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Audio - DANGER: New World Order Imploding!
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Why the jobs report is so ominous

By Anthony Karydakis - November 7, 2008

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Not only did the economy lose a massive 240,000
jobs in the non-farm sector, but the previously reported declines
of 159,000 in September and 73,000 in August were revised sharply
lower to 284,000 and 127,000 respectively
as well. As a result, the
economy has now lost a total of 1.2 million jobs since the beginning of the
year, with nearly half of those losses occurring in the last three months
alone, pointing to an acceleration in the pace of erosion in labor markets.

Other bad signs:

1) By way of comparison, in the 2001 recession and the period of sluggish
growth that immediately followed in 2002-03, the unemployment rate
reached a peak of only 6.3%, in June 2003. So, we have already
exceeded that mark
and, given that we are still in the early phase of the
current recession, the unemployment rate should be expected to push
toward the 7.5% range over the next 3 to 6 months, and possibly higher.

2) Given that the surveys that the BLS conducts take place during the
week that includes the 12th of the month, many of the corporate layoff
announcements that have made headlines in recent weeks were not
captured in the October data. As a result, we should look for further
sizable job losses to be posted in the employment reports for November
and December - and beyond - as companies continue to adjust to the
bleak economic environment.....


It's amazing the double-take in the above article. It admits that the
'official' unemployment stat of 159,000 in September was later revised
to 284,000. But it doesn't question the figure of 240,000 for October!!

The unrevised September figure was only 56% of the revised figure!
That's typical of Gov. manipulation of the incoming bad stats.

Extrapolate that and the 240,000 figure for October becomes 427,000.

And that's on the 'official' bullshit unemployment calculation basis.
And excludes the recent financial services sector layoffs.

Here's the real deal from Shadow Stats:

Hard realities in blue.
Government bullshit in red.



So, when you figure it all in, and project recessionary development,
the U.S. is on track for 20% to 25% real unemployment in mid-2009.

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:38 am    Post subject: Re: uieres Reply with quote

James D wrote:
Hombre, dude , what the fuck is your truck with Hugo Chavez?

Do your issues with him deserve another thread?

¿Quieres aclarar?

Interesting! And the title of the thread is? And he is a cog in the title is he not? Something about imploding ah am I missing something here? Cog may not be the word, maybe PUPPET is better suited for the man. WTF do I know about it all anyway!

It's ridiculous to have to resort to 1st grade discussion given this day and age, but I must admit I appreciate your concern.



PS. The Russian's, ah, I mean PUTIN IS COMING. Nasty Nuke accident yesterday was it not! Imploding indeed.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Though another log on the IMPLOSION FIRE would be proper. Hopefully no objections:

By Denis Dyomkin

ST PETERSBURG, Russia, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered police on Friday to stamp out any social unrest or crime arising from the global financial crisis.

"We have a stable state ... We do not need a return to the 1990s when everything was boiling and seething," Medvedev told a meeting of senior officials.

"The law enforcement agencies should keep track of what is happening," he said.

"And if someone tries to exploit the consequences of the financial crisis ... they should intervene, bring criminal charges. Otherwise, there won't be order."

Things seem to be on track for Putin's return.

The longest economic boom in a generation has helped the Kremlin maintain political stability but some analysts say the financial crisis could give rise to a wave of social unrest.

Russia's benchmark RTS <IRTS> stock exchange has fallen about 70 percent since May, making it one of the worst performers among emerging economies.

High oil prices which fueled Russia's economic boom have fallen from a peak of over $140 in July to just over $60 now.

The impact on ordinary people so far has been limited, partly because share ownership is not widespread and few people have private pensions. But firms in some sectors have started laying off staff.

There's that pesky USA INDUCED rise of the DOLLAR fall of the OIL price again. Just to keep those that get any funny ideas about a change in pecking status rooted in reality. Laughing


Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev told Medvedev at the meeting, in Russia's second city of St Petersburg, that higher unemployment could lead to a rise in crime.

He also said there was a risk of greater extremism and racial tension centred on the millions of immigrants working in Russia, most of them from former Soviet republics.

"The mounting consequences of the world financial crisis could well have an unpredictable effect," he said. "Anti-crisis groups have been set up in the regions ... to intercept any early indications of destabilisation."

Analysts say the financial crisis poses no political threat to the Kremlin for the time being because opposition parties are too weak and divided to mount a serious challenge.

Don't worry what's a few hundred thousands pissed off starving people gonna do anyway! Shocked Shocked Are the RUSSIANS NERVOUS of the pending IMPLOSION? Putin and others have the white horse fit for the ride all that's left is the newly forged armor!


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James D

Joined: 16 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 5:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hombre:It's ridiculous to have to resort to 1st grade discussion given this day and age, but I must admit I appreciate your concern.

Careful dude or you might find yourself really impressing yourself and no one else!
This who's-who of NWO isn't exactly obvious and is very open to discussion and debate.

However, I think I misunderstood your stance on Hugo Chavez.
That move with the gold mine is pure brilliance - it had me rolling with laughter!

In the circus of international politics Hugo Chavez is great entertainment value.
I wonder what He'll call Obama - Mr. ??????

Playboy lifestyle? Maybe, but all that 'Robin Hood' like robbing of the rich and giving to the poor, doesn't strike me as very NWO stooge'ish.

When he read Noam Komsky at the U.N. that did ring my alarm bells, but I think in the "CIA Fakes" style of NWO stooge'ness, he was/is perhaps a bit misled/misinformed/unknowingly perpetrated - it can happen to the best of us!

Cheers and I'd appreciate some of your concern too, if you'd condescend to enlightning us. Wink
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Joined: 07 Jan 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The only light I can shed is the garden variety kind, sold mostly at discount stores on the bottom shelf no less. I above all others no my limitations best.

I'm not a know it all and have never claimed to be, yet I find humor in all of the transparent BULLSHIT being slug about. I just thought I'd play along, and given what I know about reality I JUST ASSUMED NO ONE WOULD NOTICE. Maybe it was I who was mistaken. That said it goes without saying that I appreciate debate on topics of interest. This one for example is in my opinion
a might bit " OVERDONE " The detail is a bit overwhelming to say the least yet at the same time I feel it's interesting to discuss.

Who gives a flying phuck about Putin or Hogo boss Chavez? Laughing Laughing That was the whole point. When I think of RUSSIA I think of nuclear accidents and wooden icbm's being paraded before the people and passed off as real shit. When I think of Hugo NOTHING SERIOUS comes to mind. So why are they in the MSM's trained sight so often. That's what interests me the most. I guess I find it odd that there really are that many people who can't see the trees for the forest. A pity I think.

EXAMPLE of something similar in nature. Yesterday I was taking a break from raking leaves while channel surfing the football games. I happened upon the movie " FLIGHT 93 " A few scenes from the biggest can of corn I have ever seen in my entire life. There was a scene where the passengers( I'VE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE ) were talking on sky-phones and saying over and over " MY WIFE JUST SAID TWO PLANES HIT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER " It must have been said 10-12 times. No I'm not kidding " my wife said two planes " over and over again and again.

I was left in a Plane daze saying in my head over and over with each stroke of the rake " TWO PLANES " " TWO PLANES " Kind of like " PUTIN and HUGO " " PUTIN and HUGO "

That kind of stuff cause me to scratch my head and wonder if any of this stuff is real! What's up with the constant pounding of the same old tired shit over and over? Doesn't the obvious desire to imprint the message have anyone asking questions about what's really going on? It does me but maybe I'm a bit slow or maybe just a bit paranoid.

Didn't it used to be Vicente' Fox? I had the opportunity to meet this guy and listen to him speak a while back, I PASSED. Not interested which should go far to explain my feeling about the NWO and all that surrounds the hype of such a thing.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Asian economists warn Barack Obama policies could make downturn worse

Senior Asian economists fear the incoming US administration of Barack Obama could drag their economies deeper into the global downturn with protectionist policies.

By Thomas Bell in Jakarta
Last Updated: 3:43PM GMT 11 Nov 2008


Ammar Siamwalla, one of Thailand's leading economists, said that recessions in the West will hit Thailand's export dependent economy next year.

"The best that can be expected [from this weekend's summit of world leaders] is for them to go against protectionism," he said. "Given the recent change in the US, that's a little bit worrisome."

Many in Asia fear Mr Obama, who struck a protectionist tone during the campaign, will adopt policies designed to protect American jobs.

That in turn would impose more "made in America" problems on export dependent Asian economies already struggling with the fallout from the Wall Street crisis.

"I think protectionism will increase," said Anton Gunawan, chief economist at Indonesia's Bank Danamon.

The concerns were raised as finance ministers from the Group of 20 (G20) rich world and developing economies prepare to meet in Washington on Saturday.

The G20 was created in 1999 to contain the Asian financial crisis, which began in Thailand in 1997. This time around, regional economists fear that south east Asia's relatively healthy economies will catch a dose of "American flu".

The credit crunch has already made it difficult to finance trade. "There should be some kind of co-ordination to guarantee trade financing," said Mr Gunawan. Indonesian coffee and Thai sugar exports have been hit in recent weeks by fears that buyers will default on payments for the goods they receive.

Grim memories of the Asian financial crisis hang heavily over the region. Many are still resentful of the painful conditions they were forced to accept from the International Monetary Fund in exchange for loans.

In Indonesia, the crisis was severe enough to topple the 30-year-old dictatorship of General Suharto in 1998. The country has the region's largest economy and is the only one that will be represented at the G20.

This time around, according to Bank Danamon's Mr Gunawan, the country is in a much better position. "Indonesia probably learnt a lesson from 1998, got policies in place and got the banking sector relatively sound," he said.

Thailand's banks, having been so badly burnt, are now relatively conservative. "We don't have all these derivatives and financial mumbo-jumbo that could get us into trouble," said Dr Siamwalla. "The conditions of the banks are – famous last words – reasonably good."

Many Asian governments have a far larger cushion of foreign reserves than they did in ten years ago.

"Nobody wants to be close to the IMF," said Mr Gunawan, recalling the bitter experiences of the 1990s.

Although the region is braced for job losses in manufacturing it is still expecting to grow. Mr Gunawan expects growth in Indonesia, with a population of 240 million people, to slow from 6.1 per cent this year to 5 per cent in 2009.

The G20 meeting will concentrate on the world's biggest economies, and many expect it will give scant attention to emerging countries such as Indonesia.

But as Dominque Strauss-Khan, the chief of the IMF has said, in 2009 emerging economy growth "is the only growth that we will have".

Therefore, he said, "The say of emerging countries will be bigger than in other situations".

atm Confused
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well my take is that plenty of the PTB are getting their panties in a twist over the current Environment, sure this had to eventually come into balance but it's far far from over.

Here's a link to the latest commodity carnage.


I want to see $40.00 Oil and something tells me it's gonna happen early 09. Some econ 101 guru's are talking about the coming INFLATION. An impossibility given the current state of said economy so I'd be wary of Economists even those from Asia. Laughing

Let's wait about 18 mos when the Oil companies start showing red ink and saying they can't afford to drill or produce. So goes the cycle.

The actual business of Oil and the pricing thereof is mere myth they haven't a clue how much they produce or how much anyone really uses on a daily basis.

QUOTE:While there is no official tally of OPEC production, several members — including Algeria, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait — have signaled in recent days that they had begun paring their production. CLOSED QUOTE:

Here's the reality of how these Cartels actually work.

QUOTE:Various reports also suggested that Saudi Arabia, the cartel’s kingpin, had warned some Asian customers that it would pare exports by 5 percent next month.

So far, OPEC producers have announced cuts totaling about 1.1 million barrels a day, less than the 1.5 million barrels a day that the cartel agreed to last month. According to estimates by PFC Energy, a consulting firm, however, producers have actually trimmed their production by only about 800,000 barrels a day.

Despite these efforts, slower consumption has continued to weigh on oil markets, pushing prices down on Tuesday to their lowest level since March 2007. CLOSED QUOTE:

In reading the article you'll read where the fall in demand has painted a far worse global economic picture that first thought. Just basing that on Oil demand isn't very good reporting by the writer, especially if he doesn't mention the over valued $147.00 per barrel high that was fictitious and chiefly the result of speculation and nothing to do with demand. If demand has fallen in correlation/conjunction with current Oil prices than indeed the World economy is in deep recession. I'm not buying that in any way shape or form. I will however adhere strictly to the old " SUPPLY vs DEMAND " model which is playing out in earnest despite what any economists has to say.

Read the rest as a few hacks from the usual houses try to justify Oil's slide and what OPEC should do. Laughing Laughing They need to try and sell this crap in a different package. This one is old and worn completely out.


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:39 am    Post subject: War for Oil and it's History Reply with quote

I thought some of this was educational and historically relevant!
Rob Newmans stand-up comedy routine on Peak Oil.

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Joined: 07 Jan 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:29 pm    Post subject: Re: War for Oil and it's History Reply with quote

coalraker wrote:
I thought some of this was educational and historically relevant!
Rob Newmans stand-up comedy routine on Peak Oil.


Something that should be required viewing, very accurate in my opinion. Well done coalraker and I agree very relevant if not 100% spot on.

Something I'm currently looking into is the G8 and a feeling that I get about them trying to use certain commodities as currency, I'm hoping they fail in that regard but won't hold my breath. For now it looks as if the US has called the dogs off where Oil is concerned even though it's only temporary. They allowed it to go too far this time and had much to do with the pull back in consumer spending. Gas expense doubled in 3 months time this summer and that has come home to roost in a big big way.

That said, it's hard for me to believe that they could underestimate the severity of $100.00 Oil let alone $140 Oil on the economy, but it looks as if they did. Was that on purpose? Wink Think about this:

Why is the United States Government dragging it's feet in dealing with the auto makers? The answer to this should be crystal clear to everyone. Hamstring a major cog of Oil usage on the planet. Hinder them from cleaner burning vehicles by allowing receivership and effectively keep them mired in old outdated technology that runs on gas refined from Oil which is denominated in US DOLLARS.

One thing that everyone I've talked to has failed to mention or think about is this question. How much does the US and Other Governments stand to make from these bailout programs? What assets and deployment of capital are they and will they focus on? Their puppeteer did a 180 today and I can guarantee that wasn't of his own accord. ( JMHO )

Well done raker!

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

one step back? Not too far back...

The Swedish parliament late on Thursday (20 November) adopted the Lisbon treaty by a sweeping majority, becoming the 23rd EU country to ratify the text.

The treaty was passed by 243 votes against 39 at 23:30 local time, with 13 abstentions and 54 deputies absent from the 349-seat legislature, the Riksdag.

The opposition Left Party and Green Party had tried to build a 48-vote blocking minority to put off ratification for one year. But the four parties in the centre-right government coalition and the main Social Democrat opposition party pushed through the EU document.

The long debate, which started at noon and saw 36 members take the floor, concentrated on Sweden's collective labour agreements and transfer of sovereignty.

"Why can't Sweden ask for a legally-binding exemption for the collective bargaining model?" Left Party deputy Hans Linde asked, Swedish daily Aftonbladet reports.

"This is by far the biggest shift in power since we joined the EU," he added, comparing the Lisbon text - which patched together bits of the defunct EU constitution - to "Frankenstein's Monster."

"Sometimes, people must follow what they believe is right. Today, I cannot follow the moderate line," government coalition Moderate Party rebel Anne-Marie Palsson said.

Swedish collective labour agreements - in which workers' groups agree pay with employers - came to the fore in a European Court of Justice verdict in 2007. The court ruled in favour of Latvian company Laval in a case concerning the town of Vaxholm, clearing the way for cheap eastern European labour to enter the Nordic country.

"This issue has nothing to do with the Lisbon treaty," Moderate Party member Goran Lennmaker said, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

"[The treaty] means that the EU will go some way towards being more democratic and transparent," Social Democrat deputy Sven-Erik Osterberg added, referring to Lisbon-envisaged plans to give more law-making powers to the European Parliament.

"Sweden is one of the countries that would lose most of the influence if the Lisbon treaty is not adopted," Swedish EU minister Cecilia Malmstrom said, pointing out that Sweden will lose seats in the European legislature under the existing Nice treaty.

Final four
The Swedish result comes after Ireland voted No to Lisbon in a referendum in June. A small crowd of anti-Lisbon campaigners protested outside the Swedish embassy in Dublin on Thursday, saying the Irish government should have told Sweden the treaty is dead.

The Czech Republic is awaiting a constitutional court verdict on 25 November before resuming parliamentary ratification. A German constitutional court verdict is expected in early 2009.

The Polish president has refused to sign off on the treaty unless Ireland overturns its No.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Looks like gold is making a bid to break out of the
box created by the Central Bank's manipulation.

It's not going to be easy. Every fiat money central
bank is forcing down the price of gold's "currency."

Gold gets another lift on global economic worries

1:07 PM, November 21, 2008

For months, the gold market has been in a tug of war between two
camps: Hedge funds and other institutional investors and speculators
have been bailing out of gold futures contracts to raise cash, while
individual investors have been hungry buyers of gold coins and bars.

The sellers had prevailed for most of the last six weeks, driving the metal
down to near $700 an ounce by Nov. 13, from $900 in late September.

Now it looks like the buyers finally are gaining the upper hand. Gold
futures rose $43.10 to $791.70 an ounce in New York today, the highest
price since Oct. 16.

The World Gold Council reported this week that net retail investment
demand for gold (such as for coins and bars) jumped 121% in the third
quarter ended Sept. 30 from a year earlier, to 232 tons.

With concerns about the global economy worsening, "What you’re seeing
is people moving into gold as part of the 'flight to quality,' " said Stephen
Platt, a commodities analyst at Archer Financial Services in Chicago.

"We’re selling everything we can pull in," said Ken Edwards, a partner
at gold dealer California Numismatics in Inglewood. Despite the battering
in the gold futures market in recent months, demand for physical gold,
such as coins, "has been completely one way," he said. If anything,
lower prices have fueled more demand, he said.

Many buyers, Edwards said, are figuring that global governments’
unprecedented efforts to pump money into the financial system will
inevitably lead to higher inflation down the road -- even if the immediate
concern of central bankers is deflationary pressures as consumer
spending slumps.

"What I hear from [investors] is that they think deflation is a short-term
issue," Edwards said.

Gold futures hit a record high of $1,004 an ounce in March, then began to
tumble as the dollar rallied. This time around, gold is gaining even though
the dollar remains strong.


I love this reader comment to
the above LA Times report:

Gold isn't under pressure on the Comex just because hedge funds are
desperately selling anything and everything to get their hands on
enough cash to satisfy redemptions. The selling pressure is at least
equally coming from the concerted efforts of the bullion banks, and
other "interested parties" in New York, carrying water for the US
Treasury and the Fed in an attempt to supress the price of gold.

Their intention in doing so is to prevent a "flight to quality" by those
who understand that the US$ is, most assuredly, NOT a safe haven
currency. There is no such thing in the universe of fiat currencies.
While the US$ may, for the moment, trade at a premium to most
other paper currencies, that means nothing when paper currencies
are compared to something of innate value, such as gold.

Those who understand the game being played at the Comex will
take advantage of the golden opportunity (no pun intended) that
presently exists. That is, they will take delivery of physical gold at the
Comex, and either keep it, or sell it into the huge demand for physical
that exists everywhere BUT the Comex.

Such an arbitrage opportunity is too lucrative to remain unexploited.


Gold Stocks are moving up too:

Canada Stocks Rally, Pare Week’s Drop, as Barrick Gold Surges

By John Kipphoff

Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Canadian stocks rose, rebounding from the worst
selloff since 1987, as mining and energy companies climbed with gold and
oil prices and slower-than- forecast inflation boosted the chance of lower
borrowing costs. Barrick Gold Corp. rose a record 30 percent as gold
prices surged, capping their best weekly gain since September.....

And the gold link to commodities is breaking down:

Gold and Oil Part Ways

by David Gaffen - November 21, 2008

Gold and oil have diverged in the last few days. The harsh,
uncompromising selling has engulfed most assets this week,
including stocks, commercial mortgage-backed securities, oil,
and grains. But somebody forgot to tell the gold market.

Gold traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed at $791.80 an
ounce Friday, its highest close in more than a month, gaining $43.10,
swimming against the rest of the tide in the markets. For the week, gold
gained 6.7%, and investors are considering the possibility that the tight
movements between gold and oil may have broken.

It could signal that these commodities might be reverting to their old
relationship, where gold and oil generally move independently of one
another. “I’d almost given up on gold, because amid all these crises, etc.,
gold couldn’t even rally to a new high,” says Sean Peche, manager at
BlueAlpha Investment Advisory Limited. “Now, all of a sudden it’s
decoupled from oil. Oil has collapsed in a heap and now seeing a big
move in gold.”

The two commodities were linked through the early part of 2008. Oil and
gold were the beneficiaries of massive funds available to asset managers,
who jumped from one asset class to another over a period of several
months. Stocks peaked in October 2007, gold hit its peak in March 2008,
and oil peaked in July 2008.

Beginning Wednesday, though, gold and oil have walked different paths.
The price of crude fell through $50, while gold curiously rebounded, in
part on news of increased retail demand from retail investors. “For oil at
this juncture it’s this specter of extremely sluggish demand,” says Jon
Nadler, senior analyst at Kitco Bullion Dealers. “With gold, there’s a bit of
a safe-haven component, and some of the statistics from the World Gold
Council were fairly encouraging to players.”


But gold buyers should beware of attempting short-term profit
plays. The Central Wankers are well cpable of luring buyers in to then
hammer them in a contrived reversal. Their PsyWar games against
gold speculators are legendary.

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote



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