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Audio - NIU Shooting: The Untold Story
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:04 pm    Post subject: New Audio - NIU Shooting: The Untold Story Reply with quote

The NIU Shooting Patsy

Featuring Original Research by Kathy McMahon

As the demonization of Stephen Kazmierczak gathers pace, the truth of
the latest school shooting is slipping away. Our two week investigation
has uncovered details largely unknown to the public --which paint an
entirely different picture of events.

We ask - 'Was Kazmierczak Framed?'

and we reveal:

- The falsity of the claim that drug withdrawal impelled him.
- A simple explanation for his infamous bizarre tattoos.
- The strange phone call he got, and a mystery woman.
- Kazmierczak's highly rational online Amazon Reviews.
- A dirty tricks campaign to depict him as a terrorist.
- The unusual background of top NIU Cop Donald Grady.
- The counter-terrorism operation on the NIU campus.

The Next Level Show - 28th February, 2008

Broadband Mp3 Audio
Click to Play or Right-Click to 'Save As' and Download.

Dialup Mp3 Audio
Click to Play or Right-Click to 'Save As' and Download.

Elsewhere in this thread:

--Iraq Links of NIU Police chief, Donald Grady
--Right-wing Bloggers Demonize 'Muslim' Shooter
--Steve Kazmierczak's Amazon Reviews

Check This Archive Audio Out
Coincidentally Exactly 1 Yr Ago! :

Columbine: Road to 9/11

How the events of Columbine are clear evidence of the same
tactical PsyWar which exploded onto the world scene on 9/11.

Guest: Ralph Zaeschmar joins Fintan Dunne to discuss his
investigation and analysis of Columbine, and the conclusive
proof that it was a covert government operation.

The 9/11-3i Investigation Continues

"The Next Level" Internet Radio Show 28th February 2007

DSL Mp3 Audio

Dialup Mp3 Audio


Go here for Original Topic Thread:

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 5:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

'We are dealing with a disturbed individual who intended to do harm' Under new mental health laws and definitions, the most sane amongst us can now be classified as mentally disturbed. Under anti-terrorism laws, we are all under suspision of 'intending to do harm'.

2000 innocent mothers had their children legally snatched away in 2006 (for ever) because of 'potential emotional or psychological abuse' on nothing more substantial than some social worker's opinion and need to achieve targets. Where do all the children go? What constitutes mental illness these days is normal human response to unhealthy and deliberately constructed environmental stress.

Sympathiser with Hammas? Who, other than pro-Israeli terrorism, isn't?

Self-harm is a signal of trauma-based mind control. Victims release the anger of their helplessness against themselves, rather than perpetrators or others. If anything, self-harm is a sure indication that suicide rather than homicide would be the final outcome in extreme duress.

Interesting idea on 'twinning' that a body-double was used in the set up of Steve and why not? The eye witness accounts could have been describing several people involved in the attack. These 'SWAT' ops endeavour to take out as many witnesses as possible during the course of the operation or after (via 'suicides'/accidents). Selective statement selective for public digestion plays it's part.

SSRIs withdrawal definitely plays a part in Steve's mental/emotional condition and I do not concur with 'mild withdrawal' too much evidence in the form of dead bodies to prove it. Mothers killing children - no motive, no grudge and the most powerful love bonding known to man; shattered.
Reports of 'a history of mental illness' prior to prescription of SSRIs is a cover for Pharma. So severe is withdrawal that it takes a very graduated period of time, reducing dosage by minute stages in order to guarantee safety. Sudden stoppage is very dangerous with unpredictable results. Steve stopped his medication due to Jessica's pressure? In conjunction with other factors?

In mind control, it is perfectly possible for an individual to be calm, humourous, humanitarian, religious, charitiable and wham - switch - bang! This is due to 'alter' personalities being switched via a trigger or series of triggers. Triggers can be anything from a symbol, sound, message personally or via phone/implant or combination of such. The front personality is completely unaware of his/her other alters and is 100% authentic and credible. His recorded military internment is definitely a strong signal for mind control.

Steve probably played a minor role in the shootings; just by dint of 'being there' as a set up. His ID (in fact all our ID) is easily used by Intel-op for anything suiting their purpose. False DNA test-positive 'found' at the scene does not even require the presence of the accused (many imprisoned have been set up this way). We cannot trust in anything the criminal authorities put forward as evidence.

Jessica could too, be a mind-control set up 'girlfriend', entirely credible to both herself and Steve. Slaves do not 'freedom of choice' or control over any area of their lives; their relationships and careers are selected for them. On the other hand Jessica may be uncontaminated by mind-control; serving the purpose of 'objective witness' to the bank statements etc. But I doubt it. How big a role did she play in perhaps an abrupt cessation of Steve's medication?

Simple hypnotism is far more powerful and effective than the public are given to understand; it is estimated that only 20% of a population are resistant to programming and that, even these, will break under certain pressures and circumstances over time. TV/Radio/press/entertainment does the job for the majority! Thus, since childhood, we have all be 'programmed' hypnotised and mind-controlled.

Slaves occupy strategic positions across all strata of human activity; i.e. Grady as mentioned. But they are everywhere. There is no such thing as an 'independant' journalist - as the claimed 'Arab' student who knew Steve - impossible. Journalists have to follow the line or not get published. It's wonderful the way that Islamic extremism, terrorism, gun-slinging, youth violence and Hammas have been seamlessly woven into the fabric of this cover event.

That Steve was presented as an intelligent, mild, humorous, likeable and very ordinary guy is perfect for adding strong credibility to the message 'You see? You can't trust anyone; you can't trust your own intuition and judgement about your friends, family or anyone else - be suspicious of everyone. We therefore, as your Government, with a duty to protect our young people, have to place everyone under suspision of being a terrorist; no matter what colour, creed or age - terrorists are everywhere'. The 4 men accused of 777 were similarly 'nice, ordinary family-orientated people'. Just goes to show .... whinny the sheep.

Steve, being white, extended the finger of fear to whites, so it is no longer a purely 'racist' campaign. Will the next gunner be a dame?

Studying Stalin's Soviet State is excellent grounding on how we are being turned into informants for Authority and mistrusting each and every 'other'.

Whilst it is for deconstruction purposes, interesting to focus on the main character spotlighted for our attention in this or any other drama, getting caught up on the individual personality as the Star, rather than the plot and scriptwriters, has lead to our downfall politically and socially. Just as it is folly to focus on the leading actors and their one-liners to the exclusion of the background set, and the directives published by UN/WTO etc. that they serve as puppets, it is misleading to dedicate too much attention on the motivations of a personality which is a front.

Steve the front or core personality (who knows which is switched?) had no motive to kill anyone. Steve the 'alter' or Valentine personality is another matter entirely. Either way, he is innocent, as the one's pulling the trigger are not the ones 'pulling the triggers'.

Mind Control has completely skewed our methods of detecting and determining criminality. Slaves are not responsible for their actions as they are not performing from Free Will but the will of others. Further, they do not have recollection of their actions (unless or until programming breaks down - if they are allowed to survive that long and then, who believes them?). You could put slaves on truth serums, polygraphs or any methods of detection and they will be perfectly credible as innocents. This is because the body responds to the alter personality being activated.

To further complicate matters, you have slaves programming and triggering slaves! To get to the heart of who is responsible is to go to the top of the conspiracy network via Tavistock Institute and study the MO of MindControl methods.

Published UN/EU/MoD and other documents soberly illustrate that their experiments called History have been crystalised into one final, pervasive repetition, when history shall indeed 'end' as the so-called Mayan prophesies and new agers predict. It will end, as the ultimate goal is achieved and final. There will be no more need for history.

The only certainty I have in this and other extraordinary events is that they are Military-Intelligence Operations conducted to justify the Global Gulag conditions rapidly being deployed at every turn, everyplace, everyhow - the pace is truly dizzying.

During the weather-wars Katrina event, gun seizure of New Orleans residents was in full force. There are so many ways to 'skin a cat' and the State terrorism of school and campus shootings is the psychological softening, whereas the New Orleans type of approach is ground-force warfare. We're all in the middle of Iraq!

When American's surrender their guns or their guns are seized; then we'll be full force into the tyranny we have long observed emerging.

L.U.C.K. - Labour Under Correct Knowledge
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:52 pm    Post subject: Lee Harvey Kazmierczak Reply with quote

Hello - Just wanted to comment on the seeming mystery of the NIU alleged shooter's printed message to his girlfriend, which you can see in a photo at the beginning of several page commentary on the Valentine's Day incident.

The logo which you see on the back of the card is that of Amazon.com. This seems to be gift enclosure card. If you buy a present in the US and want to include a greeting without charge, you simply type up something, and they put it on this card for you. Unfortunately, that rather ugly font is what everybody gets. I find it odd that a live-in boyfriend would include his surname in the signature, after the message. But perhaps she knows two Steve's, and he wanted her to understand that it came from him. One thing it is not is a suicide note. And it does not have to be from anyone else but Kazmierczak. It really looks like a graduation gift sentiment - her graduation. As we have learned, Kazmierczak wrote some reviews of products for Amazon.com, which indicates he had a charge account with them or had bought things from them online and felt qualified to comment on the products.

She was a little odd-seeming in an interview, like someone swallowing air. Swallowing his bad behavior. She has something to hide, but I do not know what. Perhaps that she knew him to be more volatile than she said?Perhaps she does not want to speak ill of the dead?

And now here's an interesting sidelight. You can look up this family, the Kazmiercsak's, in ancestry.com. Now, don't get all woo-woo here. It is very public information, and they make sure that census data is hard to get on living persons. But one thing popped out at me. Obitiuaries for his mother, Gail M. (Drost) Kazmierczak appeared in the Chicago area papers in September, 2006. Her social security death record is also available. What is funny about the ancestry.com entry for her is that it also lists her as having died in 1999. That is a seven-year discrepancy from the time of the announcement. Is it a typo? Is it a declaration of death after a seven year disappearance? Isn't it around 1999 that Steve went to a group home? It is not unusual to have middle class people who disappear and wind up on the streets, and then have to be declared dead. Until I find out more about this, it remains a possibility. Perhaps ancestry.com just has a glitch. Perhaps something happened between her and Steve and it was suppressed? Right now, I am not buying it that this was necessarily a psyop.

On the other hand, the deceased mother's birthday is Sept 11, 1948.
The killings are on Valentine's Day.

The possibility is that this man was in despair and grieving for his mother (a possibility to me because it was never mentioned by anyone). And most of his victims were females. I think of the fact that we as human beings have ultimately the freedom to chose right from wrong, even if we have very little of our own power. I think of Camus' The Stranger, in which the man who kills the Arab on the beach has just learned that his mother died and feels nothing.

This is something on which we should keep some perspective. But we have to understand that since (at least!) 9/11, at least the US has been operating under a manifestly blatant system of propaganda and psychological manipulation. Even in that context, it isn't such a matrix that things do not happen on their own.

But I agree that this man needs defense counsel (post-mortem). His guilt is not yet beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt, given his good character up to the point of the killings.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 4:20 pm    Post subject: Lee Harvey Kazmierczak Reply with quote

Just after re-watching the CNN interview with the girlfriend -- whose photos with Steve include a cap and gown one, of their joint graduation, and one probably at Disney World, Florida, (his father lives in Lakeland, Florida) -- it seems clear that the note is supposed to have been sent timed to arrive from Amazon at the time of the shootings. What is weird is that she seems to be waiting for more packages to arrive, as well as an explanatory letter.
I don't think anyone reported her getting one. But if indeed he had an account at Amazon.com it would not be hard to discover if she had more things on the way, and the police should have told her whether she would, unless they were watching her too. I have to say her reactions seem stagey.
For a future social worker or whatever, she seems totally uninterested in the other victims. She is just so focused on this guy. It is as I said, stagey.
Also, she alludes to Steve's having said his mother was taking a lot of pills. But that seems to have been during the years in Illinois, leading up to his being sent to a group home. So was he actually sent there because his mother had something wrong with her? And what was that?
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:12 am    Post subject: Re: Lee Harvey Kazmierczak Reply with quote

musings wrote:
... What is funny about the ancestry.com entry for her is that it also lists her as having died in 1999.

Do you know the exact date?


Also, oftentimes there are school-violence themed incidents--bomb threats, plots broken up, reports of guns/intruders on campus--that follow close on the heals of the main event. I feel this is a way to 'catapult the (anti-gun) propaganda' by traumatizing different areas of the country in the same degree but without the cost and expense of actual bloodshed. I am wondering if the following was some such attempt:

February 29, 2008
ECSU Mock Gunman Drill Frightens Students, Faculty

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. – Students and faculty at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) are being offered counseling after some unknowingly became participants in an emergency response drill Feb. 22 in response to the Northern Illinois University (NIU), which occurred eight days earlier.
During the drill, a campus police officer playing the role of a gunman entered into classrooms carrying a red plastic model gun. .... Assistant professor Jingbin Wang, whose American foreign policy class was taken hostage, was unaware of the drill, along with his students.
Wang said the “gunman” lined seven students against the wall and threatened to kill the student with the lowest grade point average. The “victims” were told that the man had been kicked out of school and required a lung transplant.
Wang added that he didn’t have time to consider whether the “gunman’s” weapon was real. Ten minutes after the drill began, campus police restrained the man.

[Comment: I seriously doubt you need actual students or even a school to conduct such drills.]

"You've got to be able to move quickly if you're running from Feds or special ops."
--Jeff Weise, Red Lake, MN
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 6:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A fitting soundtrack to this abomination:


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:42 am    Post subject: Lee Harvey Kazmierczak Reply with quote

starviego - The Social Security death date for Mrs. Gail M. Kazmiercsak, mother of the alleged shooter, Steve, is 25 September 2006. Her birthdate is listed there as 11 September 1948, which is an interesting association. Whether she died 7 years before and was declared legally dead than is mere speculation at this point, and may only be an artifact of a mistranscription by the host website, ancestry.com. If it is the date of final declaration of death in a missing person, there would be other information on that which does not appear. I am assuming it is just a mistake, because it would be easy to make such a mistake. The obituary was published in a wide range of Cook Co., Illinois, newspapers. Steve and his relatives are listed in them.
The last place of residence of the mother is listed as the domicile of the father, which is Lakeland, Polk Co., Florida. This is where he was when cameras showed up at his trailer after the shooting, I believe.

Your remarks, starviego, about the drill show how the expectation to be left alone and not terrorized is dwindling in the USA. The implication to academic freedom and the respect of a professor is also troubling. As is the absence, if true, of lawsuits to deal with this arrogant usurpation of peoples' peace of mind. If you lived in a prison, you might be subjected to such follies, but even then, they would be wrong.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 8:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Strange Twist In Foiled Montco 'Plot-To-Kill'

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS 3) ― Mar 1, 2008

A Montgomery County student, who was honored by President Bush for exposing a peer's Columbine-style attack plan, has admitted to taking part in a series of break-ins at the home of the teenage plotter.

The student and two other teens admitted to numerous break-ins at the Plymouth Township home of 46-year-old Michelle Cossey.

Cossey's 14-year-old son is currently in a juvenile treatment center after admitting to planning an attack at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School.

One of the three students accused in the break-ins was hailed a hero in October after he tipped off authorities to his friend's 'plot-to-kill.'

During a search of the Cosseys' Plymouth Township home, police confiscated dozens of weapons, including a 9mm rifle, various knives and air-powered guns along with books on how to construct bombs and videos of the 1999 Columbine attack.

The hero teen told police his friend tried to recruit him for the attack. In juvenile court Friday, the hero teen admitted to breaking into his friend's house.

Sources said the Cosseys' home was broken into numerous times between January and February with video games and money allegedly taken from inside the home.

The three teen suspects turned themselves into police on Thursday. All are expected to be sentenced at a later date.


Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:09 am    Post subject: Lee Harvey Kazmierczak Reply with quote

Just heard of a new book out, called Human Smoke. Never read the author, who used to specialize in novels in which the everyday was described in such minute detail that the moment took on a heft which is rarely experienced (my one experience of such a moment was the 1989 Loma Prieta/San Francisco earthquake in which 15 seconds lasted about half an hour.

Anyway, based on pieced lifted and patched from newspapers, it is the story of the run-up to WWII. In it, he begins to see a non-heroic image forming of Winston Churchill as war-monger, living on the excitement of the time. I haven't read it, only the reviews.

But this is what he said: That the first accounts of anything are always better than the rehashing by historians.

as far as a psyop is concerned, we can certainly doubt that --- viz., the 7/7 London bombings
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What happened to the main center column image / audio link to this thread?

The next level box is empty.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:14 pm    Post subject: Recent shootings Reply with quote

Two students from Georgia dead.
This one:

7th March 2008
Thousands mourn slain UNC student; cops search for killer

Thousands of students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill gathered Thursday to remember student body president Eve Carson, who was shot and killed in a suburban neighborhood near campus.

And just a day earlier, this one:
Thursday, March 06, 2008
Mysterious off-campus shooting

Burk was found wounded on Alabama Highway 147 around 9 p.m. Tuesday, about three miles off campus, and Auburn police said her Honda Civic was discovered engulfed in flames at the campus about 20 minutes later. She was taken to East Alabama Medical Center, where she died Tuesday night.

Meanwhile here's the tip of
an extremely large iceberg:

7 March 2008
Student Kills Self in Front of 150 Classmates at Alabama High School

Jajuan Holmes, 18, fatally shot himself about 10 a.m. at Davidson High School, police Chief Phillip Garrett said. He described the shooting as an isolated incident and said no one else was injured.

Gunman Kills 4 and Himself in Tennessee
A man killed his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, her mother and two other people on Wednesday morning and then killed himself after the police caught up with him in a rural area, the authorities said.

February 28, 2008
On-Campus Shooting
UALR Student Recovering, Police ID Suspect
A University of Arkansas at Little Rock student was recovering at a local hospital after undergoing surgery for gunshot wounds he sustained Wednesday in an on-campus shooting, campus officials said Thursday.

March 3, 2008
Man Charged in LA Street Shooting

Authorities say Hines was targeting two people when he opened fire Wednesday at a busy intersection filled with shoppers, motorists and students from a nearby middle school.

The two intended victims fled and remain at large, police said. The most severely injured person, a 12-year-old girl, was in stable condition Monday with a gunshot wound to her chest, police Lt. Ruben De La Torre said.

Mar. 7, 2008 10:30 AM
Teen killed in drive-by shooting

A Valley teen was killed during a drive-by shooting Thursday night.

Police believe the assailants knew the victim and planned the attack. An adult and two other teens have been taken into custody in connection with the shooting.

Mar. 7, 2008
Shots Fired at Kennedy Plaza in Providence
Shots have been fired in downtown Providence, and police say one man has been taken to a hospital. Police Chief Dean Esserman says shots were fired near busy Kennedy Plaza shortly before lunchtime Friday.

March 7, 2008
Harrah student suspended after toy gun shooting
An 11-year-old student has been suspended from school after shooting a classmate with a pellet gun.

The boy fired the toy gun from close range, hitting a classmate in the back of the head with a plastic pellet, Harrah Police Chief Eddie Holland said this morning. The victim was not injured.

The incident took place on a school bus Thursday morning, Holland said.

The 11-year-old was detained by police after the incident and later released to his mother.

Harrah Schools Superintendent Dean Hughes said the length of the student's suspension will not be determined until the school finishes its investigation.

Holland said police will forward to juvenile court officials a complaint of possession of a concealed weapon on school property.

The police chief said it's not illegal for a child to carry a toy gun, but it is illegal on school property.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Slain UNC student's car found

(CNN) -- Police in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, said Friday they have found a vehicle belonging to a slain UNC student, and are examining it for possible evidence.

Eve Carson, the 22-year-old president of the student body at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was found shot to death in a suburban neighborhood not far from campus about 5 a.m. Wednesday.

Her car was found in another neighborhood to the west, about a block or two from where she lived with roommates, Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran said Friday.

A resident alerted police to the vehicle Thursday, police said in a written statement.

Watch authorities finding body

Curran said evidence from the car was being catalogued Friday, and then a forensic examination will be conducted on the vehicle.

He said the car was not stripped of its radio or any other equipment, but police cannot say whether anything was missing from it because they do not know what was in the car. The keys were not found, he said.

Authorities are interested in speaking to anyone who may have seen the car, a blue 2005 Toyota Highlander with Georgia plates, between about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and midday Thursday.

Carson, a UNC senior and native of Athens, Georgia, was last seen about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday by her roommates, who were leaving their living quarters and invited her along. Carson was studying and declined, saying she had work to do, Curran said. He described Carson as "an extraordinarily busy woman" and said it would not have been unusual for her to go to her office in the middle of the night.

Police have subpoenaed her cell phone records and are examining her laptop, he said, but "as far as I know she wasn't having problems with anybody," Curran said. Authorities are also attempting to determine whether there was activity on Carson's credit cards or bank account about the time she was killed, he said.

At least two people called 9-1-1 to report hearing gunshots in the area where Carson's body was found, Curran said. Police believe, based on those calls, that she was slain at that location, he said.

The medical examiner told police there were no other injuries to Carson's body besides the gunshot wounds and no signs of sexual assault, he said.

Chapel Hill police have been talking with police in Auburn, Alabama, because a female Auburn University student was shot and killed the same day as Carson, Curran told reporters. But he said the cases have only "surface similarities" and "we still don't believe that the crimes are connected."

Police believe Carson was not targeted, and the crime was a random one, he said.

No additional security measures are in effect in the city, he said. "Our officers are out there just doing the normal job that they do every day."

He said he did not believe students should take any additional measures to protect themselves. "I think they should take precautions that they normally would anyway," he said, but added, "this in no way is an indication from me that [Carson] had done anything wrong."

Carson was a pre-med student who had a double major in political science and biology. She was a recipient of the university's prestigious Morehead Scholarship and a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society, the university has said.

Watch a friend remember Carson

The university's Board of Trustees has offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for her death, Curran said.

Curran said other police agencies have offered assistance and his department may accept the offers "as this thing goes on."

From here.

The rule for today.
Touch my tail, I shred your hand.
New rule tomorrow.

Cat Haiku
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