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9/11 Deja Vu : The Audios. The Analysis.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent analysis, as always.

And now, if I may (cracking knuckles) present my own "next level"...... let's go to the next logical (possible) step (in my alleged mind).

What if... just what if..... what if the whole "New World Order" meme is itself a misdirection? The whole global government picture. The big plan, the big scam, the big political direction. These Wall Street dudes, and these international bankers who have been bilking the primary economies of the world out of hundreds of trillions of dollars..... do they really need a world government to continue this practice? Does it even matter if there are 200+ governments pretending to run things or 1 global entity pretending to run things? One world government certainly would present a lot of endless busy work for the skeptics, wouldn't it?

A big part of the 9/11 mysticism the Truthers have been mesmerized by is the numerology. Poppy Bush announcing on Sept 11th, 1990 - 11 years to the day - that he envisioned a "New World Order." Poppy Bush?? That was perhaps an error on his part? A bit of "tribute" paid out to an entity which is better off left in the darkness to ply it's plan? Poppy was given a pass for that little bit of TMI? Gordon Brown?? How many other "reliable" politicians have used the phrase in the years since Poppy's "declaration of allegiance"?

It's all about labels. Confusing, mystifying labels.

"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi Fintan,

good show

one other 'diversion' is that it that wall street itself was attacked so to most people , wall street were the victims which eliminated them as suspects

Birth is the first example of " thinking outside the box"
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Big Boss

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Whoa, a new 9/11 Audio. All in its right time Smile. I haven't listened yet but thanks Fintan, surely can't wait. Rump that is an analysis worthy of consideration, especially with the power in numbers given to the mass populace. I truly forgot that Sr's announcement was on 9/11/90. That is very interesting in itself, but I must keep my eye on the ball all the while.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks to all, especially Fintan and Kathy.

The SE Asian shows goes on:


Please join in the debate.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah the diversion called complexity, where has it been mentioned before? Something about keeping it simple, yeah that was me. I've said it until I'm blue in the face.

Fintan I like the analogy with one exception: A pillow and shotgun require more than one person Wink Yeah I know, I shouldn't drift too far from the intent, surely not many know why shotguns are important when it comes to ballistics! Wink Some of us do!

Anyway I must mention a fascinating thing that happened last night on Fox during the Hannity ( sic ) WTF EVER~~Can't stand the phuck, stumbled on it by total accident~~ during the end of a commercial break they were running old re-racked tape of New York City as a backdrop just prior to getting back to the guests and the show. I was ready to continue my surfing of channels when I was frozen by the TWINS in the background of the screen. Yes there they were in full view, Towers 1 and 2 as if nothing had ever happened.

Why you may ask? Fox News you may wonder: Laughing DID Anyone who watches that bullshit of a show SEE IT? Am I the only one who notices these things?

My take is one of a short list: It's either in your face ( we did it get over it ) or " THIS IS ONLY A TEST " " It's 10 O'clock: Do you know where your kids are?"

I see this more and more as times passes, bolder, more arrogant, more careless, only these people are anything but careless!

SO what gives? What was/is really behind those NOT SO NEWLY RELEASED ABC foia requested 9-11 photos? Wink

Despite the obvious connections, Wall Street just seems too easy a Mark for me. Far too many people involved to make that the ( real case for ) an underlying MO.

Martha Stewart didn't go to jail for insider trading: ( ASK ANYONE WHY SHE DID ) That's what they'll say! She went to jail for LYING to the FEDS.

So few people understand Wall Street that it's the number one reason why so many people get away with fraud. I guess you could cover 9-11 with a Wall Street angle, but then you'd be left with explaining the Military's MO.

Don't get me wrong I agree with much of the piece, it's just that this brings far far too many tangibles into the mix.

Bill Maher ( sic ) another POS. Was comparing the Austin Texas IRS thing to the fall out from 9-11 in regard to his " STATEMENT OF BRAVERY " that he mentioned way back then: Are these the ONLY kinds of clowns WHO are qualified to suggest or speak about 9-11 on National TV?

Said the Guys intentions fall flat due to him acting on his thoughts instead of taking a different approach Laughing Laughing CALLED HIM A WING -NUT or something similar. I see these tools are still painting the entire landscape with the same old fucking brush! ENOUGH I SAY!

By now it should be clear to anyone serious about 9-11 that it's going to take someone getting their face shoved in before any real traction is gained.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:47 am    Post subject: Look over there!...Where? Reply with quote

All good "magicians" use misdirection as a means of selling the illusion.

As more people are raising their hackles at the financial sector, it is time to re-kindle the flames of anxiety and fear concerning 9-11....what else?

Indeed, 1 or 1 million governments, as Rothschild said about controlling the money supply......one bureaucrat or another its all the same sleight of hand. While they are making us pay attention to the latest "crisis", the pick-pockets are emptying our bank accounts, not always slowly but most definitely surely.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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Joined: 11 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Btw, I didn't mean to infer that I believe "there is no NWO." There certainly is, and it's in full swing. Just like saying that "9/11 was a financial coup, and the Iraq War is not the prime directive" doesn't mean there is no war in Iraq. The willing participants all get their cottage industry spoils as the scam continues unabated. I just tend to believe now that it's yet another magician's assistant to watch keenly as the sleight of hand deceptions are manifested by the trickster, and perhaps the one with the biggest tits and the shortest skirt.

Nor does saying "the Wall Street Boys were behind it" imply there was a secretive meeting on Wall St in the late 90's, where the plans were drawn up by the heads of the financial houses. The stock market dudes are the applicators of the financial maneuvers made by the real banker powers of the globe - Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Dupont, etc. That is one belief I held before I arrived here of which I have not yet let go - that the international bankers essentially run most of the show, independent of the alleged governments of the "nations" in which they reside.

It could be said, therefore, that the "Wall St Boys" are the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. So, in that sense, my understanding has now come full circle, except that I have a better understanding of the grid, and finally a clearer picture of the deceptions involved, their implications, and some of the silly misdirections under which I myself labored for the past 9 years.

And I have the kick-ass 9/11 DVD and printed material collection to prove it. Let's also not forget that multi-million $ cottage industry as well. Confused

As far as "complexity", I think this instead actually simplifies the scam. Misdirection, period. Have all the 9/11 truth you want - argue about collapses, holograms, missing planes, missiles, stolen oil, thermite, etc. Go nuts, tear it up, you'll find nothing. Dead end. I'm also now forced to recall the very few websites where the phrase "building 7 is the key" was one of the site's platforms of investigation, in the formative years of the Movement. I believe it was roughly none, aside from the occasional post on a forum from one of the millions of soon-to-be-derailed, devout truth seekers who, like myself, really and truly just wanted to know the truth.

If I may quote Firesign Theatre once again, "Now, seekers, don't feel alone here in the new age, because remember... there's a seeker born every minute." Cool

p.s. Btw Hombre... if I sneak into your house while you're sleeping, all I need is a pillow and a gun. No help necessary. Please don't make me have to prove this again. Laughing

And speaking of Maher - Bill's 2 largest moments regarding 9/11 were (a) when he got fired for his "bravery" comment, and (b) when he physically threw a guy out of his TV studio for yelling "Hey Bill, what about building 7?" Food for thought. Carrot and stick are the entertainment industry's longest used, and most effective control devices.

"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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Joined: 24 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:35 am    Post subject: 'We are mercenaries, not monsters...' Reply with quote

Post Structure

1 Introduction- Not how but why...

2 Back to Basics- strategic rather than operational

3 'The animals went in 2 by 2...'

4 'It's the economy stupid!'

5 Conclusion- Back in the day.

1 Introduction- Not how but why?

Thanks once again Fintan for the continuing research on this issue. Zooming out from it all is an exercise which cannot be done often enough, as I have had to do, after being disappointed by the second Lisbon Treaty referendum in Ireland. Sad

Perhaps the being suckered into a dead end is a necessary part of the learning curve. What better way to understand a mistake than to make it? 'We fall, so that we can learn to pick ourselves up again', as Alfred says to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins.

Once again I am brought back to that nugget of universal truth from the film JFK, which I used back in 2006.

X (chuckles) That's the real question, isn't it - "Why?" - the "how" is just "scenery" for the suckers... Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, Mafia, it keeps people guessing like a parlor game, but it prevents them from asking the most important question - Why? Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up?...

For the best part of 9 years, too many people have been suckered into the scenery, which has been painted for them. This has put the focus on the operation and therefore the technical and forensic aspects of the case. Too much has been assumed and taken for granted about the masterplan.

2 Back to Basics- strategic rather than operational

After the Wall Street Boys audio, I went on Google Earth and started at Ground Zero (an appropriate metaphor methinks). Looking at it from a bird's eye view, the following simple but too often-overlooked aspects of the crime emerge.

Target- The World TRADE Centre

Location- Lower Manhattan, right next to WALL STREET, New York, the FINANCIAL CAPITAL of the United States of America.

Most significant hard intel within target- WTC Building 7, housing sensitive FINANCIAL records.

The target was the World TRADE Centre, once more time with feeling folks; TRADE centre.
Third time lucky people; World T-R-A-D-E Centre. That's better, at last. Very Happy

Does this sound like a political target? No. Does it strike you as being a military target? Hell no!
Therefore, the operation has ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL objectives, interests and backers.

So why the focus on WAR, TERRORISM and it's ancillary spin-offs? Time for some Hollywood folks...

3 'The animals went in 2 by 2...'

'We are mercenaries, not monsters'.

Thus spake Jeremy Irons' character Simon Gruber in the 1995 film 'Die Hard with a Vengeance'. The film begins with some mindless bombings of New York City, including the subway and eventually the city's schools. Like in the 'Left Luggage Key' mystery, the police are set on a wild goose chase around the city, trying to locate bombs that are in fact filled with blueberry syrup.

(The film, by the way, references the WTC twice, once when Jeremy Irons poses as a City Crisis Manager (I think called Thompson) who handled the 1993 WTC bombing and the second time they are framed in a shot of Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson cycling to the next supposed target).

The misdirection of the bombings distracts the investigative authorities from the real target- The Federal Reserve Bank of New York on Wall Street and the $140 billion of gold bullion inside. The heist also deceives some of it's Rote Armee Fraktion adherents, who think the gold will be destroyed rather than profited from.

Nice operation isn't it? Make it look like an act of terror, cloaked under an IDEOLOGICAL banner, whereas the motive is simply MONETARY. Wink

Sound familiar? One wonders bemusedly whether any of the perpetrators of 911 have ever chuckled at the other line uttered by Jeremy Irons in that allegorical film-

'Today, we are an army without a country. Tomorrow we must decide, which country we want to buy!'

Kind of appropriate that one isn't? Kind reader, I will let you fill in the blanks and imagine which character would have thought something similar as events unfolded that fateful day.

4 'It's the economy stupid!'

Let this become OUR mantra BFNers. You see the thing about financial crime is that it leaves lots of nice stuff like raw data and statistics lying around. None of your tenuous personal connections and cell-like structures. No. No connecting dots, just putting 2 and 2 together.

What these latest audios have done is finally swept aside the ideological, political and military smokescreens surrounding 911 and come down to the language that everyone understands and agrees on- MONEY. And money talks.

What is needed now is a timeline of the economic wave-based events before and after 2001, with specific focus on the generational build-up to today's DEBT SLAVERY.

Just to throw out some possible examples; Arrow
The ribbon is cut on the WTC on April 4th 1973, just before the real estate implosion over the course of the following year. Was the Oil Crisis a distraction from this? Question
The complex is destroyed just in time for the 2002-2007 Real Estate Bubble.
The 911 attacks destroy sensitive records on the malpractices of the preceding tech bubble.
The subsequent imperial wars provide convenient sideshows from the main event of the real war on the taxpayer.
'Who cares about the roof over your head, look at those fuel prices!'

Please add more.

5 Conclusion- Back in the day.

Innocent as I was back then, initial reaction and coverage is still crucial. Bin Laden struck me as a Houdini-like ubiquitous Dr. Moriarty character, impossible to track down and catch.
Then there was the rumour about the attacks being an anti-globalisation act. One round of dialectical ping-pong later and the collapse of dualism shows this to be true, once you remove the 'anti'.
Moving from motive to opportunity, the 1999 Battle for Seattle would have fixed minds into deciding on a target date for the attacks. At this point it was important to demoralise and split the anti-globalisation movement, using the 2000 presidential election.
With the election in the bag , the first opportunity was a date between the orchestrated August 2001 'Silly Season' of George W. Bush. This would setup a useful time-consuming sub-plot about ignored intelligence and 'foreknowledge'.

Then to sandwich the event between this and the annual U.N. Summit in NEW YORK later in September is exquisite timing. This sets up the Global rollout of the War on Terror etc. etc.

I have never been one for minutiae, which I why I stay away from forensic debates. For me the collapse of the Twin Towers simply provide the 'Towering Inferno' element to the event, the disaster-movie iconography for the history books. Broader geopolitical considerations interest me more, I think now it will become geostrategic.

This raises questions about Silberman saying they made the decision to 'pull' Building 7. You don't make a decision about destroying the SEC on the day, do you? Na, you just rig it with explosives the week before and demolish it, having established it as the primary target years in advance. Therefore the destruction of the Twin Towers is purely symbolic and sets up the meme of an attack upon the US and the West, while providing endless and pointless investigative fodder for the Conspiratocracy. In fact, the towers collapsing at all might even have been a bonus windfall event, who knows? Question Investigating how the planes flew at a given trajectory is a side issue, once you establish why and how Building 7 was destroyed.

Much more instructive is how what was lost in Building 7 set up the camouflage for the busting of the Baby Boom Bubble as Fintan has pointed out, a generation hit by equity loss twice; once when they bought their houses in the early 70s and again when they were about to put their kids through college 1989-1991. Then hit them again when they are about to retire and maybe help their kids onto the property ladder in the 'noughties' . Now we have a demographic imbalance with lots of retirees, as the younger generations struggle to support them. Mad

To conclude, the investigation and indictment of the perpretrators must be coupled with an economic backlash from ordinary people, involving extrication from the debt-based economic system. First in this transformation must be the realisation that true monetary is freedom from debt, not material 'possessions'. With low interest rates, they are still not aware of this. Only higher interest rates will make them realise how cheaply they have lived and that equity only exists on paper, only can be realised if you have a market to sell it to and can be erased with the stroke of a pen.

And last of all, go after the financial mercenaries, not the ideological monsters. Exclamation


'Essayons de ne pas rire avant la fin d'Hamlet'-'Let us try not to laugh before the end of Hamlet'- Pierre Desproges.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think a few questions are in order and I don't mean for any of them to be offensive in any form, just basic everyday garden variety questions. We should start from the very beginning with a clean slate and employ all of the things we've supposedly learned along the way.

I'll go on with Building 7 and leave those Towers for later:

Other than what was reported, the things said/told to have been stored in that building, who among us knows for sure? Who knows that without doubt that there were SEC FILES ( INCRIMINATING FILES ) stored in the building? Maybe they were already removed!

Who was being investigated? Why? Who or WHAT would gain from their destruction? Surely all of us can reason that that tactic would indeed leave a bread crumb trail linked directly to the suspect with the crumbs being as large as New York taxi cabs. That flies in the face of the latest audio! Could that just have been plain dumb luck that it collapsed and just so happened to house evidence of unsavory conduct amongst Blue Blood CEO's, CFO's COO's and Board Chairmen????

It would be a huge mistake to imagine a collapse, as a result of collateral damage mind you, that was so picture perfect in scope that ANYONE could dismiss it as a par for the course event. Only idiots would even attempt to explain it. Is that why it was omitted from any initial official report? BUT ISN'T THAT EXACTLY HOW THE STORY WAS EVENTUALLY SPUN? Could that be why it wasn't destroyed until late in the day when most people were already 9-11ed out?

I mean there's dumb, and then there's DUMBER!

What if 7 never collapsed, imploded, was pulled, or just didn't cooperate?
What would WE be talking about NOW?

The city of New York, at Mayor Rudy's request, had spent several million dollars on the security Bunker, only Rudy fled ASAP. Why did he do that? Didn't he trust the workmanship, or did he know something he's yet to divulge?

Now the attack itself: Lets get real, I mean really real. I have an illustration that hopefully will cast a bright light on one often overlooked aspect to the attack itself. Yes it's overlooked, even here at BFN, hardly ever put in proper context. I'll do that for you now.

Every summer a local town has a 4th of July River festival, usually an air show, and most often Blue Angels or similar fighter jets.

The last group flew out of Pensacola Fla, Naval Airbase. They make the trip a distance of some ( 600 miles ) in approx: 45-50 minutes time.

So the obvious question is: How is it possible for the plane that supposedly hit the pentagon to be able to fly undetected for up to 45-50 minutes with tons of bases located less than 100 miles away? My contention is, always has been, and always will be that it's because it wasn't a commercial aircraft of any sort. That's what makes things like: We didn't see it, we didn't expect it, we couldn't track it properly, we were unable to identify it, we couldn't get air born in time:>> even remotely POSSIBLE TO SELL.

It should be a massive insult to each and every person investigating or researching that aspect of 9-11 to HAVE TO BE FORCED to swallow any official account in this regard. No fucking way possible because these jets have radar, they can see the blips. How in the hell do you think they train for intercept, a decent pair of Ray Bans and a cheap walkie talkie? Laughing Laughing

By now it should be clear that an obvious LIE has been set in motion as a means of controlling the situation as a whole, but they were unable to control everything. Was that by design? Were those things reported on and then buried on purpose as a means of planting a basis for argument or debate that could then be tweaked as more and more people began to question the events? Something to cast a bit of doubt or confusion?

EXAMPLE: Shanksville: Crash or shoot down? What happened to that enormous fireball? You know the ones visible in NY City. Why was it absent in Shanksville? Why just a mere puff of smoke akin to a mini mushroom cloud? The Piper Cub in Austin made a bigger splash then a craft 10 times it's size did in Pennsylvania.

9-11 was without doubt a very sophisticated Military Op. So who was their client on that day>? Was it in fact Wall Street, or a few Elements from within capable of hiring a Multi billion dollar Machine to level the Trade Center? Why would they shut down their own center of operation on purpose for 4 days?

In line with that: Is Wall Street and the current Manipulation a result of 9-11, or was 9-11 a result of Wall Street agendas?

I say the former because I know that there are those on Wall Street who are masters at using World events for specific gain/profit by taking advantage of the crisis and exploiting any trends that result from them.

I am of the opinion that some of that Administration did know and did craft 9-11, Wall Street just found out what was coming and acted accordingly.

Last question: How long was this Operation in the making, and when did the Boys on the Street first get wind of it?

Just because someone has a Brother who works underground for Peabody and learns of a (yet to be reported explosion and fire in one of their mines, trapping several workers ) and acts accordingly by shorting as much BTU as he can afford, doesn't necessarily make him a criminal. Probably looked at merely as an opportunists, or just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Could that be SIMILAR to what Wall Streets out is/was? Wink

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice post Neil.

Let's also try to read some more tea laves. Perhaps all the talk the past few years about how al-Qaeda are sharpening their ability to wage "cyber-terror" (from satellite hookups in their new caves) has an critical purpose. Perhaps no towers need fall/implode/disintegrate/blow-up next time a major financial coup has taken place and needs to be swept under a large rug.

It'll all be done digitally, as will all heists from now on. The "Terrists" will infiltrate a system, track all of it's backup trunk lines, and destroy "all records of everything." "How could we possibly have seen this coming??!!"

I dunno, maybe that CIA memo entitled, "Bin Laden's Daughter Poised to Launch Cyber Attack on US Computer Systems on Anniversary of Dad's Earlier Victory" that was ignored by both All-Civil-Liberties-Suspended-State-Of-Emergency Permanently Reigning Emperor Hillary and the new Dept of Homeland Security Chief, Chelsey Clinton. Those silly Democrat bitches.

"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hombre wrote:
Other than what was reported, the things said/told to have been stored in that building, who among us knows for sure? Who knows that without doubt that there were SEC FILES ( INCRIMINATING FILES ) stored in the building? Maybe they were already removed!

Yes, I agree, to a degree. I don't think it's plausible to assume that the records were destroyed the moment the building collapsed. That's too sketchy. You don't collapse a 47 story building and just hope everything you need to go away is destroyed. (Any more than you try to pull off 4 simultaneous hijackings with amateur first-time terrorists and just hope they all succeed). Hard drives can be amazingly resilient, from structural stress, fire and some water.

I can almost guarantee that - from the moment the first plane struck Tower 1, and the whole city was gasping in soon-to-be-incrementally-increased 'shock and awe' - that there were a handful of guys running around those offices, removing hard drives, maybe even hacking shit up with axes. The purging began at that moment. No one would question data collection, if seen - it would look like people were preserving records - in fact, perhaps some of them involved in the job thought that they were doing just that. All they had to do was collect the info for "the boss" overseeing it that morning. We can be most certain there were 'emergency procedure' drills done previously, as to where to go, what to grab, etc., for when "they" strike.

That is why Rudy evacuated the one place that was designed to be used in the event of a terrorist attack. He had to get the bulk of his people out of there while the purging was being done.

Once the data was safely in the hands of the dudes running that part of the op, then the building had to come down to cover up the removal. Then, the misdirection stories begin - "hero" Rudy bravely shuns bunker, chooses to be nearer to Ground Zero, the alleged "hard drive purgings" in the twin towers, the "gold theft" story underneath, etc.

"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow. Thank you BFN for being ahead of the curve and intelligent as always.
Thank you for being in general.

I know plenty of intelligent, "educated" people from
all different political perspectives and age groups that
question 9/11. They always fall into the same trap as the Cops in 'Left Luggage Key',
to go with whatever is sexy, mysterious clues left behind by the killer.

The perps of 9/11 put up quite a few brick walls.
Fintan explained some of the classic examples in the audio.
I expect thermitematewhatever to be next on the list, they're doing donuts in overdrive as it is.
I expect Bldg 7 explosive research to hit a wall as well.
Even back when I bought into the idea of explosives in WTC 1&2, something was fishy about the presentation of 7.
Like "wink wink you're not supposed to see this, but maybe
you should take a look".

I figure that the shitty little thing burned for half a waking day
and was rather shredded up. From a psychowarfare perspective,
perhaps as it became obvious that the thing was going to fall
they decided to make up another luggage and key.

Every single 9/11T site on the internet is still drowning
in detail and/or fruitloops after all these years running
in circles and hitting walls
...except this one.
Thanks again for existing guys and gals. What's going on here is huge.
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