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Harmony Mathematics
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 11:12 am    Post subject: The Natural Resonance Revolution Reply with quote

The Natural Resonance Revolution

Most importantly this ratio theory demonstrates the equal-temperment (i.e. logarithmic of base 10) of Number as magnitude for imperial force — as an extension of Harmonic Resonance of complimentary opposite amplitude were 2:3 and 3:4 equal yin and yang (or the 1-4-5 Blues bended-note push-pull torsion of ecstasy). 2:3 is the Fifth interval and Five chord and 3:4 is the fourth interval or Four Chord that must be bent in Blues to achieve the true Natural Resonance power against Freemasonic mind control.

At first the 12 × 30 = 360 system proved extremely useful in ancient Sumeria and even way back in the beginning of monculture, rectilinear plow agriculture in 9,000 B.C.E. Armenia (which had a 36 letter gematria alphabet) because the second way of construction was used — simply an average of the two natural numbers 4:5. As music professor Ernest McClain writes in his book “The Myth of Invariance” and his online essays on the ratio 4:5 and the Lunar calendar — the Gods of the ancient world WERE ratios and the 60 number system enabled a means to standardize the 1:2:3:4:5 ratios since all are factors of 60. The God of the ratio 4:5 was the Lunar God — Sin — in ancient Sumeria and considered the most important because 5 was the middle of the 10 number system but five was also the highest prime factor of 60.

What most be remembered is that the prime number series is predicted by the Harmonic Tetrad series (1:2:3:4) and yet as a mathematical proof, the Riemann Hypothesis, is considered “a conspiracy of nature and number, atom and arithmetic” (macro quantum chaos professor Steve Strogatz).

So the second way of proving this Freemasonic catapult solution to expand the Solar Dynasty empire to offset crowd diseases (Archytas “doubled the cube” to stop plagues sent by Gods, just as “squaring the circle” was a 3,000 B.C. Brahman altar sacrfice solution to increase Chariot technology against the crowd disease plagues sent by the Gods).

When Archytas “doubled the cube” he closed off the Harmonic Series since the ratio 4:5 approximates the cube root of two (from a 10 number base) — demonstrating that the “Just Tuning” Major Third interval adopted at the start of Humanism in the Renaissance has its original solution through the equal-tempered geometric mean for doubling catapult power!

So again the “pure science” of Plato — his supposed stance against applied science — is hogwash since he worshipped Geometry (as all good Freemasons do) and he was saved by Archytas. Plato’s cosmology of social engineering — Timaeus — is the equal-tempered containment of the Harmonic Series as three-dimensional space-time.

This is why the main job of Plato and Aristotle was to attack the Pythagoroean Matrifocal Shamans of Parmenides, Empedocles, Heraclitus and other pre-Socratics.

Cambridge philosopher Dr. Peter Kingsley has proved that Aristotle and Plato consciously lied — i.e. they spread DISINFORMATION as a CONSPIRACY (unjust containment of an infinite spiral of consciousness that twists the right-hand torque of the Sun calendar against the left-hand, right-brain torque of the Water-Moon ecology resonance) about the truth of natural resonance that leads to the Unified Field theory of sound-current nondualism just now being rediscovered by Raymond Chiao at Berkeley.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 11:24 am    Post subject: Polarities as Pluckable Tensed Strings Reply with quote

Polarities as Pluckable Tensed Strings

One approach to modelling "hypercomprehension" might be through the dynamics of vibrating strings fundamental to the harmonics of many musical instruments.

The dynamics of vibrating strings fundamental to the harmonics of many musical instruments was first explored in western culture by Pythagoras (ca 500 BC). He observed that two plucked strings sounded pleasant together when their lengths were in the proportion of two small integers. The scientific basis of these observations for music theory was later established by Hermann von Helmholtz (On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music, 1863). Efforts are now made to model such phenomena through computational simulations of plucked-string instruments as an extension of physical modelling of musical instruments and model-based sound synthesis (cf M. Karjalainen, et al Plucked-string models: from Karplus-Strong algorithm to digital waveguides and beyond, 1998). The Karplus-Strong algorithm is a physical method of string synthesis that simulates the sound of a hammered or plucked string or some types of percussion.

The plucked string has been significantly used as a metaphor in different contexts (cf Drew W. Hempel, Epicenters of Justice: music theory, sound-current nondualism and radical ecology, 2000). Such a string could be understood as exemplifying a cognitive polarity. This then suggests the possibility of significance associated with particular intermediate positions between the polar extremes -- despite the logical law of excluded middle, known otherwise as the principle of tertium non datur. The suggestion also reframes discussion relating to fuzzy logic.

Strings, standing waves and harmonics

How do we make musical sounds? To make a sound, we need something that vibrates. If we want to make musical notes you usually need the vibration to have an almost constant frequency: that means stable pitch. We also want a frequency that can be easily controlled by the player. In electronic instruments this is done with electric circuits or with clocks and memories. In non-electronic instruments, the stable, controlled vibration is produced by a standing wave. Here we discuss the way strings work. This is also a good introduction for studying wind instruments, because vibrating strings are easier to visualise than the vibration of the air in wind instruments. Both are less complicated than the vibrations of the bars and skins of the percussion family

Vibration, Music and the Basic Truths of Reality

The same Harmonic (father, children, grandchildren) subdivisioning that happens in musical notes and chords happens in any situation where vibrational events are intersecting, including atomic vibration. The wave interactions and phase cancellations that happen in a musical chord are the very same ones that govern

• ways which molecules will bond or repel,
• which waves on the ocean will pass through others, and
• what gravitational orbits the planets fall into - among other things.

When a vibration or wave reflects off of something, such as another wave, it can interfere with its own reflection. The interference is alternately constructive or destructive as the two waves move past each other. This creates a standing wave. Only waves with certain frequencies can create standing waves. This is because the distance from one node to the next must always be some fraction of the total length (one half, one third, etc.).

All objects have a frequency or set of frequencies with which they naturally resonate when struck, plucked, strummed or somehow disturbed. Each of the natural frequencies at which an object vibrates is associated with a standing wave pattern. When an object is forced into resonance vibrations at one of its natural frequencies, it vibrates in a manner such that a standing wave is formed within the object. So the natural frequencies of an object are merely the harmonic frequencies at which standing wave patterns are established within the object.

These standing wave patterns represent the lowest energy vibrational modes of the object or complex system. While there are countless way by which an object can vibrate (each associated with a specific frequency), objects favor only a few specific modes or patterns of vibrating. The favored modes (patterns) of vibration are those which result in the highest amplitude vibrations with the least input of energy.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 11:36 am    Post subject: The Tao Bums Reply with quote


Ok here's the deal -- and someone also PM'd me about this today so this is my reply. The goal is to return extra energy back to FEMALE FORMLESS AWARENESS -- what's called "empty awareness" in Ch'an or "emptiness" in Taoism or "pure consciousness" in Advaita Vedanta.

Why is it FEMALE? -- because reality is based on complementary opposites with yang as electromagnetic energy or 2:3 harmonic ratio and yin as electrochemical energy or 3:4 harmonic ratio and the emptiness awareness is the source of the ratio harmonic 1:2 -- the 2 being the first material reflection of the female formless awareness and the 1 being the first electromagnetic or self-aware reflection of the female formless awareness.

The reason I describe all this because I was having an excellent conversation today with a buddy of mine who does AKIDO and reads ZEN Books -- as I sit in full-lotus next to him he's projecting all the lower emotions: anger, sadness, fear. I soak those lower emotions up and then transduce them -- WHILE IN FULL-LOTUS -- through the heart and then shoot them out of the pineal gland into females (and him as well) as ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY.

So we chatted about the Batman movie and about philosophy of life and politics, etc. I told him that all the Bushmen females REQUIRE that the males become healers because the secret is:


He said -- you mean sexually? I said "yes." Then he got REALLY angry. I laughed it off. He was angry at the Bushmen females for insisting that the males have staying power.

So the conversation went on -- about his hard-knocks in the love realm, etc. -- and meanwhile I keep transducing his energy and shooting it into the females around me. Staying Power. haha.

The essential concept he could not grasp is that it is CONSCIOUSNESS which enables the creation of electromagnetic and electrochemical energy -- and CONSCIOUSNESS is what enables healing and CONSCIOUSNESS is what exorcises the lower emotions into love-light.

The male does not want to admit that consciousness, the source of reality, is female. The male WANTS to define reality by left-brain dominance (using symmetry) -- by words in the head and by right-hand dominance -- tools used as bad substitutes for staying power. Both these realms of modern reality still cut off both females and males from resonating into consciousness.

The problem with Kundalini is that the "extra energy" gets stuck in the head creating "zen craziness" etc. -- but once the pineal gland gets opened up then this extra energy is just sucked up by females BECAUSE of the complementary opposite resonance of consciousness.

Sickness is just EXTRA ENERGY in the body which is NOT HARMONIZED. Consciousness is what guides the energy but the yang electromagnetic energy is what makes us aware of consciousness.

If the male wants to increase his electromagnetic energy then he needs to store his yin electrochemical energy up and this is done by transducing the electrochemical energy into electromagnetic energy and then storing it in the lower tan tien.

Storing the energy and building it up is best done when in solitude. The other option is just to keep on cycling the energy -- so that the extra electromagnetic energy is sucked up by females.

Yes this energy exchange is done EXACTLY through the vagus nerve. I do this all the time and have done so for the last year and a half.

I can sit in full-lotus as long as I want AS LONG AS THE ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY IS SUCKED UP BY FEMALES -- thereby creating a mutual climax. What this mutual climax does is transduce the other lower emotions (fear, anger, worry, sadness) into love-light. So I also suck up the female electochemical lust energy.

The most important thing about the vagus nerve is that it works through the PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM but the male activates the STRESS SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM when he ejaculates. I've corresponded with Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky about this as he's an expert on the subject, author of "The Trouble with Testosterone" and "Why Zebras Get Ulcers."

OK so when we take in chloresterol into the body it can be turned into either testosterone (which is the basis for BOTH the male and female climax) OR into cortisol. The testosterone is used by the parasympathetic nervous system but the cortisol is used by the stress sympathetic nervous system. Modern society is based on addiction to the sympathetic nervous system so that the fight-flight dynamic is a constant with coffee driving the fear and alcohol driving the fight.

After enough mutual climaxes through the parasympathetic nervous system -- say 20 climaxes -- then all the stress stored in the neck and shoulders is released (and it's AMAZING how much tension gets built up on those areas). Even after 10 mutual climaxes then a peaceful bliss is created -- which is our NATURAL state of existence. It's the true Garden of Eden.

So the male sucks up the female electrochemical energy and the female sucks up the male electromagnetic energy -- but amazingly modern people do not even realize the SOURCE of what causes females to be attracted to males.

The male needs to learn how to send out or shoot out the electromagnetic energy and can do this ONLY by first building up his own electrochemical energy and turning it into electromagnetic energy. So the Bushmen (90% of human history, where 90% of the males were healers) had a strict celibacy training -- the males could only consummate their marriage after 3 years of living with the females' family and providing meat for her parents.

Also the Bushmen males do a week long water fast with celibacy and then return to the females, providing them with meat and then dancing 10 hours all night long for the mutual climaxes which build up into !XIA -- the trance healing light or shen -- shot into the females -- just like a laser.

So it's important to realize that electrochemical energy is just as good as food for providing nutrition -- anger, fear, sadness, lust, worry -- this is all just "extra" energy that can be turned into electromagnetic energy and used for healing. The lust is the life-force of the body and is what powers the healing system to create the love-light -- the internal climaxes of the vagus nerve.

All day long my adam's apple is pulsating as I sit in full-lotus, flex my pineal gland and cause my vagus nerve along the right side of my neck to transduce the electrochemical energy in my lower body, sucked up from the electrochemical energy outside of my body. I then focus my pineal gland -- usually using my eyes -- into the energy centers of females -- the yoni is preferable -- but visual contact is not necessary. The vagus nerve then pulsates at a faster rate as the female adjusts herself to better suck up the orgasmic love-light energy. As the energy is shot out of the pineal gland the pressure of the full-lotus pushes up the lower body energy and this gets transduced through the heart and pineal gland.

So lets say you become really angry or afraid or worried or sad -- all you need to do is sit in full-lotus, and have that energy get SUCKED OUT OF YOUR HEAD as electromagnetic energy created by the pineal gland-heart connection.

This energy exchange goes through walls and floors -- and is focused as far as the eye can see. I can take in and sense a person's anger (my liver gets hot) or sadness (the lungs) from as far as a block away -- or even further. The more the electromagnetic energy is built-up the more precognition happens, telepathy, long-distance healing, telekinesis, etc. So the CHI (a combination of consciousness-electrochemical-electromagnetic energy) is some sort of ionized plasma vortex.

The most important thing is that CONSCIOUSNESS enables all this to happen -- we can never know what consciousness is since it's what we already are -- but consciousness is true harmony, thereby guiding us to answer all our secret desires. So you just practice the full-lotus harmonics (1:2:3:4 as a tetrahedron) and you'll get messages from the future and you'll get your problems solved -- through constant euphoria -- the vagus nerve transduction of electrochemical energy into electromagetic energy which goes back to consciousness.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 1:31 pm    Post subject: Music Metaphysics Reply with quote


Sofeggio – 528 Hz

Solfeggio Arpeggio 396 417 528 639 741 852 963

Sofeggio - all Frequencies

18 Solfeggio Tone Arrangement

Music Metaphysics

The current selection of books contains The Origin of Understanding which is designed to be the introduction or primer into Natural Resonance; The Origin of Color Theory which is designed to focus on the color perspective of harmonic language; and The Origin of Ancient Knowledge which is designed to take the reader much deeper into the origins of the universe and provide the foundation spiritual perspective of harmonic energy. Many more books are on the way. In addition to a new series of books focusing on spiritual equations and their applications, we expect to see many harmonic language translations of ancient books such as: the Book of Concealed Mysteries of the Kaballa, the Tao Te Ching, Theogeny, Timeaus, Popul Vuh, The Akkadian Creation Story, and more.

Musical Tone Organization as Particle/Atomic Energy Organization

There is one fundamental system of energy organization that is defined by the basic harmonic properties of electromagnetic waves1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. These basic properties define sub-particle organization resulting in the particles, and particle organization resulting in the elements, as well as all other natural energy systems. The natural system of musical tone organization is such a system and thus should correspond to particle and atomic organization. The basic process is to identify the relativity of tone relationships and then compare the hierarchy of relativity to the hierarchy of energy positions defined in the particles and atoms.

Color Theory

Color is the natural language of light waves, and color perception is one of our fundamental means of sensing the universe. As such, it is one of the fundamental languages of the universe. The key to discovering the origin and meaning of the language of color lies in the totality of our perception, as the ancient cultures well knew. They approached the issue of knowledge differently than we do today. They assumed that all experience, all sensation, and all existence were based on the same fundamental order, and then they set out to discover what that order was. It turned out that what they were really seeking was a language, a natural language of meaning and order that the universe uses to communicate at all levels.

Metaphysics of Numbers

Thus we learn that there are only 12 numbers in the universe, and 12 colors, and 12 tones, and according to the ancients 12 demi-gods, or 12 energy centers, or 12 spiritual energy centers that control destinies (such as the astrological signs). Now, we can clearly identify the multiples of 3 by their exact numbers, namely 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, but the numbers quickly get very large and become meaningless. Thus a new technique was adapted to view the numbers in a different way. We simply count them as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. But it must be understood that these 12 numbers have no direct relationship to the counting numbers. Their meaning can only be understood in the context of the spiritual/physical circle of the universe. Of course we discover that we have another problem. There is the species circle orientation and the harmonic circle orientation. The harmonic orientation counts the numbers this way: 1, 8, 3, 10, 5, 12, 7, 2, 9, 4, 11, 6.

The Music of the Spheres

The atomic neutron is composed of various spheres called atomic alpha waves (helium atoms) and other variations of the atomic alpha wave. The atomic alpha wave is composed of 4 protons in various spins which define 4 fundamental musical keys. In this particular example the dominant key is yellow Major or the equivalent E Major (more accurately called E Overtone Major)

Astrology and Chakras

Now the reason that we bring up the nature of the proton is that the proton is a singular being or '1'. It subdivides itself into what are called the 3 quarks, 2 of which are perceived as key. The proton is harmonically divided into a perceived half and an unperceived half. The perceived half defines the 7 stable energy centers of musical key, and the unperceived half contains the 5 unstable non-key energy centers. This system is the core of the chakra system. In order to better understand it, we need to better understand the construction of the proton. We represent the proton as a circle of energy when in fact it is a spiral. The 7 key positions represent interlocking male and female energy centers, and the 5 non-key positions represent 5 male positions at one end of the spiral and 5 female positions at the other end.


These are followed by the age of light (heaven), Middle Earth (earth wave formation), and then what is called "the world of man" (adamic or atomic age). The world of man contains all previous systems or ages within itself, and contains what might be called the final spiritual order prior to the next energy phase or epoch.


The knowledge of energy/spirit is captured from origin to conclusion within harmonic language which describes both the story of development and the structures built within the story. It is the knowledge of harmony, of life at all levels. It is the knowledge said by the ancients to be the path to god, or, depending on your point of view, the path of creation.

Unfortunately, modern interpretations of the Kaballa do not contain energy details because modern interpreters lack the pure harmonic knowledge from which the Kaballa was built.

In fact, our observations suggest that such knowledge has not been available for at least 1600 years, if not 2400 years. We know that Plato had it, and there are suggestions that certain elements within the gnostic community had it, and we don't know the last date of knowledge within the Jewish priesthood.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 5:01 pm    Post subject: Gravity and Anti-gravity Explained Reply with quote


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:39 pm    Post subject: Superspectrum Blues Reply with quote

Superspectrum Blues

One thing that is notable about the Fortean "window areas" are a high degree of geomagnetic disturbance. The same EM fields causing the disturbances in electronic hardware may also be disrupting the 'wetware' of the brain. Nonetheless, some EM phenomena generated in these zones - in particular the so-called "Earthlights" - are very physical and real. The very odd behavior of some Will-O-Wisps/Spook Lights/Ball Lightning has suggested to Vincent Gaddis and others that these may be forms of intelligence, "electro-animals," with purposive behavior. One simplistic explanation of the Fortean occurences in these areas is that contact with these EM entities produces hallucinations, and causes the person to see whatever his belief system is likely to accept - a flying saucer, a hairy ape, a ghost, an angel, a talking tree, or whatever. An alternative explanation, advanced by Paul Devereux, is that these energy-balls are subject to psychokinetic molding, into whatever we want to see.

John Keel notes that in most UFO sightings, what is first seen is a bright light - which is then followed by the outlines of a structure. UFOs may be nothing more than just superspectrum entities: the fact that they often change coloration - from red to indigo to vanishing altogether - suggests to Keel that they are specters transitting through, and then leaving, our visible-light spectrum. Some of the UFO's flagrant violations of the laws of physics - in particular, angular momentum - do suggest it is not a physical object. The physical effects of the UFO - stalling cars, strange electronic signals on radios and phones, 'eyeburn' and CNS effects - suggest that it has a powerful EM field associated with it, if it is not itself an "EM entity." John Michell concludes that the propensity of UFOs to follow Aime Michel's straight lines - and the ley lines connecting ancient monuments - may be due to their geomagnetic origin, i.e. they are part of the World Grid.

But UFOs may be more than just generated by the earth, like Earthquake Lights (EQLs) - they may simply be more able to visit our part of the superspectrum during times of abnormal EM activity in these "window zones." The gateway between our territory and their "Borderland" may be open during those times. Many other kinds of apparitions seem to follow the UFO pattern - during ghost sightings, many people claim to see tiny balls of light, then the ghostly outline of someone they know.

Keel noted that during the wave of "Mothman" sightings in West Virginia, many witnesses claimed to see only two points of light at first, which then resolved into the smoldering eyes of the winged beastie. Many Sasquatch sighters report him to be surrounded by an eerie, shifting glow. During reported cases of UFO paralysis or missing time, Keel also observed, the victim often reported being hit by a bright beam of light. Keel connects this to the phenomenon of illumination - like the beam that zapped the Jewish tentmaker, Saul, and turned him into a prophet.... many of the UFO witnesses so 'zapped' experience paranormal healing, increases of intelligence or psychic ability, and begin receiving telepathic transmissions (from the superspectrum?)

One definite paranormal mystery that many investigators have noted is that some of our shortwave radio channels appear to be broadcasting some truly strange things - for example, the repetition of certain numbers over and over in Spanish. It is possible that some of these things are intelligence exercises - forms of CIA covert communications, etc. - but some of the recorded transmissions are definitely too bizarre for even this explanation. In the movie Poltergeist there is a memorable scene where out of the 'white noise' of a UHF television channel emerges the arm of one of the entities. The suggestion is that through the upper reaches of the EM spectrum - i.e. the Superspectrum - the entities, normally outside our perceptual reach, may be able to communicate. Keel notes cases of paranormal voices and strange electronic signals coming forth from TVs, police radios (turned off!), telephones, and computers, and surmises a hypothesis. Are these signals posthypnotic activators for 'sleepers' who have been 'programmed' to see or do certain things? (Aren't we all sleepers....?)

Perhaps the human brain 'tunes in' to certain bandwidths, picking up the transmissions of the "Great Phonograph in the Sky," stuck in its weird prophetic/apocalyptic/mythopoetic grooves? It might be the case, as Keel notes, that there are 'low frequency' as well as 'high frequency' messengers, and we might be careful in considering who our contactees are 'beaming' for us. Perhaps the electromagnetic structure of the 'etheric' body - i.e. the purported 'Kirlian aura' - has special receptors for different types of transmission; might this be what the Hindus identify as chakras , the radar dishes for kundalini ? If the brain is, as Ken Wilber and Itzhak Bentov suggest, a frequency analyzer, might not under certain duresses (the "Nagual's blow" for "summoning attention," etc.) suddenly open to a wider bandwidth than normal? The exploration of the electromagnetic basis of life and consciousness has but just begun, and it is a terra incognita bound to contain a host of suprises. Who knows what we might be able to see in those rare Superspectral 'windows'?

Many of the UFO entities claim to come from "another time and another light." This may be a garbled way of explaining that they exist beyond the known (or knowable) EM spectrum. Paranormal entities often insist themselves that their form is not fixed and that they appear as they choose to be seen. Carlos Castenada always maintained that the 'allies' normally appeared as balls of light when one was seeing them as they were, but that a bright luminous egg or cocoon was also the true form of human beings. The fairies were said to be opalescent and to give off bright light ('faerie fire') when dancing at night. Certainly many ghost or apparition sightings initially appear as moving balls of light, which when stared at seem to take on the misty outlines of some sort of human form. In many cases, paranormal investigators utilize infrared or ultraviolet detection systems, which often reveal the otherwise 'invisible' activity behind poltergeist and "bedroom invader" attacks to be similar energy formations. The nonmateriality and insubstantiality of some paranormal entities may be due to the fact that they are not in fact "flesh and blood" at all but essentially electromagnetic in nature.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:43 pm    Post subject: SELF-PREPARATION FOR THE AUGUST ECLIPSE Reply with quote


During the latter half of the 19th century, several inventors (besides Tesla) discovered various methods for the harnessing of aetheric energy while John Keeley was demonstrating his anti-gravity craft to the US army and operating his implosion motor, Nathan Stubblefield was tapping into the planetary energy grid in order to provide electric lighting and heating for his home.

The Illuminati maintains its dominance over humanity through the control of wealth, energy and most importantly, suppression of knowledge. If the discoveries of Keeley, Stubblefield, Tesla and other inventors had not been suppressed by the Illuminati, the world would have commercialized over-unity (free energy) devices and transmutation technology in the 19th century.

The discoveries of these inventors necessitated that in order to maintain control the Illuminati would have to withhold the true nature of aetheric energy from free-thinking members of the public. This was accomplished through the creation of the New Age movement, with the intent of steering free-thinkers into a quagmire of disinformation. In order to maintain a low public profile, the Illuminati directs the activities of public organizations it wishes to covertly control, from behind the scenes.

As "The Biggest Secret" detailed, Jesus Christ never existed. According to this present writer's research, the expense incurred in maintaining its empire prompted Rome to seek a lucrative new revenue source. At that time, gold mined in Ireland was fashioned into jewelry in England, then marketed throughout the Celtic commonwealth; this gold trade was under the control of druids headquartered in England. Through the simple ploy of creating a composite deity from the myths of Esus, Mithra and Tammuz, etc. (Esus being a member of the Celtic Holy Trinity and the son of a wood-associated god) it was easy for Rome to supplant the Celtic religion with Christianity, usurping the druidic control of the gold market in the process.

In the interest of good scholarship, we must address the problem of why, if Christ never existed, do people undergoing mystical altered states of consciousness, e.g. near-death experiences, perceive a being claiming to be Christ?

The answer is to be found in an UFO-related phenomenon which has been ignored by the UFO community. The subject of mystical and UFO-related abduction phenomena is far more complex than the typical writer or lecturer on such matters would have us believe. A major point invariably ignored by such ill-informed persons is that a major component of such phenomena is the presence of a powerful electromagnetic field.

The nature of the phenomena depends upon whether or not the electromagnetic field which initiates the event is either powerful, or weak and non-turbulent. In either case, the electromagnetic field is sufficiently strong as to modify the percipient's brain chemistry. How the resultant phenomenon is perceived is largely dependent upon the changes in the percipient's neural chemistry. These changes in brain chemistry have been intensively researched for mind-control purposes.

Specific electromagnetic frequencies and wavelengths stimulate the production of various hallucinatory-associated chemicals, a-g. pinoline and can result in anomalous activity and perceptual changes through neuronal kindling in specific regions of the brain, such as the temporal lobes.

Perceptual effects noted in purported alien abduction cases are missing time, clicking or buzzing sounds, sexual stimulation or sulphurous odor. These phenomena are typical results arising from contact with intense electromagnetic fields, and are caused by neurochemical changes in the following regions of the brain.

Missing time: caused by electromagnetic stimulation of the reticular portion of the mid-brain at frequencies between 100 and 1500 hertz

Buzzing noise or sulphurous odor: internally-produced in the limbic region of the brain.

Clicking: known as the Page Effect, it is due to changes in magnetic flux.

Sexual feelings: induced in the septal region of the brain by electromagnetic frequencies of 30 - 40 Hertz.

Hallucinations: In 1930, Professor Cazamalli discovered that electromagnetic frequencies of 500 Megahertz induced hallucinatory phenomena.

Electroanfsthesia: occurs when the brain is subjected to external frequencies between 100 - 1500 Hertz. Some victims maintain the same frozen postures during missing time periods, indicative that their brain neurotransmitters sustained an electrical overload, resulting in a temporary muscular immobilization known as akinesia.
Such an electromagnetic-induced mystical experience results in a cathartic modification of one's mental and physical processes, such as chemical hypersensitivity, heightened E.S.P. and adjustments in spiritual values.

The above phenomena usually occurs if a person is situated in an electromagnetic 'hotspot' caused by an electromagnetic field temporarily generated by a seismic disturbance (piezoelectricity) or reflected energy from a microwave transmitters in addition to the above naturally-occurring phenomena, humanity is also subjected to visitations by creatures that Carl Jung termed Psychoidal Energies. These are apparently intelligent beings of pure energy who co-exist with us on the earth plane. Their atomic structure appears to function at extremely high frequency rates, thus normally rendering them invisible to us.

These archetypal beings appear to be able to lower their frequency rates, thus enabling them to intrude into our realm of physical reality at periods when the earth's geomagnetic field is in a relatively-quiescent state. During the day, the solar wind, consisting of electrically-charged particles, creates a great deal of electromagnetic turbulence as it interacts with the earth's magnetic field. At night, however, the field becomes relatively stable, which helps to explain why "abduction' events are most prevalent after dark. The earth's geomagnetic field is most stable during solar or lunar eclipses - a period when most ethnic tribes hold their most important ceremonies, presumably to facilitate the physical materialization of archetypes, for communication with the tribal shaman.

When such an entity materializes, the magnetite crystals in the percipient's brain orient to the biofield of the entity, resulting in an alteration of ionic flow in the percipient's brain. This modifies the output of neurotransmitters, causing the percipient to experience temporal lobe lability, which induces an altered state of consciousness. As the entity materializes, its electromagnetic field interacts with the Meissner biofield (aura) of the percipient, thus enabling the entity to extract information from the percipient's mind and adopt any physical form which is acceptable to the unconcious mind of the percipient. Thus, archetypal entities have appeared as fairies or elves to peasants, as the Madonna, Christ or angels to Christians, and most recently as extraterrestrials: in short, archetypal entities assume a physical material form which is in compliance with the cultural idiosyncrasies of the percipients, presumably the reason why few extraterrestrials were encountered in previous centuries.

During a typical encounter, the biofields of archetype and percipient merge, enabling both to phase in and out of our physical world into what we term the spirit or astral world. Native American shamans have warned that there are two types of such entities: highly-evolved spiritual beings and a deceptive type - the latter deluding the percipient by providing false information. Such entities have exerted a profound psychological effect upon their victims, and have altered the course of history by fomenting wars and changing the nature of religion.

In addition to the planetary ley-line network of energy grids known as the Hartmann Net and the Curry grid, there is also a widespread network of aetheric energy grids which meander threadlike across the countryside in a seemingly random manner. This latter network imparts a subtle, but difterent aetheric energy essence to each geographical region, depending upon the geologic structure of the ground. This in turn influences the biofield of all life forms in each region, providing it with unique characteristics. Unfortunately, our railroad tracks and power lines are good conductors of aetheric energy and therefore upset the natural aetheric balance of our biosphere, by aetherically linking individual geographical regions together.
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Aetheric Coronal Elements, Part 1
The Solar Furnace

I have been spelling aether with an "a" because of an acronym I have been using for two decades, ACE, for Aetheric Coronal Elements. I was taught about cosmic fire and dimensional energy transfer thirty-four years ago, but recognition of the energy principles took time to sink through the blinders university education placed on the spiritual senses and intelligence.

The solar corona is the source of the light and heat we need but how the energy is generated is a mystery.

In esoteric lore the sun derives its power from the sun behind the sun which in turn draws power from the center of the galaxy and the galaxy draws power from the heart of our local universe. The source of all power is also in the higher dimensions. Power is transferred through a dimensional network into the physical universe.

What I saw in the summer of 1986 was that there were aetheric elements in the fourth dimension relaying power of the fifth dimension into the third dimension. It is similar to another dimensional transfer through the ferromagnetic elements of iron, cobalt and nickel. In the case if iron, a physical element, a steady flow of magnetic energy is always available. The magnetic power is fourth dimensional magnetics and it balances third dimensional electrical potential. Iron in a dynamo is tapping into fourth dimensional power sources in order to generate electromotive force. Power equations only show third dimensional results as the fourth dimension is accepted as a given. There are orgone elements in the corona transferring power into the third dimension. The corona is a spherical energy portal, from and to, the fifth dimension. There are nuclear fires in the sun but they are an effect of dimensional energy transfers. Nuclear fusion is not the cause of sunlight.

Aetheric Coronal Elements, Part 2
Coronal Mass Ejections

The glowing fourth dimensional elements were hot. The same orgone which is two million degrees in the corona of the sun would have still been generating much heat inside the atmosphere of earth. The melting of the rocks indicates thousands of degrees maybe tens of thousands of degrees.

ACE has an affinity to both metals and water. Gold veins would have been conduits pulling the hot orgone away from the surface and deep underground. Likewise underground streams would have attracted ACE and then boiled. Surface streams and lakes would have boiled dry. Only the oceans would have been large enough to absorb and dilute the ACE.

Aetheric Coronal Elements smelt and concentrate ore bodies on the surface and underground. There are lead-zinc mines were the metals are highly concentrated. There are whole mountain ranges where iron ores are over half iron. In these cases the lighter atoms were driven off by intense heat.

Geodes are created by small pieces of ACE. Temperatures remained in the thousands of degrees within the geode long enough to melt the silicates. Then some of the ACE escaped and the temperatures cooled allowing crystal formation. The smallest crystals are in the outer shell and the largest are towards the middle. As ACE is highly magnetic (a magnetic fourth dimensional plasma), it is subject to variations in the planetary magnetic field and this contributes to the vagabond like movements of the "hot ghost" underground.

In the air pieces of ACE have been called "ball lightning" and "swamp gas". ACE is sometimes seen in the mouth of a volcano at the time of an eruption. There are photos and paintings of volcanoes with luminous gas clouds above their craters. As the ACE energy is intense enough to ionize pyroclastic bombs exploding out of the volcano, electro-gravity levitation does arise and the lava flies off without being pulled back to earth by gravity.

Many UFOs use ACE for propulsion. It is handy in creating the ionized field needed for levitation as well as powering all the secondary systems. A few ounces of ACE replaces tons of fuel. Actually no fuel tanks are needed.

In balancing the heat of the earth internally and on the surface the deva kingdoms are masters at handling ACE. It is possible to end an ice age in less than a decade with proper application of ACE. If the planet is running too hot it is possible to return ACE to the corona of the sun. There are higher agencies who can perform this service. If the sun cools slightly it is possible for it to provide ACE to all the planets and their elementals to keep things warm when the sun is cool.

Fire elementals thrive in ACE. Earth elementals can use ACE as a tool to fashion beautiful crystals. Water elementals use ACE to kick start ocean currents and redistribute warm waters into the polar regions. Air elementals can use ACE to create any weather they want. With enough ACE they can expertly balance all eco-systems and eliminate all extreme weather. At this time there is little ACE on the earth as those in power would misuse it. The elementals are working with alternate energy inputs.

Aetheric Coronal Elements, Part 3
Hidden in Plain Sight

Such are the blinders placed on the scientific community that higher dimensional inputs are not recognized for what they are. Every day a million mile diameter sphere rises above the horizon heating and lighting the earth and few ask from whence the energy is really coming. Recent discoveries regarding a lack of solar neutrinos discredits the fusion theory which has been the "approved" explanation for nearly seventy years. Not enough fusion energy is being produced inside the sun to heat Mercury to life supporting levels. Earth would be a ball of ice if it relied on hydrogen becoming helium.

The multidimensional Creation was written into the Vedas over five thousand years ago. Genesis in the Bible does not specifically describe multidimensional Creation but it does define Creation by Fiat which is part and parcel of how everything was put into motion. Jewish mystical books go into the angelic hierarchies and implicit to the understanding of the listings of angelic names, is acceptance of a living aetheric structure supporting physical life.

In following the path to higher intelligence, higher energy is rediscovered. Energy pathways are the inputs that support life itself. They are the pathways that fill the heart with love.

In Zero Point Energy there is an assumption that the source of orgone energy is subatomic, even smaller than ten to the minus thirty-third centimeters. Such research has gone nowhere for decades and will continue to go nowhere in any future research. The source of the power of the universe is in an atom that is the size of a solar system five dimensions higher than our own. Each higher dimension is larger than the preceding. The atoms of each higher dimension are larger than the preceding. The atom supplying power to this universe is a ghost of a ghost of a ghost of a ghost of a ghost. There is power in the microcosms because there is great power in the macrocosms. Look up, not down, for the source of power.

Free Energy is not free. Energy is freely given to all of Creation. But it is not free. In order to work with higher dimensional energy, responsibility must be accepted. Those in rebellion to source have cut off their supply of energy. They have a mere thread of energy remaining. Without that small input they would be no more. Such souls are parasitic on others. If they stopped rebelling and accepted responsibility for their life they would quickly realize the folly of their ways.

Freedom is not free, it takes responsibility to be free.

Energy is not free, it takes responsibility to work with energy.

Aetheric Coronal Elements, Part 4
Inextinguishable Lamps

The Inextinguishable Lamps from the Roman cemeteries are Annunaki relics that may have remained luminous since manufacture in ancient times. The light is generated by a few grams of Aetheric Coronal Elements at near vacuum. Inside the glass sphere the conditions of the photosphere of the corona of the sun were duplicated. The same intradimensional input of energy creating heat and light above the surface of the sun was creating light within the ancient artefact. It is likely that the physical gases were selected in order to generate more light than heat. The light and heat of the sun come from plasmas of hydrogen, helium, carbon, argon and oxygen. The plasma is generated by ACE as it converts fourth dimensional photons into third dimensional photons.

The photon belt into which our solar system has traveled over the past decades has increased the brightness and activity of the sun. The photons are fourth dimensional, aetheric, and they ionize the ACE magnetically and in turn the physical gases are ionized electrically. Our third dimensional photons come from the physical plasma, not the ACE itself.

Another way that light can be generated in inextinguishable lamps is by selecting a plasma gas which emits ultra violet and then converting the UV to visible light by coating the inside of the glass sphere with phosphorus. This is much the same process as fluorescent tubes as developed by Nicola Tesla. Tesla used high voltage to stimulate the gases inside the tube. The advantage of fluorescent tubes is a reduction in heat and a reduction of heat in inextinguishable lamps is important as there is more than enough available power in ACE to melt itself out of any vessel.

As ACE is a "ghost" and not contained easily, there must be materials inside the glass sphere of the inextinguishable lamp holding the phantom in place. As ACE is magnetic plasma it can be contained electrically or magnetically. The same order of difficulty holding any plasma in a cyclotron or magnetic bottle also holds for ACE. Containment must be perfect or the plasma escapes. In that the inextinguishable lamps have held aetheric plasma for thousands of years the technology must be far ahead of our current containment systems.

Gold is the "wick" holding ACE. Gold is the metal to which ACE is drawn.

Aetheric Coronal Elements, Part 5
Hollow Earth, Hollow Nibiru

In Sumerian writings, Marduk/Nibiru is described as the "Pure Mound", "The World of a Million Years" and "The World of Perpetual Light." The only way that a planet on a highly elliptical 3600 year orbit could be in perpetual light was if it carried its sun with(in) it.

I was introduced to both the Hollow Earth and Maldek in 1970. Maldek is the correct pronunciation for Marduk (Nibiru). I was taught that all planets are living beings and carry life. Few carry life in the third dimension. Maldek carried physical life. Mars carried physical life. The living being who is Maldek decided to remove all its ACE and start a new life plan millions of years in the future. The reason for such a move was to rid itself of a rebellious race of long lived humans who had stopped progressing spiritually. The internal sun of Maldek darkened about 3000 years ago. At the same time ACE was removed from all of the Nefilim weapons on Earth. Annunaki access to ACE was denied. The "Golden Fleece" became a rare commodity on Earth. The collapse of the worldwide pantheon of the gods on Earth was soon to follow as their power source was gone. With one rebellious race gone other rebellious extraterrestrial races came to fill the vacuum but they too cannot access ACE as a power supply.

The source of ACE inside the earth was cut off and poles were covered.
The 600 mile diameter sun inside the hollow earth is mostly ACE. It is held in a special vortex that is needed to hold its center inside the 800 mile thick shell which is the "gravity shell" to the internal vortex. In order to start to understand the physics behind electro-gravity read Walter Russell (1871-1963) "A New Concept of the Universe (1953)."
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2012 and the Alchemical Transformation of the Earth and Humanity - Part One

The Alchemical Steps to obtain the aetheric essences necessary to turn lead into gold.


CALCINATION is the first of seven major operations in the alchemy of transformation

On the Planetary level, it is the Fire of creation, the formation of a livable environment from molten matter and volcanic ashes.

According to the Emerald Tablet, "Its father is the Sun." Element: Fire. Color: Magenta; Purple-Red. Planet: Saturn. Metal: Lead

DISSOLUTION is the second major operation in the alchemy of transformation

On the Planetary level, Dissolution is the Great Flood, the cleansing of the earth of all that is inferior.

According to the Emerald Tablet, "Its mother is the Moon." Element: Water. Color: Light Blue. Planet: Jupiter. Metal: Tin.

SEPARATION is the third of the operations of transformation in alchemy

Separation on the Planetary level is represented by the formation of landmasses and islands from the powerful forces of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

According to the Emerald Tablet, "The Wind carries it in its belly." Element: Air. Color: Orange-Red (color of this page). Planet: Mars. Metal: Iron.

CONJUNCTION is the fourth of the seven operations of alchemy

On the Planetary level, Conjunction occurs when primordial life forms are created from the energy of the Sun or lightning.

According to the Emerald Tablet, "The Earth is its nurse." Element: Earth. Color: Green (color of this page). Planet: Venus. Metal: Copper

FERMENTATION is the fifth operation in the alchemy of transformation

On the Planetary level, it is the evolution of life to produce higher consciousness.

According to the Emerald Tablet, during Fermentation, we raise consciousness from the darkness of the animal body through personal meditation and planetary evolution. "Separate the Earth from Fire," it tells us, "the subtle from the gross, gently and with great Ingenuity." Substance: Sulfur. Color: Turquoise

DISTILLATION is the sixth major operation in the alchemy of transformation

On the Planetary level, Distillation is the realization of the power of higher love, as the life force on the entire planet gradually seeks to become one force in nature based on a shared vision of Truth.

According to the Emerald Tablet, during the Distillation process, "It rises from Earth to Heaven and descends again to Earth, thereby combining within Itself the powers of both the Above and the Below." Substance: Mercury. Color: Deep Blue. Planet: Mercury. Metal: Silver

COAGULATION is the seventh and final operation of alchemy

On the Planetary level, Coagulation is a return to the Garden of Eden, this time on a higher level in tune with the divine mind.

According to the Emerald Tablet, "Thus will you obtain the Glory of the Whole Universe. All Obscurity will be clear to you. This is the greatest Force of all powers, because it overcomes every subtle thing and penetrates every Solid thing." Substance: Salt. Color: Violet; Purple. Planet: Sun. Metal: Gold

Chart of Correspondences

What is the Emerald Tablet?

The Emerald Tablet is an ancient artifact that reveals a profound spiritual technology, which has survived to this day despite centuries of effort to suppress it. Encoded within the tablet's mysterious wording is a powerful formula that works in very specific and comprehensible steps on all levels of reality at once -- the physical, the mental, and the spiritual -- and shows us how to achieve personal transformation and even accelerate the evolution of our species.

The Emerald Tablet

True, without falsehood, certain and most true, that which is above is the same as that which is below, and that which is below is the same as that which is above, for the performance of miracles of the One Thing. And as all things are from the One, by the meditation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation. The Sun is its Father, the Moon its Mother, the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. This is the Father of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world. Its power is integrating, if it be turned into earth.

You shall separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity and skill. Your skillful work ascends from earth to heaven and descends to earth again, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world--therefore let all obscurity flee from thee. This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. So the world was created. Hence all were wonderful adaptations, of which this is the manner. Therefore I am called Hermes Trismegistus having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world What I have to tell is completed concerning the Operation of the Sun. A.G.H.

The One Thing (or the Subtle Ether)

Space, whether interplanetary, inner matter, or inter-organic, is filled with a subtle presence emanating from the One Thing of the universe. Later alchemists called it, as did the ancients, the subtle Ether. This primordial fluid or fabric of space pervades everything and all matter. Metal, mineral, tree, plant, animal, man; each is charged with the Ether in varying degrees. All life on the planet is charged in like manner; a world is built up in this fluid and move through a sea of it

Alchemical Ether, which some Hermeticists call the Astral Light, determines the constitution of bodies. Hardness and softness, solidity and liquidity, all depend on the relative proportion of ethereal and ponderable matter of which they are composed. The arbitrary division and classification of physical science, the whole range of physical phenomena, proceeds from the primary Ether, for science has reduced matter as we know it to nothing but Ether, which, although not solid matter, is still matter, the First Matter of the alchemists. When most of us speak of matter, of course, we usually visualize solid substance, but it has been proved by that matter is not actually solid, but merely a stress, a strain in the etheric field of time and space. The atom and the electrons and protons of which it is composed, all move in a sea of Ether, so, that in accordance with this theory of alchemy, the very air we breathe, the very bodies we inhabit, all things most likewise are moving in this sea of Ether, the parent element from which all manifestation has come.

Beyond the furthest star the Ether extends, in the heart of the atom it has its being. It permeates and controls and dominates all. It eludes the human senses and can only be envisaged by the powers of the mind. Yet the Ether is a physical thing; it is not a physical entity, yet it has definite properties. It is not matter any more than hydrogen and oxygen are water, but it is the vehicle of both matter and spirit."

Now, the alchemist has divided matter, seen and unseen, into seven principles or planes, and of these the fifth principle, or Quintessence, corresponds to science's Ether or in more contemporary parlance, the Space-Time Continuum.

During a person's life, there is present a finely diffused form of matter, a vapor filling not merely every part of his physical body but actually stored in some parts; a matter constantly renewed by the vital chemistry; a matter as easily disposed of as the breath, once the breath has served its purpose. Paracelsus named this First Matter of life the Archaeus, meaning the oldest principle. "The Archaeus is an essence that is equally distributed in all parts of the human body," he wrote. ‘The Spiritus Vitae (Spirit of Life) takes its origin from the Spiritus Mundi (Spirit of the Universe). Being an emanation of the latter, the Archaeus contains the elements of all cosmic influences and is therefore the cause by which the action of the cosmic forces acts upon the body."

The Archaeus is of a magnetic nature and is not enclosed in a body but radiates within and around it like a luminous sphere. Alchemy and alchemy alone, within the current historical epoch, has succeeded in obtaining a real element, or a particle of homogeneous matter. This is the true Mysterium Magnum. By this age-old science the alchemist may set free this Vital Principle in his laboratory, destroy the body of the metal on which he is working, purify its Salt, and reassemble its principles together in a higher form.

Paracelsus noted: "Nothing of true value is located in the body of a substance, but in the virtue thereof, and this is the principle of the Quintessence, which reduces, say 20 lbs. of a given substance into a single Ounce, and that ounce far exceeds the 20 lbs. in potency. Hence the less there is of body, the more in proportion is the virtue thereof."

For they considered that by returning to the Earth, and by a supreme and magical separation, a certain perfect substance would come forth, which is at length, by many industrious and prolonged preparations, exalted and raised up above the range of vegetable substances into mineral, above mineral into metallic, and above perfect metallic substances into a perpetually alive and divine Quintessence. The evolutionary perfection includes within itself the essence of all celestial and terrestrial creatures." By this Quintessence Paracelsus meant the nucleus of the essences and properties of all things in the universal world.

"For the elements and their compounds in addition to crass matter, are composed of a subtle substance, or intrinsic radical humidity, diffused through the elemental parts, simple and wholly incorruptible, long preserving the things themselves in vigor and called the Spirit of the World, proceeding as it does from the Soul of the World.

From the three emanations of sentient beings (Intellectual, Celestial, and Corruptible), there is formed the One Machine of the Whole World. This spirit by its virtue fecundates all subjects natural and artificial pouring into them those hidden properties that we have been want to call the Fifth Essence, or Quintessence. But this Fifth Essence is created by the Almighty for the preservation of the four qualities of the human body, even as, Heaven is for the preservation of the Universe.

Ether Sciences

Matter is made of molecules, atoms and particles. Nuclear physics knows how to disintegrate atoms to release the inner particles of the nucleus. Once released after big impacts between atoms of atoms and particles, each particle has a definite speed and kinetic energy which is "signature".

The ancient tradition says that these particles exist also around us at low speed. And that they form streams and shapes, even bodies, made of particles. These particles move at low speed and are not combined into atomic nuclei. They are free or aggregated; they form thus a subtle counterpart of our material world. There exist four levels of particles before the state of atomic nucleus. They are called the four ethers. Each object has its own counterpart of various ether levels. Then the planet has also its counterpart, limited to a certain extend beyond the physical shape. Then all around is made of an unkown undifferenciated substance (koilon), which is not made of any particle, but is the nature of the so called "void".

The first level or first Ether is made of the very first and smallest particles of the physical world. These particles are called "Anu" and are the first building stones. Some are rotating from clockwise and others counterclockwise. The second, third and fourth level are composed of specific families of aggregated groups. Some of these groups may be found in the atom nuclei, and some form subtle materials. These materials may exist individually or as the subtle counterpart of the material and objective things or bodies of the physical world.

"As we have seen, a chemical atom may be dissociated into less complicated bodies; these again, into still less complicated; these again, into yet still less complicated. After the third dissociation but one more is possible: the fourth dissociation gives the ultimate physical atom [particle] on the atomic subplane [level of the first particle], the Anu.

The Ether substance (levels 1 to 4) is the custodian and conveyer of various unknown energies. It behaves like an extrafluid and is always moving, turning and pulsing at various rates. The geometrical shapes are able to focus, concentrate and orient the streams of ether substance as well as the electrical lines of force, forming asymmetrical focalizing shapes for the etheric or particle substance

The concept of Aether

This is another and quite different thing. We are speaking here of what we should call a creative energy, which is the very basis of electricity, life and magical phenomenons. According to the Ancients, this energy exists on the higher worlds or dimensions of the whole universe and passes through the dimensions until it arrives in our physical world. On the astral plane (the so called "fourth dimension" – not time) it is called by the cabalists "astral light". This energy filtrates on the physical plane as a subtle light and it is called the Orgone, or Electrovital fluid. It has all the creative potentials of the four elemental forces plus the electrical aspect.

This light comes from the Sun directly in its rays, and once it touches the etheric substance, the latter substance becomes a conveyer of this light which is the source of enlightenment for all living things. The base chakra of each living creature of the four known kingdoms represents an infinite source of such energy and an opened door to the fourth dimension or astral plane. The "closest home" of this creative light, in the mineral kingdom are crystals and magnets. They are the most representative examples and are seen as bipolar color sources of etheric flames which take a different fixed colors according to the four direction of the Earth…). Aether is also called the 5th element for it is the matrix of the four known elemental forces and of electricity which play a binding part between them.

Then Aether or the electrovital fluid or the astral light manifested on the physical plane, should be the real source of free energy. Once one learns how to dissociate this electrovital fluid, then free electricity (and other aetheric fluids) may be extracted and accumulated. The rotation at high speed of such sources, even oscillations, vacuum conditions, the use of filtrating organic membranes and electric polarization are various aspects of the work to be done to extract free electricity.

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2012 and the Alchemical Transformation of the Earth and Humanity - Part Two

The Tree of Life

It offers a cosmogony based upon the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and connected with Jewish chronology and Messianology, while at the same time insisting upon the heptad (7) as the holy number rather than upon the decadic (10) system adopted by the later haggadists and the Sefer Yetzirah. The Pythagorean idea of the creative powers of numbers and letters was shared with Sefer Yetzirah and was known in the time of the Mishnah (before 200 CE).

The Cube of Space

The Cube of Space is a multi-dimensional model of psychological space and an integrated framework for the metaphors of embodied and situated experience. The directions of the Cube are psycho-spatial and symbolic and represent centers or spheres of emotional consciousness which leave their imprint on our neurology, our cognitive processing, our symbolic thought and expression, and our experience.

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles, that are arranged so that they form a flower-like pattern with a six-fold symmetry like a hexagon. In other words, the center of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter.

Metatron’s Cube

The Flower of Life has thirteen circles. [13=4=time] If each circle's center is considered a "node", and each node is connected to each other node with a single line, a total of seventy-eight lines are created. Within this cube, many other shapes can be found, including two-dimensionally flattened versions of the five platonic solids. In early kabbalist scriptures, Metatron supposedly forms the cube from his soul. This idea is also present in alchemy, in which the cube was favored as a containment circle or creation circle.

The Tree of Life- The Sephirothic Tree – The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall, pg. 386

1. Kether – the Crown - Primum Mobile
2. Chochmah – Wisdom - The Zodiac
3. Binah – Understanding - Saturn
4. Chesed – Mercy - Jupiter
5. Geburah – Severity - Mars
6. Tiphereth – Beauty - Sun
7. Netsah – Victory - Venus
8. Hod – Glory - Mercury
9. Jesod – the Foundation - Moon
10. Malchuth – The Kingdom - Elements - Earth

The Twelve around one

Reality begins as a source of sound, light and color, resembling a pulsating orb which is a consciousness program through which 12 spiraling cones burst forth to create endless grid programs. "Cones" link with "horns" or creational harmonics and other "horn" references found in mythology, especially those linked to gods and angels. It all began with a tone and so it shall end.

The Merkaba

Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.

Scalar Waves and the Human Möbius Coil (Merkaba) System

The DNA antenna in our cells’ energy production centers (mitochondria) assumes the shape of what is called a super-coil.3 Supercoil DNA look like a series of möbius coils. These möbius supercoil DNA are hypothetically able to generate scalar waves. Most cells in the body contain thousands of these möbius supercoils, which are generating scalar waves throughout the cell and throughout the body. There is another möbius coil configuration found within the vascular system. The continuous flow of blood through the arterial system—which runs next to the venous system but in opposite directions—contains möbius coil properties. The circulation of blood throughout the body resembles the figure-eight shape of the möbius coil.

The Tree of Life 2D structure when superimposed upon a 3D Earth becomes a dodecahedron, the solid geometrical form of the aether. During the 2012 galactic alignment, aetheric energy streams from the galactic center, the other planets, the sun and the moon flow down the crystalline pathways of the Earth’s structure and bring about an alchemical transformation.

Humans have their own internal Tree of Life – the Chakra System (Mobius Coil). They, too, undergo an alchemical transformation.
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Telluric Currents – the Earth’s aetheric flows

The Earth Energy of Fr. Athanasus Kirchner

The vast array of energetic anomalies of early telegraphic and telephonic systems caused the empirical engineers of the mid-1800s to lean favorably toward the non-electric earth-energy theories of Fr. Athanasus Kirchner, because his theories could explain and qualify the observed anomalies, while normal electrical theory could not. Kirchner, in his turn, had developed his expressions from the philosophers and alchemists of the Victorian Age, when science was devoid of dogma, and numerous parallel earth-energy events were collectively then called "electricity". The writings of Kirchner were taken almost directly from the literature of the unencumbered researches of the Victorian Age. Based on Kirchner's writings, attentions were focused on collating and collecting ground-systems anomalies in the qualitative manner of Kirchner. This opened a series of discoveries and unexpected surprises as the ancient themes of the alchemists proved their worthiness and accuracy in many unexpected quarters. During this time period of the 1800s, the telluric notions of the alchemists came to be viewed as quite relevant and essential by many engineers and vital scientific knowledge to such notable personages as Crookes, and Lodge, who involved themselves deeply in the "psychic effects" and "spiritual effects" of telluric energies without fear of ridicule.

The earth energies observed by the engineers of telegraphy and telephony in the mid-1800s behaved exactly like the powerfully surging earth currents described by Kirchner. The engineers observed earth power so enormous it could not be attributed to electrostatic accumulations, nor to the weak electrical strains induced in ground systems by auroral discharges. These currents were fiery and potent world connecting energies of vast mysterious and intelligent content. According to the alchemists, Kirchner, and many of the engineers of the mid 1800s, these energetic flows were direct representatives of Creation, direct evidence of the Divine in operation.

Indeed, the "Telluric Energy" of Kirchner far exceeded the frail power of mere electrical currents, as large as that power might be considered to be, by some. Kirchner's writings brought about an inference that, contained in these energies, were the awesome secrets of the processes of Creation, the Power by which the real world was both constantly generated, and sustained. Those enterprising engineers who endeavored to draw their communicative power from the Telluric currents, found themselves engaged in surpassing technologies, empowered by the world-generative Source

Fr. Kirchner echoed the medieval alchemists whose writings implied that Telluric Current contained all the power necessary to create, transform, and transmute, all the materials of the entire planet. According to the alchemists, this energy was Spiritual in content and was found to be efficacious in both creating and transmuting matter of all kinds.

From ancient, into medieval times, it was well know that these specific Creative energies could only be summoned by direct contact with the ground at these special sites, which were commonly held to be Sacred Land.

These practices appear to have originated with the Knights Templar, not their stone-mason servants. Templar architectural science employed very specific ground placements and architectural alignments. The Templars required of the stone-masons, specially selected "harmonic" geometries and the construction of mathematically-proportioned stone-chamber volumes. The Cathedral system produced by the Knights Templar had little to do with the mere exercise of military government of national regions. These constructions also exceeded the purpose of being merely mirrored-light communications towers. Templar constructions were also not reflections of some Kabbalistic system, designed to remind some of some mystical codifications.

The Cathedral system was a potent energetic system, designed exclusively to take advantage of specific upwellings of Telluric currents, with the transmutation of Earth and the human Consciousness, being the ultimate goals.

Once secured from the Earth, these powerful energetic currents were conducted by the precisely constructed stonework, allowed to expand and process through various large stone chambers, where the continually inter-twining currents would concentrate, shift, magnify, bifurcate, and ultimately interact with the chosen few. All the immense energy of the Telluric Current was put through these modulations specifically for the purpose of magnifying the Consciousness Awareness, and the intellects and hearts of the chosen few. This science can be traced historically as a rediscovery and a permuted extension of the more ancient science of Geomancy, harkening us back to the later discoveries of Luigi Galvani and Anton Mesmer.

These understandings couple into the aether descriptions of La Sage, and La Place, which they mathematically brought forth in the 1800s, as we discussed yesterday, and the researches of Tesla, Gustave Le Bon, T.T. Brown, T. H. Moray, and many others.

Telluric Currents

Telluric currents are electrical currents flowing within the Earth or ocean water. This was a method of sending telegraphy without wires by using the Earth itself as a conductive medium and two sets of parallel electrodes like so

Today it is thought these currents are induced into the Earth as the result of short-term changes in the magnetosphere, conductive ocean water moving across magnetic lines of force, and leakage currents from the Earth's internal dynamo.

Telluric Currents

"The Telluric Currents" installation imagines invisible forces that flow through the earth and permeate space. Light passing through slits cut in paper creates a dynamic sculptural shape of diffraction and interference patterns. The viewers' perceptions of the forms projected on the walls change as they move through the space, based on their lines of sight and the motion of the lights. The title “Telluric Currents” is inspired by literal magnetic fields as well as the fictional occult power described in Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum.

Telluric Currents
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There either is or there isn't "doorways" or access points that lead from one dimension to another. The strongest case I've seen is that the universe is made out of waves. If these access points exist they may exist according to the positions that wavelength relationships/number cycles create around each other.

The Vedic Square shows that, even though numbers are infinite, they flow according to a very simple set of sequences. When these sequences are mapped, the mirror flows are observed. That establishes a dual like grid. On analysing this grid it is clear that the 4.5 axis is a swap over point between the mirror sides. It is also clear, when applying the logic of the Vedic square onto other number cycles, that the 3 6 9 sequence is a set of access points.

I suspect that the 3 6 9 is never found in prime numbers. Instead it is found in composite numbers. The prime numbers are dominated by the 1 2 4 8 7 5 sequence. This establishes a relationship with the Enneagram, interlocks cyclic flows with human consciounsess, and allows access to other dimensions. Meditation is enhanced if the mind understands the flows of the Vedic Square, and aids consciousness in following these flows. In other words, if you know what you're doing and why, you will be in control of manifesting desire accordingly.

Whether mainstream science wants to throw tomatoes at the idea, the Merkaba has been claimed as the vehicle for accessing other dimensions.
And it just so happens that the unity point that the Vedic Square/numbers cycles/music scale cycles/Fibonacci numbers etc exposes is a twin triangle structure of frequencies, that look like a star of David and a Merkaba. If that isn't a clue that one has found the unifying aspect of the duality, access points and swap-over points, and a verification of the function according to the Merkaba, then we cannot have any inbuilt relationship with nature and the wavelength system in it.

I think it is tough luck for mainstream science to have its predominantly atheistic attitude challenged. It is not a protection of science that has been occuring recently, but of an attempt to keep spiritual matters out. Science did well to give religion a bad time, but it has fallen into the same narrow-minded trap. Now spirit has to revitalize science's path , and this is on the cards in this age.
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