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Read First -- Posting Guidelines

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 7:51 pm    Post subject: Read First -- Posting Guidelines Reply with quote

Welcome to the Investigation section, where we examine specific
issues that have been raised in relation to the 9/11 attacks.

I would emphasize that this is just the preliminary investigation. We
are not looking for masses of detail at this point. More a question of
looking for basic facts, argument, weighing of evidence and the opinions
of forum members.

This preliminary stage is like a police investigation which can lead to a
conviction at a later point.

In a police investigation, you have the 'story' told by the participants.

This is equivalent to the 'official story' of 9/11. But as a cop, you first
job is to overview all this --spot the holes in the stories-- and reach your
own working assumptions of what actually happened.

That's the stage we are at. This preliminary investigation is akin to the
police investigation stage - not the courtroom stage.

If you find, as I do that the evidence of an inside job is overwhelming,
then you begin by making assumptions. On that basis, police
investigators gather evidence, examine alibis and even obtain search
warrants based on reasonable investigatory assumptions.

It's another days work to rigorously present what may only be a subset
of the full investigation --as a provable conclusion-- either beyond
reasonable doubt, or on the preponderance of the evidence.


So at this stage, we are looking at the official story, and the holes in it.
But we are also trying to figure out to our own satisfaction --as a police
investigation would-- what actually happened on 9/11.

So, we kick it around, we examine different possibilities, and we reach
preliminary conclusions. Then we can examine our own conclusions and
refine them with a firm basis of evidence for another report.

Some overview topics and already been set up for general discussions
around issues like Building 7 or the Pentagon:

WTC Building 7 - Overview

But we will also have many specific topics which examine one issue.

WTC South Tower - Wrong Tower Fell First

By breaking the Investigation into individual claims we can go in greater
depth into issues as time goes on. If you have ideas of specific topics of
investigation, then suggest one or more topics HERE.

We are also planning to add a '9/11 Analysis' section, in the next week
which will allow us to discuss the geopolitical & political context, the
historical issues (i.e. PNAC), and people's analysis of what actually
happened on the day, etc..

That should compliment this mostly issue-specific Investigation section.


If you have external lists, articles photos, etc., then include the
information in the actual post --rather than just reference it externally.
Include the link anyway, but external links may go down.

You can also insert photos in posts --we can handle the bandwidth issues
(just keep photos below 300k max).

To include a photo, paste the photo link, then highlight it
and click the Img button to surround the link with image tags.

As things stand, your photo will appear in the page --but will not be
uploaded to BreakForNews. Until we get a way to store photos online.

Bear in mind that if you have an opinion on issues raised, but you
don't have the links --you should post your opinion anyway.
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