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PC and the FA

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:43 pm    Post subject: PC and the FA Reply with quote

Do we class professional footballers in the 1% or England managers?
This question will become pertinent later.

Our society has been multicultural for as long as anyone can remember and the ratio between different nationals is reflected amongst the football divisions. After all this time certain players are alleged to have used racial abuse and the victim has taken it to heart. Has PC become more pronounced or have the players become more nationalistic?

This is the second time John Terry has been punished and this second time he has been taken out the lineup for captaincy of the England side.
A defender at Chelsea. A defender in the England squad. Bobby Moore, defender for England in 1966. One ingredient for success in the next World Cup which may not have gone unnoticed by the media and football fans.

For years I've had the theory that for 4 years in and four years out there has been a conspiracy to sabotage our performance at the World Cup.
These nest eggs paid to the England coaches are not an insentive to get us through to the games that matter but encourgement to sabotage the England game.

This is one area where pay should be matched to performance but like bonus schemes today, rewards seem to be paid as an insentive to fail [as part of the psyop to anger and suppress the public].
Those who are put in charge of the choice and performance of the England squad are paid no matter what.

The so called punishment metered out to John Terry is supposed to do what? Ruin our chances at the next World Cup? Too dramatic, you ask?
Well, that's indeed what the effect might be.

Football enthusiastics I speak to are too straight to imagine there is a conspiracy of this nature and they blame those out on the pitch. Well, who puts them in their positions and who takes players just before a penalty shoot out and who does not take players off when the game shows no sign of lifting itself and who sets the formula of the play?

The Brits hang out their Saint George Cross flag or the Union Jack for a few days at the beginning of the tournament and that is about the few days, every four years, when we get nationalistic.

They don't want long term signs of it emerging here. Another 1966 is not what they want.

I would not put money on it but the next World Cup will almost certainly be the same as those in the past. We will be blaming the players for not playing as a team, blaming the formula used in our game and for missed penalties and will be blaming a players or players. We never look past that level to the person responsible for playing the teams or managing it. He will get his reward no matter what.

Will anyone begin to think a [four year] pattern is emerging and that lessons have not been learned from past experience and in fact you, if you know your football and know the players, could have fielded a better team than the guy who got the m.
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Joined: 10 Aug 2011
Posts: 435
Location: Kent

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not everyone has lost their minds in this wave of racism trials.
Apparently, MP's have called upon Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to fast-track John Terry's trial before the Euro 2012 championship in June. One of the MP's is former defence minister John Spellar. "In the interests of the country" and to delay would hit the morale of the England football team.

I still find it amazing how anyone in this day and age would dream of bringing charges against any racist alleged abuse on the pitch. Adult grown men should be able to deal with it or forget it. Does it show superiority of a person who can utilize the law in their favour.

The fuss that has been made in this case should reflect the punishment if found guilty [the decision of which shouldn't take long but probably will be costly to the taxpayer] but I understand it will only be a fine of a few hundred pounds. This means the whole thing is a joke not just a part of it.
A wedge to divide us. How strange it is, in a multicultural society we need such laws that divide us rather than unite us.
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