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Trump launches 'follow the money' attack

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — Donald Trump on Wednesday launched a
coordinated attack casting Hillary Clinton as a corrupt pawn of major
donors and special interests.

It was followed by detailed indictments of a uranium deal approved by
Clinton’s state department after her foundation received large donations
from people with stakes in the deal; Clinton’s relationship with Irish
telecom billionaire Denis O’Brien
; Clinton’s six-figure speaking
engagements; and a 2009 deal over disclosing the identities of American
account-holders that the State Department concluded with Swiss bank
UBS, a Clinton Foundation donor. ... ney-228873
Couldn't happen to nicer guy, lol. The Irish people just defeated
Denis O'Brien's pet initiative to profit from charging regular folks
for water - in a country where it rains most days of the year.

Now Trump has dragged the Irish Billionaire into the U.S. election. :lol:

Whaddy'a mean "corrupt Clintons" and O'Brien? Oh yeah, this:



SEE ALSO: ... on-friend/
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"Pay no attention to McCabe. He's a child sex abuser....."

That's what journalists were told in off-the-record briefings by the most
senior police officer in the Irish force: The Police Commissioner!

McCabe -a troublesome police whistle blower, had been stitched up by false
sex abuse allegation routed through "Tusla" - the very State child welfare
organization we have been campaigning against with success (posts above).

That's the breaking claim - and the establishment is running for cover.
Including the prime minister and the deputy PM -both in the spotlight.

The jaw-dropping news came via this bombshell
statement under protected privilege in parliament.

Below is the Speaker of the parliament warning the parliamentarian
that he seems to be shaping up to say some very dangerous things: :lol: :o

Dangerous is Right! :

Y'see people don't like the idea that the police officer's children were
maliciously listed as being "vulnerable" to abuse by their own father.

It makes the public wonder what kind of scum would DO that??

And what kind of politicians would cover for such people?!

This is gonna run and run.



I wrote a piece on the implications of all
this for the Tusla child welfare agency:


Damaging revelations which have deeply undermined the credibility of Tusla's internal systems inevitably will cast doubt on ALL allegations routed via Tusla in child welfare cases. If cases with serious sexual allegations can appear and disappear within Tusla on the whim of a "clerical error" -then what court can rely on the agency?

With Tusla's evidence now tainted, future court rulings may be legally unsound. This demands an immediate review of Tusla's welfare case processing systems.


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:lol: :lol:

The Bulls*it Factory is Imploding!

"When I said Yes.... I really meant No. Ahem. My Bad." ?!

Epic squirming as Irish PM changes his story:

This is the moment of implosion for the NWO Bankster Stooges and
their local homegrown Cash Cow Corruption Cartel in Ireland.

There will now be a sworn PUBLIC Inquiry. The era of private Inquiries
is over. They proved toothless. The Cover-Up has been busted open.

The battle at the moment is about whether TUSLA the Irish branch of the
Multi $$$$ Corporate Child Welfare "Industry" gets investigated!

The multinational "welfare" corporates are already making mucho loot
in Ireland- and they have never been held to account internationally.

They don't want these abuses to be discovered.
There's Billions of revenue/profits at stake.
There will be some battle.

Right now the situation is reminiscent of the Oroville Dam crisis.
There's raw corruption over-topping the Media Dam and it's just
pouring down the emergency spillway for all to see!!

And there's more corruption rain forecast. LOTS more. :wink:
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Blog/European Union
Posted Feb 16, 2017 by Martin Armstrong

On January 18, 2017, new rules governing the seizure of bank accounts in the European Union went into effect
(The EU Regulation No 655/2014 of May 15, 2014). This regulation sought to circumvent the independent legal rights of people, denying them the right to be heard in a court of law in their own country. This has created a European Account Preservation Order (EAPO) which is to facilitate cross-border debt recovery in civil and commercial matters. The European Commission described the EAPO as a “simple and cost-effective way to block funds that are owed” by a creditor in another member state. What this really means is that a CREDITOR no longer needs to run to an Italian court to sue an Italian debtor. In other words, this order dismembers the sovereignty of the member states legal courts.

Until now, a creditor who is owed money by a debtor in another EU country had to apply to a court in the debtor’s state of residence in accordance with the domestic law of that member state if he wanted to freeze the debtor’s bank accounts. In the Commission’s opinion, this was often too time-consuming and too expensive. In the United States, you still must go after a debtor in their home state and apply by the local laws.

The new European procedure was designed to be quicker, cheaper, and more efficient for creditors, but it then would demand that someone in Italy would have to hire a lawyer in Germany to defend them there. The costs are being shifted to the debtor rather than the creditor under this EAPO.

Basically, it has become possible for your accounts in your bank to be seized domiciled in the European Union doing away with all local legal protection. The danger here is someone in Germany can freeze your bank account in Italy in proceedings commenced in another member state and ex parte – meaning without you even appearing.

Any court of a member state can grant an EAPO, provided that it has jurisdiction to hear the underlying case on its merits under the European Union’s rules on jurisdiction. Therefore, under the Brussels I Regulation Recast, Germany has implemented the EAPO procedure in Sections 946 to 959 German Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO).

There is not even a limitation for the application for a EAPO can be made at any stage of the main proceedings. Therefore, you can be in a court in Italy and a court in Germany can freeze your account in the middle of a litigation or even before main proceedings have been issued, denying you the right to use funds to hire a lawyer. Article 7 (1) of the Regulation reads:

“The court shall issue the Preservation Order when the creditor has submitted sufficient evidence to satisfy the court that there is an urgent need for a protective measure in the form of a Preservation Order because there is a real risk that, without such a measure, the subsequent enforcement of the creditor’s claim against the debtor will be impeded or made substantially more difficult.”

If the application is made before or during proceedings, and no judgment has therefore been obtained yet, the applicant must also show, in accordance with Article 7 (2), that they have a bona fide good case and are likely to succeed on the merits:

“Where the creditor has not yet obtained in a Member State a judgment, court settlement or authentic instrument requiring the debtor to pay the creditor’s claim, the creditor shall also submit, sufficient evidence to satisfy the court that he is likely to succeed on the substance of his claim against the debtor.”

The interesting aspect of this EAPO mechanism is how it actually also creates the right to search for bank accounts of a debtor throughout Europe. Article 14 provides for a request to obtain bank account information:

“Where the creditor has obtained in a Member State an enforceable judgment, court settlement or authentic instrument which requires the debtor to pay the creditor’s claim and the creditor has reasons to believe that the debtor holds one or more accounts with a bank in a specific Member State, but knows neither the name and/or address of the bank nor the IBAN, BIC or another bank number allowing the bank to be identified, he may request the court with which the application for the Preservation Order is lodged to request that the information authority of the Member State of enforcement obtain the information necessary to allow the bank or banks and the debtor’s account or accounts to be identified.”

However, the EAPO is NOT available in the entire EU. Denmark and Britain have opted out of this Regulation. Ireland is really screwed since they could have opted out, but chose not to do so. ... ens-in-eu/

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Irish women call for a nationwide strike if they don't get a referendum on the country's brutal abortion ban ... tionw.html


Ireland's abortion laws are among the most barbaric in the world -- among its many deficits, it forces women to carry unviable fetuses to term, making them labor to deliver babies who live short hours in extreme pain before dying before them.

The ban also provides for 14 year prison sentences for women who import pharmaceuticals used to induce abortion.

An "ad-hoc, non-affiliated group of activists, academics, artists and trade unionists" calling itself Strike4Repeal are set to strike on March 8 -- International Women's Day, also the Day Without a Woman protests in America -- if the government doesn't call for a referendum on the abortion law before then.

Strike4Repeal is an “ad-hoc, non-affiliated group of activists, academics, artists and trade unionists,” and the strike is endorsed by Abortion Rights Campaign, Outhouse, the Anti-Racism Network and Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, and other feminist organizations and women’s advocacy groups. There are several ways in which Irish women are encouraged to support the strike (and women around the world are encouraged to show solidarity):

* If you can, take the day off work.

* Forgo domestic chores, if possible.

* Ask local businesses to close their services in support.

* Wear black in solidarity.

* Register support on social media using the hashtag #strike4repeal.
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Was going to post something here but it's maybe better on the "Audio Special: Invasion of the Baby Snatchers" thread, so .... :oops:
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Oh well ... here it is anyway! :oops: :oops: :lol:
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More than half of young people in Ireland would
'join a mass uprising against the government'

Nearly 20,000 people were questioned as as
part of European Broadcasting Union research

A mass uprising against the Irish government would be joined by more
than half of young people in the country, a survey has indicated.

Fifty four per cent of 18 - 34-year-olds said they would take part in a
“large scale uprising against the generation in power if it happened in
the next days or months”.

The survey polled nearly 20,000 people in Ireland as part of the
European Broadcasting Union’s Generation What? research.

It showed that 36 per cent viewed politicians as corrupt, while 40 per
cent said they were partly corrupt. Forty five per cent said they didn’t
trust politics “at all”

The survey also found that the Church – traditionally a major institution in
Ireland – appeared to have less influence over the country’s youth.

Only two per cent of those questioned said they completely
trusted the Church and 56 per cent they didn’t trust it at all.

All told only 1 per cent said they had total faith in the media. :lol:
The picture is even worse for the elites than the above article suggests.

That photo above is misleading. Notice how young the policeman is?

The majority of police would probably be out there LEADING the feckin' revolt!!


Twice as many people in Ireland have
complete trust the Church than the Media.

Really?? Yep: That 2% versus 1%. :lol:
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That to be honest would be more eye opening if the same people surveyed were asked their views on x y and z and those views were opposed to establishment views. Taken in isolation it illustrates the disaffected masses who are fed up with the figure heads that they see as the establishment. This is essentially what occurred in the Ukraine you create mobs who in turn then embolden the disaffected to join their ranks and begin the uprising which ousts one group of perceived elites only to then replace them with another.

I am not sure if the people surveyed were inferring they are ready for violent action but it never works because the cogs of the machine keep turning and fucking us all over especially the irish ....

"Over one quarter of Irish households have seen a close family member emigrate in the past two years, according to a survey commissioned by the National Youth Council of Ireland.

Half of those aged between 18 and 24 have considered emigrating.

Four out of ten adults aged between 25 and 34 have also considered leaving the country."
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Shit's Gettin' Real.

Retired Garda Kevin Taylor - a friend of the McGann family - claimed he was assaulted and punched “20 or 30 times” by aggressive bailiffs hired by KBC Bank on Tuesday.

“The thugs attacked me first. That’s when they started with the heavy aggro. I didn’t say anything and I swear didn’t lift a fist and they were on top of me. I was punched 20 to 30 times... I was hospitalised in Portiuncula Hospital ”


He said that he has since suffered from concussion and headaches.
Mr Taylor, a Castlerea native and close friend of Anthony, continued: “...KBC Bank wouldn’t do any discussions with him whatsoever."

“They’ve lived there for generations and they would have paid back what they could have afforded if they got a fair chance.”


0:00 LIVE Elderly Assaulted in Rural Irish Eviction
3:12 Protest over eviction at KBC Bank, Dublin

5:00 Eviction Crew Cars Burn After Night Raid

That was last Tuesday.....
Then over the weekend:
Three elderly Irish evicted by KBC bank heavies
but locals drive eviction gang out

IrishCentral Staff @IrishCentral Dec 17, 2018

One man remains in hospital after the security guards, assigned to guarding the house and farm following the eviction of its three elderly residents, were attacked by the locals.

Police plan to interview up to eight security guards, some thought to be British, who were attacked at the repossessed residence at the house and farm in Falsk, just outside the town of Strokestown.

A dog was killed during the raid and at least five vehicles were burnt out.

Online many commentators urged repeat performances at other repossessed properties. This attack was spurred on by the eviction of three siblings, two brothers and one sister, all in their 60s, who were forcibly evicted on Tuesday. Footage of the eviction was posted online. The property had been in their family for generations.

Speaking in Irish parliament independent politician Michael Fitzmaurice, who represents Roscommon, criticized this forcible eviction. He said “In my opinion, many of the banks involved are scum.

“[Last Tuesday] in Co Roscommon, a group of 20 or 30 men with dogs came from the North, aided and abetted by An Garda Síochána, who blocked off two roads. The group of men pegged three people, two of whom were elderly, out of a house and left them on the side of the road. ... ction-gang
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They only function when open.
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