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New pair 'a dimes

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:35 pm    Post subject: New pair 'a dimes Reply with quote

From a discussion about what to do to fix the monetary system, here is the musing that resulted:

Capitalism, when referring to capital, is the ONLY system that makes sense. A medium of exchange is the necessary linchpin that allows for meaningful and equitable exchange between competing or conjoined parties. Mutual benefits coming in relation to individual effort within the context of a group result. Everything else is a con, based on altruistic fantasies. Those fantasies are exploited to our detriment, constantly dragging us further away from prosperity and ever closer to debt-servitude.

We could start a viral movement to infect the world financial body with a cure for what ails it (and us)?
Getting people in on a means of exchange that is real currency. A way to stop the illness that is our monetary system and replacing it with something fair, just and practical.
Something easy that would make use of the system that already exists and exploit its strengths while eliminating its ability to corrupt and coerce. Along the lines of Personal Autonomy Credit based on the Sovereign.

Use the current system but when a person is born, his "account" is also born, with exactly his portion of the estimated world GDP for his estimated lifetime. Having access to their sovereign wealth allows for them to be cared for and then to take care of whatever activity they encounter during their lifetime.
You have everything when you arrive and you have nothing left when you leave. As it should be.Your contribution to the world GDP adds to the total while you are a part of the whole.

The only need for banks would be to keep track of your state of financial being and your present worth. No need to borrow or to owe, as you use it as you need it. It does away with inherited wealth and the desire to accumulate wealth, as there is no need for it. What you end up with, during the course of your lifetime, is a direct result of your contribution to the total. You leave behind a legacy to humanity in what you made during your stay that enables others to pick up where you left off.

This gives new meaning to the term "human capital". When it is preserved and enhanced, everyone benefits. Accumulated credit stays in your account, for you to use as you see fit, until you die. All then goes back in the pot, as part of the available credit waiting to be divvied up amongst all those to come.
Relative bounty and abundance just mean subsistence and adequacy for all with a pinch left over. That would be the "infinity + 1" answer to the greatest problem and tragedy of our existence.

There is no "limit" to the account, per se. Once you die, the sum total of your "worth" is re-incorporated into the world GDP (fertilizer for further growth). This, effectively, ends the inheritance of (undeserved) wealth and ensures that all players are on a level playing field.
Much as now, supply and demand would create an upward pressure on the value of your goods and services but this is where we differentiate ourselves from the previous zero-sum game of world finances. It all adds up.

Credit rises to provide us with the boost to achieve abundance. Our government can print money to provide for increasing commerce, as needed, without debt. Only the lending of the fractional-reserve banks engenders interest charges that are based on.....that same money. By what right? By the right conferred on them by our government! They generate ever-increasing profits by the miraculous creation of money from nothing, rather than from any reserve (cash or capital) that they are holding.

It is the "love" of money that the Teacher of Righteousness warned about.
The fear of loss is the motivation for what passes for evil in this manifestation.
Our humanity is rooted in our ability to expand, because that is behind our growth as individuals and as a society.
Fear is a contraction of that ability as it placates our insecurity, caused by the resistance to that growth.
Since you start with all that you need, there is no loss to fear and leads to sharing which then leads to caring.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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