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IAHF List: I just sent this to Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III, (US Army, Ret.) and to his wife Rima Laibow, MD. I do not trust them, and you'll see why below. I am willing to give them equal time, should they respond. As you can see, I have no choice but to call them on a lot of things since they've been so damn slow making corrections on their website that were inexcusable in the first place and which set our movement up for destruction.

General Stubblebine appears to be a Spook. I distrust Spooks. See why below. If you appreciate IAHF's efforts to defend your access to supplements, let us know it with a donation to assist us in our lobbying and communications efforts nationwide.

I need to go back to DC soon for a lobbying trip to undo any damage to our cause that I suspect may have been caused by lobbying which the General and his wife are doing now given the gross inaccuracies of the info on their website and in the form letters they're urging people to send to congress.

What you CAN DO to stop codex: Go to these website and help KILL CAFTA and FTAA and also

To: Natural Solutions Foundation
Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret)
& Rima Laibow, MD

General Stubblebine:

Right now I just might be the ONLY person on our side who is willing to even ATTEMPT to reach out to you in this way due to this book review ... 82,00.html which frankly, sir, raises eyebrows to a HUGE degree and poses a significant PR problem for the health freedom movement. Even though you are a spook, I am at least willing to CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY that you might actually be on our side anyway.

When we met face to face sir this past Friday and Saturday in DC during the meeting to form a coalition to better fight Codex, you looked me in the eye and told me the reason you jumped into this Codex battle at the 11th hour and formed The Natural Solutions Foundation is "because your dad died from prostate cancer and you had it and have to watch your PSA levels very carefully so you need to have access to supplements."

I WANT to trust you sir, but I was conditioned from growing up with a SPOOK father to DISTRUSTING SPOOKS in a general way, sir. You see sir, my dad used to routinely lie to our family about his whereabouts. He'd tell us he was going on a business trip for Bell Labs while in reality he'd be off on a guided missile frigate or some other naval vessel testing equipment he helped design, or he'd be inside Mount Weather discussing things with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or he'd be out at White Sands Missile Base or White Sands, sir.

But when mom would try to reach him at his supposed Hotel in say Greensboro NC, someone would always say something like "he just stepped out, or he's at dinner now, or he's in a meeting". This crap went on for years. Sure, it could be one reason why we're not all speaking Russian or Chinese in our country, and I understand the need for national security, but I also know a lot of real SHIT gets covered up in the NAME of national security that is VERY uncool. (My dad knew this too which is why he LEFT "the company", sir.

I have strong reasons to believe that the shadow government scumbags who control our government have a eugenics/genocide agenda just like Hitler did. Hell, Eugenics didn't originate in Germany. Hitler merely adopted an agenda that actually has its historical origins in the UK and USA and he was merely the water boy for IG Farben which was comprised of Hoechst, Bayer and BASF which were heavily underwritten by a slew of American coroporate investors including Senator Prescott Bush, Shrub's grad dad.

Moreover, Bayer and BASF are members of CRN- the pharma dominated vitamin trade association which Mannatech, Shaklee, GNLD, Herbalife, Nuskin and others mindlessly belong to- showing zero concern about the conflict of interest and seemingly not minding the fact that they're being led to the cliff by them.

Due to the "Patten" type piss and vinegar speech about Sun Tzu's The Art of War you gave on Friday at our meeting in DC where we came together to form an umbrella group of organizations to fight Codex, and due to the presence of the two secret service agents who came to our meeting at the end on Saturday, presumably to provide security for you and Rima, it bothers me that you never responded to that last email I sent you, the one in which I told you about how my dad had a wrestling match with his conscience and flipped out which caused him to lose his top security clearance. I told you about how this helped him breath a lot easier because it meant he was no longer involved with the development of weapons of mass destruction, that he was no longer a cog in the military industrial complex.

In an effort to learn whether or not you might have had a SIMILAR wrestling match with YOUR conscience I asked YOU what YOUR views are on the CIA and eugenics, and you NEVER RESPONDED.

At this point, sir, I would greatly appreciate being sent some EVIDENCE of what you told me. (That your dad died from prostate cancer, and that you had it and have to watch your PSA levels). Sure, you could read my words and easily take a "fuck you" attitude toward me, but if you REALLY want teamwork (as you SAY you do), you WON'T. Please send me some hard evidence that your dad in fact DID die from prostate cancer sir, and that you had it and truly are concerned about your PSA levels.

Also, your wife Rima made an intolerable, flippant remark that she considered having buttons made up to bring to that meeting saying "We're Newbies" on them. This was a snide reference to my response to you, the one you never had the courtesy to respond to.

Sir, your wife was intolerably insubordinate in making that comment and it rubbed me the wrong way. There is no excuse for her attitude when we are at war against the pharma cartel and I will not tolerate such insubordination from anyone in this movement, even if she is the wife of a retired Army General.

You don't like "friendly fire", and I don't like it when I tell someone to remove inaccurate information from a website and form letters given that its setting up our whole movement for destruction, and the change is not made right away because no group in our midst has the right to jeopardize the efforts of so many people.

See As of Tuesday, April 26, 2005 at 5:04 PM, you are STILL disseminating grossly inaccurate information which sets our movement up for destruction in the following ways:

1) You're telling people that:
In July, 2005, these regulations will become mandatory for all WTO members and that includes the United States. And once it gets here, it will be illegal to buy, sell, recommend or use any but 28 ultra-low dose nutrients, natural supplements, herbs, enzymes or other natural treatments whether you are a licensed health professional or not.

Get this OFF your site, sir. Get if off IMMEDIATELY. Here is WHY:

What you are saying here is FALSE and this sets our movement up for destruction come August, September, October when NOTHING HAS CHANGED because it will cause people to FALL AWAY from our movement due to things not happening on your inaccurately predicted timetable, leaving W.H.O able to fill in the blanks on allowable potency levels without being under sufficient ongoing public scrutiny necessary to STOP THEM.

Go here: ... roject/en/ WHO is only creating a FRAMEWORK to evaluate allowable potency levels. Sure, their whole method of doing so is criminal and wrong just as ANH has complained about here ... oc_121.pdf, but they're not going to have those blanks filled in any time soon, it could take them MONTHS or even YEARS. What they're looking to ratify in July will only be a FRAMEWORK. Part of their modus operandi is to move with intentional gradualism this way in the hope of not arousing a public backlash. Your sensationalism is not helping because its not ACCURATE and it will cause people to go to SLEEP down the road when things don't happen on your time table.

You are confusing the EU Food Supplement Directive with Codex in your statement above. The EU FSD is NOT Codex. You are also making a false statement when you say Codex threatens immediate bans on anything OTHER THAN vitamins and minerals (which it starts with). Granted, it could target all other supplements down the road if it expands to coincide with EU Directives, but sensationalizing what we're up against HURTS our efforts to fight back because the OTHER SIDE can say that NONE of us are being accurate, (even though thats not true) by pointing to YOUR erroneous information.

There are numerous OTHER inaccuracies on your site that I'll let Paul Taylor address.

Sir, you might have the power declare me to be a supposed "terrorist" and to stick my ass in Guantanamo for all I know, and to force me to listen to music from Barney the Purple Dinosaur saying "I love you" over and over and over again til I go stark raving nuts like those people being tortured by Uncle Sam in Guantanamo and in Abu Gahraib or however the hell that place is spelled, but I want you to level with me because I'm at least as arrogant as you are, sir, not that thats necessarily a bad thing.

Look here man: For all I know your friggin BRAIN might have been TAMPERED WITH, and ditto for your WIFE's, and for all I know there might be a bunch of GEEKS over in Fort MEADE who can see through your eyes, and hear through your ears, because it sure as hell is no secret that such technology exists via the MKULTRA Mind Control Program. Anti NSA, Anti CHIP sections See book MASS CONTROL: THE ENGINEERING OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS by Jim Keith ... 94-7624660

Now, would the ROCKEFELLERS be concerned if our movement, which generated the largest volume of mail ever sent to the US Congress in the HISTORY of Congress be concerned if suddenly this movement began following the lead of a guy who has made the connection between the broadening and deepening of the scope of the SPS agreement via the threatened expansion of NAFTA via CAFTA and FTAA and who is trying to DIRECT our movement to going to THESE websites in order to BURY Congress with a TON of complaints about CAFTA and FTAA as a way to stop US harmonization to CODEX? and also

Look man, if you and your shrink wife want to be part of this movement, you both need to play it straight with us, beginning with the removal of the inaccurate information on your website that we have been complaining about til we're blue in the faces because it sets us all up for destruction, and the adoption of the proper information needed for the most effective fight back.

Otherwise, if these things DON'T happen, we won't have any choice but to conclude that you might just both be tools of NSA and the Rockefellers. When I did a namebase search on you and your wife, I found that the Rockefuckers are part of your wife's social network, according to this: So, Rima, tell me how or if you know Laurance Spellman Rockefeller? How about former Senator Claiborne Pell?

Frankly, this book review and your actions in this movement have a lot of people pondering the possibility that you are SPOOKS, and you can't blame people for having the concern that the Natural Solutions Foundation could easily have been created with the intention to be a CIA cut out for the purpose of disseminating disinformation. ... 82,00.html

Due to the huge PR problem this sort of information poses to our movement, I would appreciate an IMMEDIATE EXPLANATION, because if you aren't in fact an occultic pagan with a New Age philosophy similar to that esposed by a well known German dictator of WW 2 era who caused massive planetary upheaval, I'd appreciate a detailed explanation intended to convince me that the vitamin consumers of America and the world should in fact TRUST you. For security purposes, I am posting this on the IAHF website, and am circulating it to the IAHF email distribution list. I would be happy to give you equal time for a response, should you make one. If I have been in any way off base in holding these concerns, please allow me to APOLOGIZE in advance. My purpose in writing was not to disrespect either of you in any way, its just that I feel compelled to write this to you because the inaccurate stuff remains on your site a very long time after we requested changes be made to make it accurate.

Before sending the "send" key on this email, I took my trombone up to the top of the cliff near my house and hung out for an hour playing blues songs in the direction of Lummi Island wondering if anything in this movement could ever just go smoothly without all this sort of bullshit drama, because this sort of garbage really is a DRAG to have to constantly contend with from people I'd LIKE to be able to trust.....

Acting the giddy goat

Jon Ronson's The Men Who Stare at Goats is an inspired study of America's war on terror, says Tim Adams

Sunday November 21, 2004
The Observer

Buy The Men Who Stare At Goats at the Guardian bookshop

The Men Who Stare at Goats
by Jon Ronson
Picador £16.99, pp240

Jon Ronson is forced to begin his book with an extraordinary disclaimer: 'This,' he writes, with some authentic shock and awe, 'is a true story.'

As you read on, it is hard to shift the impact of those five small words from your mind. It would be far, far better for all of us, you can't help thinking, if it turned out that Jon Ronson had actually made up his entire, wonderful investigation into 'psychological warfare' techniques used by America's elite Special Forces.

If he had not, for example, discovered that there was a Major General Albert Stubblebine III directing operations from Arlington, Virginia, who firmly believes he can walk through walls. Or if the existence of a secret unit in which psyops personnel stared at goats for hours on end with the aim of killing them was actually a figment of a warped author's imagination. Or that the Pentagon's playlist of torture music for use at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib was, in reality, a juvenile attempt at satire. Terrifyingly, however, all this - and much more - is shown, as he says, to be true.

Ronson started out on his surrealist quest with a hunch. There was, he believed, some deep-seated irrationality at the heart of America's war on terror. Once he had this simple thought in mind, one thing led to another. It began with Uri Geller, who Ronson interviewed three years ago about his claims that he was a 'psychic spy' working for US intelligence. Geller led him to Stubblebine and Stubblebine put him in touch with Lieutenant Colonel (retd) Jim Channon, who first started the madness.

Channon had witnessed horrors as a young officer in Vietnam and he believed that the army required a new approach to combat. Having imbibed some of the more extreme Californian philosophies, Channon approached military top brass with the notion of a 'First Earth Battalion' of 'warrior monks' - soldiers who would carry with them into hostile countries 'symbolic animals' such as baby lambs, learn to greet people with 'sparkly eyes' and give the enemy 'an automatic hug'.

Their only weapons would be 'discordant sounds' and 'psycho-electric' guns that could direct positive energy into crowds. Channon's ideas, unbelievably, became current in certain branches of the US army and, in bizarre, mutant form, have been employed in the current war on terror.

Ronson is happy to present himself as slow on the uptake in his quest, not least because it often seems so incredible. He affects an air of very British vagueness that wins over his uniformed interviewees, but he has a genius for detail. Once he gets a fact, he clings to it, interrogates it, makes it relate to other facts.

There is a sort of gonzo spirit in his approach which sometimes lends an air of farce to his findings, but few more earnest investigative journalists would have had the brilliant bloody-mindedness to get what he has got and hardly any would have the wit to present it with as much clarity.

He slips, too, very skilfully between registers in tone. Ronson knows exactly what is funny - what other response is there to torturers with Fleetwood Mac CDs in their arsenal? - but he also knows when that laughter begins to look grotesque. His account of the use of the theme from the children's TV show Barney - 'I Love You', which, played on a loop, has been used to disorient prisoners - is one of the most chilling things I have read about the war.

At one point, Ronson describes seven photographs of a man who underwent such an 'I Love You' torture regime in a shipping container at a disused railway station in al-Qa'im, Iraq. 'His face is deeply lined, like an old man's, but his wispy moustache reveals that he is probably 17... there's an open wound on one of his skinny arms and above it someone has written a number with a black marker pen. He might have done terrible things. I know nothing about him other than these seven fragments of his life. But I can say this. In the last photograph, he is screaming so hard it looks as if he is laughing.'

If Joseph Heller lurks in the margins of Ronson's book - who else could have pulled off the goat-staring GIs? - so, too, does Hannah Arendt. At least, Ronson, for all his coyness, makes you feel at times the full force of her assertion that 'most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be either good or evil'.

It is his acute grip on the nuance of this idea that makes his book not only a narcotic road trip through the wackier reaches of Bush's war effort, but also an unmissable account of some of the insanity that has lately been done in our names.

30.10.2004: Extract: The road to Abu Ghraib
06.11.2004: Extract: Guantánamo Serenade

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