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The People Versus Corporate Scientology
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 12:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


And it's not just about joining a cult. What if they were the most dominant religion? What if they were a minor minority force ... say like Zionist-Judaism? What if they started buying up newspapers, starting with the SP Times? (Moonies already got the Washington Times)

They DO mean to take over the world by force, and by infiltration of all institutions through governments, according to their own internal statements, and they DO seem to have a lot of wealthy and famous influential members. Goofy L. Ron is dead ... cept for his portrait. Miscavige is a powerful, compelling presence, as much as Cruise is a cutie-pie hunk! (or seen that way by some) Somewhere it was explained, this is like the perfect religion for actors, whose very honorable profession consists of lying convincingly for a camera/audience, words, body language, and emotional control. he can and must create emotions at his own “will”


In this 2000 Scientology video David Miscavige, leader of the cult,
spins the facts on how they crushed the Lisa McPherson case.
from Enthetamachine
The use of Hitler's speech at the beginning here *IS* appropriate.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO9VV11V1kE part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMgakAozEvI Part 2

UK politicos shilling for Scientology Cult HUGE CEREMONY

the implications of this scare me more than Bush

Scientology - What are your crimes? (Harassment of protesters is a core Scientology teaching and advanced members undergo a training regimen on this. The basis is that people who oppose Scientology -- or oppose Scientology's aims of taking over every earthly institution -- are evil criminals who are set to destroy what is good and "helpful", criminals who deserve no civil rights, who deserve punishment by forced labor on one of their RPF forced labor camps.)

MORE HARASSMENT techniques Scientology - Personal Insults
(these methods of harassment of critics is part of their training, not just a spat)

Scientology JERKS Bull Baiting
(granted, the anti-scientologists are also trading crude insults, but have you ever seen a church member act like this?)

Scientology kills via belief
(the E-Meter checks "repressed memories" you allegedly have in you, not only your known past (like an AA 5th Step or confession) but including those incidents which happened in your past life millions of years ago when you were a clam dropped on the rocks by birds -- and the use of the E-meter serves as an intimidating "lie detector test", while the Auditor person asks questions designed to induce a hypnotic trance, under which suggestive apsects of "The Tech" can be inserted into your mind)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 1:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jim Beebe, explains how he started in the 60's, exciting group dynamic.


RPF PRISON CAMPS - now they have them for CHILDREN

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 3:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Absolutely stunning reports Gary.

Still taking it in and watching the videos. Phew!

More l8r.

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Fintan, you were the one who found this. I HAD NO IDEA. I thought -- like many do ]-- that it was just some quirky little religious movement, nothing to be personally concerned about, so long as I don't join.

I just put up two of Beebe's videos there's really about six.

By the way, Firefox has some extensions/tools for capturing and downloading Flash Video from YouTube and Google. Video Downloader works on YT. The one that works best w Google is the one with the fish logo, I cant remember the name now. YouTube has their copyright on donated vids, but I've converted them (imperfectly) using VLC and put them up for safekeeping. (I've found I have to convert to streaming MPEG-2 at 2048 w MP3 Aud at 128, then crunch them to AVI or WMV. I also found a free flashplayer that's on my domain, used on my MEDIA page, since embedded WMV would start playing immediately, and loudly.)

You MIGHT get some phone calls. Probably not, because there's so many duplicators, but you might.

Scientology suing CAN and then seizing CAN's entire business and phone line is like NAMBLA taking over an abuse hotline for raped children. That's not legal defense, that's pure evil.

Legal and Disclaimer
Caroline Letkeman and Gerry Armstrong are solely responsible for carolineletkeman.org.

This is an entirely non-commercial site. Its content is intended to be critical of the human and civil rights violations, abuses, fraud and criminality of the Scientology enterprise. If we failed in this intention, we apologize. Neither Gerry Armstrong, Caroline Letkeman or carolineletkeman.org is in any way affiliated with or sponsored or authorized by any Scientology organization, and in no way or measure whatsoever do we support Scientology's rights violations, abuses, fraud or criminality.

We are fully aware that documents herein, and carolineletkeman.org itself, are prima facie violations of an injunction the Scientology cult obtained in the California Superior Court against Gerry Armstrong and anyone acting in concert with him. We acknowledge that by creating this web site, webbing these documents, and in a thousand different ways Caroline acts constantly in concert with Gerry. It is our conviction, however, that said injunction is unlawful, lawfully unenforceable, a lawfully impermissible violation of our civil rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, due process and freedom from slavery, and that the injunction was obtained by the Scientology cult by fraud, threat and other unlawful means. We therefore believe that we are legally and completely justified in webbing and making available the information and documents on this site.
We are aware that any assistance the site might be to people defrauded, abused or persecuted by Scientology, or to anyone who opposes the cult's abuses and criminality, is also prohibited by the Armstrong injunction that the cult obtained in California. Such a prohibition, we also believe, is unlawful and lawfully unenforceable, and we believe that we are morally and legally justified in providing whatever assistance to wogs® or to Scientologists that the site can in any way be. It isn't possible to tell, of course, if we are assisting, so please let us know, or send other materials to us that you think could help us help even more.

We are very aware that the Scientology organization is the most notorious abuser of copyright law in the world. The cult uses this commercial law to suppress discussion, prevent people from making informed decisions, and as a "legal" weapon to attack and fair game opponents of its abuses and criminality. Scientology is no respecter of the fair use guarantee of copyrights, and consequently is no respecter of the benefits the fair use doctrine gives to society; namely, teaching, scholarship, criticism, comment, reporting and research.

Scientology seeks to triumph, and attain its goal of world domination, by suppressing or destroying these societal blessings.

The formulators of the fair use right of copyright could not have predicted that any persons or organization would have the malevolent intent and hubris to use commercial copyright law to hide their public libels of people or to keep secret their manuals directing criminal acts against their human targets. Thus in national or international copyright acts, there is no mention of limiting or curtailing tortious or criminal conduct as a public benefit. But it is for this public good, as well as for the various copyright acts' stated benefits of education, scholarship, criticism, research, etc., that we have included on this site large portions, and even complete versions of certain Scientology copyrighted documents. [...]

I will add this: Unlike The Protocols, there is no question about the source of internal scientology documents directing criminal activities, harassment, violence. Unlike The Talmud, Scientology does not permit it's religious members to discuss and debate these details openly ( www.jewhaters.com ), rather it has celebrity statements and goes on the attack.

In AA, some soul-baring is part of the work, but that's to be with a "trusted closed-mouthed friend", which is up to you to determine. At times this has gone really bad, and there's no central hierarchy to control or punish individual indiscretions.

In Scientology, there IS a central hierarchy which exerts full control, and pretends to have had past 'lapses' of control, but abuse of this trust relation is a key part of their core nature, in two ways. One, the soul-baring lie-detector exercises "on the cans" function to assist the abuse-of-transference process, with the Auditor acting as an empty vessel conduit to Hubbard's brain, to Hubbard's "tech". Two, Scientology at it's highest levels orders that confidential records of Audit sessions and other records be used to attack perceived enemies, ex-members, yet there is no disclaimer that such records can or will be used for such purposes.

I think this is already clear to anyone reading this forum this far, but it's worthwhile summarizing the most salient points.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 11:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This could have been written by Karl Rove and his RNC and Rendon Group friends.

Given enough repetition of the redefinition, public opinion can be altered by altering the meaning of a word. The technique is good or bad depending on the ultimate objective of the propagandist. Psychiatry" and "psychiatrist" are easily redefined to mean "an antisocial enemy of the people." This takes the kill-crazy psychiatrist off the preferred list of professions. This is a good use of the technique as for a century the psychiatrist has been setting an all-time record for inhumanity to Man. The redefinition of words is done by associating different emotions and symbols with the word than were intended. The American Medical Association and the National Association for Mental Health in England and South Africa and the "British Psychological Association" in Australia have been working very hard to redefine Scientology in the public mind. Two things occur because of this—the Scientologists are redefining "doctor," "psychiatry" and "psychology" to mean "undesirable antisocial elements" and are trying to stabilize the actual meaning of "Scientology."

— L. Ron Hubbard

HCOPL 5 October 71 Propaganda by Redefinition of Words

EDIT: HAWKWIND, thanks for posting the huge list of front groups, and the inroads they've made. This is what should be so fucking scary. I can envision a day where Scientology is the ONLY way, and they can too. Scientologists see this as simply "progress" or "evolution", apparently blinded to their own deceptions and malevolence of the "tech". Tell Tom Cruise we don't want any "Help" from him of his friends.

NOT that some elements of State Psychology bureaucracy cannot also be abused. My friend, in soc work, described a situation similar to what's in Adam Curtis' "The Trap"
in which the *subjectivity* and *inaccuracies* of psychology that led to serious mistakes in diagnosis were replaced by "bean-counter" technology emerging from the Rand Corporation, the Military, and from the schizophrenia of John Forbes Nash. Rather than adding a bit more rigor and standards to psych diagnosis, it quantitized the process, graphed it, sterilyzed it, removed the elements of inquiry and innovation and intuition, and turned it into a symptom-drug corporate-govt bureaucracy model.

It's sort of a part-and-parcel of the elevation of the psych profession to legal and insurable standards, as well as military standards (for PSTD for example). On one hand, this newer system is intended to weed out obvious fraud, but on the other hand, the rigidity produces another whole set of (presumably) unintended consequences.

I certainly think Prozac and it's cousins should be re-evaluated. I think some people probably benefit and probably need it. I think drugs are WAAAY over-prescribed, especially to misbehaving kids. I know a healthy 19 y o whose family and school problems led to him being put on drugs, and drugs to counteract drugs, and drugs to counteract those, and higher dosages. It exacerbated his problems, until he got off them. He also joined AA, quit smoking pot constantly, quit drinking and having violent rages, and is moving along on a good career, while still able to be a young adult kid and have a sense of humor.

I think even the concept of misbehavior needs to be re-evaluated, because kids are supposed to be wild, and some of that wildness can be channeled into useful activities instead of boredom and trouble. I also think there are causes related to society and family, that can either be corrected or coped with. If you're a kid who feels that either you're crazy or the world is crazy, and you find out how it's "the world" or a little of both, then you can implement appropriate defense mechanisms in your mind and outlook, appropriate expectations, etc.

Psych might work better with standards that are NON-binding NON-legal or partially binding like a "Seal of Approval", but that looseness opens up legal ambiguities for insurance, etc. In my future, I might decide to embark on some kind of Landmark or similar experiment, but at least NOW I'd have a stronger basis as a consumer to discern malevolent intent. (Speaking of "consumer", that's supposed to be a mode, like "as a consumer ... " in the mode of shopping/evaluating/acquiring/consuming, which is normal in non-totalitarian societies (including marriage), but it's not supposed to be a "way of being", like "I AM a consumer". It's a word that has strong cultural connotations, and even legal connotations, in the West, which imply *choice*, but it remains in use in monopoly situations (and abuse/control situations) where choice has been eliminated for all practical purposes.)

My personal opinion is that Landmark Education got the shaft when it lost a lawsuit that made them responsible for bizarre reactions of a tiny number of their clients, in circumstances far removed from their Course. If I have a bad reaction from reading this Forum, can I make Fintan responsible my actions, due to it's content? If I kill someone after reading the Illuminati threads, can they sue Fintan? If I get drunk and kill someone, can the victims sue Seagrams? I think there's some kind of legal judgment on *distance* in determining cause and effect, but it's a judgment call, of a competent judge or jury.

The *distance* in the Lisa MacPherson case is tiny, or non-existent. She was kidnapped by Sci employees, HELD at Sci HQ in Clearwater, and abused by Sci techniques of *punishment* and *isolation*. That's a whole 'nuther animal, and I think that distinction is important.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 1:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Scientology teaches that Suppressive Persons, or Antisocials are a class comprising two and a half percent of earth's population, and are the cause of all illness, accidents and any bad condition. Scientology states that SPs are completely evil and irredeemable, "truly dangerous," committing crime continuously, "psychotic," and deserving of no civil rights.

Scientology also teaches, and Cruise knows, that the Antisocial Personality, the SP, is, as the Hubbard bulletin but not the online version says, the “Anti-Scientologist.” The opponents or critics of Scientology or any of its doctrines, policies or practices are the people that the organization identifies as Suppressive Persons.

In another policy letter, called menacingly “Battle Tactics,” Hubbard expanded on the need and opportunities for Fair Gaming Scientology’s SP “enemies.”
"We must ourselves fight on a basis of total attrition of the enemy. So never get reasonable about him. Just go all the way in and obliterate him.[...]

One cuts off enemy communications, funds, connections. He deprives the enemy of political advantages, connections and power. He takes over enemy territory. He raids and harrasses.[...]
The prize is "public opinion" where press is concerned. The only safe public opinion to head for is they love us and are in a frenzy of hate against the enemy, this means standard wartime propaganda is what one is doing, complete with atrocity, war crimes trials, the lot. Know the mores of your public opinion, what they hate. That's the enemy. What they love. That's you.

You preserve the image or increase it of your own troops and degrade the image of the enemy to beast level. [...]

Wars are composed of many battles.

Never treat a war like a skirmish. Treat all skirmishes like wars."

— L. Ron Hubbard
In heading for that safe public opinion of a frenzy of hate against the people Scientology declares “SPs” and “enemies,” and in their campaign to degrade these people’s images to beast level, the organization publishes and disseminates mountains of generalized as well as individualized defamatory and hateful attacks, which Hubbard termed “Black Propaganda” or “Black PR.” Hubbard himself Black PRs the SP class as “insane,” “criminal,” dramatizing a “continuous determination to destroy,” “the only thing wrong in this universe,” and responsible for “fill[ing] the institutions with victims, the hospitals with the sick and the graveyards with the dead.”

According to the “Suppressive Person” doctrine, SPs, Scientology’s “enemies,” “oppose violently any betterment activity or group,” and “have a deep but carefully masked hatred of anyone who seeks to help them.”

We're not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn't something cute or something to do for lack of something better.

The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.

This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.

— L. Ron Hubbard

For example, from his policy letter “Suppressive Acts Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists:”

Suppressive acts are clearly those covert or overt acts knowingly calculated to reduce or destroy the influence or activities of Scientology or prevent case gains or continued Scientology success and activity on the part of a Scientologist. As persons or groups that would do such a thing act out of self-interest only to the detriment of all others, they cannot be granted the rights ordinarily accorded rational beings.

— L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology publishes in its “scriptures” a long list of Suppressive Acts or “High Crimes” that make a person a Suppressive. These High Crimes include serious felonies such as murder and arson, and many acts that a reasonable person would view as innocuous and any citizen’s right, such as public statements against Scientology or Scientologists, testifying before state or public inquiries into Scientology, reporting Scientology or Scientologists to the civil authorities, public disavowal of Scientology, demanding the return of fees, publicly departing Scientology, making private plans to leave, informing others one is leaving, or continued adherence to a person or group pronounced a Suppressive Person or group.

Scientology teaches that SPs, the people who criticize, and perhaps otherwise oppose the influence or activities of Scientology, are so hateful, or frightful, or powerful that Scientologists under the organization’s command may not deal with them or even grant them credence.

The Suppressive Person doctrine teaches that Scientology alone has the “technology” to detect and to shatter SPs, the people who oppose the organization’s influence or activities, and the organization teaches its adherents in this detection and shattering “tech.” When Tom Cruise says that he “studied anti-social behavior and personalities,” he doubtlessly studied Scientology’s “PTS and SP Course,” also called the “How to Confront and Shatter Suppression Course.”

The organization’s “devout” celebrities, just like its non-celebrity devotees, are indoctrinated in this “technology” of detecting and shattering the SPs, Scientology’s “enemies,” “opponents” or “critics” that they encounter in life. Scientology then uses these indoctrinated celebrities’ status to promote the Suppressive Person doctrine to others in the organization’s publications, advertising and events.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 2:34 pm    Post subject: Truly Disturbing Information Reply with quote

If true, this is not good ...

"I would caution the protesters about going too far with this religious persecution," stated Scientology spokesperson Tom Cruise. "If this continues in America later today, people should know that the Church of Scientology is an official member of Infragard. The Sea Org is now fully armed, and as a member of Infragard, they are authorized to protect various aspects of our contributions to the nation's infrastructure using deadly force. We're authorized by the FBI to do this, and we will shoot on sight."

Source HERE.

Edit: This is apparently satire in the name of Xenu ... bad LOLZ!

- Hawk

"Look up here, I'm in heaven. I've got scars that can't be seen. I've got drama, can't be stolen. Everybody knows me now." - David Bowie
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 5:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

After reading this, I followed up on Infragard and Cruise.

One article here:


Tinfoil hat brigade generates fear about Infragard
by a guy named Lizzard who's part of Infragard

but then ensuing debate about whether this is a genuine concern or not, and that Matthew Rothschild handled this in a mature and balanced manner (reporting both sides), and about other serious concerns.

Some cred warranted. The fellow who posted this is strongly against unwarranted police actions, abuse, and the drug war, he just thought this was too hysterical.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

UNO,Merkel,Bush,Chavez,Sarkozy..& Scientology with the pope?
"IAS sponsored crusade to reach into governments around the globe and indoctrinate them about us"

http://www.Takeoverworld.info/vid/Scientology_global_2005.flv 20M
http://www.Takeoverworld.info/vid/Scientology_global_2005.avi 18M
http://www.Takeoverworld.info/vid/Scientology_global_2005.wmv 16M


original from first page - full versions adding AVI WMV later
Tom Cruise Wins Scientology's Freedom Medal of Valor Part 1

Tom Cruise Wins Scientology's Freedom Medal of Valor Part 2

(Tom meeting w Sec of Education, FDA, and U.S. State Dept)
"advancing LRH Technologies straight into the corridors of POWER"

Tom Cruise Wins Scientology's Freedom Medal of Valor Part 3
"Why should we ask permission?

www.Takeoverworld.info/vid/TomCruiseScientologyAwardCeremony.avi (150M)
www.Takeoverworld.info/vid/TomCruiseScientologyAwardCeremony70.avi (70M)

SOUL HACKERS ESSAY - PDF (conversion problems)

Speaking with a member of the Church of Scientology
First he tells us about how the Church tests you and is similar to a dating website. Then he speaks about Tom Cruise, in an attempt to justify how they are the only ones to save people in accidents. I didnt film his face at the beginning because i wanted to hear what he had to say..

Scientology Org. behind all terror! is ... Psychs w Islamic Terror Groups hurting poor CIA people
marching w torches to get them?
(this is actually pretty good, except they call Ali Mohamed a double agent and they don't say he was already released from prison by Ashcroft, which as far as I've read he was ... only held for a few years or less, poss "house arrest")

Whereas the real CAN was an organization that warned people about dangerous cults, the Scientology-backed CAN relies primarily on information provided by cult apologists. It's use of the name "Cult Awareness Network" is, therefore, seen as a farce.

Incidentally, the term "interfaith" strictly speaking stands for "involving person of different religious faith." The idea is that while these people may differ in their theological convictions, they nevertheless tolerate and respect each other. Currently, though, some (including many cult apologists) are trying to redefine the term to mean that one must accept religious pluralism - the theory that there are more than one or more than two kinds of ultimate reality and/or truth - and that therefore more than one religion can be said to have the truth (way to God, salvation, etcetera). (ok so far) In this view, questioning or critiquing the beliefs and/or practices of a religious movement is considered akin to "intolerance," "persecution," and "hatred." For obvious reasons, this appears to be the approach favored by the new CAN.

Throughout the site, CAN assures us it has a "different philosophy" than the old CAN. However, it's banner cry of "tolerance" is belied by hateful articles masquerading as press releases, as well as the same unbalanced approach we have come to expect from the "new CAN."


Though individual Scientologists had filed the suits, almost all the plaintiffs were alleging discrimination, often using identical language, based on one of two claims: Either they had been denied membership in one of CAN's local affiliate groups, or they had been refused admission to CAN's annual conference.

The reason the suits were so similar, he explains, is simple: Almost all the plaintiffs had suffered the same harm. "These were filed by individual Scientologists who were victimized by CAN," adds Moxon. "That's the long and short of it."

"You would have had to be some kind of vegetable not to see that this was part of some plan," declares Leipold, a partner with Glendale, California's Hagenbaugh & Murphy. He contends that this became even clearer when he began deposing individual plaintiffs and discovered that some had not even applied for membership in CAN before they sued. Others, he says, had no idea who was paying for their lawyers or how those lawyers had been picked.

CAN, they contend, even had to hire security guards for its 1992 conference in Los Angeles because they claim that, among other things, Scientologists blocked CAN members' way onto hotel elevators and attempted to follow convention speakers to their rooms. Randy Franklin, a Los Angeles police officer who was one of the private security guards CAN hired, testified in a March 1994 deposition that a number of Scientologists also taunted and verbally harassed CAN members after being turned away from the meeting. Scientology spokesperson Pouw allows that some individual Scientologists tried to register for the conference, hoping to "dialogue" with CAN members. But she denies that any further disruption occurred. "It sounds like an absolutely outrageous lie on CAN's part," she says.

In any case, Scientology publications such as Freedom magazine certainly made their contempt for CAN clear. One 1995 issue of Freedom, for instance, bore the cover line "CAN: The serpent of hatred, intolerance, violence and death," and inside compared CAN to "a hate group in the tradition of the KKK and neo-Nazis." The same issue also repeated charges that before she became CAN's executive director in 1987, Kisser had been a topless dancer in a Tucson nightclub -- an accusation that Kisser calls "ludicrous."

A Violent Abduction
the case that brought CAN down

more details than I care to copy here --- summary

Basically, a woman left an extremely strict Pentacostal church Life Tabernacle Church, and called CAN for help when her minor sons and one adult son had rejected her and moved in with a church couple. A CAN volunteer gave out a few phone numbers including Rick Ross, who later abducted the 18 yo for 5 days of deprogramming via watching videos. He pretended he was ok, then escaped from them.
A law firm heavily used by Scientology contacted the young man, offered him lots of money if he helped them sue CAN, without telling him that they were working for Scientology's assault on CAN, nor that CAN was already near broke anyhow. The court heard the dramatic story and bought the plaintiff's that the kidnapping was a conspiracy and that CAN orchestrated the whole thing.

The defense wanted to clarify that the litigation was an attack by Scientology, but the judge barred all mention of Scientology. Scientology lawyer said it was completely separate, a case paid for by the United Pentacostalist church, but a church leader denied that they paid the lawyers.

The plaintiff's lawyers went out of their way to deny that the suit or aggressive bidding on the subsequent bankruptcy assets including the name, phone number, client contacts, volunteers who had contacted them w info had a thing to do with Scientology (plaintiff said these were valuable assets worth money on his claim), but the board of newly formed Religious Freedom Foundation had 2 Scientology members, and they quickly revamped the website and business and started publishing glowing stories about Scientology with a mostly-Scientology staff at CAN.

In posting the winning bid, Hayes [...] got a "helluva bargain." Not only did his $20,000 bid buy CAN's name, logo, phone number, and office equipment, it also gave him rights to at least 15 court judgments won by CAN. These included judgments for attorneys' fees and costs from suits like the ones Bowles & Moxon had brought against CAN and lost, which, according to Kisser, were easily worth $100,000.
Moxon isn't getting much sympathy from Scott, who today is being represented by a new lawyer -- Graham Berry of Los Angeles's Musick, Peeler & Garrett. It's yet another strange twist in the story of CAN's bankruptcy. Scott says he now believes that he was a "pawn" in Scientology's "whole game." He says he had trusted that Moxon was working in his best interest, but contends that after winning his case in September 1995, Moxon started avoiding his phone calls. When they did speak, he adds, Moxon became more and more noncommittal about when Scott would actually see any money. "It was torture," complains Scott, "having $4.85 million plus interest" -- the amount of his judgment -- "and not seeing a penny."

Scott, who had quit his carpet cleaning business after the verdict, claims that he wasn't offered a dime of the $20,000 that the bankruptcy trustee got for CAN's assets. A few weeks after that sale, he recalls, in mid-November 1996, he told Moxon that he was tired of waiting and wanted to sell his judgment. Moxon, he contends, told him the judgment wasn't worth anything. "He was like, 'Push it under the rug and get a job,' " recounts Scott, "and 'go on with your life.' " Moxon denies that he ever told Scott the judgment was worthless or evaded Scott's efforts to reach him. "I probably only called him a hundred times" after the verdict, insists Moxon. He admits that he did counsel Scott to go back to work, but sticks by that advice. "What's wrong with telling a young man to get a job?" he asks. "People should be productive and shouldn't sit around."

THE GALL: Scientology lawyer tries to get his own 18-year-old former-client/pawn judged insane and committed, and placed in his guardianship, after the kid hired a competing lawyer to get paid

In early December Scott replaced Moxon with, a self- styled "anticult" litigator who had been involved in half a dozen cases against Scientology, was bound to add to the fireworks -- and, indeed, Moxon immediately began leveling charges that Berry had kidnapped Scott.

... Moxon and a man he didn't recognize pulled up. Moxon told him how worried he had been, but Scott contends that when he assured Moxon that he was fine and simply wanted to change lawyers, Moxon informed him that he "had made the wrong decision." Scott claims that Moxon then said, " 'You've been kidnapped and brainwashed, haven't you?' "

Moxon soon left, but according to Scott, a short while later the man accompanying Moxon returned and served Scott (his former client) with copies of a petition for guardianship that Moxon had filed in Washington state court. The December 10 action, which asked that an independent guardian be named for Scott, noted that after switching lawyers Scott had settled his $3 million-plus judgment against deprogrammer Ross for $5,000 -- an action that Moxon stated "constitutes prima facie evidence of a person who suffers from some form of incapacity." [...] "I couldn't imagine a more insane thing to do," says Moxon.

He dropped the guardian proceedings on April 4, and less than two weeks later Scott sold his $1.875 million judgment against CAN for $25,000 to a Scientologist named Gary Beeny, who is being represented by Moxon. [/b]

"It wasn't really me that was suing CAN -- it was Scientology," Scott contends. "I was naive. I just kind of rode the waves of what they wanted me to do."


In the end, he and other boosters of the new CAN insist that the old CAN only got what it deserved. And Moxon says he's happy to have played a part. The old "CAN no longer exists because it was a hate group that destroyed families," declares Moxon. "I'm very proud of what I've done.".

"If the bankruptcy court lets those records be sold," she said, "they are basically taking people's worst fears, which they've confided in the Cult Awareness Network, and selling them to the very organization that created the trauma and that pain."

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here w Ted Koppel, David Miscavige talks about the Alaska Mental Health Enabling Act, allegedly a 1955 plan to stuff Americans into Siberia-like mental health facilities in Alaska, which he claims Scientology soundly defeated -- and this is a big reason psychiatry hates them.

Sounds like something Alex Jones would rage about.

Well, here's the bill. Read it for yourself. It was a bill to remedy an existing problem in lack of services for Alaskans.

Citizens of the TERRITORY of Alaska (not a state) who became mentally ill had to travel to a Portland Oregon mental health hospital, because nothing existed in Alaska to seve them.

The Portland hospital was also overcharging, ripping off the territory or the patients.

The bill was to create mental health services in Alaska, for Alaskans.

There was to be reciprocal relations with the lower 48. If an Alaskan got mentally ill in the lower states, he would go to a hospital there, then later be transferred to Alaska. If a citizen from a State got ill in Alaska, he would go there, until he could be transferred south.

Why 1,000,000 acres of Federal Land? Most of it for mining and timber, to fund the services.

It was non-controversial, at first. What happened then?

Alex Jones intellectual pre-decessors, the American Public Relations Forum (APRF), a small anti-communist women's group in southern California, charged that the REAL SECRET PURPOSE of the bill was to create a Soviet-style Gulag in Alaska, because Alaska is in the North, just like Siberia is in the North. Great thinking. (Only after these other kooks launched this, then Hubbard jumped into the spotlight to attack his nemesis, the APA and psychiatry, who had earlier panned his book as dangerous or idiotic quackery.)

(There was also a lack of provisions written into the bill, like what we would now call a "Patients' Bill of Rights, or specific procedures to protect patient rights. The wikipedia article says this was later added to the bill, by a conservative. I would assume that these legal procedures to oppose commitments had not yet been well established in the lower states either. We're talking about 1955.)

The APRF had a history of opposing mental health legislation; earlier in 1955, it had played a key role in stalling the passage of three mental health bills in the California Assembly. It was part of a wider network of far-right organizations which opposed psychiatry and psychology as being pro-communist, anti-American, anti-Christian and pro-Jewish.

The Keep America Committee, another Californian "superpatriot" group, summed up the anti-mental health mood on the far right in a pamphlet issued in May 1955. Calling "mental hygiene" part of the "unholy three" of the "Communistic World Government", it declared: "Mental Hygiene is a subtle and diabolical plan of the enemy to transform a free and intelligent people into a cringing horde of zombies".

Is it the purpose of H.R. 6376 to establish a concentration camp for political prisoners under the guise of treatment of mental cases? The answer, based on a study of the bill, indicates that it is entirely within the realm of possibility that we may be establishing in Alaska our own version of the Siberia slave camps run by the Russian government. …

"This legislation," say its opponents, "will place every resident of the United States at the mercy of the whims and fancies of any person with whom they might have a disagreement, causing a charge of 'mental illness' to be placed against them, with immediate deportation to SIBERIA, U.S.A!"

Fanning the flames

After the Santa Ana Register published its article, a nationwide network of activists began a vociferous campaign to torpedo the Alaska Mental Health Bill. The campaigners included, among other groups and individuals, the white supremacist Rev. Gerald L. K. Smith; Women for God and Country; the For America League; the Minute Women of the U.S.A.; the right-wing agitator Dan Smoot; the anti-Catholic former US Army Brigadier General Herbert C. Holdridge; and L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology, which had been founded only two years earlier.

Dan Smoot told his subscribers: "I do not doubt that the Alaska Mental Health Act was written by sincere, well-intentioned men. Nonetheless, it fits into a sinister pattern which has been forming ever since the United Nations was organized."

"elements of treason against the American people behind the front of the mental health program."

a "conspiratorial gang" that ought to be "investigated, impeached, or at least removed from office" for treason.

"a dastardly attempt to establish a concentration camp in the Alaskan wastes."

This bill establishes a weapon of violence against our citizenry far more wicked than anything ever known in recorded history — far worse than the Siberian prison camps of the Czars or the Communists, or the violence of the Spanish Inquisition … The plot of wickedness revealed in this bill fairly reeks of the evil odor of the black forces of the Jesuits who dominate the Vatican, and, through officiates in our Government, dominate our politics.

the amount of correspondence on the bill exceeded anything seen ...

"All of you who don't want members of your family railroaded to an asylum had better start writing your senator, now."

Stephanie Williams of the American Public Relations Forum said that the bill would enable Russia to reclaim its former Alaskan territory: "[it] contains nothing to prevent Russia from buying the entire million acres — they already say Alaska belongs to them."

John Kaspar, a White Citizens' Council organizer who had achieved notoriety for starting a race riot in Clinton, Tennessee, declared that "almost one hundred percent of all psychiatric therapy is Jewish and about eighty percent of psychiatrists are Jewish . . . one particular race is administering this particular thing." He argued that Jews were nationalists of another country who were attempting to "usurp American nationality."

Senators felt "mystification at the agitation against the bill". President Dwight David Eisenhower, the war hero who was accused by JBS leadership of secretly being a communist stooge for the Soviets, was equally baffled.

It ended up passed with the help of none other than Barry Goldwater who made minor changes to it.

read more to find out what Scientology did around it
According to David Miscavige, the bill was the product of a conspiracy by the American Psychiatric Association.

In this 2006/07 New Years Eve event, David Miscavige outlines how Scientology intends to destroy psychiatry using violent imagery including hand grenades and explosions

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I edited and added a few appropriate comments to this earlier post and a couple videos.

I am using this forum topic to develop THIS page (which I've already fixed up quite a bit beyond this -- I started talking about this last nite to a political friend, and he started defending LRH freedom of religion from persecution, based on what he currently knows about them and based on his leanings towards respect for minority faiths, the idea that they are just a young religion that needs a chance, etc.)

This is meant to be a Summary -- and also a test summary open to critique. Does this adequately explain what I'm trying to convey? Does it inspire someone to look deeper? Does it eradicate the idea that Scientology is "just a religion" or "just a bunch of morons" or "just an effective method of learning" or "just a way to get people off drugs and fight crime" or "just a way to solve problems in society"?

In a nutshell, Scientology -- like other "modern" cults and even like AA to a minor degree -- combines religion and psychology/psychiatry. However, it is much more, much worse, and what representatives say they are morphs depending on the conversation and even within conversations. In other words, they are intentionally evasive about what they are, for some very important reasons.

On one hand, they insist that they are a religion and cite tax court cases and First Amendment cases to prove it

On the other hand, when asked about their beliefs in Xenu and creation of the universe and meaning of life, David Miscavige told Ted Koppel that (A) they don't use that anymore as part of the "Technology", or (b) that these are just archetypal stories which are part of ALL religions.

So setting aside religion, as Miscavige does (partially, evasively), what remains?

"Helping" the human race, "healing" the human spirit, which they call the "Thetan" or core being. How? Actually, by "hacking the soul" and by using what one ex-Member called "black psychology", after she did a lot of research into basic concepts of psychology/psychiatry.

They "help" low grade humans (which they call "raw meat" recruits, and describe as mindless "biological robots") via bastardized and abused Freudian psychological/psychiatric byproducts. Not the whole of psychiatry itself -- which they vehemently reject and seek to destroy -- but byproducts of the psych method, like unwitting hypnosis and unwitting transference (dependency) abuse.

Using hypnosis without consent of the patient and abusing transference is not only a violation of the Ethics Rules of medicine and mental health, it is also illegal. It is illegal to use psychiatry to scam patients out of sex, money, labor, or to put people into mental slavery. But don't plan on catching Scientologists doing this. Copyright and trade secrets prevent outside inspection (or auditing them), and the hatred of psychiatry, which is a large part of their basic foundation, means that anyone objectively knowledgeable enough to evaluate their methods, and to authoritatively explain them to others, is their sworn enemy who they seek to destroy, as they claim that psychiatry jealously seeks to destroy them due to competition or hatred of religion.

In this 2006/07 New Years Eve event, David Miscavige outlines how Scientology intends to destroy psychiatry using violent imagery including hand grenades and explosions

These are inflicted in stages during the outward methods of Auditing and later exercises and drills, some of which directly mimic CIA interrogation and counter-intelligence methods.

The early stages of Auditing one's past, which are recorded and kept for posterity (and it's official internal policy to use these records for blackmailing critics for their "crimes") often FEEL quite pleasant and benign, relaxing. Mild Hypnosis is all these things. Likewise, Study Tech as an introductory stage probably does help people focus better, via both hypnosis and alleviating immediate past problems and worries.

Many of the counter-protester techniques shown in this post I mentioned above,
http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=39251#39251 --- and these techniques are also used on members who are caught or suspected of minor infractions, like having critical opinions of methods, the group, or of leaders, or of making minor mistakes in assigned tasks --- these methods resemble techniques used by the military and intelligence in Abu Gharaib and Guantanimo Bay. Yelling at prisoners, yelling orders, harassment, isolation, sleep deprivation, demeaning slurs, threats against individuals and their families, even physical violence. These are high-level counter-intelligence methods.

For more serious "crimes", Scientology currently uses RPF prisons, Re-Education Labor camps like Mao's China, for both adults and for children. These prison terms can last for many years, sometimes until the person agrees to sign a "confession of crimes" that Scientology leaders accuse them of. (The language of these "crimes" is often done in such a manner as to make minor conflicts sound like actual criminal activities.) Many of these "crimes" against Scientology are subjective, and consist of "conspiracy" or "conspiracy of thought and intention".

Some reports of the use of "vitamins" which sometimes include psychoactive substances.

OK, but no one has to join a religion, right?

They now claim 10 million or 15 million members trained by "the Tech" to be politically-aggressive, and a highly aggressive and unethical legal attack team, all charged with spreading Scientology across the globe, without asking anyone's permission (we are the authorities, per Tom Cruise), and by overturning anything that stands in their way (taking anything "out of the road", per Miscavige).

For chrissakes, they infiltrated IRS, courts, prosecutors, DAs, judges, and other public offices in the past. They destroyed files on their org, and copied sensitive information. They also are big on sweeping background checks on enemies, including critics in the press and media, so they can improve and target smear campaigns.

From the videos above, it's easy to see that they fully intend to seize control of the reins of power by infiltrating governments and taking over government programs, and worse, that this is not mere megalomania, but that they are aggressively succeeding in doing so.

Totalitarian extremism is obvious from the internal Miscavige talks and from Tom Cruise talks.

Joining their side at times, they also have "Christian" ministers who employ or agree with Scientology, or use similar totalitarian methods, or at least see a practical benefit of siding with Scientology as an "abused minority religion". It's a shield against scrutiny.

In the current phase, they are recruiting politicians to their cause, which includes use of their hypnosis and abuse-psych methods on prisoners and on people who are caught taking illegal drugs, as well as on children/students. That's the door, the opening, for government grants and for partnerships which are already developing, perhaps via "faith-based initiatives".

Given their past patterns and actions, if Scientology fails to get "faith-based" grant money -- which by the way some decent and normal Christian churches oppose the whole practice of government "help" for churches on Constitutional principles -- Scientology will let loose their lawyers to attack, until they too start to receive grants and most of all, LEGITIMACY.

All you anti-communists and far right Christians worried about UNESCO and an insidious One World Anti-Christ Religion combined with government? Well this is it. Scientology, even though it is simultaneously "a religion" and "not a religion, but a technology", it IS actively positioning itself to be a new Global Religious or "Spiritual" movement.

While Scientology does not formally ask anyone to abandon their religious beliefs, the article on Scientology Soul Hackers explains in more detail how Scientology replaces religion and why it is incompatible with religion, as well as detailing how their Auditing technology works. To the extent that it could be called a religion, the Source is the mind of L. Ron Hubbard and his beliefs --- not God --- and not only religious ideas, but also beliefs in such things as the proper emotional Tone that people are permitted to have, emotional and mental control methods which gradually block an inductee progressing through the process from critically evaluating Scientology, and many other things.

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Praise the US dollar. And Jesus.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!



Stop it!

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