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Episode 3 : The Universe in Your Hands
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:46 pm    Post subject: Episode 3 : The Universe in Your Hands Reply with quote

Episode URL: http://www.treeincarnation.com/leaves/Episode-0003-060115.htm

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 1:14 am    Post subject: addicted to the glare Reply with quote


the more i listen to episode123...the more i am able to relax and grasp these amazing perception tools...the vale is starting to open...i am learning how to visualize in new profound ways

before it was overwhelmingly common to be a christian conservative, i was a stern defender of the christian right values...after a life changing career in day trading, i had to acknowledge the reality of intuition and the trickery of my mind...i became intrigued with eastern thought but i still defended my christian roots

with the help of you, your research and my personal study; i am becoming liberated...thank YOU very much fintan:)...its a very good feeling to know that the majority of mankind will not be burning in hell when they die....even though i was born in a southern baptist church, i could never accept that idea fully, but it still had a major impact on my development....major fear and guilt!!...still trying to shake those habits!!

i have been meditating daily for about 4 years now and it has helped me tremendously....especially in balancing my many mirror planes. i still catch myself fixating on many illusions that trick me

....i wonder if the glare that covers water, glass, etc, is the bait that lures us from focusing through and seeing the roots?....or could glare addiction be the same as one-sided brain hemisphere addition?....if your not used to seeing into the water, unconscious, etc, don't you cling to the glare?

thanks again Fintan for everything...i hope to never lose the polarized glasses you helped me make:)

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 12:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The audio shows are great, its easy to see that a lot of work has gone into what you are describing. For me the most valuable thing in these first few shows has been the toolset as you call it. For me, its like you have taken the abstract sciences of quantum mechanics and string theory and placed them where we can see them at work, in everything.

Just like what you talked about with the work you done on the I-O sphere, this extra-dimensional concept can be seen at work at all levels of reality, so it follows that the mirror plane concept is working in this way.

Another kind of mirror plane I have been thinking of lately is the concious/subconcious and the dreaming/waking world we find ourselves in.

Kind of off subject but....
I came across this comedy from chris morris' news satire radio show "On The Hour" in my playlist. Its a funny coincidence what came up in this sketch, check it out. Laughing

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 12:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

^^^^^Thats me up there BTW, I forgot to log in Embarassed Razz Embarassed
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 4:07 am    Post subject: Greetings - interesting, let's expand Reply with quote

Hi Fintan,
My name is Judy, I am writing from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Thank you for your site, it is the closest I have found that resonates with my understanding, and I wanted to share some things with you, and btw, you have a wonderful broadcasting voice.

The i/0 has many faces, as I imagine you well know if you have been doing this for 15 years.

The inside out/mirror aspect also paints the picture of all seeming dualities (life's paradoxes) that must all be resolved within oneself for peace of mind.

As well as mirror planes, we have concentric circles (as in micro/macro) which contract and expand depending on what level of consciousness you are resonating at upon observation, and each person's multi-sphere, penetrates everyone elses. Minds connected.

Concentric circles are most useful when it comes to understanding human behaviour. And then the circles, form patterns, habits, all trees bearing fruit after their own kind, and we have fractal patterns everywhere, the macro, modeling the micro. That I think is the issue of the center, not so much that you can never reach it, but rather that it is continuously unfurling.

I believe we DO have a center that we can reach. The most difinitive mirror plane we have is the one of the heart. It is also intelligent and it has the abillity to train the human to be of a higher order. We see this in the bible as the fruits of the spirit, rather than the fruits of the flesh. Flesh meaning becoming objectified which seems to instinctively produce fear. That has been taken so our of context by religious groups who have not a clue that the Bible is the most esoteric text you can imagine.

And, at that, it is also the most profound mirror of all. All religious writings being like an onion, the deeper you go, the more expanded level of consciousness you attain(represented by a larger sphere in the concentric circles). So we see the bigger picture, or we learn to understand from a more complex grid.

It is sad that good and evil are painted as light and dark by so many, leads to much misunderstanding. No thing is good or evil by itself, as in reality only relationship exists, in other words, everything is action, yes? And evil is good's handmaiden. Yet, I still believe within me, it will reach a time, where it has served its' purpose.

Also the male/female implications of the i/0 is profound, and the fact that male and female are also mirrored depending on what side of the sphere you are in.

Now, what I would love to discuss, is what now? Where do we go from here, because we have the issue of collective consciousness.

BTW, speaking of inside out, have you ever considered that death is life? Perhaps, the peace that passes understanding? Being in the void? Have you ever wondered if we are supposed to stop creating our own personal identities?

I can't help but wonder, since our bodies are a reflection of our state of mind, then if we change our mind, then why would we have to come back in a dense body? Why not a new form, without such dense flesh, so that we might truly heal the earth and its' inhabitants. Perhaps it is "time" to enter the macrocosm in a more wholistic way? It seems that living in the void (go with the flow man Wink) is the way to go, yet in the body, we have to dance between the worlds, and lack of understanding has most definintely shown its' face. Yet it is this chaos that is providing the opportunity for lift off?

What can I say, I love the moon. I have a wolf in me. I seem to function best when living in the void.

Oh, before I forget, you mentioned the earth being the supermind, perhaps in manifested form, a reflection of it. At this point in time, all manifested observations, and that in itself, really makes me wonder a lot about potential. Just what are we capable of if we put our mind together? This is where heart resonance sings.

Have you ever thought about that? Just in the way, a person can heal themself by wholistic healing, (being here now), what would happen if this happened globally?

Do you realize how easy it is for anybody to wake up? All they have to do is ask themselves why they believe what they do.

It's funny, they say Jesus (if he even ever existed as a person) said it is an evil generation that seeks for a sign. Duh, we are the sign :-)

Judy Miller
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Joined: 18 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 1:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Justy.... Great Avatar!
And that is a cool audio - brilliant.

"concious/subconcious and the dreaming/waking"

Sure - clearly mirror plane pairings.


Well, the fear, guilt thing is deep in our bones because of the Christian
indoctrination which was hammered into us all. So it does take time to
overthrow that monster in the mind.

It comes out of the death fear compex i think.
the psychologically attractive idea is to inherently assauge our own death
fear by projecting the death/damnation onto others. It is THEY who shall
die - not we. It's has a deeply seductive attraction.

And the best way to unseat it is to grasp that our own immortality -
(outside of any judgement on us) is as assured as the sun rising.

You mention the glare covering water. I hadn't thought about it, but
its interesting we have developed polarized glasses which dispel this glare
and let us "see through" the surface. (not only the surface of water,
but the surface of reality too lol ).

i think that virtually all aspects of these physical realities (like the glare
issue) are tools we can use to see what is going on. That's why it's great
to have many people thinking about these issues -because each will
spot an aspect of the physical that illuminates the discussion.


Nice observation of the micro/macro concentric circles and each person's
multi-sphere, penetrating everyone elses. That's a vital aspect.

Yes, the male/female implications are something I would like to cover
also as the series continues.

"have you ever considered that death is life?"

Indeed the void is an undeniable aspect of renewal and growth, but
it is featureless, without structure --and the process of diffenentation
of individuality we see accelerating is one reason I think that
we are in the process of integrating the void and releasing the
dynamic power of the mind to reinvent itself eternally -without having
to repeatedly dip into the void to wash the blackboard of the mind clean.
In other words we are about to grasp individuated immortality -an
evolution from collective mortality.

As you say:

"If we change our mind, then why would we
have to come back in a dense body?"

and if we are in an era of the collapse of religious "right" certainty,
developing the capacity to "change our mind" many times in the
course of our intellectual life, then perhaps this is the destiny of all:

That mind will fluidly express itself -dipping in and out of physical
structure at will -rather than being mired in the one body-identity
for each lifetime.

"I seem to function best when living in the void."

That capacity to embrace the void is I think the practical demonstration
of the process of integrating the void at work in you. Great. And it's a
way of rejecting the inability of the culture to do this. But it must
be balanced by cyclically emerging into the real.

"a person can heal themself by wholistic healing, (being here now),
what would happen if this happened globally?"

We getting there. Then watch out!!

"It is an evil generation that seeks for a sign."

Yes the evil is rampaging, but it is only the rock against which we
will lever ourself into the open-mindedness of immortality.

A "necessary evil" is the phrase, I think. But only for a while : )
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:19 pm    Post subject: Welcome to the Lucifer matrix …Lu=Light Reply with quote

Welcome to the Lucifer matrix …Lu=Light and cipher=contiament

hello Fintan you have over this last year publicized to me and many others your in-depth aptitude of analysis of metaphysical science and politics in this so called civilized western hemisphere ...

...erm I know I know bare with me…

Government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us - Leo Tolstoy

Moreover you have demonstrated what I call a…

cohesive empathic harmonic! known by many as love unconditionally on behalf of the countless number of souls of this realm O- reality;

furthermore It would seem that this information you have been “dropping…”

has been in my own humbled opinion of a high-quality and its been to my greatest pleasure tuning into your opinions and detailed analysis thus far, for as with mine own, you have ether confirmed what I already suspected or added more to some of the missing pieces to the jigsaw, at this point i thank you....

Oh and I speak Ghettonise I was born in the Ghetto o- Edinburgh…im a fellow Celt…

Now to the meat of the matter …I am sure you’re familiar with madam Blavatsky’s 'The secret doctrine and The Vail of Isis…

These are two of Blavatsky’s masterworks on theosophy, covering cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/sd/sd-hp.htm

As you may be aware in that Afrocentric community we take the subjects in metaphysics very seriously; certainly for the war with the New World order…

(New white order) …

has been going on for many many years; long before… (Nwo) became a popular catch phrase amongst the conscious internet community which I am proud to part of…moving on… anyways…!

Normally I don’t add anything into forums but you hit a cord so intrinsically Hu-Man (Hue=colour=light=being=conscious) I just had to respond to you finton you have a place in my heart…your voice resonates truth…and my spirit tells me you are good…

If you ever get a chance to listen to Dr Phil Valentine; he breaks down the real Matrix (womb=holographic universe) which is in part the rising feminine principle in our own reality to date…the Age of Aquarius is at hand…if I sounds criptic I don’t mean to be its because I cant keep everything in context as a would be here all night just remember these are abstract principles , anyways the Greeks called this Sophia (wisdom)…the great female (ENGERGY) principle of the known Omniverse...or universe…!!!

One of the points I want to make here, is …what you call the “mirror plain”, well this is what we call the law of opposites pure and simple …your on the mon-ey (Mon=min=Moon=sin= Comes about due to the Cult of the Moon) again you are confirming what we have know for years…By the way the Eye of horus was the sun … AND THE MOON IS Isis and the Holy bible translates as the book of light and yes Jenny it’s the most Occultist of books we have at our disposal…and be mindful to remember that its your first Eye which e is your penile gland and when you light this lamp all of this illusion around us goes back to it original state…

its all good still…!

Now as for the concept of death (Sleep unconscious)…as Hue-men we are dead…according to our predecessors (Sleeping unconscious the god divine that we become) period…Get it…?! our ancient ancestors knew this…the symbol for death and resurrection (Sleep unconscious of the god we are…) was the cross,(St Andrews cross ) you will see this on the chest of Ausar (Osiris) this is the most ancient symbol represents death and life this cycle is never ending death (Lazarus was sleeping remember)… and life, life and death… it’s the same as existing… and… none existence both are the same in everything bar name in this realm… a good book to get is …Text of the sacred science: The Philosophy and Metaphysics for the school of the sacred science, By Ralph M. De Bit… ISBN 0-7661-0022-7
Originally French L’azuras or L’asur, means, the Asura. Asur, Asura. Asurya is the sun. The Egyptian name for Osiris is Asur. The raising of Lazarus, is connected to the raising of the dead sun at the Solstice points, especially winter when Virgo is on the Eastern horizon. Later during the Solar Cult the raising of Lazarus in the home of the Biblical Mary, another virgin, was to do with the opening of the Egyptian New Year, July 25th, then in the sign of Virgo. Moreover, the word Asur (sun) also gives the prefix for the male gender, Sir or Sire. Even in India it is the same - Sri. These mean the "noble ones."

Now I like to call it the somatic death of god…In other words we are gods folder over on our self’s…for example if you look at the number “one” from zero, then fold over into the number “two” then the number “one” becomes Just a “potential” …get it…?but we all come from zero which is “The All” or the Alt= Zaphira, priestess to the Lord Apollo or Ausar its all the same principle that’s why you should read Greek or any ancient mythology for that “matter” excuse the pun ..lol

in addition this is what we could also be mindful of to understand that our ancestors called this stage of “Being” a metamorphosis . A metamorphosis of the god, the god still to become…TO BE REBORN A GOD once we have discerned the dichotomy duality and of the inactivity of perfection ,perfection equals and or is synonymous with the concept of good “good”(god) but that which is perfect is inactive and the inactivity of good is evil which is the shadow realm you need to get The Nag Hammadi Library

The holy book of the Egyptians about the great invisible Spirit, the Father whose name cannot be uttered, he who came forth from the heights of the perfection, the light of the light of the aeons of light, the light of the silence of the providence <and> the Father of the silence, the light of the word and the truth, the light of the incorruptions, the infinite light, the radiance from the aeons of light of the unrevealable, unmarked, ageless, unproclaimable Father, the aeon of the aeons, Autogenes, self-begotten, self-producing, alien, the really true aeon

…for all that is good is “the light” and light means consciousness …

its important you now the significance of the light… because fundamentally its who we are…Hue= light ,human…now part of our mission is to seek out all that is Prime-evil and bring order to the chaos …remember in the beginning was chaos in other words we are “the chaos” being refined back to what ever we are called on a higher vibration ….

The Emperor evokes the Lucifer of Milton's Paradise Lost. He is William Blake’s Albion, the god-man who falls into creation and divides into four aspects, which then divide themselves into further emanations, each vying for autonomous control. Some writers have remarked that the Emperor is more reminiscent of Blake’s fallen demiurgic tyrant Urizen, the “Ancient of Days,” the fashioner of the mortal coil and “Mundane Egg,” the creator of the “Fearful Symmetry.” His is the world of Experience as opposed to that of Innocence. In regards human cognition we find that this card denotes the specifically masculine intellectual modality and its “Apollonian” intentionality. This hemisphere of mind can be correctly said to dissect, to cut, to pierce, to probe and sever, when seeking to arrive at knowledge of things.

So when ever you hear the words shadow UNDERWORLD or deep ocean cave this is all referring to and or talking about what you would call the mirror of your own self or the hidden realm this what our ancients called Amenta .i could go on and on but I just wanted to suggest some reading …

My point is this you are right…you are moving in the right direction and the lady was right about the Biblos…or the Book of light…you are looking at a god when you look in the mirror and yes we are immortal …the biggest secret on this planet Earth=earth=take the H and put it in front and you get the word HEART is that there is no more god out side the church than this is inside…
There is so much Esoteric symbolisms but I will leave it there for now…
I Am That I Am The word "zodiac" (from the Greek zoon) actually means "living creatures," or "living beings," and refers, connotatively, to the fact that the true zodiac is within. It is essential, therefore, that we understand how the restoration of astrology's cardinal tenet impacts the psychic and social health of humanity. Great strides toward individual and collective healing are assured once it is clearly realized that the twelve signs of the zodiac are, first and foremost, archetypes of living consciousness. If they, subsequently, are discovered to be "out-there" in the heavens, they get there by way of human consciousness, by the psyche's strange, but scientifically acknowledged, capacities for projection and inflation. In short, the round of the zodiac, the famous horoscope of twelve signs, exist above us as a omni-directional, cinema-like, projection of the inherent twelve-fold, plastic matrix that sub-divides that organic computer referred to as the "Collective Consciousness." As the twelve disciples of Jesus represent aspects of his own consciousness, so do the twelve celestial signs of the zodiac, likewise, represent the twelve archetypal facets of our own being.
.Hotep=Peace Very Happy

It is an erroneous interpretation of astrology to opine that special forces emanate from the planets and the stars - R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz (Sacred Science)

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 6:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

yeah - when people go off into Lasarus raising raves they lose me

I died in a vivid dream - I'd never realised how much effort is constantly required to stay alive - I was so relieved I didn't have the keep this damn physical body humming along Wink

what's it like when you are dead? same as before you were born.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 11:26 am    Post subject: a reaction Reply with quote

thank you fintan,

for sharing all of your insights with us. it is so difficult to find real information and all of your work is jam packed with well thought out and researched material.

i have been integrating your first 3 episodes over the past 2 weeks, it all makes so much sense on all levels.

i have been aware of "the movie" for a couple of years, at first rabidly searching for what we weren't being told, and then thanks to sequences of searching, am now more interested in solution think (tsarion).

your presentation has added a new level of putting it all together, although i am in no way at a point of really understanding the complexity of our reality, you have shown more clearly the access point of the mirror plane. i have read some toltec tradition and learned that every thing that we see is a reflection from an internal source but was having difficulty in relating this with the implications of quantum science info that is available to the public through independent scholars.

your theories have enabled me to gain an awareness of this mirror plane in each present moment, each thought we have being a freewill although subtle choice of getting caught up in programmed reactionary thinking, or
in realizing that only we as individuals have the power to choose in each moment to choose our train of thought that eventually shapes our experience.

disengaging from the indoctrination is such a vigilant process, and definitely a battle being fought and controlled from this interface. projection is rampant, whether observed from a blue pill or red pill perspective. your exposure of disinfo shows us that seeing behind the cultural illusions has already been anticipated with alternative dead ends put in place. i see these measures being taken as perpetuations of the same mind set, reactionary and keeping our focus "out there" as a tool to keep us from realizing the existence, never mind the empowerment of our individual interface access.

can't wait to listen to episode 4 !!

truth as authority or authority as truth
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Damian Flynn

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PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2006 11:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, 'cause it seems so obvious. I was just listening to the third episode and was thinking that it was a bit ironic that cyber space is constructed from zeros and ones, which could be thought of as 2 dimensional representations of a sphere and a plane.
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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 1:43 am    Post subject: Universe scientific solution Reply with quote

Hypotheses of oscillating universes were given since more than 20 years. Not one of them could be verified, because till now the world formula doesn't seem to exist. From 1972 to 1998 I researched in this field theories and showed in 1998 that Albert Einstein already had the world formula. I solved this formula and gave a universe solution, which oscillates and which agrees with the quantum theory and the relativity theory as unity. This is a complete representation of the mathematical and physical line of the reality! But the truth of the Creator isn't simply to understand. The whole system is very complex. A simplified introduction can be found on the web side www.arcusuniverse.com.

Finally, this means that the hypothesis here introduced by Fintan Dunne remains only one of many hypotheses to the universe, not more.

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Jerry Fletcher

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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 5:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Arcus wrote:
I solved this formula and gave a universe solution, which oscillates and which agrees with the quantum theory and the relativity theory as unity. This is a complete representation of the mathematical and physical line of the reality!


I was admittedly a bit skeptical about your claims, but after checking out your website, I was left with a feeling of:

Woah. Dude! Gnarly!!

I don't know how that translates to german, but it's basically a colloquial expression from California that means:

Excellent Work!

It is truly exciting to see other independent research like yours that conceptually resonates so well with what feels to me like the beginning of a universal emergence of larger understanding. It is pioneers like you and Fintan that are pushing the boundaries of scientific rationalism beyond it's current depressing conclusions, and for that I applaud you both.


In 1999 I myself began to translate my works into English after pause of writing and speaking English for 30 years. My only base are these three years of school English in GDR and a helping program finding forgotten words. Excuse me my mistakes, please.

From: arcun1.hypermart.net…history.htm

As I have no understanding of the mathematics behind your findings, all I am left with is your descriptions of the phenomena you describe. Your self taught english skills are impressive and communicate your ideas, but I hope at some point your work will be afforded a translation as thorough as the ideas. Perhaps if a few more people purchase your writings. Wink

The alternative creation of the solar systems

Animation by Arcus 2003

1. A supernova exports a protocosm from its center exploding then in the distance of about x 100 billion km and more dependend on the energy of the supernova. Observed at SN1987A and today at SN1993J. They already prove my theory, but they are explained another way by the present science without knowing my results..

2. This protocosm sets free all these sub-protocosms coming from its waist, which are shooting out into the space.

3. Each sub-protocosm sets free its own subs from which satellites and their substructures can be formed.

4. The substructures by subs and their subs and so on reach down to the molecules, how all the preconditions are given to the coming evolutions while the creation of the solar system. This young solar system just consists of hydrogen and helium.

5. This time, the dust cloud of the supernova arrives the baby-like solar system and fertilizes the new system with heavy elements and chemical compounds. These corpuscles were made by supernova and during the way the dust was cooling itself. 

Conclusion: Protoplanets and Protostars did and do not arise from contracted dust but from pre-programmed protocosms and their rotation structures. They collect the dust's particles.

Arcus in 2003

From: The formation of the solar systems

I found this concept of 'Protocosm' force a fascinating perspective -as I worked my way through your site, the term began to take some shape in my mind.

The universe as a totally locked and a hierarchical and informational system of different kinds of non-stationary black holes

The fundament of this explanation is my protocosm-solution. Using it, a cosmos as well as a microcosm only can be explained as a spherical oscillation. It radiates spatial Tesla-waves and receives such waves, which acts the momentum exchange. There are three kinds of cosms: open, locked and both states in one.

From: first

Because all the things of this world are based of oscillations and waves' exchange, the universe is a pulsating sphere inside of a static sphere. The static sphere consists of vacuum. Vacuum is a space which consists of particles and antiparticles of the same number. These contrasts equalize both the gravitation and also the electricity. This way we think the vacuum to zero although it is filled with a lot of pre-states of matter. There rest radiations go around. But there are no particles. .....

From: The universe' structure in principle

This seems in complete agreement with a lot of current theories of spatial vacuum as having 'potential'. Phase cancellation tells me that perceived 'absence' can actually be a state defining equal and opposing 'presence'.


1.      The universe is a spherical program. It oscillates like a watch. Each step of the pendulum gives the time sections. This way, the time is coming just going straight, because the program of the space is bound to the time directly (wavelength ? is coupled with time-period ?). If sometimes any person could ever make a movement exactly back on the same way on the same line, than he could turn around the time (I can't believe it 'cause it's impossible to take the absolute same way back). All the particles of the cosmos are microcosms. They also are watches - in physics it means: they are oscillators. Spherical oscillators are comparable with pulsating bubbles. Like a balloon puffing up and draining off, but during a determined clock using light velocity. Therefore this speed is the limit and the reference speed of the oscillating matter.

From: messag1e


5.      You can imagine it using a comparison: Everybody knows the whipped cream. It consists of the bubbles and the cream. The bubbles only can exist because there is cream as condition. If any world would be built from whipped cream, then the beings perhaps could recognize that they are a structure of bubbles of determined dimensions of time and way (the bubble’s movements). But they didn't know from what material the bubbles were really made. Just this is our situation. All of our experiments and measurements are based on the physical magnitudes which only are derived back to the dimensions of way and time. We do not know the magnitude of the substance at all! Our complete concepts of so-called substances consist of way and time relations.

From: messag1e

Excellent. Conceptually very similar to Fintan's 'piece of paper between two tennis balls' description. All we 'see' is the 'shape' of the space between the bubbles.

38.  Isn't the birth of a human being comparable with the opening of a protocosm to be the universal law? From an impregnation more and more sub-elements are opening themselves namely the cells while the programmed cells increase and find their cell order. Finally, the baby comes to the world. Then the belly doesn't burst, but the invincibility of the belly will be overcome when at the preformed place an element of the baby - its head (the head is like a sub-cosm) found the way out. Isn't every seed like a protocosm? And what is a day? You wake up - your protocosm in your mind opens into the real world. Your day starts. In the evening it is time to reorganize your power and to program your way again. Your consciousness goes down below the horizon of this real world. It falls down into the protocosm of dreams and of the new order for the new day. Perhaps you dream about the thing which will happen at the new day, because your destiny is given.

From: messag1e


We take just a pea and put it into the ground. Like from the trifle but from the stored energy and the stored program, the embryo grows out when the bursting open the outer shell. As well as it forms the roots by cell division its vegetable body also grows by cell division. The plant lives of mass and energy. Its shape is like a hierarchical structure by the fact that it branches. The Creator shows us, as when the culmination of the branching new protocosms of the almost same structure are formed - the new peas.

From: The universe' structure in principle

Conceptually, the emergence, and growth of the protocosms as the macrocosm expressing itself through the microcosm strikes me as very congruent with Fintan's Treeincarnation work. Science becomes meaningful to me when it doesn't ignore the impact of the immeasurable. IMO, you guys are both expanding the boundaries of understanding and consciousness, something the human spirit, both individual and collective, could sorely use at this point.

Good stuff. Welcome to the forum, Arcus, and thank you for stopping by and sharing your work. Good luck with your research, and I look forward to reading more!
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