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The Myth that U.S. Sovereigns Don't Save Money

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Joined: 28 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:15 am    Post subject: The Myth that U.S. Sovereigns Don't Save Money Reply with quote

Working Class Sovereigns the world over save a tremendous amount of money. Trillions upon trillions of currency have been deposited and saved by US Sovereigns alone.

So where is this currency?

It has been stolen from Sovereigns around the globe.

Workers through their Union Contracts agree to take less currency per hour in favor of a pension plan. What is a pension plan? It is privatized Social Security.

When a worker retires the pension plan savings is suppose to be available to the saver, the worker. What has happened is the Controllers have gotten their politicians to legally allow them to steal your pension plan savings!

After 40 years or more of slaving away and thinking your retirement is secure with plenty of interest payments from your privatized pension plan savings account, suddenly you find it's been stolen by the very institutions that convinced you your savings would be secure and available to you at retirement.

Your Privatized Pension Plan Savings Account turns out to be a co-savings account in which - the Corporation - also has it's name appear on your account. Therefore - the Corporation - like a spouse during a divorce goes into your account and loots every last penny for themselves.

Imagine what will happen when the Controller class privatize Your Government Social Security Savings Account. Let the looting begin. There are trillions of quadzillions of currency that have been outright stolen from you and yours. Warehouses full of currency exist around the globe.

Perhaps you believe this can't happen.

When the Controlling class which owns every Corporation on the planet downsize one of their Corporations and you must find a "new job for less wages" they not only work you for less, they have reduced their obligation to you from your privatized pension savings plan promise they made to you.

While you are working the same 40 years or more you are now moved around the economy in such a way that you never are allowed to build up any privatized pension savings plan promise.

This makes the stealing even easier and more secure.

How many Sovereigns realize that promised savings through seniority of work allocations are stolen because they are never given. They are never given because the general population has voluntarily believed that ABC Corporation is a different Corporation to DEF Corporation. So that if you worked for ABC Corp and now work for DEF Corp you are working 20 years at one and 20 years at another when in fact ABC Corp and DEF Corp are actually owned by X Corp LLC.

Think of a pyramid. ^

^One Corporation to rule them All^

Each CEO puppet is on the board of many of the other Corporations, even their so called competitors. How many Sovereigns know who is on the board of leading global conglomerates?

Since every Corporaiton is actually a compartment of one big Global Corporation just as National Governments are being turned into one big Global Government, US Sovereigns and all working Sovereigns around the globe are having their savings looted by the robber barons of manipulation.

The new age way is to steal your savings by fixing it so that you never realize you should be receiving a pension in the first place. They do this by moving you from one room in their house of illusion to another room and deny you a 40 year pension on this delusion.

One Big Corporate Union, CEOs of the Government Division: Bill Clinton, George Bush and GWBush.

How long will Controllers continue this fraud?

As long as working class volunteers step forward to be fleeced.

~workiing class labor-bornfree

up to know good blog
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Joined: 14 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 12:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quite right.
The floodgates for this began in 1980, when the Reagan Adminstration (aka Bush Sr coup d'tat), "hit the ground running" with wholesale dismantling of Roosevelt's New Deal.
Time was, holding a job was a contract between employee and employed. There were rules. If said employee held up his/her end of the contract....ie, show up for work, put in the time, produce.....the employer was legally bound to set aside part of profits earned over time through employee labor for penisons.
In the age of family owned, local businesses, employers tended to respect this contract and fulfilled it. Just to make sure, the Government enforced the contract upon those shifty employers who tried to stiff the 30 year worker.
This all got thrown in the dumpster during the early Reagan terms. (aka Bush Sr.) Pension funds were no longer protected by the elected third party, government. Reagan said it was an 'honor system', leave it to the 'private sector', and things would be fine.
Naturally with the protections removed, pension funds evaporated overnight.
I'm surprised anyone now even remembers there ever was such a thing as pensions, and that contractually, the burden of producing penisions is on the employer, not the employee. The employee pays into it already with production. It's the 'profit share'. And believe me, the employer always got the bigger part of the profit even under New Deal government.

But we have moved into the legalities of full slavery---no contract. A system of constantly keeping employees passed around from one employee to the other, 'temp' agencies, a loophole voiding any possibility of contractual obligation on the part of employers. And employers now are less and less individual business owners.......the individual business has been crushed too. Employers are now Corporate, faceless, International 'entities'.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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Joined: 28 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 2:37 pm    Post subject: its true Reply with quote

Ormond, it doesn't seem to appear we're even putting up much of a stur about it either.

I guess the scare tactics of globalization have worked.

Like we could band together as working class or something...
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