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24th December, 2015

The Sound Of Stillness :
Ancient Mysteries with Gary Evans

Question: What's better than sex or chocolate alone?

Answer: Blowing your mind with sound - while inside
a resonant chamber, deep within an Egyptian pyramid. ;-)

Explorer of ancient sites and paradigms, Gary Evans
shows how our hidden past can inform our awakening future.

Interview with Fintan Dunne on the Beautiful Truth Show
24th December, 2015

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Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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Great Xmas eve listening so far. About half way through. Figured I'd drop by with this link. ... editation/
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What's up with noises?

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Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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Note the controversy around Solfeggio!

As some may know, Pi appears to be the substrate of the English Alphabet. Modern English, among others, appears to be a double edged sword. One for convenience but the other as an aspect of the control matrix. Thou Shalt Think Like This....

Something major happened with the switch from Nature's Telepathy to Oral to Written traditions... I myself have always wondered at the lack of writing, apart from Ideoglyphs, on these ancient structures. Imaging a super detailed blueprint all in hieroglyphs!!? Something is amiss here.

Seems clear, sans details, that all the geometric expression we find in the ancient world was or Is (the real) Language. Same implosion/nested geometry with dna - and the Russians are now claiming it as the origin of language (due to the clear grammar based patterns).

I've seen others overlay the English letters on a Sine wave. Some of yous know about Stan Tenen's work and maybe Dan Winter. I think it comes to the same thing as a sine is a 2D glyph of a 3D torus. The dna helix is based on this (along with dodeca) so it seems all connected and all based on the same physics.

I've also seen an ancient manuscript of Oghams that used what appeared to be sine waves as the "carrier" for the staves or message!!

Time itself is a factor. Hence the Pi relationship, in the English row anyway, to the seasonal and or zodiacal pattern.

But it does appear, as indicated, Modern English may have a dubious origin as far as intent. Anyone on this trail might like to know that Frisian may have been involved in the morph to the modern form; which was designed for use in today's totally corrupt, bean counting (wink), materialist System, which is my point.

Much of this was constructed by ( a branch called Speculative) Freemasonry which is a major point to this post. So when you find amazing items via Gematria, know that it; snot some Divine artifact; no, it was painstakingly constructed to arrive at those associations! Recall we are speaking about Modern English here. And in this, note how many of the ancient languages were forbidden, upon pain of death even.

Moving on tho not up, I have found that the whole vowel phenomena is quite arbitrary. There's more than 5 or 6. From my experimentation, vowels are wholly associated with the breath and many have multiple sounds or even phonemes involved. Take the letter I and follow carefully.

I = ah...ehhh...eee. Three distinct sounds. This letter is thus majorly significant in the lore. And of course letters and numbers are interchangeable. I = 9 here in the English row. One could write chapters on the I and 9 alone.
Recall the Greek notaricon based moniker, IAO. That's Isis, Apophis and Osiris. This is simply yet another version of the Trinity, alchemical this time.

But note the progression of the sound's source and mouth cavity arrangement. I (eee) is more in the back and with lips pulled back. A is in the middle and with wide open cavity. O we've got an extension outwards with the lip's protrusion to form the last of the O, which sounds like a U. All of this has been mapped out by those Freemasons. Seems to be one of the more cool things they've done.

{Note is is part of Isis. What she is about is ISness, pure being. But note here I = 9. Yet haven't we always heard that odd numbers are male? Unfortunately for the masses, or profane, the whole thing is also laced with Inversions or blinds. I found this in the Caduceus, you'll note, in that the sine waves are shorter at the Bottom! The elite's have used Inversions rampantly in many a symbol system simply to divert.

Here anyway is my speculative stance, in remembrance of Tree Incarnation, which we hope finds some new growth. Consider Spirit... or the vast Sea of Mind, Sub Quantum ether etc. Pure Idea. Then scrub way ahead and we've got a resultant human construct. Now supposing Man is a Direct result of the Involution of said Spirit, with it's Ideas... isn't it reasonable that Man should have a spectrum of expressions that come Directly from or perhaps ARE direct expressions of Source?

This is pure Kabbalah without all the frills imo, or should be. That I myself Can make Precisely Distinct sounds like that I above (the small i has the dot as Spirit, which then drops into manifest of form and ego, or I). It's utterly no coincidence my vocal apparatus can make that Distinct sound imo.

Although it's all blended as One ultimately, there was Something in the realm of pure Idea that caused me to be able to make these distinct sounds. Utterly nothing random about it.

If not Source then clearly Source to Collective Unconscious. But as mentioned, some Russians are claiming dna is the source of language. This essentially comes to the same thing imo. We are Literally... expressions, that express same, of Source or thereabout. Then we've got the massive chapter on what the hell happened after the so called (gradual) Fall and after supposed genetic tweaking....

It may be that the Vector Equilibrium scheme plays a direct role in all this - 12 around 1. It seems Man is at a difficult crossroads concerning How to Properly Parse Nature.... Resulting in the worshiping of maps as to the territory.
Again, this appears to be by design and thus we've language helping us become more aware(?) yet simultaneously helping to entrench us further in limitations. Please remit, subsequent to crossing all T's.

I came across a study once and lost the link. But it found a clear repeating pattern of the suppression of women with the switch to writing systems. in direct proportion to the society's involvement with writing and all that goes with it the more females were abused!

So it seems clear we need to get back to the sciences as depicted in this presentation etc. Spend more time meditating, learning how to Be, or Is, and all that kinda thing. I've recently been looking into telekinesis and it's all about shutting off that mental chatter. I myself have learned that Orbs show when I'm not caught up in internal dialog etc.

So all the while I've been perusing English Cabala, Kabbalah, Agent Crowley, Astrology, Tarot, Hebrew alphabet, blah, I've had this nagging idea that it's all mind candy noise. That telepathy, or the inherent Psychism of Nature, is what we need to get back to. Man may have needed to wade through this "window of dissecting things" in order to return more informed as to the whole. Then we'll have a collective telepathy And yet still a measure of individualism.

Well in Any case, Good Yule Tidings!

Nice to see Fintan perusing the true and ancient sciences again.
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a clear repeating pattern of the suppression of women
with the switch to writing systems. in direct proportion
to the society's involvement with writing and all that
goes with it the more females were abused!
Sadly, it goes with the territory.
The literal, analytical left brain is a dissector.
What Pirsig's Phaedrus called "the knife":
"These estheticians think their subject is some kind of peppermint bonbon they're entitled to smack their fat lips on; something to be devoured; something to be intellectually knifed, forked and spooned up bit by bit with appropriate delicate remarks.....''
You also said:
I've had this nagging idea that it's all mind candy noise.
Well, it sure CAN be!
I've done some precise /ranting around this issue.
Waaaaay back in 1998:
The pre-verbal mind knew the difference between, say...a tree...and a rock. But knowing is not the same as naming. Once you name THIS as a TREE, and THAT as a ROCK, then you are now emphasising the DIFFERENCE between them, and by implication, the DIFFERENCE between you and the rock and you and the tree.

In effect, you just said, "This is ME, and that there is NOT ME, and that other thing isn't me either."

That is the birth of ME/NOT ME.

It is also the birth of the OBJECT. The tree as object. The rock as object.

Language fits the tree like a second skin. The actual TREE is masked underneath the cloying grip of language.

The SUBJECT who NAMES is born to a life where
language will mediate between him/her and the world.

And that world will be a world of SUBJECT-LANGUAGE-OBJECT.

Describing it as a Subject/Object world is not enough.

Like defining Laurel AND Hardy without the AND.
Laurel/Hardy....ignoring the comic INTERPLAY between the pair of them.

That language bit in the middle between subject and object is going to evolve in complexity until it reaches the point where various Greeks are leaping out of baths and shouting "Eureka!" and other Greeks are just inventing a new mental rock called:

Guess What!...............Subject/Object Metaphysics.

Now where DID they get that concept from?!!

They couldn't help coming up with that concept. It is BUILT right into the language.
Their coming up with SOM was as inevitable as water flowing to the sea.

In other words: A Subject/Object Metaphysics is that system of word-thought which
flows inevitably from the evolution of the SUBJECT-LANGUAGE-OBJECT relationship.

The S-L-O relationship.

That leaves us only one place to go.
Beyond language.

Its another dimension. I mean literally, and i'm working on that idea.
Intelligence squared. I*

Notice the small " i " in the "I'm" above.
Death of the Ego. i squared. i cubed.

You're well aware of that central role of "i" and of language:
That I myself Can make Precisely Distinct sounds like that I above (the small i has the dot as Spirit, which then drops into manifest of form and ego, or I). It's utterly no coincidence my vocal apparatus can make that Distinct sound imo.
I tried to communicate the
"i" taking root in our
original TreeIncarnation logo:
Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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Oops, see below.
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Speaking of them. I've never seen this mentioned by a single author on runes. But I noted that gebo, the G stave within the Elder Futhark rune row is the Only stave to have the same position in the modern English alphabet (at 7th position). This can't be coincidence. Further perusal and I'm guessing this may (also) have to do with the seasonal/Pi cipher circuit that's apparently been crafted into many a row.

And the vid above about noise. She said that Each (every) note has within, the three tones making the major chord. I never knew that and the reason I type this is that this phenomenon is clearly ubiquitous, especially in metaphysical dynamics. It's like the above IAO. In all this, I think medicine or nutrition is a perfect example of how syncretism is how nature works. This and this sort of hierarchy of unfolding archetypes.

Well I just remembered something I think kinda neat and have never seen it mentioned anywhere to date. The K as to C.

It's obvious the C enabled for a significant refinement and that explains it. Hence likely why no one has mentioned this conspicuousness I relate henceforth...

Note if you will the old Germanic K. Now consider the "negative" words starting with K. Not a hell of a lot but for kill. I'm serious here. There's kind, kite, kitchen and yeah kook.

Now let's see how many negative (if only by association) terms we find starting with C. Also note the recurring Theme which may be the significance of this exercise.

Edit. This list is huge yet proves little by including any and all (negative association) terms beginning with a C. So I'm going to delete all those that fall outside of the particular theme I am trying highlight, if not expose. So the list will be considerably shorter but more focused;

Crown... as to King
Con! stitution
contempt of
consumption tax
charge to account
Czar ; )
Caesar ; )
cannibal, which seems to sum up this man feed on man control game in this list

And you get the picture! So I myself view the Teutonic Futhark's Kenaz in a different light due to this... It kinda seems like the C came in with the System. In which we also see had a bit to do with a Christ. And the latter English Futhorc, after the Christian conversion, switched to that C.
And so note the as well latter Scandinavian row Younger Futhark, which Retained the k called kaun!

I can guarantee you you've never read this anywhere else. I think.

This appears to be an exclusively English lexicon thing but this is fitting as we have indicated some shady goings on therein. It in no way means that say early Scandinavian Peoples were so crude as to have no inkling of the above distinctions. I'm mostly certain you won't find a similar list in other languages.

What might have evolved if these pertinent rune rows had their sway in the face of the Church, or no Church?

There's trade... But i am fully referring to the cabal or Cabal. That is, the Imposition. The parasite or opportunist with all the wares of control.

Something major behind the C. See? See that C is too close to G to not consider. C is a cover for that G we see here and there...

As for the I Tree or Irminsul, the I is representing the central, inside axis of the torus. Whereas C and or G cover the surface of the torus. In and out mind and or matter. I think this is fair because the High Priestess is on the upper half of the Central Pillar on the Tree of Life. And of course that trump is with paired with gimmel, G, interchangeable with C. The camel connects we can communicate and have commerce. Man is basically kind when not fucked with. But when in comes the cabal with their bag of C's, the land, the people, wind up with all kinds of control issues from other to contend. So I'm talking some subversive game... was played to dupe or direct mass consciousness in a certain direction.

The image of all those words above starting with a k is utterly inappropriate. The odds of such a conceptual clustering is conspicuous imo. The fact I could come up with that many "negatively" perceived words with the C seems to indicate to me the initiate craftsmen either had some running orders by a vested interest, or the saw this as the C representing a dual nature to psyche as in say the shadow side. So we can be either compassionate or contemptuous. That is, the C represents the High Priestess in both aspects.

This would be akin to looking at Odin and Loki as one and the same god. And I have read that this was the case. Loki being an aspect of Odin. So having followed through with my train of thought here on holiday, it appears I refuted my original theory, revealed a dual nature of the letter and it's overall encompassing of the evolving consciousness learning how to Cope.

So I may have mistaken this C trend as sign of an Imposter's calling card bent on subversion. I still think this is the case. My guess is that if this C thing wasn't used for so many of those control game words, mass consciousness in English speaking countries would be different. That if we have no elites, using cabala etc etc, society would be more cooperative and less materialistic.
Or rather, less likely to be controlled. To have this tendency to go along with things. Hmm, I think I'm finally catching on.
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Azoth wrote:Ha I forgot about your i in thy Tree logo. Yeah there's been much around the concept of naming. I Think Plato or thereabout said that an object actually does have a name; that exists i(ie prior) in that realm of pure mind. That's object tho, not widget, doh.

Here's something I've learned about telepathy. I've been able to correctly tell which geometric shape my coworkers were thinking or visualizing over the course of the summer. In this, I have found it Much easier to tell what they are thinking if they sub Vocalize the object's name as well. If it's straight visualization it's a bit harder to tell.... I find this highly significant tho not sure where to go with it yet.

Further, with this measure of meager telepathy, I've been able to communicate with the local "wild" birds. Rather, these days I can have full conversations. They are quite invasive which is another matter. But when receiving their thoughts, my brain still uses words. I'm communicating in normal fashion, via words... And here I noticed that crows have repeatedly used the word fiddle for guitar. I jam and they come around to listen - they apparently like tremolo black metal guitar!! But that word fiddle has come through on several occasions. I suppose they are quite familiar with the concept of sword and all that too!!

I once asked an obliging crow - many times they are simply invasive pests but not always - who runs the planet. It flew off (having acknowledged the query), returned in about 20 minutes and it actually seemed to have conveyed, "Some old guy over across the sea." Europe. Not too shabby for a crow even if way off or not. I could write a short book on all these experiences over just these past few years. Sometimes it's hard to tell which are my own thoughts!!

I'll have to add that I think They are hip to all this and even have an arsenal of ultra tech surveillance crap that is multi dimensional based. You simply would not believe what I go through. So much happens now External that Aligns Precisely with my Internal thought train.... This is so in your face sometimes it seems to be some kind of computer matrix. Stuff happens when I speak out in public about the System. The latest was this; outside, clear day, sky utterly empty. I get excited about some US based policy with some clients... within 5 minutes, 6 small planes converged Directly overhead. I am fed up with this stuff.

But you of all people will understand when I say this likely goes beyond mere patriot act surveillance etc. This stuff happens So much now that it's got to be something more along the lines of torsion field generation... where synchronicity necessitates the clustering of (say contextual) events. So rather than agents consciously tracking Me down, I myself am tapping into and or generating, via my vibes, some Field where objects are "drawn in".

This also happens with military craft and high flying jets. Yet with the jets, they most Always - all this stuff is more precise than an atomic clock - fly over when I have a more spiritual thought. This has happened so many times I can share it freely.

I could be waking up to How everything really is connected visa Mind. This conjunct Them being overzealous. I also have an inkling that some of Their stuff is automated! I think some drones are and they'll come in if they pick up on vibes they've been programmed to respond to.

This list goes on and I also get omens which always manifest with few exceptions. The jet stuff is very weird. So many times now, a high flyer will make this rev up sound - where beforehand the jet was silent from the ground, it being so high - at the Exact instant I have a significant thought. Utterly in your face and I'm not sure what the hell is going on. It's like the whole thing is a reflection of my Dream State... where symbols, now external objects, "respond" according to my thought. Ie., I've noted that if I heard a low flying plane pass over real close, it most always coincides with something less spiritual or edifying.

Schizo like. But in no way schizo.
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Fintan wrote:
Notice the small " i " in the "I'm" above.
Death of the Ego. i squared. i cubed.

You're well aware of that central role of "i" and of language:
That I myself Can make Precisely Distinct sounds like that I above (the small i has the dot as Spirit, which then drops into manifest of form and ego, or I). It's utterly no coincidence my vocal apparatus can make that Distinct sound imo.
I tried to communicate the
"i" taking root in our
original TreeIncarnation logo:
The inner eye within the I that contains. constrains and curtails the i.
The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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Yeah, it's like a dual action or function - and then some as I has been associated with Isis and all what that represents.

Hebrew has the so called double letters. Herein, Kaph is a double letter whereas Cheth is a simple letter....

The English C has the hard and soft uses, as to the K.

This doesn't help my case as far as I can tell. Seems the intuition is clear however. You can bet your bottom dollar there's no fixation on this C, in the context of the above list, in any other language. And as mentioned, we have seen some of the reasons Why they created Modern English. This was the system to help usher in the corporate state and or nwo. In a way, it could be viewed as a new form of "machine code" for the masses.

I'd have to go through the alphabet and lexicon to see where else we have this game. The D is quite clear yet does not appear much in those "the System" based words. But the S has that dual conceptual function as well; from spirit and special to serpent and sin. Sine. Cinema. WTF?

No... I still think this C stuff above is a smoking gun to Something. It's a control and coaxing game for the citizenry. That is, conformists, not individuals. It's about Civilization, according to a covert Cabal.

Sol er skyja skoldr...ok skinandi rothul...ok isa aldertregi.

Isn't that beautiful? The Old Icelandic Rune Poem on the S rune. Compare corporate consumerist conformity controlling Canned consciousness for the cabal.

I'm not sure what's going on with all the C's in Irish and Scottish names. I'll guess they are spelled differently in Gaelic. I think we may be dealing with something around the Phoenician thrust. Rome clearly used that C. So you see my gist in that these groups are the ones to essentially spread the Sy$tem.

So, a heartfelt nod or salute to Icelanders for their Pots and Pans rebellion. Note it was (took) a culture that was directly involved with this c/s/k schism.


For anyone who hasn't seen it check out the movie Behind the Lines. It actually addresses this legacy of the people going along with elite, self interested agendas. To think both Wwars (Etc) were all (Central) banker instigated. Insert Corporate logo here ____. One big - ongoing - Con game.
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I don't mean to be a dick but there are many positive c words

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