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The Death of the US Union Movement, and Lower Middle Class

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:30 pm    Post subject: The Death of the US Union Movement, and Lower Middle Class Reply with quote

The last nail in the coffin of the American union movement is being enacted before our eyes, and depends on the vote in the US senate regarding the miniscule [comparatively speaking ] 15 billion dollar bailout for the auto giants: GM, and Chrysler, Ford may not need any money.

This is the culmination of the NWO’s thirty year plot to destroy unions in the US. It has succeeded in spades, as one of the US union movement’s most powerful unions, the UAW, is on its knees. After all this bailout stuff ends we will see the death of this union.

Why destroy Unions?

Because they are a relatively independent power base of the lower middle class, and the NWO doesn’t want ANYTHING independent as we go into the era of neo-serfdom

There are no longer any powerful manufacturing unions in America, and any left over, such as the minors union, or steel workers union will not be far behind the UAW in their demise. These old time unions are dying out not only through the direct assault on unions, led by the southern union busters of the Republican Party, but through [more important] the demise of the manufacturing base in the United States. This two hand assault is also assisted by the slave laborers coming into the US, primarily from Mexico - this phenomenon is strike three for the lower middle class in America. [This is the reason why George NWO Bush supported the last immigration bill, on orders from the NWO slave masters, who have put all the black and Hispanic citizens in jail over drugs, where there are few to mow the lawns of the rich and raise their bratty kids ].

This is all this so-called economic trouble is about worldwide, to finally destroy the lower middle classes and middle class’s access to institutions that assist them in attaining any degree of economic freedom.

The only middle class people who will be left must be doctors, lawyers, some salesman, engineers, graphic artists, entertainers, or professional sportsman, and computer network specialists, as for the lower middle classes, you will likely have to work at the nearest Burger King, or if you are lucky the post office!


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