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Breast Implant Corporate Parasites
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The Horrors Hidden by the Slick PR Spin
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Keeping Abreast of
Parasitic Implants!, 8 Feb, 2006 by Fintan Dunne, Editor

When an advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration recommended that silicone gel-filled breast implants be reinstated after having been banned years ago on health concerns, the membership of that panel got little mention.

That panel was made up of plastic-surgery experts including practicing plastic surgeons. Are alarm bells ringing for you? One of those so-called experts was University of Texas plastic surgeon Michael Miller, who said afterwards: "The risks are well-defined and small. The patient can decide."

But what if the patient is deciding based on false medical risk evaluations? Implant manufacturer Inamed told the panel that the rupture rate of its implants was 1.2% for women who had breast augmentation. Is that true?

Where can you get the truth about breast implants and their impact on the human body? Not from the manufacturers that make billions of dollars selling these toxic bags of ego gratification. Not from the US congress, and definitely not from the mainstream media.

Ilena Rosenthal created and heads the largest breast implant support group in the world. Their services to those afflicted by implant problems are just now available again, having been closed for lack of funding. She says her phone rings daily and her email is overflowing with painful calls from women realizing too late the web of deceit plastic surgeons and the silicone manufacturers have woven.

That two day FDA hearing, heard from just such women.

Women like Susan Cunningham, now too sick to work, who told the panel her body was racked with joint pain after getting silicone implants. Women like Carolyn Wolf, who got silicone implants in 1971, following a double mastectomy, and developed blisters on her neck, rheumatoid arthritis and neurological damage to an eye, as silicone spread throughout her body. Even today silicone still oozes from her nipples. She pleaded with the panel: "We beg you, please protect the younger generation." To no avail.

Are these just isolated incidents in an otherwise rosy picture? The truth will shock you. The implant industry been engaging in the practice of constructing deliberately false studies run by claimed independent researchers, some of whom the industry simply buys and sells.


An outspoken critic of his own profession, Dr Joseph Mercola says studies never cited by implant proponents tell a far different tale. Not an over 90% plus success rate --but 90% failure. How has the industry managed to paint a picture of implant safety that is the polar opposite of the reality.

The big lie has been achieved by a brilliant, multi million dollar public relations coup of enormous proportions. That PR lie has been exposed by media watchdogs such as PR Watch.

They found that among women who got implants for cosmetic reasons, nearly 21% needed a repeat operation. They found that for years, women have been lulled into a false belief, that they had a 95% chance of being rupture free. The contrary is true said the PR Watch report.

Alarming, indisputable evidence was released in October 2000, when the FDA published one of the few objective studies which revealed that 69% of these women had at least one ruptured implant, most without any knowledge of it, in implants over an average of 17 years old. Other studies have revealed an over 90% chance of rupture within 20 years.

An internal memo by manufacturer Dow Corning --uncovered by anti-implant activists from the 1990's-- had this sentence by Dow CEO Dan Hayes: "The issue of cover-up is going well from a long-term perspective."

That cover-up has been orchestrated by the slickest public relations consultancy in the business, Burson-Marsteller. The tactics have been low and dirty. An internal memo by the firm wrote "Women (including celebrities) will be trained and testimony will be written for them to deliver before Congressional committees."

Another internal document describes Burson-Marsteller's grassroots organizing tactics: "Utilize a well-known celebrity who has breast implants for reconstructive purposes to speak out on the benefits of them. Utilize spokespeople drawn from women's cancer support groups in major markets to defend implants by writing letters to the editor, participating in media interviews, and communicating positive messages to women's groups in their regions."

It has been a campaign so slick and so prolonged that not only has the implant industry headed of litigation they once feared would bankrupt them, but, emboldened has had the sheer gall to force the implants back on the market. All hail the mighty PR machine.

Too late, reality has struck thousands of ill and disfigured women who found their cherished breast implants costing them their insurance, their health, their beauty, their vitality, their families, their careers, and possibly their lives. The gel even crosses the placenta to affect the unborn fetus to scar a next generation.

Truth is, implants are a big money earner for plastic surgeons and the manufacturers. Up to almost a quarter of a million women have their breasts enlarged every year -and the total is rising. But even those saline implants are far from safe. In the spring of 2000, when the FDA approved two saline brands, the agency was already sitting on over 50,000 reports of serious adverse reactions from water-filled implants.

After the FDA panel recommendation, shares in implant manufacturer Inamed, soard 23%, driving the closing price to $84, an all-time high. Oppenheimer analyst Juan Noble, said Inamed will now: "be able to start cannibalizing their own saline implants and make more money." Interesting choice of word that: "cannibalizing"

As women implant activists have cautioned cautioned: "Women need to opt out of the consumer society image industry." Don't they just.

This culture has turned them into objects to be consumed by their own egos, lusted after by infantile males and preyed opon by the profit hungry body image industry.

A woman is a person --not a product. Accept yourself, be yourself and for God's sake, take care of yourself. Because the breast implant industry is a parasite on women and is nothing short of pure unadulterated evil.

Our guest, Ilena Rosenthal's

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Some parts of this report are culled from existing implant activist material

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