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capt w

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 7:39 am    Post subject: coincidence? Reply with quote

recently we have seen the escalating row over cartoons of mohammed

but there were a series of other events also
which if seen in context
are either a bizarre co-incidence
or are organised and pre planned

The Iranian build up...sabre rattling
[continual throughout]

the Texas oil refinery explosion

Pakistan earthquake
Bush SR, Clinton, Cheney
rush to the scene say hi to Bin Ladens

"It's been an amazing experience to see the extent of the devastation," - Cheney said during a visit to a field hospital being run by the U.S. military near the quake's epicenter in the mountainous area 65 miles northwest of the capital Islamabad.

Two Britons Detained in Azerbaijan on Suspicion of Bioterrorism
two men were arrested on Dec. 3 as they were trying to pour a white powder into the water...

The Buncefeild gas plant explosion
[links to MI5 front company]

Blair goes on holiday: to Egypt

Bird flu in Turkey
[birds culled on mass - confusion in a country which
has caused a stir over GM crops & the EU]

The Iranian President call for Isreal to be wiped from map

Predator drone strikes house in Northern Pakistan
killing men women & children at a party
hang on though didn't Pakistan just have an earthquake?
how sensible is it to drop munitions on an earthquake zone?

The Russian Gazprom / Ukraine /Georgia gas supply row
geo political collusion masked as a crisis

This senior MI6 officer Nicholas Langman apparently masterminded the arrest and torture of Pakistani immigrants in Athens by local intelligence agents after the July 7 London bombings. 28 Pakistanis were subject to the operation and were arrested mainly around Petralona, Inofyta and Yannena. The operation was organised due to a phone-call between on of them and a Pakistani in England.

Gordon Brown becomes a daddy: helps the nw labour family image
Blair is still on holiday in Egypt

UK sex education row
During the Jan 2006 education scandal, which saw ministers squirm over their personally signed approvals of known child abusers to work in schools - I have observed a minister, Kim Howells, who stepped forward - held his hands up in a 'bait & switch' tactic - to cover Ruth Kellys fundamentalist NAZI Opus Dei ass & STILL keeps his job in the foreign office...His boss, one Jack Straw, leaps in on his defense too...
is there a link to the rendition program via the foreign office?

The Russian UK spy scandal
rock found to be a transmitter Wi-fi hub
Tabloid TV show films the shenanigans
Putins now totalitarian Russia wants a crackdown on all Non Govermental organisations working in the country - These NGO's range from humanitarian to legal / human rights issues...Many NGO's are believed to be infiltrated and/or sponsored by State actors as a method used in the control of organized dissent...a stunt like this would present Putin with an opportunity to crack down on ALL dissent - especially those NGO's or other groups, which have not been compromised... So if looked at in this context...Blair is actually taking part in a stage-managed political theatre... to ensure bigger profits for the G8 energy cartel

The liberal democrats implode
Kennedy / Oaten / Hughes all exposed
by murdoch media in sex scandal
[all asked questions on rendition in parliament]

31st Jan 2006 - President Vladimir Putin boasted that Russia has BIG SHINY new missiles "Russia has tested missile systems that no one in the world has," Putin said. "These missile systems don't represent a response to a missile defense system, but it doesn't matter to them whether that exists or not. They are hypersonic and capable of changing their flight path."

Chirac also said he will use NUKES, against terrorists...

Angela Merkyl - Bilderberg appointed German leader
call for more virilty in women saying that German culture is in danger of dying out...she then calls for an agenda for Iran

The State of the union address
"...liberty is the future of every nation in the Middle East,
because liberty is the right and hope of all humanity." GW bush

The sinking of the Egyptian ferry
very strange indeed... reminiscent of the Liberty sinking
people were in the water for 12 hours...
western media is way behind on the reporting of this

Bird flu in Iraq
as if they didn't have enough to deal with...

The trial and aquittal of BNP leaders Nick Griffin & Mark Collett

Why do the BNP always seem to turn up at the right time as the distraction the UK Gov needs? Blair needed to push through his draconian religious hatred laws and let the bill get defeated [actually it was ammended]...cock & Bull 'west wing' story is circulating even though MP's are already under survelliance by the Blair Junta ...The Wilson doctrine is a sham law...as we know the UK Gov spied on the UN & Sinn Fein to get its way -

So will Blair use these Religious/BNP Psyops try and bring in the original draft anyway? er...yep! as well as pressuring MPs not to vote against the UK Anti-Terror laws - "Charles Clarke said last week's Commons defeat watering down the Government's religious hatred legislation could in future be exploited by groups like the far right British National Party. And he said that any weakening of the terror laws could similarly be exploited by other groups."
Odd timing? Same day as the BNP trial -

Theo Van Goghs killer presented religious defence in new trial - Bouyeri said he carried out Van Gogh's 2004 murder alone because he believed The film-maker had insulted Islam in his film criticising the treatment of Muslim women.

An unmanned spacesuit is tossed out of the international space station to float through space, talking to radio operators around the globe
traditionally called ivan ivanovich [as a jon doe]
we see in Russian literature that Gogol wrote of an Ivan Ivanovich

It is a tale about how Ivan Ivanovich accused Ivan Nikiforovich of demagogy, and Ivan Nikiforovich accused Ivan Ivanovich of the same thing: "You are a demagogue," said Ivan Ivanovich to Ivan Nikiforovich, "because you are In office and you are using it to enhance your own influence and your own power, while at the same time pretending to serve the national interests of the population."

Ivanovich character was a chassidic Jew...
are they tossing an effergy of a Jew out of a spaceship?

The cartoon furore
Neocons NATO Bilderbergers everywhere
planted Islamic agent provocatuers
Hizb-ut-Tahrir [muslim brotherhood]
hand written signs calling for beheading etc
straight out of Blairs election perception
management handbook
previously A Task force of prominent Muslim individuals and organizations was set up by the British Home Office aimed at combating Islamic extremism

Professor Tariq Ramadan was included
as advisor to UK Home secretary Charles Clarke...Ramadan, is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, founder, in 1928, of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic revival movement that spread from Egypt throughout the Arab world
They have had serious ties to the NAZIS

NATO meeting
Expansion into NW Afghanistan
[Iran] & talks with Isreal, Morroco & Algeria
[the latter 2 have been implicated in Rendition]


Bird flu in Africa
yet more economic warfare
Nigeria is an OIL rich nation
only last year we saw Africa mooted as
the G8 target...now we see the results


Terror attack foiled
Bush makes a boo boo
or does he?

Bush Reveals New Details of Purported 2002 Attack Plot

In Washington, President Bush discussed a purported attack on the United States that the White House has claimed it helped prevent. President Bush said: "We now know that in October 2001, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the September the 11th attacks, had already set in motion a plan to have terrorist operatives hijack an airplane using shoe bombs to breach the cockpit door and fly the plane into the tallest building on the West Coast. We believe the intended target was Liberty Tower in Los Angeles, California. Rather than use Arab hijackers as he had on September 11, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed sought out young men from Southeast Asia whom he believed would not arouse as much suspicion."

White House aides later corrected the President,
saying the intended target was not

the Liberty Tower

but the Library Tower.

It has since been renamed the US Bank Tower.

Even the BBC news 24 notices that one!
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