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Call for more scientific work
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2007 9:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tom wrote:
Thx dilbert for a lo- Oot info,
it will take time to digest it all,

For now I will try to stay the course with your text as a showcase how I think documentation of sources might look like.
For now this is very much work in progress and I plan to "clean it up" for easier reading at the end - still not decided on footnotes or highlited links...seems you prefer the later.

About the "Anti-Zionist" - source: I just mentioned it, because via this source I found this page claiming that AJ is a RSICC - what ever that is, I did not go into that yesterday - but supposedly a link to the JBS.

Any suggestion on the slick BBC - Story?

In my opinion a great start for a research project would be Suttons "Wall Street and the rise of Hitler" since it seems Sutton shows its sources and
I guess this would be also interessting for dilbert...
Anyway, back to work...

I use links (or saved pages) because it's easier. In the style of Antiwar.com. I'm not writing a book, but I do have a website.

BBC? Don't know. Minor story, I think. A teacher named a teddy bear Mohammed. Someone started a scandal. It got hyped. It got worked out. Arabs and Muslims look like barbaric idiots, like the "cartoon" scandal. The Mohammed cartoons were made by a Neo-con close to Daniel Pipes to instigate trouble, but it also appears that some Muslim leaders egged on the rioting.

Alex? RSICC? Don't know. Immaterial.

Sutton. Patrick O'Malley tore him up for obvious errors, pointed them out in detail, using Russian and other sources. Sutton is one of JBS's and right wing conspiracy nuts "gods" to prove that Fascism and Communism is the same thing. O'Malley proved that Wall Street only started funding the Bolsheviks AFTER it was clear the Marines and the disorganized White Army could not defeat them. Then it became prudent to invest.

Hoover (before he was president) delivered "aid" to the Soviets, but allegedly acted more as a spy and helping destabilization, helping enemies of the Soviets. Just like Operation Blessing in Latin America, and the Wycliffe Bible groups and other missionary groups spying for the CIA.

Makes me skeptical of anything Sutton says.
Anyhow, Sutton worked for the Hudson Insitute or Institution. Definitely establishment, and pro Cold War. Sometimes you can use something the Establishment news says, but you have to treat it with skepticism. (I post a lot of stuff by T. Barnett of the Pentagon, but I don't buy into his arguments about spreading democracy and the like!!)
I believe that Rumsfeld was with Hudson Institute, and a whole lot of Reaganites, if that tells you anything.

I found Reformed Theology, but some of it was possibly plausible, as I understand, other parts were whacky and religious.

Having said that, the JBS-CNP link I provided is also very religious. Part of her beef with JBS is that it's linked to Masons and "un-Christian" groups, while pretending to be Christian. What I found worthwhile was documented links to CIA. While you're at it, I believe that JBS-CNP file has links to other pages with a good show on various relations.
www.Takeoverworld.info/cnplinks.html Links between CNP and Mil/CIA
www.Takeoverworld.info/cbn.html Pat Robertson's CBN
www.Takeoverworld.info/straussians.html Straussians: Religion is for idiots, the Masses
www.Takeoverworld.info/cia-death.html CIA and Death Squads, this is more on what CIA does, so it's about what religious groups linked to CIA support

I have not been able to 100% cross-link everything to everything.
I do have some MENUs (javascript) on my home page, and otherwise, links on affected pages to other pages on my site and external.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2007 10:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Is your Link-option working properly? [quote]

BBS code. Interesting. Similar to HTML.

[url=fuseaction...] does not mean anything. If a Myspace link starts with fuseaction and not HTTP:, it might not work. That's why you can't really copy and paste a Javascript Link because those are Site-dependent.
I think it has to be [url=http://et cetera....] proper name of link you want to type [/url]


[url] link text here [/url]

[url] is the beginning of the URL link, but it's missing an equal sign, according to the diagram which pops up when you hover over the World-Link symbol (actually it shows it without an equal sign too)
[/url] is the end of the URL Link Text, the very END of the link, hence the / symbol

the URL text which could be http://website.com/home.html has to go between the = sign and the first ]

You basically type your desired NAME of your link, like MY SITE.
Highlight word(s) and any other formatting like [b ] and [/b ] symbols (if you bolded your link text). Click URL button (World with Link). That puts your Link Text between URL brackets.
Add the = sign after the URL and before the 1st closing bracket ], and then add the HTTP://etc immediately after the = sign, (before the ]).
Keeping your Link Text between the two URL symbols, as above.

I also noticed, while any www or http text will automatically become a link so long as it's formatted properly, and I can S H R I N K my long links, but I must add a space at the beginning and end of the the http://www.link statement , i.e. between the SIZE format [size= ] brackets and the http stuff. otherwise BBS sees the link as plain text.

Now I'M confused.
Also, there should be a Preview button. Good for testing.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Also, there should be a Preview button. Good for testing.

i loved that, hahaha!!



just cos things are fucked up doesn't mean it isn't progress...
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