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musings on 9/11 and the before incident

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 3:20 pm    Post subject: musings on 9/11 and the before incident Reply with quote

so, hoping others here can remember the first wtc incident,
involving a truck bomb, mainly with i think fertilizer and
something else....

anyway, back then, what was it 93? i was employed in a
nursery/greenhouse at the time and i can remember stepping
out of the main greenhouse, where we started all our shrubs,
and the radio, was always on, as we did our cuttings there,
and as i stepped out, the news was airing the story about the
bomb that went off in the parkade, and i had told this to a
co-worker and the boss, and i had thought aloud, that if them
towers fell, they would have to cover it in concrete and call
it a tomb, as i had somehow thought the tower would have
fallen over due to the bomb, and in those days, long before
i went online, i never paid much attention to the news,
as i was just not interested.....

then, like just last week, i knew exactly why they had to bring
both towers down the way they did, with controlled demolitions,
for several reasons, the Primary reason being, during that
first bomb, the tower this bomb wrecked was in fact damaged,
structurally speaking, and, perhaps the engineers knew then,
there was only a small amount of time to either rebuild the
interior, or, in the 'news' we all saw, use them towers as a
reason to go to war again, as back in '01, the internet was
gung-ho fast and loads and loads of people were literally
making large with their fast paced and new world of information,
so, they brought them both down, lest, say, an earthquake or
something of that magnitude bring the one tower over and
making a really big mess,

so, in bringing both towers and building seven down, the
powers that be, got rid of a lot of unused expensive office
space, got rid of a Lot of files on the insider trading schemes
going on, lus all them other offices in building seven, and,
still more, the nescara (not sure of the correct spelling) thing,
this was a deal that was to effectively erase a lot of bad debts
with working people and over charges etc on billions in credit
charges, yeh, sure enough, a Huge reason to go to war with
iraq, afghanistan, iran, and many more countries over there,
and sure enough, as a trade off between the top two world's
belief control systems, namely, the christian vs muslim thing,,,,

kind of like, yeh, it was planned, and well, sure enough, the
internet, being a Huge popularity event that it is, this whole
theory of mine, is why i know them towers had to be brought
down the way they were, as if the one 110 story tower were
to say, fall over sideways, and take out tower two, and the
whole other area, now that would have been a huge effin
mess, but hey, do not totally believe me, in fact, do your best
and critique everything i say, afterall, this what free speech is
for, one person says a story and the rest keep on adding fuel,
i mean words to the ever ongoing debate.....

i do like to read open minded criticisms, and will not even
bother replying to cheapo comments, as it is, i am lucky
enough to have the time to write this out today, as for the
next three to four weeks, we are picking the cherry crop and
this means, Lotsa work and not enough time to sit here and
browse this forum, sheeit, after seeing what is posted here,
i do not need to go anywhere else, as the rest of them news
sites are carbon copies of the news over at reuters, and i
check the reuters news on my celphone, what with 12 others
using this computer for mainly facebook lol'in, i just do not
have the time, so, i wiull try to reply if i have time and i would
love to hear what you folks have to say, email me off list if
you can


cheers and have an awesome summer/weekend etc etc

naramata bc canada

you can't handle the truth is out there
whose sanity are we trusting in?
the voices in my head may have
contributed to this and other posts
here and there and everywhere online
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