directly between the Earth and the Sun. This is called a solar eclipse.

Why Earth's Inner and Outer Cores Rotate in Opposite Directions
That article above states:

"It just happens that the Moon and the Sun appear
the same size in the sky as viewed from the Earth."

It just HAPPENS! dude.

I mean, inquiring minds could well wonder how such a very convenient
arrangement of Sun and Moon arose. Is it by sheer CHANCE that the
Sun and Moon are perfectly sized to produce perfect solar eclipses?!?

But... Don't bother your inquiring little heads dudes.

It just HAPPENS! You Must Believe!!

And repeat: Modern science is NOT a religion, ok? :lol:
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let's tie everything together (at least for a while)
and get your minds of the elections ... Daniel.pdf

The Colonization of Tiamat

what is the moon
expanding earth
and so much more
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duaneh wrote:let's tie everything together (at least for a while)
and get your minds of the elections ... Daniel.pdf

The Colonization of Tiamat

what is the moon
expanding earth
and so much more
Almost scoffed but I think there is gold here Duane. Looking forward to reading this tonight.
Fintan's good reactions to flat and hollow earth theories have lightened my misgivings.
Truth to "taking what you need and leaving the rest".
That's an okay thing to do...even when people say that and don't really mean it.
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Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan,
Last Man to Walk on the Moon,
Dies at 82

By Robert Z. Pearlman, Editor |
January 16, 2017 06:49pm ET

U.S. astronaut Gene Cernan, who as the commander of the final Apollo
lunar landing mission in 1972 became known as the "last man on the
," died on Monday (Jan. 16). He was 82.

NASA confirmed Cernan's death on its website and social media channels,
noting he was surrounded by his family at the time he died. The cause of
death was not stated, but he was known to have been ill in recent months.

"We are saddened by the loss of retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the
last man to walk on the moon," NASA wrote. "A captain in the U.S. Navy,
[he] left his mark on the history of exploration by flying three times in
space, twice to the moon." [In Pictures: Cernan Remembered]
The moon plays a key role in the solution to the quantum-entangled
nature of space.
With this new insight, I realize I've never understood
what was going on with the moon missions. Like us all, I figured it was
just local space exploration of the moon.

But of course I understood neither space, nor the moon :lol:

I suppose it's a sorta no-brainer in retrospect, but in the end I've now
realized that if you want to know the nature of space, then take a close
look at the people who have actually been thru space to walk on the moon.

All 12 of them:


12 around 1.
Like 12 spheres around 1 sphere in Fuller's Vector Equilibrium.
Like 12 space apostles - pilgrims of a new spiritual frontier.

From Armstrong's first footstep - to Cernan's departing last one,
all of them walk-on players in a symbolic and transcendent play:

Through them, humanity hatched out of this gravity-hole egg of gestation.

The full story on this I will be fleshing out right here in days ahead.

"I've said for a long time [and] I still believe it, it's going to be fifty or a
hundred years in the history of mankind before we look back and really
understand the meaning of Apollo," stated Cernan in 2007.

"It's almost as if JFK reached out into the 21st century where we
are today, grabbed hold of a decade of time, slipped it neatly into
the 60s and 70s and called it Apollo," he said.

In 2016, Cernan was presented the Neil Armstrong Outstanding
Achievement Award by the National Aviation Hall of Fame.
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That's fine if we can safely say we actually went to the moon to begin with.
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Final Moon Landing: Apollo 17 (1972) - Rare Moon Landing Video

at 22:30 could someone explain the "lift-off" from the lunar surface

I think everyone went along with the "story" because
1. careers and jobs
2. national pride (to offset Viet Nam)
3. belief that we would actually go there eventually
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Oh shit Duaneh now you gone, and done it.

Sorry Fintan didn't mean to highjack you're thread, but I find it odd a belief in the Moon landings a bit strange here. Not that I think that BFN is in anyway a conspiracy site only I've always imagined this place has having a healthy skeptical outlook.

Duane I don't think this is the place for a discussion on the moon landing, again sorry for any highjack of the thread.
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:lol: :lol: NP - sidetracks r cool.

For a start, sidetracks can sometimes become a new angle!

And also it's a legitimate issue - one I had to deal with myself.

My quantum analysis and supporting archetypal/social analysis
has simply unraveled my suspended judgement on the issue of
whether all the moon landings were real. It just fits too damn
well that 12 walked on the Moon. That's an archetypal structure
as old as Jesus and Crew, or the 12 hours, or 12 Zodiacal signs.
It's also the arrangement of Fuller's spatial Vector Equilibrium.

And one of the 12 - Neil Armstrong has an unknown archetypal
role which reveals him to have been an evolutionary trailblazer.
Have to wait for the videos for the inside dope on that one. :wink:

But we have a Moon Hoax topic here. One of a few, actually.
So that would be a good place for specific stuff on the topic.

BTW/ That topic also sidetracks off into Flat Earth and then I
sidetracked it into growing earth, then rotation in hula hoops!?!! :lol:

But y'know each sidetrack may have a baby in its bathwater.
It might even be the right baby in the wrong bathwater. Hmm.

As I said in that topic:

"you never know what is coming into the mix with any theory.
Theories can be full of sh*t and yet contain some golden nuggets
Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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a bit circular argument

3 Reasons Why We Are Living in a Simulation
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I'm running a few months behind schedule due to unexpected, seismic
political events in the US and across the EU... so it's good to now finally
get back to advance this breakthrough topic on the nature of reality.
:idea: In the interim, I got sideswiped by a bunch more insights which came to
be synchronistically dumped in my mental lap - complete with graphics!


I've decided to Nail this in: One video.

It's quite comprehensible in one walk-thru.
Further videos can explain and explore it.

So, I am building one audacious video showing how our
shared Human Reality is a QuantuMaginary Hologram.

This ain't gonna be Theory. This ain't gonna be abstract numbers and
mere guessed-at structures only proven by multi-dimensional maths.

I'm going to very specifically LOCATE the EXACT 3D place and shape
of the QuantuMaginary Holographic Surface which Generates Reality.

Then I'll follow up with videos laying out the landscape and the logic.
Such as solving the quantum entanglement puzzle where science is
still stuck. And figuring what happens when you die. And finding out
where "heaven" is - and what that means to you and I, eternally.

All of these fall into place from a new Copernican perspective.

We're About To Do A Modern Kepler - and Reinvent Reality.

And that's a good place to introduce to you
to our good bro and fellow traveler - "Jay Kay".

No mortal yet as climbed so high,
As Kepler climbed and died in need, unfed:
He only knew to please the Minds
And so, the bodies left him without bread
–Abraham Gotthelf Kaestner

Give it up for my man, Mr. Johannes Kepler.



It was Kepler who took the theories of Copernicus and figured out
how to tweak and apply these to the actual raw data gleaned from
astronomical observations of the planet's movements.

The religious and scientific culture of his time regarded the skies as the domain
of God. A perfect domain where planets spun about in perfectly circular orbits.

To suggest these circular spheres were bent out of shape into elipses
was to say that God was so inept that He couldn't make a proper circle!!

Nobody was going to declare that Divine Perfection was Flawed!!?

But Kepler Did:

Kepler's attitude in dealing with the scheme of the universe separates him from many of his predecessors because in his search for the harmonies of the heavens, "he was matching his geometry against measured quantities" [4, p.317]. He relied on the numbers to point the way for him rather than blindly follow any beliefs he may have had....

In 1600, Kepler went to assist observational astronomer Tycho Brahe in his new observatory at Prague..... Using Tycho's observations, Kepler... concluded that there was one force from the Sun that moved the planets around it, with the planets closer to the Sun moving faster than the ones farther out.

He [had accepted] that the central position of the Sun must be the key to understanding the causes of the planetary motions - evidence of Copernicus's influence on him.

However, after eight years, he could not fit his ideas to Tycho's data, and boldly decided to abandon not the heliocentric theory but circular orbits-something Copernicus was unable to do.

His decision was a testament to his faith in Tycho and his data, his faith in mathematics, his faith in himself, and his scientific integrity. He was willing to abandon his own belief in circular motion rather than question the observational data. He realized that Mars' orbit seemed to be non-circular, but the accuracy of the data depended on the precise form of the orbit -how much it deviated from an actual circle. Only after much floundering with various ovals did Kepler finally realize that planets travel in elliptical orbits with the Sun at one focus.


Finding the shape of the orbit was by no means an easy task. Kepler performed calculation upon calculation before finally arriving at the answer. He writes, "with extremely laborious demonstrations and by the handling of exceedingly many observations, I have discovered that the path of a Planet in the Heavens is not a circle, but an Oval route, perfectly Elliptical" [5, p.306]. This would become what is now his first law. "The law of ellipses represents a submission to facts far removed from a dream of perfection" [2, p.207].

Abandoning circular orbits must have been a difficult step for Kepler because having the planets travel non-circular orbits went against his notions of simplicity and perfection in the world, the circle being perfect and simpler than the ellipse. Kepler was not quite sure he understood the physical meaning of the ellipse either because although the Sun was at one focus, the other focus and the center were empty. ... epler.html
Kepler's battle against the celestial perfectionists is the same
battle as between the flat earth mob and the curved horizon crew.

The ellipse is simply the intersection of a cone and a plane at other
than right angles. A cone intersecting a plane at 90 degrees forms
a circle in the plane. At 60 degrees that intersection is an ellipse, but
from the cone's perspective it's still a circle! Perfectionists can't
handle that a circle is so easily corruptible at a weird higher order. :wink:

Euclid's geometry of parallel lines never meeting is another Perfection.
In truth whether parallel lines meet, varies with the curvature of space.
Similarly, all circles are but ellipses with both foci coincident on flat space.

If you want to get some hardcore on this, the must read is:

On the 375th Anniversary of Kepler’s Passing

In Kepler’s construction, the infinite appears, not as an unreachable, indefinite magnitude, but as a point of change—a transition between the elliptical and hyperbolic domains of action joined by a single conical function. Thus, from Kepler’s standpoint, the infinite is in the middle, not at the end, of a non-infinite, self-bounded manifold.

READ: ... ssing.html

Curved space and ellipses are the domain of Gangsta Scientists. :wink:

Kepler is from that noble lineage thru Mach, Schroedinger, Wolf
and the master of space, inventor of the VE: Buckminster Fuller.

A prolific inventor, Kepler also gave us a now-mistakenly neglected
analysis of the solar system's structure. It is back in these secrets which
Kepler explored that we shall find the roots of modern quantum puzzles.

So take heart if you find maths a pain in the ass. This is not maths.
This is Simple Shapes: pyramids, dice and starfish-faced trinkets.
Shapes of the primal harmony of Reality. A music of Creation.

Kilroy wasn't Here.
Kepler and Bucky Fuller WERE here -in this very landscape.
And BOTH found simple explanations to complex problems.
As Will You:
Kepler was a firm adherent of mathematical harmonies in the heavens [1, p.43], and while studying and teaching geometry in Graz, he was inspired to propose what was his first unified theory to explain the structure of the universe: a geometrical scheme for the relationships in the orbits of the planets that fit the measured radial distances of the Copernican system to within about 5%.

He saw that there were only five intervals between the six known planets and only five regular solid figures. Each of these solids can perfectly contain a sphere and be perfectly circumscribed by a sphere.


Thus, he proposed that the five regular solids could be fitted between the spheres of the six known planets and published his arrangement in his Mysterium Cosmographicum (Cosmographic Mysteries) in 1596.

The scheme was of a nested cube, tetrahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, and octahedron.

It reads:

The Earth's orbit is a measure of all things;


circumscribe around Earth a dodecahedron [12-sided] and the circle containing it will be Mars;

circumscribe around Mars a tetrahedron [4-sided], and the circle containing it will be Jupiter;

circumscribe around Jupiter a cube [6-sided], and the circle containing it will be Saturn.


Now inscribe within the Earth an icosahedron [20-sided], and the circle containing it will be Venus;

inscribe within Venus an octahedron (YELLOW) [8-sided], and the circle containing it will be Mercury.

You now have the reason for the number of the planets [1, p.43].

Image ... epler.html

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The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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