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And anyway the whole story relies on an alleged
next '03' generation of KL02 micro controller chip:
Freescale unveiled the Kinesis KL02
For starters, the existing chip is called a Kinetis KL02.
And it is not superlatively far ahead of competitors.


Meanwhile the a Chinese vessel has picked up a 37.5khz signal
in the area of Indian ocean currently suspected as a crash zone.

The signal was detected for a period of one and a half minutes.
It had a pulse frequency and timing which matches a black box.

Unless the Chinese are downright lying,
then this is the flight MH370 black box.
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MH370 Tragedy:
Pulse signal could not be verified: JACC chief coordinator

By Haris Hussain |

PERTH : The Chief Coordinator of the Joint Agency Coordination Centre,
Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston (Ret'd), said reports that the Chinese
ship, Haixun 01, had detected electronic pulse signals in the Indian Ocean
related to MH370 could not be verified at this point in time.

"I have been advised that a series of sounds have been detected by a
Chinese ship in the search area.

The characteristics reported are consistent with the aircraft black box.
A number of white objects were also sighted on the surface about 90
kilometres from the detection area.

However, there is no confirmation at this stage that the signals and the
objects are related to the missing aircraft," Air Chief Marshal Houston
(Ret'd) said.

"Advice tonight from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's Rescue
Coordination Centre (RCC) and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau
is that they cannot verify any connection to the missing aircraft.

"The RCC in Australia has spoken to the RCC in China and asked for any
further information that may be relevant.

"The deployment of RAAF assets to the area where the Chinese ship
detected the sounds is being considered.

"I will provide further updates if, and when, more information becomes
I just learned that the Chinese vessel was searching outside of the
three zones scheduled as official search areas - when it heard the
possible black box pings. The ship also heard the pings very briefly
on the previous day, Friday.
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<iframe id="ytplayer" type="text/html" width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370:
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim accuses
government of concealing information

In an interview with The Telegraph, he said that he had personally
authorised the installation of “one of the most sophisticated radar”
systems in the world
, based near the South China Sea and covering
Malaysia’s mainland and east and west coastlines, when he was the
country’s finance minister in 1994.

It was “not only unacceptable but not possible, not feasible” that the
plane had not been sighted by the Marconi radar system immediately after
it changed course
. The radar, he said, would have instantly detected the
Boeing 777 as it travelled east to west across “at least four” Malaysian

Mr Anwar said it was “baffling” that the country’s air force had “remained
, and claimed that it “should take three minutes under SOP (standard
operating procedure) for the air force planes to go. And there was no response.”

He added: “We don’t have the sophistication of the United States or Britain
but still we have the capacity to protect our borders.”

It was “clearly baffling”, he said, to suggest that radar operators had been
unable to observe the plane’s progress........

“Unfortunately the manner in which this was handled after the first few
days was clearly suspect,” he said. “One fact remains. Clearly information
critical to our understanding is
deemed missing.

“I believe the government knows more than us. They have the authority
to instruct the air force … or Malaysia Airlines. They are privy to most of
these missing bits of information critical to our understanding of this
mysterious disappearance of MH370.”

Mr Anwar indicated that it was a possibility that officials on the ground
were complicit in what happened on the plane.

However, he later added that “the realm of possibilities is so vague,
I mean, anything can have happened”, adding: “Whether they (the
authorities) are complicit in a terrorist act
, I’m not in a position to
Malayan authorities may be complicit in a terrorist act?!

Or to put it another way: "False flag gone wrong"?
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Chinese air force plane spots new floating objects in south Indian Ocean ... 240993.htm

Chinese search vessel discovers pulse signal in Indian Ocean ... 241023.htm
Bear in mind that the Chinese vessel is their largest
search and rescue ship
- and is no amateur enterprise.

The 37.5khz signals were reportedly picked up from a
simple hydrophone placed in the water. If so, the plane
would have to be almost directly below the ship
in order for the relatively weak signal to be heard at all.

Bear in mind that a systematic search of the key search
zones using a towed deep underwater drone was expected
to take literally years to complete.

That would make this the most amazing stroke of luck.

Or the result high quality Chinese intelligence information.
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'Pings' have been picked up in the ocean at the
same frequency as the aircraft's black box recorders

KASHMIRA GANDER Monday 07 April 2014

Malaysia's Defence Minister is "cautiously hopeful" that teams searching for missing flight MH370 will be able to make a positive announcement in the next few days, "if not hours".

Hishamuddin Hussein have a statement to reporters at a press conference on Monday in light of underwater 'pings' that were detected by ships searching the southern Indian Ocean.....

Australia’s Ocean Shield picked up the signals in an area 1,680km (1,040 miles) northwest of Perth, which analysis of sporadic satellite data has showed is the most likely place Boeing 777 went down.

Houston told reporters that he is “much more optimistic than I was a week ago.”

The first “ping” signal detection was held for more than two hours before the Ocean Shield lost contact, but the ship was able to pick up a signal aground 13 minutes, Houston said.

“We are encouraged that we are very close to where we need to be,” he said according to the Telegraph.

“On this occasion two distinct pinger returns were audible. Significantly, this would be consistent with transmissions from both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder,” he said.

“In the search so far it is probably the best information we have had. We are trying to fix the position on the basis of the transmissions.

“We are now in a very well defined search area, which hopefully will eventually yield the information that we need to say that MH370 might have entered the water just here.”

So we now have four separate and distinct "ping" leads.

Two detections from the Chinese ship (posts above) and
two more over 350 miles away by an Australian vessel.

Malaysia Flight 370: New signal sounds 'just like' one from a plane's beacon
By Holly Yan, Jethro Mullen and Ashley Fantz, CNN April 7, 2014 -- Updated 1501 GMT (2301 HKT)
Meanwhile, the British search ship "Echo,"equipped with a submersible
"ping" detector has arrived at the location where the Chinese vessel,
using a simple hydrophone found "pings" on Friday/Sat.

I noticed that China did not go through the official channels
when their ship made the discovery. Instead, the find was
announced on the Xinhua official news agency.

Personally, I'm glad they are on scene.

Potentially, the most honest actor there.
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Dov S. Zakheim:

Diego Garcia:

Hmmm, Fintan, glad honest actors. LOL.

Just like Sandy Hook and Boston.

You are joking, no?

It'll never be 'found'. It's gone. Gone. Like a 9/11 online mystery. Yet again, obfuscated and GONE.

Forgotten (save for the relatives).

Get that right and the rest is academic. Yeah, Rense is kooky but, compared to others, well...

...I'm not saying I'm right or you are, or this or that; but, can we please keep this sensible, objective?

I guess that's a 'yes', hopefully.

atm :lol:
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Is anyone surprised?

Most believable take on things - from a former NSA employee. He seems to have a hate on for Israel. I don't like their government's policies, but he sullies his arguments with the odd racist slur.

Hard to ignore the facts Stone puts forth. I think the military radar signatures, telephone signals and engine sensor uploads say alot about the situation.
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Hmmm, Fintan, glad honest actors. LOL.

Just like Sandy Hook and Boston.

You are joking, no?
The sentence said: "Potentially" honest actors.
As in: potentially having no skin in the game.
Compared to: US & Malaysia with both Boeing and PolCred skins in the game.
The black boxes normally emit a frequency of 37.5 kilohertz, and the
signals picked up by the Ocean Shield were both 33.3 kilohertz
, U.S.
Navy Capt. Mark Matthews said. But the manufacturer indicated the
frequency of black boxes can drift in older equipment.

Houston said the frequency of the sounds heard was considered "quite
credible" by the manufacturer, and noted that the frequency from the Air
France jet that crashed several years ago was 34 kilohertz
. Pressure from
being so deep below the surface and the age of the batteries can also
affect the transmission level, he said.

The frequency used by aircraft flight recorders was chosen because no
other devices use it, and because nothing in the natural world mimics it
said William Waldock, a search-and-rescue expert who teaches accident
investigation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Ariz.

But these signals are being detected by computer sweeps, and "not so
much a guy with headphones on listening to pings,"
said U.S. Navy
spokesman Chris Johnson. So until the signals are fully analyzed, it's
too early to say what they are, he said. ... nds-heard/
Fine for the US Navy.
But the Chinese did not use a computer to find a box signal.

Just a good old-fashioned "guy with headphones on listening to pings"
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Here's David Wilcock's take on the missing 777; this plane landed safely on some US base in the Indian ocean, whereas another plane of the same type had to crash the Nuclear Summit in The Hague at that time (April 24-26), that was attended by leaders of more than 50 nations, including Obama and Merkel. This would be a false flag event used as a pretext to start WW3, as Putin was absent from this meeting. Interestingly, a cargo plane was intercepted by two Dutch fighter jets during the summit and diverted to Germany as reported by a.o. CNN; ... intercept/

Here's the full article; even though you might be sceptical, it's makes for a very good read! Enjoy! ... flight-370
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More signals detected in search for Flight 370

UPDATED 10:36 AM PDT Apr 09, 2014

(CNN) —Injected with fresh hope and urgency after the discovery Tuesday of more signals that appear to be from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's so-called black boxes, investigators began looking Wednesday toward what new challenges may await if that proves true......

One of two signals detected on Tuesday was at 33.331 kHz and was pulsed at a 1.106-second interval, according to retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, who cited a data analysis carried out by experts at the Australian Joint Acoustic Analysis Centre.

That's near the standard 37.5 kHz frequency used by the recorders; the difference is not surprising, given the vagaries of how sound travels under water. "They believe the signals to be consistent with the specification and description of a flight data recorder," he said......

What happens once the pingers are located?

Investigators would use an underwater autonomous vehicle to travel to the ocean floor to reach them, Houston told reporters in Perth on Wednesday, 33 days after the plane disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing.

How deep is that stretch of ocean?

It's 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) to the bottom in the remote section of the Indian Ocean 1,400 miles (2,260 kilometers) northwest of Perth, where pieces of the aircraft are presumed to lay, Houston said.

What other complications could lurk there?

Silt. Lots of silt. "Sometimes silt can be tens of meters thick," Houston said, referring to the search area. "It's a very difficult environment."
The odds on the discovery of plane wreckage on the ocean floor seem
to have increased dramatically
, since the Australian ship Ocean Shield
confirmed it's earlier detection of a black box signal when it found two
further signal emissions
on Tuesday afternoon and night.

There has been no more detections by a Chinese vessel which days
ago located a signal 350 miles to the south west of the new signal traces.

If these reports are true, we should expect more signal detections by
the Ocean Shield in the days ahead - and the start of a scan of the
ocean floor by a submersible.
The new transmissions, found in the same broad area as the previous
two, lasted for five minutes and 32 seconds and about seven minutes
, Houston said.............

While China’s Haixun 01 vessel initially reported some acoustic
signals at the southern end of this trajectory, these have not occurred
, Houston said.

No other ships will be allowed near the Ocean Shield, as its work must be
done in an environment as free of noise as possible, but a modified RAAF
AP-3C Orion was parachuting sonar buoys into the vicinity.

These will float on the surface and have a hydrophone attached dangling
1,000 feet below to hopefully pick up any emissions, although officials
warned these could be dulled by thick silt on the seabed.

With the clock ticking on how long the black boxes could feasibly continue
to transmit, Houston said it would not be long before a US-made
autonomous underwater vehicle called a Bluefin 21 would be sent down
to investigate.

Houston said officials were probably close to using this device because the
last acoustic signal was very weak
, indicating the batteries were running

“I don’t think that time is very far away,” he said.

Up to 11 military aircraft, four civil planes and 14 ships were searching
Wednesday over a zone covering 75,423 square kilometres (29,000
square miles), Australia’s Joint Agency Coordination Centre said.
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New signal detected in hunt for lost jet

William M. Welch, USA TODAY 6:22 a.m. EDT April 10, 2014

A new possible underwater signal from the missing Malaysia Airlines
Flight 370 has been detected, an Australian official says.

An Australian navy aircraft picked up the signal on Thursday near the
location of previously detected signals
and dropped sound locating buoys
in the area, the Associated Press reports.
10:54 am
The search zone has been narrowed to 22,400-square-mile area
- which is about 45 times the size of Los Angeles, CNN report.

9 April 4:30 pm:
US ship withdraws from search for missing Malaysia jet

AFP reports a US naval ship that has been aiding the international search
for a missing Malaysian airliner will be withdrawn from the effort, Pentagon
officials said Monday. The decision to take the USS Kidd off the search was
taken because the search area was now so extensive that it was more
efficient to look for the jet using surveillance aircraft, officials said.
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3:08 pm
Search teams looking for Flight MH370 have detected another
possible signal
from a black box recorder, the fifth since Saturday.

Retired Lt Col. Angus Houston, who is co-ordinating the search,
confirmed a "possible signal" but data would be analysed over night.
Click an interactive live map which shows the positions of vessels
looking for Flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean search zone:
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