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MI5 Claims They've Run Out of Leads on London Bombs

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 6:30 am    Post subject: MI5 Claims They've Run Out of Leads on London Bombs Reply with quote

What a surprise!

British Intelligence run out of leads in the 7/7 inquiries.
Hint to MI5 : Check with your colleagues down the hall.

MI5 admits: we've run out of leads on bombers

David Leppard, The Sunday Times January 29, 2006

A LEAKED secret document reveals that MI5 has discovered almost nothing about the worst terrorist attack against Britain despite months of investigation.

After the biggest MI5 and police inquiry ever mounted, a secret report for Tony Blair and senior ministers into the July 7 London bombings states: “We know little about what three of the bombers did in Pakistan, when attack planning began, how and when the attackers were recruited, the extent of any external direction or assistance and the extent and role of any wider network.”

The eight-page report, by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC), admits that MI5 still does not know whether the attacks of July 7 and July 21 were linked and whether Al-Qaeda chiefs were behind them.

“The last few weeks have seen few significant developments . . . and we are not that much further on in our assessment,” the report notes.

Referring to the MI5 codenames for both terror plots, the report states: “There is still no intelligence to link the Stepford (July 7) and Hat (July 21) attacks; we still do not know whether we are dealing with an orchestrated campaign or coincidental/copycat attacks.

We do not know how, when and with whom the attack planning originated. And we still do not know what degree of external assistance either group had.

“Whilst investigations are progressing, there remain significant gaps in our knowledge.”

On the possible role of Al-Qaeda chiefs, the report says: “We still have no insight into the degree . . . of command and control of the operation.”

It also says: “How long the 7/7 attack had been planned remains unknown.” It adds: “We do not have any conclusive findings from forensic examinations of the group’s bomb-making expertise.” The report concludes that “we know little” about how suspects operated.

The disclosure will anger victims’ relatives and survivors of the July 7 attacks in which 56 people, including the four suicide bombers, died.

This weekend Rachel North, an advertising executive who was injured in the King’s Cross bomb, said: “I am disappointed that they have not come up with any real leads. Most of the survivors want to know not just what happened but why it happened. This absolutely underlines the need for a transparent, independent public inquiry.”

The Tories are also calling for an independent inquiry into what the intelligence services knew before the attacks. The leak of a JTAC report, seen by The Sunday Times, is unprecedented and some within the intelligence services are known to feel that there should be a public inquiry.

Two years ago MI5 was given an injection of cash allowing it to recruit a further 1,000 staff, on top of the 2,000 it already has. Only last month the Treasury allocated a further 125m to the fight against terrorism, most of which went, despite police complaints, to MI5. It will be spent on recruiting hundreds more intelligence officers and opening branches in eight British cities.

The MI5 report, entitled London Attacks: the Emerging Picture, was delivered in October, but sources say the situation has changed little since then. Apparent contradictions in the report reveal how the intelligence services are struggling to make progress in their inquiries. At one point it records that some “AQ (Al-Qaeda) associations” are “emerging”; but it also says “there is no evidence yet of Al-Qaeda involvement”.

Even those leads that the intelligence services have managed to uncover are hedged. The report says that certain links between terrorist groups are “plausible” and “probably the most likely scenario”; and that it “strongly suspects” one man’s visit to Pakistan was relevant to one plot.

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capt wardrobe

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 9:12 am    Post subject: also Reply with quote

Hi Fintan

just written this on my site

any thoughts?

de Menezes PSYOPS continue - too many leaks?

An - ITN journalist has been arrested over Stockwell shooting case : so much for free-speech - ask yourself - WHAT ARE THEY COVERING UP?

- He was held down and 'shot 11 times for 30 seconds'

as if by magic a new leak has suggested that Special Branch altered the surveillance logs after the fact they tracked ELECTRICIAN De Menezes from his apartment block:

according to the IPCC report, the log had read "it was Osman", in relation to the sighting of Mr de Menezes. This apparent positive identification is being spun to assert it 'led police to the fatal events that followed'. 10 hours after the shooting, it is alleged that this phrase was changed to "and it was not Osman"...

This report is PSYOPS - once again we see the linking of this extra judicial MURDER with a suspected flour bomber who was supposedly letting off a small device in protest of the Iraq war...

Did the intell op following Menezes really not have any information that the 21st July 'bombs' were small pyrotechnic devices? Now ask yourself why Osman Hussien had to run to Italy...why an anti-war protestor would do such a stupid thing after 777 - The 2nd wave of bombs were a charade designed to link Terrorists to Anti war protestors - & allow the continued acts of Terror swoops that took place throughout the country -

the Dalgarno Gardens/Tavistock Road & Birmingham PSYOPS,

which kept the country in fear as the Special Forces Units mopped up witnesses [like Menezes] to the first bombs of 777

The Kicker: yet another leak asserts MI5 still hasn't a clue about 777

Yet, MI6 had enough of an idea to put into operation the - questioning of 5,432 immigrants in Greece during a massive security sweep. In July-August 2005 - 2,172 immigrants were "probed", 1,221 were arrested for "other reasons"

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 3:13 pm    Post subject: Right On the Mark Reply with quote

Yeah, CaptW.... you are on the mark.

This is transparently a misdirection to generate a plausible excuse of
mistaken identity in the deMenezes case. It does'nt hold water for a
second -even by their own previous spin on events: that deMenezes
had been spotted emerging from a house which was under survielance.

In which case the spotter would have gotten a clear sight of him and
no way could he have been mistaken for Osman.

So the latest report looks like very low level smoke.

Just to add to the general fogging......
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