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http://www.tni.org/article/learning-les ... -opium-ban

With such confusion with the division between licit and illicit production of opium and inclusion of the pharmaceutical industry, with their substitutes one must wonder who determines who grows the licit variety.

And why the US encouraged the Taliban to ban their production and paid them $43m for what was said to be aimed at their drought. As if for some an irrigation plan. Afghanistan's only crop and it was banned. Why not rename it licit production?

But Australia is by far the largest licit producer, followed by India, France, Spain, Turkey and Hungary.

So the SB story concerns Turkey and money laundering so we must be looking at illicit opium production.

After the Taliban complied with the ban and took the $43m along comes other folks to hit them with sanctions.

Don't tell us that 9/11 was just a part of another Opium War and was used to kill to birds with one stone. Empire building and to get Afghanistan back into the fold of opium producers.

If so, then in comparison 9/11 was just a battle within a major war and as with most battles each one bares a relatively small part in the whole. Single battles become our forgotten history to that of who was victorious and who was not.

If Afghanistan farmers are now doing what they do best and the status quo has been restored who won the war?
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"Don't tell us that 9/11 was just a part of another Opium War and was used to kill to birds with one stone. Empire building and to get Afghanistan back into the fold of opium producers."

As I said before 911 had many angles to it, one of those, additional “benefit” is increased Heroin production by Afghanistan with large portion of export going to Russian Asian Republics and to Russia. Empires have always been dope pushers, not much has changed. Keeps population down and creates additional source of income for connected banks to launder drug money, also builds up an illegal army of murderers who could come handy at the next “People’s Revolution”.

After all, 911 was not a cheap operation(just look at all advertising expenses), they should've thought about where ROI would come from.
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what is your current thinking on this old thread?
any new insights or thoughts?

Is/was she dirty or gagged?

this topic has been brought on another site
and I wondered what your current views are?

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Remembering that Sibel Edmonds' supporter
Daniel Ellsberg was key in the Nixon takedown:
Richard Nixon
The Watergate story is familiar. President Richard Nixon ordered his staff to commit crimes and cover them up. Two budding Washington Post reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, exposed him. Nixon resigned and left town in disgrace before Congress could impeach and remove him.

The story came from Woodward and Bernstein’s articles and their book, All the President’s Men (1974). Actor Robert Redford then turned it into a popular movie with the same name (1976).

In the following decades, however, this satisfying morality play has been undermined by 2,000 pages of investigative books by Jim Hougan (Secret Agenda, 1984), Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin (Silent Coup, 1991), James Rosen (The Strong Man, 2008), Russ Baker (Family of Secrets, 2009), Phil Stanford (White House Call Girl, 2013), Tim Weiner (One Man Against the World, 2015) and Ray Locker (Nixon’s Gamble, 2016; Haig’s Coup, 2019).

Each examined Watergate from a different angle and found new clues to what happened. Adding all these clues creates a quite different story, showing how thoroughly the military industrial complex dominates Washington.

If you made a chart of the newly discovered CIA and Pentagon links to Watergate, it would fill a large wall. To put it another way, if you remove the CIA and the Pentagon from the story, Nixon would have completed his second term and retired with dignity.

Watergate really started in 1969, on Nixon’s first day in office. The President and his National Security Adviser, Henry Kissinger, cut the Department of Defense, State Department, and the CIA out of foreign policy decision-making. The two men brought all policymaking into the National Security Council in the White House. They would often not inform the three main foreign policy agencies about policy changes until the last minute, fearing leaks or sabotage.

Predictably, this created chronic bureaucratic warfare between the three agencies and the White House. When there were disagreements about policy, there was no way to resolve them. Spying and leaking inevitably followed. In turn, Nixon and Kissinger told the agencies even less.

Left out in the cold, the Pentagon and the CIA moved against Nixon.

To see how this wasn’t apparent from the Woodward and Bernstein story, consider the man who was the reporters’ pipeline to the truth, a secret source called Deep Throat. Finally, in 2005, Woodward said it was former FBI Associate Director Mark Felt. Nixon had rejected Felt for the top FBI spot when long time Director J. Edgar Hoover died, so he had a plausible motive.

The mystery seemed solved, except the revisionist histories had already shown Felt was only one of many sources giving the two reporters damaging information on Nixon. Deep Throat was actually a composite character, and the bombshell stories mostly originated in two places, the Department of Defense and the CIA. These were the very agencies with which Nixon and Kissinger had been at war.

By 1974, with his trusted advisors gone, Nixon found himself relying on two Pentagon officials to help him avoid removal from office. They were Chief of Staff General Alexander Haig, most recently Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, and J. Fred Buzhardt, who was both Special White House Counsel for Watergate Matters and General Counsel for the Department of Defense.

Not surprisingly, these two military men spent months maneuvering Nixon into deeper trouble. After the House Judiciary Committee sent impeachment articles to the House floor, Nixon knew the House would impeach him and the Senate would convict and remove him. Nixon resigned.

https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/06/12 ... -election/
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