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is JF a disinfo agent or just cluelless?
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 3:28 am    Post subject: is JF a disinfo agent or just cluelless? Reply with quote


Latest World News Stories It's a regular sham sandwich.

Ok, lets see. Ramsey Clark, US Attorney General during the Johnson Administration (or should I say coup?) is now' defending' Saddam Hussein, and complaining that the trial is theater to justify the US invasion and occupation. Guess he learned a thing or two about US invasion and occupation during that whole Vietnam fracas.

Clark has a unparalleled history defending genocidal war criminals, most recently the late Slobodan Milosovich.

What a lucky coincidence that Clark's schedule opened up due to the 'passing' of his most recent high profile war criminal client, just as Saddam was shopping for new defense attorneys.

Seems two of his previous attorneys have been murdered. Along with the judge.
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Posted by: jerryfletcher on Wednesday, May 10, 2006


by accident, I ran on this post. So, i felt that i needed to respond on it.

Well Jerry, can you answer me what crimes have Ramsey Clark committed?
and what crimes a legally elected president (unlike those in your government) Slobodan Milosevic of a (used to be ) sovereign country (before you destroyed it) -- has committed?

his only crime was
A: not bowing down to NWO
B: trying to appease NWO whores in Dayton meeting, after which NWO whores gave him the accolades, only to blackmail him once again, when he said "no" to Kosovo terrorists that YOUR country financed and trained.
And you call him "genocidal war criminal"?

not only that you lost all respect in the eyes of those who know, but your statement is beyond pathetic, something that only moder day NAZIs that rule the western world would use.

i mean, if you cannot figure out by now that Milosevic was a decent man, who resisted NWO when all other people bought the propaganda hook line and sinker -- then I am simply speechless as how "uniformed" you are.

to call Ramsey Clark and Milosevic criminals can be expected from those
average sheep who watch Fox news for their daily dose of propaganda... ops.. "information"

but, are you suppose to be one of the smarter forum members here?!

what is up with you? aren't you curious why they murdered Milosevic before American and British criminals who destroyed his country was scheduled to be interrogated by Milosevic? Clinton, Clark, Blair and other TRUE criminals were called to be investigated by defense, that is by Milosevic, but 'conveniently' -- he got accidented, just in time.
Yes, that was in Hague's jail where he was under constant surveillance 24x7x365 and where lights in his cell were never turned off.
(where did i hear that about wearing out people by not allowing them to be in dark during night... ah, CIA/Guantanamo interrogation techniques in lovable Western free world, yes)

before you post stupid comments -- why don't you do some research first?

you better wake up buddy, because the same NWO monster that you supported in dismantling Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan is already in your Western countries. YOU ARE NEXT and it does not look good.

here is something to inform you better:

Kosovo - the site of a genocide that never was
by John Pilger
Kosovo - the site of a genocide that never was - is now a violent "free market" in drugs and prostitution. What does this tell us about the likely outcome of the Iraq war?

Muted by the evidence of the Anglo-American catastrophe in Iraq, the "humanitarian" war party ought to be called to account for its forgotten crusade in Kosovo, the model for Blair's "onward march of liberation". Just as Iraq is being torn apart by the forces of empire, so was Yugoslavia, the multi-ethnic state that uniquely rejected both sides in the cold war.

Lies as great as those told by Bush and Blair were deployed by Clinton and Blair in their grooming of public opinion for an illegal, unprovoked attack on a European country. Following the same path as the build-up to the invasion of Iraq, the media coverage in the spring of 1999 was a series of fraudulent justifications, beginning with the then US defence secretary William Cohen's claim that "we've now seen about 100,000 military-aged [Albanian] men missing . . . they may have been murdered". David Scheffer, the then US ambassador-at-large for war crimes, announced that as many as "225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59" may have been killed. Blair invoked the Holocaust and "the spirit of the Second World War". The British press took its cue. "Flight from genocide," wrote the Daily Mail. "Echoes of the Holocaust," chorused the Sun and the Mirror. In parliament, the heroic Clare Short compared to Nazi propagandists those (such as myself) who objected to the bombing of defenceless people.

By June 1999, with the bombardment over, international forensic teams began subjecting Kosovo to minute examination. The American FBI arrived to investigate what was called "the largest crime scene in the FBI's forensic history". Several weeks later, having not found a single mass grave, the FBI went home. The Spanish forensic team also returned home, its leader complaining angrily that he and his colleagues had become part of "a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines, because we did not find one - not one - mass grave".

In November 1999, the Wall Street Journal published the results of its own investigation, dismissing "the mass grave obsession". Instead of "the huge killing fields some investigators were led to expect . . . the pattern is of scattered killings [mostly] in areas where the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army has been active". The Journal concluded that Nato stepped up its claims about Serbian killing fields when it "saw a fatigued press corps drifting toward the contrary story: civilians killed by Nato's bombs . . . The war in Kosovo was cruel, bitter, savage. Genocide it wasn't."

One year later, the International War Crimes Tribunal, a body in effect set up by Nato, announced that the final count of bodies found in Kosovo's "mass graves" was 2,788. This included combatants on both sides and Serbs and Roma murdered by the Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army. Like Iraq's fabled weapons of mass destruction, the figures used by the US and British governments and echoed by journalists were inventions - along with Serbian "rape camps" and Clinton's and Blair's claims that Nato never deliberately bombed civilians.

Code-named "Stage Three", Nato's civilian targets included public transport, hospitals, schools, museums, churches. "It was common knowledge that Nato went to Stage Three [after a couple of weeks]," said James Bissett, the Canadian ambassador in Belgrade during the attack. "Otherwise, they would not have been bombing bridges on Sunday afternoons, and market places."

Nato's clients were the Kosovo Liberation Army. Seven years earlier, the State Department had designated the KLA as a terrorist organisation in league with al-Qaeda. In 1999, KLA thugs were feted; Robin Cook, then foreign secretary, allowed them to call him on his mobile phone. "The Kosovar Albanians played us like a Stradivarius violin," wrote the former UN commander in Bosnia, Major General Lewis MacKenzie, last April. "We have subsidised and indirectly supported their violent campaign for an ethnically pure Kosovo. We have never blamed them for being the perpetrators of the violence in the early 1990s, and we continue to portray them as the designated victim today, in spite of evidence to the contrary."

The trigger for the bombing of Yugoslavia was, according to Nato, the failure of the Serbian delegation to sign up to the Rambouillet peace conference. What went mostly unreported was that the Rambouillet accord had a secret Annex B, which Madeleine Albright's delegation had inserted on the last day. This demanded the military occupation of the whole of Yugoslavia, a country with bitter memories of the Nazi occupation. As the Foreign Office minister Lord Gilbert later conceded to a Commons defence select committee, Annex B was planted deliberately to provoke rejection.

Equally revealing was a chapter dealing exclusively with the Kosovan economy. This called for a "free-market economy" and the privatisation of all government assets. As the Balkans writer Neil Clark has pointed out: "The rump Yugoslavia . . . was the last economy in central-southern Europe to be uncolonised by western capital. 'Socially owned enterprises', the form of worker self-management pioneered under Tito, still predominated. Yugoslavia had publicly owned petroleum, mining, car and tobacco industries . . ."

At the Davos summit of neoliberal chieftains in 1999, Blair berated Belgrade, not for its handling of Kosovo, but for its failure to embrace "economic reform" fully. In the bombing campaign that followed, it was state-owned companies, rather than military sites, that were targeted. Nato's destruction of only 14 Yugoslav army tanks compares with its bombing of 372 centres of industry, including the Zastava car factory. "Not one foreign or privately owned factory was bombed," wrote Clark.

Erected on the foundation of this huge lie, Kosovo today is a violent, criminalised, UN-administered "free market" in drugs and prostitution; unemployment is 65 per cent. More than 200,000 Serbs, Roma, Bosniaks, Turks, Croats and Jews have been ethnically cleansed by the KLA, with Nato forces standing by. KLA hit squads have burned, looted or demolished 85 Orthodox churches and monasteries, according to the UN. The courts are venal. "You shot an 89-year-old Serb grandmother?" mocked a UN narcotics officer. "Good for you. Get out of jail."

Although Security Council Resolution 1244 recognises Kosovo as an integral part of Yugoslavia, multinational companies are being offered ten- and 15-year leases of the province's local industries and resources, including the vast Trepca mines, some of the richest mineral deposits in the world. Overseeing this plundered, now almost ethnically pure "future democracy" (Blair), are 4,000 American troops at Camp Bondsteel, a 775-acre permanent-base imperial presence.

Meanwhile, the show trial of Slobodan Milosevic proceeds as farce. Milosevic was a brute; he was also a banker once regarded as the west's man who was prepared to implement "economic reforms" in keeping with IMF, World Bank and European Union demands; to his cost, he refused to surrender sovereignty. The empire expects nothing less.


To Kill A Nation
The Attack on Yugoslavia

For ten years, US and NATO forces waged a campaign to dismember Yugoslavia, including 78 days of round-the-clock aerial attacks in 1999 that killed or injured upwards of six thousand people. Drawing on a wide range of published and unpublished material (mostly Western sources) and observations gathered from his visit to Yugoslavia in 1999 shortly after the bombings, Michael Parenti challenges the mainstream media demonization of Yugoslavia and the Serbs, and uncovers the real goals behind Western talk of “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “democracy.”

To Kill A Nation reveals a decade-long disinformation campaign waged by Western leaders and NATO officials in their pursuit of free-market “reforms.” The political and economic destabilization of the former Yugoslavia continues today, Parenti shows, as does the forced privatization and Third Worldization of the entire region.

What they are saying about To Kill A Nation, The Attack on Yugoslavia:

“Parenti has written a brilliant critique of the news reports on Yugoslavia published in the respectable press. Each chapter provides a detailed refutation of the propaganda myths that justified NATO's war. This is by far the most compelling account in print.”— James Petras, co-author of Empire or Republic?

“A fierce, elegantly constructed elegy not just for the lives sacrificed in the Balkan wars, but for concepts of national sovereignty and constitutionality ... ... he writes with a taut cadence that exudes conviction. Extremely disturbing, but, for the brave, jolting and necessary reading.” — Kirkus

“To Kill a Nation is the best explanation of the great crime NATO committed and what it will mean for our future. It is full of insights on the role of US militarism and media disinformation in the service of corporate profits.”
— Sara Flounders, editor and co-author of NATO in the Balkans


this are only some of the crimes that you have done (yes you, because you did not stop it and you supported it by your own ignorance as it is obvious now)
You are not even mentioning true Western murderers by name, but a legally elected man who defended his country against enormous evil is a
"criminal" and "murderer"?
why don't you take a look here and tell me who is REAL criminal,
Western Satanic Leaders or Yugoslavian president?
Who is the one who committed the real genocide against UNARMED population, women, elderly and children?
Remember cluster bombs dropped on civilians? Remember EMP weapons? Remember weather modifications? Remember biological warfare? Remember D.U. ammo? Remember dropping the bridges, blowing up the hospitals and schools?
Who is the genocidal maniac here?




During the first month of the war on Yugoslavia, the NATO planes and cruise missile made over 10,000 attacks. More than 2500 cruise missiles were launched and over 7,000
tons of explosives were dropped. The following list is based on information provided by the Yugoslavian Foreign Ministry.

About 1,000 civilians, including 45 children (Click here for photos of children injured in NATO attack on a tourist bus near Pristina, Kosovo), were killed and more than
4,500 sustained serious injuries e.g.:
- in Kursumlija: 13 dead and 25 wounded;
- in Panevo: 2 dead and 4 wounded;
- in Kragujevac: over 120 workers were wounded during an attack on the car
factory "Zastava";
- in Vranje: two dead and 23 wounded;
- in Aleksinac: 12 dead and more than 40 wounded;
- in Nagavac village, Orahovac municipality: 11 dead and 5 wounded;
- in Pristina: 10 dead and 8 wounded;
- Grdelicka gorge: 55 killed and 16 wounded;
- attack on two refugee columns, with four cruise missiles, on the
Djakovica-Prizren road: 75 killed and 100 wounded, of whom 26 critically;
- in the village of Srbica: 10 killed, among whom 7 children;
- Belgrade suburb of Batajnica: a three year old girl Milica Rakic was
killed, and five civilians wounded.
- in Nis: in the attack on housing flats one civilian was killed while 11
- in Pristina: in the attack on a Provisional Executive Council building
in the suburb Grmija, one civilian was killed while 2 wounded;
- in Djakovica: in the attack on a refugee settlement housing Serb
refugees from the Republika Srpska Krajina (Croatia), 10 refugees were
killed and 16 wounded;
- in Belgrade: in the attack on the Radio Television of Serbia office
building, 15 employees have been killed and 17 wounded;

After the demolition of the Petrovaradin bridge, Novi Sad and Petrovaradin
were cut of water supply (600 000 citizens) since the main and city
pipeline was constructed into the bridge. About one million citizens, according to Yugoslav sources, are short of water. About 500 000 workers became jobless due to the total destruction of industrial facilities all around the country. Two million citizens have no means for living and cannot ensure the minimum for existence.
Overall material damage is enormous. Preliminary estimates indicate that NATO
air strikes have incurred damages in excess of 10 billion dollars. In the
territory of the northern province of Vojvodina alone, damages have been
estimated in excess of 3,5 billion dollars.


The road and railway networks, especially road and rail bridges, most of
which were destroyed or damaged beyond repair, suffered extensive
destruction. The targets of attacks were such communications as:


(a) Destoyed (20)
1. The Varadin Bridge over the Danube (on 1 April 1999);
2. The "Sloboda" (Freedom) Bridge over the Danube (on 4 April 1999);
3. The "Zezeljov" Bridge in Novi Sad (on 5 April 1999);
4. The bridge over the Ibar river, Biljanovac municipality (on 5 - 13
April 1999);
5. The bridge over the Vrba.ka river near Jezgrovic (on 5 April 1999);
6. The "Lozno" railway bridge near Usfe (on 5 April 1999);
7. The road bridge on the road leading to Brvenik, near Usce (on 5 April
8. The bridge near Zubin Potok, on the Kosovska Mitrovica - Ribarice road
(on 5 April 1999);
9. The old bridge on the river Rasina near the town of Krusevac (12-13
April 1999);
10. The new bridge on the river Rasina near the town of Krusevac (12-13
April 1999);
11. The Krusevac-Pojate bridge on the river Zapadna Morava, at the village
of Jasika (on 13 April 1999);
12. The railway bridge on the river Lim, between Priboj and Prijepolje,
near hydroelectric power station Bistrica (on 15 April 1999);
13. The bridge on the river Ibar, at the village of Brvenik, linking
Korlace and Raska (15.04.1999.);
14. The bridge between Smederevo and Kovin (16 April 1999);
15. The railway bridge on the river Kostajnica, near Kursumlija
16. The bridge over the regional Kursumlija - Prokuplje road;
17. The bridge over the river Vrapcevska Reka near the village of
Ribarice, from the direction of Kosovska Mitrovica;
18. The bridge over the railway track on the regional road Biljanovac -
Mt. Kopaonik;
19. The railway bridge near the village of Rudnica in the vicinity of
Raska, on the Kraljevo - Kosovo Polje railway line;
20. The bridge over the Danube along the Beograd-Novi Sad road, near
Beska, Indjija municipality (on 21 April 1999);

(b) Damaged (12)
1. The "Mladosti" (Youth) Bridge over the Danube, connecting Backa Palanka
with Ilok, was damaged (on 4 April 1999);
2. The new railway/road bridge over the Danube connecting Bogojevo and
Erdut was damaged (on 5 April 1999);
3. The road bridge along the Magura Belafevac road, 15 kilometres from
Pristina, suffered extensive damage;
4. The bridge along the Nis-Pristina primary road, near Kursumlija, was
extensivelly damageg (on 5 April 1999);
5. The Grdelica gorge railway bridge, on the river Juzna Morava, was
damaged (on 12 April 1999);
6. The Grdelica gorge road bridge, on the river Juzna Morava, was damaged
(on 12 April 1999);
7. The road bridge over the Kosanica river near Kursumlija was damaged (on
13 April 1999);
8. The road bridge on the river Toplica, on the Nis-Pristina road near the
town of Kursumlija, was heavily damaged (14 and 19 April 1999);
9. The bridge on the river Kosanica, at the village of Selo Visoko, has
sustained heavy damages and is out of service 18.04.1999.);
10. The road bridge "Raskrsnica" near Donja Bistrica, on the route Priboj -
Prijepolje - Nova Varos, has sustained heavy damages (20 April 1999);
11. The railway bridge on the river Sava near Ostruznica, has been heavily
damaged (21, 23 April 1999);
12. The railway bridge on the Kraljevo - Raska railway line, near
Kraljevo, has been heavily damaged (23 April 1999);

1. The Kraljevo - Kosovo Polje rail, near Ibarska Slatina;
2. The Belgrade - Bar rail, due to the destruction of the railway track
near the village of Strbce and destruction of the bridge on the river Lim,
between Priboj and Prijepolje;
3. The Kursumlija - Prokuplje rail, near Pepeljevac village;
4. The Kraljevo - Kosovo Polje rail, near Ibarska Slatina;
5. The Nis - Pristina rail, near Kursumlija;
6. "Sarpelj" tunnel, near Jerinje village, 15 km north of Leposavic
towards Raska, was destroyed;
7. Railway station in Kraljevo (Bogutovac);
8. Railway station in Kosovo Polje;
9. The Belgrade - Thessaloniki rail, due to the destruction of the bridge
in the Grdelica gorge;
10. Railway station in the town of Biljanovac;
11. Railway track and overpass (Josinacka Banja) near the town of
12. Railway track Kursumlija - Podujevo, due to damages on the railway
bridge at Kursumlija; 13. Railway track Kraljevo - Kragujevac, due to
damages to the section of the track near the village of Vitanovac;
14. Railway track Uzice - Priboj:
15. Railway track Bogojevo - Vukovar;
16. Railway Track Leskovac - Predejane;

1. Ibarska primary road, due to damages to the bridge on the Ibar river,
Biljanovac municipality, and destruction of the road between Pozega and
2. Belgrade-Zagreb highway, near Stari Banovci;
3. Traffic suspended on the Kosovska Mitrovica-Ribarici section of the
Adriatic highway due to the destruction of the bridge over the Vrbacka
4. "Jedinstvo" bus station in Vranje sustained extensive damage;
5. "Kosmet Prevoz" transporter in Gnjilane (a hangar full of new buses);
6. Kraljevo-Raska primary road;
7. Bus station in Pristina;
8. Traffic has been suspended on the Krusevac-Pojate road due to the
destruction of the bridge on the Zapadna Morava, in the village of Jasika;
9. Traffic has been suspended on the Nis-Pristina road, due to the fact
that the bridge on the river Toplica, near the town of Kursumlija, has
sustained heavy damage;
10. Traffic has been suspedned on the regional road Priboj - Prijepolje -
Nova Varos, due to damages inflicted on the bridge "Raskrsnica" near Donja
11. Road maintenance company "Magistrala" in Pristina;
12. The Nis Central Bus Station;
13. The Pristina Bus Station;

4. AIRPORTS (7):
- "Slatina" in Pristina; "Batajnica" and "Surcin" in Belgrade; Nis
airport; "Ponikve" in Uzice; "Golubovac" in Podgorica, "Ladjevci" airport
near Kraljevo; agricultural and sports airfield in Sombor.


The air strikes have so far destroyed or damaged several thousand economic facilities and dwellings. In the Leskovac region alone, over 3,500 industrial facilities and
dwellings were either destroyed or damaged. The devastation is particularly bad in Pristina, Novi Sad, Aleksinac, Djakovica, Prokuplje, Gracanica, Cuprija, etc. Housing
blocks on the outskirts of Belgrade - Kijevo Knezevac, Batajnica, Jakovo, Borca, as well as the area around Pancevo have been under attack.

The NATO attacks have targeted the factories and industrial
facilities which directly cater for the needs of the population, among
which are:

1. "Galenika" drug factory in Belgrade;
2. Industrial complex "Dvadeset Prvi Maj" in Rakovica;
3. Machine building plant "Industrija Motora Rakovica" in Rakovica;
4. Factory "Jugostroj" in Rakovica;
5. Factory "Frigostroj" in Rakovica;
6. "Lola Utva" agricultural aircraft factory in Pancevo;
7. "Zdravlje" pharmaceutical plant in Leskovac;
8. "Sloboda" white goods factory in Cacak;
9. "Din" tobacco industry in Nis;
10. "Elektronska industrija" factory in Nis;
11. "Jastrebac" machine industry in Nis;
12. Facilities of the "Beograd" rail company in Nis;
13. Construction material depot "Ogrev Invest" in Nis;
14. General merchandise depot "Kopaonik" in Nis;
15. Production line of the tobacco factory "Nis" in Nis;
16. "Elektrotehna" warehouse in Nis;
17. Food storage facility "Fidelinka" in Nis;
18. Facilities of the machine industry in Nis;
19. Office building of the company "So Produkt" in Nis;
20. Facilities of the pharmaceutical company "Velafarm" in Nis;
21. "Zastava" car factory in Kragujevac;
22. "14 Oktobar" machine factory in Krusevac;
23. Production line of the metal factory "Metalac" in Kursumlija;
24. "Krusik" holding corporation in Valjevo;
25. "Ciklonizacija" in Novi Sad;
26. "Tehnogas" in Novi Sad;
27. "Novograp" in Novi Sad;
28. "Gumins" in Novi Sad;
29. "Albus" in Novi Sad;
30. "Petar Drapsin" in Novi Sad;
31. "Motins" in Novi Sad;
32. "Izolacija" in Novi Sad;
33. "Novokabel" in Novi Sad;
34. "Istra" fittings factory in Kula;
35. The port of Bogojevo;
36. "Div" cigarette factory in Vranje;
37. "Nova Jugoslavija" printers in Vranje;
38. Furniture factor "Simpo" in Vranje;
39. Textile industry "Jumko" in Vranje;
40. Wood-processing complex "27. November" in Raska;
41. Tubes factory in Urosevac;
42. "Milan Blagojevic" chemical plant in Lucani;
43. Plastics factory in Pristina;
44. Cotton yarn factory in Pristina;
45. Shock-absorber factory in Pristina;
46. Surface coal mine "Belacevac";
47. "Binacka Morava" hydro construction company in Gnjilane;
48. Cigarette factory in Gnjilane;
49. Battery factory in Gnjilane:
50. Over 250 commercial and crafts shops in Djakovica were destroyed;
51. "Dijana" shoe factory in Sremska Mitrovica;

2. REFINERIES AND WAREHOUSES storing liquid raw materials and chemicals
intended for the oil and chemical industry, were hit in Pancevo, Novi Sad,
Sombor and elsewhere, causing large contamination of soil and the air:
1. Fuel storage in Lipovica, which caused a great fire in the Lipovica
forest (on 26 March 1999);
2. "Beopetrol" storage in Belgrade (on 4 April 1999);
3. "Beopetrol" storage in Bogutovac (4-24 April 1999);
4. Fuel storage of the boiler plant in Novi Beograd (on 4 April 1999);
5. Chemical plant "Prva Iskra" in Baric - destruction of the production
line (19 April 1999);
6. Oil Refinery in Pancevo - totally demolished (4-16 April 1999);
7. Petrochemical industry "DP HIP PETROHEMIJA" in Pancevo - totally
demolished (14-15 April 1999);
8. Fertilizer plant "DP HIP AZOTARA" in Pancevo - totally destroyed (14-15
April 1999);
9. "Jugopetrol" installations in Smederevo (on 4-13 April 1999);
10. Thermo electric power station/boiler plant in Novi Sad (on 5 April
11. Oil Refinery in Novi Sad, storage of bitumen (5 and 6 April 1999);
12. "Jugopetrol" storage in Sombor (on 7 April 1999);
13. Fuel storage "Naftagas promet" which is located 10 km from Sombor (5
April 1999);
14. Naftagas warehouse between Conoplje and Kljaicevo (Sombor);
15. "Beopetrol" fuel storage in Pristina (on 7 April 1999);
16 Jugopetrol warehouse in Pristina (on 12 April 1999);
17. Jugopetrol petrol station in Pristina ( on 13 April 1999);
18. Fuel depot in Gruua, near Kragujevac;

1. PIK "Kopaonik" in Kursumlija;
2. PIK "Mladost" in Gnjilane;
3. Agricultural Complex "Malizgan" in Dolac;
4. Agricultural Complex "Djuro Strugar" in Kula;
5. Agricultural and food-processing plant and a cow-breeding farm with 220
milk cows "Pester", in Sjenica, has been destroyed;
6. In forest fires caused by NATO cruise missiles and bombs over 250
hectares of forests have been burned down;
7. Several thousand hectares of fertile land, many rivers, lakes and
underground waters have been polluted due to the spillage of petrochemical
substances, oil spills and slicks;

NATO aviation also targeted many hospitals and health-care institutions,
which have been partially damaged or totally destroyed, including:

- Neuropsychiatric Ward "Dr. Laza Lazarevic" and Central Pharmacy of the
Emergency Centre in Belgrade;
- "Sveti Sava" hospital in Belgrade;
- Army Medical Academy in Belgrade;
- Gynaecological Hospital and Maternity Ward of the Clinical Centre in
- Health Care Centre in Rakovica;
- Hospital and Medical Centre in the territory in Leskovac;
- Gerontological Centre in Leskovac;
- Hospital and Poly-clinic in Nis;
- General Hospital in Djakovica;
- City Hospital in Novi Sad;
- Medical Centre and Ambulance Centre in Aleksinac;
- Medical Centre in Kraljevo;
- Dispensary on Mount Zlatibor;
- City hospital in Valjevo;
- Dispensary "Krusik" in Valjevo;
- Hospital for treatment of dystrophia in Novi Pazar;
- Health Care Centre in Kursumlija;

Over 2000 schools, faculties and facilities for students and children were
damaged or destroyed (over 25 faculties, 10 collages, 45 secondary and 90
elementary schools, 8 student dormitories, as well as a number of
kindergartens), including:
- Elementary schools "16. oktobar" and "Vladimir Rolovic" in Belgrade;
- Day-care centre in settlement Petlovo Brdo in Belgrade;
- Elementary school and Engineering secondary school centre in Rakovica;
- Two secondary schools in the territory of Nis;
- Faculty for construction and architecture in Nis;
- Faculty for machine-technical studies in Nis;
- Faculty for electro-technical studies in Nis;
- Faculties of Law and Economics and elementary school "Radoje Domanovic"
in Nis;
- Elementary schools "Toza Markovic", "Djordje Natosevic", "Veljko
Vlahovic", "Sangaj" and "Djuro Danicic" and a day-care centre "Duga" in
Novi Sad and creches in Visarionova Street and in the neighbourhood of
Sangaj; Traffic School Centre, Faculty of Philosophy;
- Four elementary schools and a Medical high school in the territory of
- Elementary school in Lucane, as well as a larger number of education
facilities in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija;
- Elementary schools in Kraljevo and the villages of Cvetka, Aketa and
- In Sombor: elementary schools "Ivo Lola Ribar", "A. Mrazovic", "N.
Vukicevic" and
"Nikola Tesla"
- School centre in Kula;
- Agricultural school in Valjevo;

- The residence of the President of the FR of Yugoslvia in Belgrade,
sustained heavy damages (22 April 1999);
- Severe damage to the facilities of the Republican and Federal Ministry
of the Interior in Belgrade (3 April 1999),
- Damage to the building of the Institute for Security of the Ministry of
the Interior in Banjica (3 April 1999);
- Severe damage to the TV RTS studio in Pristina;
- Heavy damage to Hydro-Meteorological Station (Bukulja, near
- Post Office in Pristina destroyed (7 April 1999);
- Refugee centre in Pristina destroyed (7 April 1999);
- "Tornik" ski resort on Mount Zlatibor (on 8 April 1999);
- "Divcibare" mountain resort (on 11 April 1999);
- "Baciste" Hotel on Mount Kopaonik (on 12 April 1999);
- City power plant in the town of Krusevac (12-13 April 1999);
- Meteorological Station on Mount Kopaonik damaged (on 13 April 1999);
- Four libraries in Rakovica sustained heavy damage: "Radoje Dakic",
"Isidora Sekulic", "Milos Crnjanski" and "Dusan Matic";
- Refugee camp "7 juli" in Paracin has sustained heavy damage;
- Office building of the Provincial Executive Council of Vojvodina, Novi
Sad (18.04.1999.);
- Hotel "Mineral" in Bogutovacka Banja sustained heavy damages (19 Aptil
- Office building of the power distribution board "Elektrodistribucija" in
Kursumlija (20 April 1999);
- Hotel "Putnik" on Mt. Kopaonik;
- Bussiness centre "Usce" in Belgrade (21 April 1999);
- Refugee camp "Majino naselje" in Djakovica (21 April 1999);
- Radio Television of Serbia office building in Belgrade (23 April 1999);
- Youth and children centre in Belgrade (23 April 1999);
- Youth theater "Dusko Radovic" in Belgrade (23 April 1999);
- Post Office in Nis (23 April 1999);
- Several thousand housing facilities damaged or destroyed, privately or
State owned, across Yugoslavia - most striking examples being housing
blocks in downtown Aleksinac and those near Post Office in Pristina.

- Damage to a power supply transmitted in Batajnica (26 March 1999);
- Damage to water supply system in Zemun (5 April 1999);
- Damage to a power supply transmitter in Bogutovac (10 April 1999);
- Telephone lines cut off in Bogutovac (10 April 1999);
- Damage to a power station in Pristina (12 April 1999);
- Damage to Bistrica hydroelectric power station in Polinje (13 April 1999);
- Damage to electric power transmission lines and distribution network in
the zone under air stikes by NATO enemy aircraft;
- Destruction of power supply transmitters in Belgrade suburbs of Resnik
and Zemun Polje (23 April 1999);


1. Jastrebac (Prokuplje)
2. Gucevo (Loznica)
3. Cot (Fruska Gora)
4. Grmija (Pristina)
5. Bogutovac (Pristina)
6. TV transmitter on Mt Goles (Pristina)
7. Mokra Gora (Pristina)
8. Kutlovac (Stari Trg)
9. "Cigota" (Uzice)
10. "Tornik" (Uzice)
11. Transmitter on Crni Vrh (Jagodina)
12. Satellite station "Yugoslavia" (in Prilike near Ivanjica)
13. TV masts and transmitters (Novi Sad)
14. TV transmitter on Mt Ovcara (Cacak)
15. TV transmitter in Kijevo (Belgrade)
16. TV transmitter on Mt Cer
17. Relay on Mt Jagodnji (Krupanj)
18. TV transmitter "Iriski Venac" (Fruska Gora)
19. TV relay on Mt. Bukulja;
20. Transmitter in Gazimestan (Pristina);
21. RTV transmitter in Krnjaca (Belgrade);
22. RTV transmitter on Mt. Gobelj (Mt. Kopaonik);
23. RTV transmitter on top of the business centre "Usce" used by RTV
Kosava, RTV Pink, SOS channel, TV BK and Radio S (Belgrade);


1. Monastery Gracanica from 14th century (24 March - 6 April 1999);
2. Monastery Rakovica from 17th century (29 March 1999);
3. Patriarchate of Pec (1 April 1999);
4. Church in Jelasnica near Surdulica (4 April 1999);
5. Monastery of the Church of St. Juraj (built in 1714) in Petrovaradin (1
April 1999);
6. Monastery of Holy Mother (12th century) at the estuary of the Kosanica
in the Toplica - territory of municipality of Kursumlija (4 April 1999);
7. Monastery of St. Nicholas (12th century) in the territory of the
municipality of Kursumlija (4 April 1999);
8. Monastery of St. Archangel Gabriel in Zemun (5 April 1999);
9. Roman Catholic Church St. Antonio in Djakovica (29 March 1999);
10. Orthodox cemetery in Gnjilane (30 March 1999);
11. Monuments destroyed in Bogutovac (8 April 1999);
12. "Kadinjaca" memorial complex (8 April 1999);
13. Vojlovica monastery near Pancevo (12 April 1999);
14. Hopovo monastery, iconostasis damaged (12 April 1999);
15. Orthodox Christian cemetery in Pristina (12 April 1999);
16. Monastery church St, Archangel Michael in Rakovica (16 April 1999);
17. Orthodox church St. Marco in Belgrade (24 April 1999);
18. Russian Orthodox church Holly Trinity in Belgrade (24 April 1999);

1. Severe damage to the roof structure of the Fortress of Petrovaradin (1
April 1999);
2. Heavy damage to "Tabacki bridge", four centuries old, in Djakovica (5
April 1999);
3. Substantial damage to the building in Stara Carsija (Old street) in
Djakovica (5 April 1999);
4. Destroyed archives housed in one of the Government buildings in
Belgrade (3 April 1999);
5. Memorial complex in Gucevo (Loznica);
6. Memorial complex "Sumarice" in Kragujevac;
7. Vojvodina Museum in Novi Sad;
8. Old Military Barracks in Kragujevac - under the protection of the state
(16 April 1999);
9. Memorial complex Crveni Krst in Nis (21 April 1999);


all i can say is -- what goes around -- comes around.
the monster that you have allowed to come to existence is coming to get you, and all of the hardship and evil will hit you the hardest.
it must be law of karma.

I still cannot believe how could you make such pathetically uniformed statements?!
now, only if you can show us some proof that Milosevic was evil and that Clark is defending criminals...


you seem unable to use simple logic and reason and you invert and pervert so many things that are so simple to decipher and in that perversion of things you loose your reference point.

Go ahead and call me 'CIA fake', as some of you people usually do when someone with functioning logic tells you the way it is.

pity, this forum had potential at one point in time before some egos and paranoia took over reason and logic.

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 7:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


I think you've got it right about Yugoslavia; and what a great opportunity to switch Nato from its defensive only role into a hit squad for banksters/western big business. All western democratic nation citizens approved!

Milosevic's death is highly suspicious, most likely murder IMO. I know people here in UK anti-war movement who want to send Blair to the Hague. I just laugh sadly to myself, but 2 years ago I was with them. MSM spins us like tops.

I think Jerry Fletcher has made a mistake, but you can give the information that shows this to be the case and not wade in with guns blazing.
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 7:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jerry wades in with guns blazing all the time...Intent has the right to return fire.

Besides, who cares? All are rubber bullets here anyway - they don't hurt (unless you swallow).
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 8:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You're not a 'CIA fake' - you're just a fucking moron, mate.

JF's post was not about how Saddam and Milosevic are 'war criminals' at all, but was aimed at analysing the reasons why Ramsey Clark was doing what he was doing.

His use of the term 'genocidal war criminals' in that piece was merely a reflection of what those people are to the general public, not an accusation, IMO.

And jeez, fucking lighten up already,

The rule for today.
Touch my tail, I shred your hand.
New rule tomorrow.

Cat Haiku
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 9:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think most of us know drew is projecting. There is no shame!
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 11:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Continuity said:

JF's post was not about how Saddam and Milosevic are 'war criminals' at all, but was aimed at analysing the reasons why Ramsey Clark was doing what he was doing.

His use of the term 'genocidal war criminals' in that piece was merely a reflection of what those people are to the general public, not an accusation, IMO.


If I remember the context of Jerry's post correctly, I am not sure how this could be misunderstood.

This almost looks like bait for a "there was no holocaust" type debate.

Hopefully intent just made an honest mistake.
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 12:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have no problem with new facts, information, or a difference of
opinion, but I do have a problem with Intent's approach in this thread.
We're all smart enough here to make up our own minds about virtually
anything. I don't see how this kinda of attack adds to anyone's
credibility. If someone is mis/dis-info, I think this crowd is quite capable
of picking that up without an overt attack.

The last thing we need to start doing is eating ourselves. However, I think
we need to be careful about provocations such as this one, as they could
certainly initiate such ends.

While I am not trying to speak for Jerry, I do know that he is very busy right
now, so I think it would be quite unfair to think that he is avoiding this thread
if it takes him some time to reply.
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 12:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

is intent a disinfo agent or just clueless?

If you are going to ask if someone is clueless
it's a good idea to spell 'cluelless' correctly.

That aside, ummmm perhaps you didn't realize that when Jerry says
Ramsey Clarke has a history of defending 'genocidal war criminals'
he is being sarcastic.

Wise up dude.

Your post would sit well on Above Top Secret or some such forum
where knee-jerk emotionalism substitutes for quality analysis.

Here's news:

On BreakForNews we know that Slobo was a demonized NWO hate figure.

But we also know that Ramsey Clarke was and is an NWO stooge.
A safe pair of hands to have around the alleged-Saddam trial.

When I say 'alleged-Saddam trial' I don't mean that there was allegedly
a trial of Saddam.

I mean that it was allegedly Saddam.

But then again, maybe you buy that it WAS Saddam.

After all you seem to buy Ramsey Clarke.

Check it out:


by Fintan Dunne,
Editor GuluFuture.com
Research by Kathy McMahon
16th December, 2003 Update 3pm ET


Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Smell the Rat as "Saddam" Lawyers Exit

by Fintan Dunne, BreakForNews.com
23rd August, 2005

OK. Maybe you have lingering doubts. All those websites we listed as CIA Fakes couldn't possibly be run or influenced by the agency. Could they?

So, as the non-fake, actual journalist harping on and on about that not being Saddam, since 7 hours after they "caught" him, it gives me great pleasure to finally report that "Saddam" has just fired his lawyers.

This is the third and largest legal sacking in the Saddam trial. Which just about shreds any remaining credibility this PsyOp impostor had left. Fool me once?

Three months ago, to the day, on the record, here, we predicted a pretext would be found to pull the international legal team off the case. Now it's happened. Why?

Because it's one thing pawning off photo stills and video to a compliant media (alternative included), but it's quite another to have up to 1,500 nosy volunteer lawyers and 22 lead lawyers permanently poking around in the Saddam 'trial':

"The judge asked president Saddam Hussein about his family's statement that his legal team had been fired and he confirmed it," Khalil Dulaimi, the only lawyer authorized to represent the toppled Iraqi leader, told Reuters.

He said Saddam's family had revoked any right of attorney previously issued to any lawyers to represent Saddam. Dulaimi said he held four hours of talks with Saddam, who is in Iraqi legal custody but is in U.S. physical custody on the outskirts of Baghdad. He did not elaborate.

So Dulaimi is the only lawyer now. The only one. Or so says Dulaimi. "Saddam" doesn't say anything. Go ask Dulaimi. Reuters did.


Back in November of 2004, Saddam's family dismissed Mohammed al-Rashdan, a prominent Jordanian lawyer who led the defense team, accusing him of seeking fame.

On May, 23rd, 2005 we predicted they would fire the lot.

By early July, the family had elbowed out new chief lawyer Ziad al-Khasawneh, as we reported:

Al-Khasawneh accused Saddam's daughter of removing all files related to Saddam's defense from his office. "I was away in Libya when she did all that without my knowledge," he said.

He said Saddam's daughter was seeking to exchange the Jordan-based legal team with an international Emergency Committee for Iraq, which was announced last month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [Led by former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad, co-chairs include Ramsey Clark, former Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella and former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas.]

Raghad Saddam Hussein said the committee would not replace her father's legal team, but provide "political support."

Note that last line carefully. It's a committee, not a legal team. Yes, it's got Ramsey Clark on it, but he has morphed from being a legal representative to just providing "political support". They "exchanged" a legal team which included Ramsey for a non-legal team which included Ramsey.

Nice piece of finessing. Looks like a legal team, smells like a rat.

And now they've initiated the largest legal redundancy in history by sacking the remaining 1,500 or so lawyers. Except of course for local boy al-Dulaimi.


It's always has been important to get the truth out about Saddam. But that's not why I'm nailing the issue again here today. It's because the silence of the CIA Fakes on the "Saddam" issue is their Achilles heel. They know that too.

The issue today is not whether that is Saddam or not. The issue is why I'm the only one relentlessly banging on about it. The silence is deafening. That should speak volumes to any lingering doubts that we are for real.

Read our Saddam articles, particularly the Saddamplicity series. Not only do they make a good case, but they show how a shoddy diversion story about dates (edible kind) was built into the Saddam PsyOp to throw you off the track. That's informative because the same techniques were used with 9/11.

So, we are for real. And if you are just getting the picture now, please hold your nose instantly. That smell isn't just "Saddam". It the whole rats nest of professional disinfo agents and useful idiots we exposed too.

More Saddam Articles:

* Saddamplicity: The World Conned
* The Silent Dogs of New Improved Saddam
* Saddam to Dismiss Lawyers -Prediction
* Liar Liar, Saddam's Pants on Fire
* Lies, Damm Lies and WhatReallyHappened


Last edited by Fintan on Sat May 05, 2007 9:33 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 12:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

When I open a topic and see a forum member blasting another forum member who's clearly just expressing their opinion, I file it under 'bad hair day'.

And Ramsey Clark is an NWO stooge. His record is dissonant with the morally indignant crusader of Justice he created through calling for impeachment of the Bush Administration early in the game. An easy way to get creds, but of course it went nowhere. But I remember him him from the dirty days of his hitch with the Johnson Administration. When he first went online on the moral high horse against Bush back in 2001-2002, my first thought was, 'well there's a case of the pot calling the kettle black'!

Jerry's got a fine, dry, sense of dark humor that does sometimes go over some folks heads on the first read. When in doubt, read it twice.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs

Last edited by Ormond on Fri May 04, 2007 12:47 pm; edited 2 times in total
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 12:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm staying out of this. Well, sort of. It is for Jerry Fletcher to respond, any way he sees fit.

BTW, intent, these might help you in penning future outbursts:





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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 5:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

oh, I see

sorry that i made spelling mistakes, because that changes everything -- because of those mistakes my message does not count.
you see, English is not my native language, so I will take your suggestions that are directing me to use the dictionary as a compliment and as an admission that you do not know how to respond, that you ain’t got a real argument.
pleeeeez, don’t patronize me and do not try to pervert the meaning of what Jerry Fletcher wrote:

Latest World News Stories It's a regular sham sandwich.

Ok, lets see. Ramsey Clark, US Attorney General during the Johnson Administration (or should I say coup?) is now' defending' Saddam Hussein, and complaining that the trial is theater to justify the US invasion and occupation. Guess he learned a thing or two about US invasion and occupation during that whole Vietnam fracas.

Clark has a unparalleled history defending genocidal war criminals, most recently the late Slobodan Milosovich.

What a lucky coincidence that Clark's schedule opened up due to the 'passing' of his most recent high profile war criminal client, just as Saddam was shopping for new defense attorneys.

Seems two of his previous attorneys have been murdered. Along with the judge.
Read more... 2817 bytes more
Posted by: jerryfletcher on Wednesday, May 10, 2006

do we see any tongue in cheek remarks here:

Clark has a unparalleled history defending genocidal war criminals, most recently the late Slobodan Milosovich.

of course not.

And here we have Fletcher contradicting himself; he calls Milosevic and Saddam murderers, yet he knows that his government have dealt with both of those people, and even sold chemical weapons to Saddam – how can Saddam be murderer? And Milosevic was "star of Dayton peace accords"

WHO are those “genocidal war criminals” that you are talking about?
please provide me a list!

it is amazing that many "cutting edge forum" members are so quick to
jump in defense of Jerry Fletcher, just like on a queue, pointing out my spelling mistakes and my ‘hitting under the belt’ and how Ramsey Clark is a NWO shill.

BTW, you erudite Fintanites; it is not Ramsey Clarke but Clark
and it is not Milosovich but Milosevic.

Maybe Clark is “their man”, but maybe his message in front of tens of thousands of the people can awaken more people than Fintan's "look there is another CIA bitch leaving town" ramblings.

Has it occurred to you that Clark has done more to raise average person's awareness about global conspiracy than all of you together have done so far with your audiences?

After all, he is not calling everyone who wants to learn the truth a "CIA fake"

And, I stand firm that this forum is sometimes like bunch of self congratulating NAZI officers who instead of being able to accept constructive criticism go in defense mode when one of the “leaders” is challenged.

Let’s see, why don’t we have each “approved” forum member interview all other “approved” forum members? Oh, but we are already doing it, aren’t we?

No wonder people consider Fintan either a disinfo agent of a delusional paranoid.
After all -- there are certain topics like Zionism, Illuminati, Vatican that are immediately red flagged, and all “approved” forum members, like little good NAZIs are only too quick to put "in the line" those who still have independent thoughts and who are not afraid to say something that is against the invisible “I’ll suck up to you if you suck up to me “ forum rules.

Interestingly, Jerry Fletcher has not responded yet. I guess he is expecting that you all will respond on behalf of him, and only when there is enough of support built up in the thread will he write a response.

Rest assured, I am not attacking Fletcher personally, but pointing out bunch of hypocritical B.S. that he wrote.
I wanted a response from him, not bunch of Fletcher apologists.
And, as you people see this being under the belt – I see Jerry’s post in question being pure propaganda, disinformation and demonizing of innocent people of Yugoslavia, including innocent (yes innocent) president of that country, man that was murdered in Hague by the same NWO that we all are supposedly fighting.

And, if you are unable to understand that point that i was trying to make – then you are no better than NWO whores, who will do to you what you allowed to be done to others, in your name.

I have seen what NWO has done to Yugoslavia, crimes against humanity, demonizing, imposing hardship, destroying once beautiful country and still demonizing the people, even today.

I have talked to many people in former Yugoslavia first hand. So, when it comes to this subject – you cannot even argue this with me. Enough is enough.

I am still waiting on valid response by Jerry Fletcher.

BTW, some of you who responded can also use spell checkers and dictionaries, even though English may be your native language.

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

intent wrote:
Interestingly, Jerry Fletcher has not responded yet. I guess he is expecting that you all will respond on behalf of him, and only when there is enough of support built up in the thread will he write a response.

As I said in my post above, I am aware that Jerry is currently working long
hours and that has kept him away from the forum. As I said in my earlier
post, " I think it would be quite unfair to think that he is avoiding this thread
if it takes him some time to reply."
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