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Another Murder

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PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2008 5:30 pm    Post subject: Another Murder Reply with quote

But why? Why is this guy important, and what information might he have had that the neocons didn't want discovered?

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PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 1:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not familiar with this case. OH, it was the TROOPERGATE probe. I heard of that, didn't know anything about it. It looks like the Berwick couldn't have been in that much trouble, if any.

I didn't even know Spitzer was in trouble last year. This MIGHT have as much to do with his prostitution bust as the Mortgage fallout.
On July 23, 2007, Cuomo's office admonished the Spitzer administration for ordering the State Police to keep special records of Senate majority leader Joseph L. Bruno's whereabouts when he traveled with police escorts in New York City. At the direction of top officials of the Spitzer administration, the New York State Police created documents meant to cause political damage to Bruno. The governor's staff had stated they were responding to a Freedom of Information request from the Albany Times-Union in late June. A scathing 57-page report issued by the Attorney General's office concluded that Spitzer aides did not simply produce records, as the state Freedom of Information Law requires, but were instead engaged in planning and producing media coverage concerning Senator Bruno's travel on state aircraft before any FOIL request was made. The investigation looked into both Bruno's travel and the senate leader's allegation that Spitzer used State Police to spy on him. It also suggests that the governor's staff lied when they tried to explain what they had done and forced the State Police to go far beyond their normal procedures in documenting Mr. Bruno's whereabouts.

The report cleared Bruno of any misuse of the state's air fleet, which had been alleged.The report criticized Spitzer's office for using State Police resources to gather information about Bruno's travel and releasing the information to the media. New York Republican State Committee Chairman Joseph Mondello claimed that "Today's explosive report by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo validates the frightening charges that Governor Spitzer's administration abused the New York State Police and New York's F.O.I.L. laws in an attempt to set up Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno" and that "This disturbing abuse of power by a Governor is unprecedented." The findings of the report were endorsed by Spitzer's own Inspector General, Kristine Hamann.

Spitzer responded at a July 23 press conference that "As governor, I am accountable for what goes on in the executive branch and I accept responsibility for the actions of my office"

I wonder what was really up with Bruno, and why they were going after him?
Published Mar 1, 2008
The Un-Reformed
For twelve years, nobody could threaten Joe Bruno’s pugnacious hold on power. But now Eliot Spitzer finally has him on the ropes.

Bruno is the most powerful Republican in New York. He has been the majority leader of the State Senate for twelve years, one of the so-called “three men in a room” who decided what, if anything, got done in Albany. The other two are State Assembly Leader Shelly Silver, a Democrat, and the governor, who was get-along Republican George Pataki until Eliot Spitzer came in, determined to change the way business was done in the statehouse. For the zealous governor, Bruno represents everything sclerotic and unprincipled in Albany. Spitzer’s been determined to get rid of him. Now, it may not be long before that happens.

Up until last week, Bruno had been beating Spitzer in a war he says he never wanted. Bruno remembers the first time they met. Spitzer was attorney general. “I liked him. He was charming. Direct. Looked me right in the eye,” he remembers. He says they talked regularly during Spitzer’s campaign and “he says we’re partners, says we’re both going to govern together.” Bruno says he was shocked when Spitzer didn’t mean it. “I never saw the other side, that the man doesn’t think straight, that the man has a quirk in his mind. There is something wrong with his mind. He doesn’t think like most. He’s two-faced. He does not tell the truth. He looks you in the eye and tells you something that is totally untrue.”

In his determination to send Bruno packing, Spitzer did almost everything wrong. He was accused of using the state police to improperly obtain records on Bruno’s use of a state helicopter, and he didn’t help anything by allegedly telling a Republican lawmaker that Bruno was “an old, senile piece of shit,” especially at a time when Bruno’s wife, Bobbie, was dying of Alzheimer’s. Spitzer turned Bruno, once deemed a steward of Albany dysfunction, into a working-class underdog; in turn, the high-minded prosecutor-governor was redefined as a thuggish weenie. “He thought Bruno’s guile was easy to understand, but Bruno is defined by his ability to find creative ways to get through complicated problems,” says one source close to Spitzer. “These guys outdanced us on a lot of issues.” Until last week.

There are other things that are throwing off Bruno’s office putt. The FBI is expanding its two-year investigation of him. They dropped a new round of subpoenas on local labor unions to determine why some may have invested millions in pension money with a Connecticut firm Bruno worked for on the side,

Joseph L. Bruno Stadium is a stadium in Troy, New York.

OH, that was why. Apparently he was a REAL power player. Apparently he pissed off a lot of Democrats, and a lot of other people, including the FBI.

September 21, 2007 -- ALBANY - Albany County District Attorney David Soares yesterday cleared the Spitzer administration of any wrongdoing in the dirty-tricks scandal.

"This office has found no illegal conduct," Soares said in a statement announcing the conclusion of the seven-week investigation.

"To the contrary, we found that the governor, his staff and the New York State Police were acting within their authority in compiling and releasing documents to the media concerning the use of state aircraft," Soares added.

Soares - who closed the investigation after probers interviewed Gov. Spitzer Wednesday - said he will release a detailed report today.

May 16, 2008 -- ALBANY - A former top State Police official slated to be questioned in the political Dirty Tricks probe committed suicide yesterday at his upstate home, officials said last night.

So why was he getting Retired State Police Inspector Gary Berwick, who was working for former Gov. George Pataki, being questioned, a year after the Troopergate scandal was cleared, if he never worked for Spitzer? Apparently the probe continued or was re-opened. Cuomo's a Democrat. The problems occurred under another Democrat -- Spitzer -- admin. Who could Berwick have had damaging info on --- Spitzer? Himself? If he had anything to say, it probably would have smeared Spitzer, not Pataki.

OR, even though Berwick was under a Republican Governor (Pataki) he had shit on Bruno, a fellow Republican, who he'd have to rat out under oath. Sometimes they eat their own.

A source close to Berwick told The Post last night that the longtime trooper had expressed "concern in recent weeks about Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's investigation" of alleged political espionage by renegade State Police members.

I doubt this has anything to do with Neo-Cons (if it was Guiliani, sure, but Pataki is not identified as a Neo-Con, and although Bruno seems like some fucking elitist, he does not seem to be a Neo-Con either). It MAY have even been a legit suicide, if the guy had something to hide, someone to protect, himself or one of the other players. It may have been that this stuff would have burned him, or would have burned someone he owed allegiance to.

However, considering that this was a political scandal on the level of a Watergate --- not something severely criminal like cocaine-trafficking --- it could not have been something that serious, nothing leading to prison. That's the part that doesn't make sense, that he wouldn't seem to have had anything on Spitzer, Pataki, or Bruno, but if this DID happen to be a murder, I would think Bruno or the FBI was involved, not Spitzer.

ONE more thing separating him from Neo-Cons. He was a Republican who opposed Bush on Budget cuts. That just does not define a Neo-Con. The most I've heard Neo-cons do is backpedal slightly on the War, or argue from the Right, that Bush is not tough enough. You seldom see Republicans criticizing Bush from a Liberal position on anything (health care).
FOR RELEASE: Immediate, Wednesday, March 7, 2007


The New York State Senate today passed a legislative resolution urging New York’s Congressional delegation to oppose President Bush’s plan to cut the federal health care budget by more than $100 billion over five years. President Bush’s budget plan would cut payments to New York hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, hospices, and inpatient rehabilitation providers by $2.8 billion over the next five years.

“Providing quality, affordable health care for all New Yorkers has always been a priority of the Senate Majority,” said Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno. “The proposed cuts in aid to New York’s hospitals, nursing homes and home care agencies proposed in President Bush’s budget would be devastating to these institutions, and would endanger the availability and quality of care in communities throughout New York State. Today, we are calling upon New York’s Congressional delegation to oppose these cuts in order to protect New Yorkers’ access to quality and affordable care.”

Senator Bruno has also expressed serious concerns about the impact of almost $1.3 billion in health care cuts proposed by Governor Eliot Spitzer.
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PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2008 12:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


and two suicides... http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/24/nyregion/24suicide.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

~that which is to shed light must endure burning~ victor frank
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