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John the Baptist was [is] the true Messiah

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:59 pm    Post subject: John the Baptist was [is] the true Messiah Reply with quote

This idea I stumbled upon while looking into Masonic rites, the references are gone, so useless to ask, CONsider it science-friction if you like.
0ther parts are my own ideas built on some Masonic secrets being blown.

God Incarnate was John.
There are 2 Johns
2 Yashuas
2 Marys
2 James'
2 Herods
and a few other Facebook doubles in this bible story.
In fact it goes much deeper/wider/higher ...

Back to John the B. who Herod's daughter had a thing for, but he didnít like her or what she stood for [lazy whore] ... She demanded his head on a platter and it was agreed that [a Facebook look-alike operation] be employed because Herod LOVED John and had to devise a method of concealing his survival. John's powers were far beyond what the bible attributes to Jesus. A [Facebook] look-alike was found and the execution executed. The bitch was [un]happy that she got her spoiled brat way and went on with her pathetic life, as John was spirited away to an island of Greece where he would continue to instruct the 'elect' and write the template for earth's future for the next zodiacal age [over 200 yrs] ending in nuclear apocalypse.

Patmos was a place known for mystical pursuits and psychotropic initiation
and there John wrote the bible code called the New Testament, a trick witch would confound scholars for the next 2 millennium.
In Hebrew vowels arenít written so nobody know-ticed that Yashua [Yeshua/Yeshuwah] was Joshua as "Y" = "J" in Hebrew [there is no "J"] ... Joshua was the warlord who Moses referred to when he said "My commander [lord] is a man of war" ... part of the bible code is that PASTOR/SHEPARD means MILITARY COMMANDER as Abraham's army made Pharaoh tremble when he saw 200,000 troops enter peacefully into Egypt.

Jesus Christ [the REAL Messiah] is a warlord too; all the clues are there [in the bible] he will lead the world into Armageddon, bringing America/Israel/Britain head to head with Russia/Iran/Muslims and China.

The 2 Marys {merry/marry/Mary = Miriamís} are one as well as are the 2 James' and other doubles presented in the code. John didnít have a mother or a father other than God by whom he was genetically engineered and placed on earth as was Moses in the raft. John descended exactly where Elijah ascended a clue to show this man didnít die [as Jesus said].

The masons whoreship Mary/Inanna/Isis/Diana who represents Sirius, they are goddess worshippers. This ought to be somewhat evident from the relations you see between then and their wives [Bill Clinton and Monica Jewisnsky the honey pot plant] notice how when Hillary gives a speech she doesnít read it [no notes/script].

John/Elijah/Enoch has run this planet for several thousand years.
Single-handedly with an iron rod and Nazi-like determination, and with an intelligence beyond earthy capacity.
The insiders knew that John was the one from the beginning and a mason source told me this years ago.

Many texts claim that Orion is the male God and Isis the female, that the sun is Male and moon female, but Ive seen older texts that reverse this idea, sun is female and Sirius male.

John is a genetic creation from the sky and his mate waits on earth for the seed. Note that the genetic line for Jesus is traced through Joseph who didnít copulate with Miriam and her Sister Elizabeth is the real score.
2 Queens named Elizabeth in England a word that means Land of Angel/Anglo ... Note the words "Whore" & "Virgin" [Virgo] through the bible ... note how the tress of life and knowledge were separated by the Hebrew Rabbinic scribes [one tree in Sumerian] note how Facebook is an NSA operation to find doubles/look-alikes for VIPs [presidents/bankers/intel directors] ... this is one verrry old story.
Thousands and thousands of years old, as is the internet, space-travel, nuclear technology, and all other things considered "recent inventions".

All orchestrated by one man. John. In secret communion with ''the elect''.
Those who protect his mate[s] on earth, worshipping the goddess.

The bible is the most paradoxical text on earth. It was designed that way to create mental division, confusion, conflict, war, destruction, and with excellent results. The math codes in it have dumbfounded the wisest men.
[NOT 137 BS but codes so complex that no scientist has yet determined all these codes, involving calculus, astronomy, genetics, geometry, and most known sciences] ... 137 is in the first page of genesis, further in are codes consisting of [at least] 30 letters and hundreds of interlinked numbers. I doubt that any man has ever decoded them all ... like mapping galactic precession backwards it takes a computer to do so and the codes could not have been incorporated into a story which is known to be at least partly true without a supercomputer [metatronics] to do so.
Imp confident the NSA is still trying.

The revelation of Messiah come on the day the earth is destroyed ... unless all men stop trying to take control from God and return to Faith, so says revelation. The Terrible plagues and destruction are ONLY for those who DONT repent acknowledging John's [sole] authority as universal king and casting their [chakra] crowns of knowledge before him. This alone will prevent the final extermination of all life on earth, according to the prophesy [for all to read] in revelation [written by John].

Totally science friction ...

7 h e 7 r u t h 4 u t h o r - 1 9 7 4
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Joined: 01 Jan 2012
Posts: 106
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

so Jesus JEW ZEUS was later incorporated by Rome as the zodiacal sun avatar ... adopted from the hundreds that came before, John's message had no opportunity for the rabbinical caste or the royal caste to make money, expand power/influence, or even maintain their earthly realm.

Hence [in their minds] a new dialogue had to be invented ... scrambling to hold onto what was already lost simply by John having come to earth.

Repeating old astrological mythos relating to precession had to be substituted for Messiah's true message.

A JEW Zeus with 12 apostles would do...

John had about 400 disciples at Jordan where he taught magic to his adept
creating a new power-elite from outcast nobodys ... a power reversal
and a template to conquer Rome the real target of his campaign.

Jerusalem had already fallen as would Rome very soon, little the power elite could do to stop plans that excluded them from a future they werenít included in.

British and Germanic peoples were decided as the next power-houses John would use to continue and finish his complete conquest of the earth.

Non of the kabalistic science formulas are truth, the very physics of nature changes constantly, teaching these alleged secret codes keep the power lustful hungry for more secrets, but it is information from dimensions in the lowest realms of being.

Creating by pure consciousness in dimensions where templates canít be decoded before they are obsolete is the cutting edge of godís realm.
Anything that can be taught by external communication is a lie to pure creation ... satanism is all about the biggest liar being believed to create a ''group reality'' [group lie] in 'witch' faith [in the lie/liar] becomes the glue of the ''co-creation'' ...

7 h e 7 r u t h 4 u t h o r - 1 9 7 4
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Joined: 01 Jan 2012
Posts: 106
Location: 7he he4RT

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

the idea that SHEPARD means MILITARY commander isnt my own
it was decoded by some bible historians who placed the exodus of moses at the time of the hyksos and of santorini's exp[losion ...
abrahams army was said to be armed with most advanced weapons which caused pharaoh to virtually surrender [invite him as friend] anraham gave sarah his wife as a gesture of accepting friendship and an alliance ... abraham was an advanced mathematician/astronomer who brought the knowledge of certain astronomical equations to egypt
his army was sufficent to reduce egypt to a remnant which any neighbor like ethiopia could easliy conquer, pharaoh couldnt take the risk ...

when messiah returns if the world doesnt bow to his sole authority
the world will be consumed by nuclear fire ... as it now is, by fukushima's irradiation, which by prophesy will kill 1/3rd of all life on earth, and this is only the beginning ... messiah is just warming up, to those who reject his sole patent on all knowledge/power/authority ...

creation is a miracle, a gift to be accepted in huminlity and thanksgiving ...
science [kabalah] has attempted since its inception to disect/decode the creation in order to replicate/mutate it ... and as with all things disecting [any living thing] causes death ... John is god's agent of conquest to bring all to god, alive as elijah ascended alive.
an event called rapture by bible scholars a greek word meaning abduction.

to be taken.

other thoughts include john the baptist day and fathers day being summer solstice ... again suggesting a connection between god the father, john, and the sun avatar [jesus/messiah] ...

the most realistic depiction of what john's camp was like was in the last temptation of christ written by a russian, the scence shows literally a 'rainbow gathering' type event of lost souls in orgiastic confusion and calamity

7 h e 7 r u t h 4 u t h o r - 1 9 7 4
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