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The NWO, POST Bush 43

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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 3:24 pm    Post subject: The NWO, POST Bush 43 Reply with quote

The NWO has commissioned one of its best boys: George Bush 41 to take over the Psy-Op of his sonís dastardly presidency in order to move the world to the next phase of the plot of the NWO to wrest total control over the western manís soul.

These recent machinations of the puppet Bush, Casey- lackey Gates, this phony commission by one of the premier Bush 41 lackeys- James Baker, is clearly the NWO folding up this Bush 43 psy-op. It is complete the American people have not done as bad as they could have, but still has proven to be steeped in ignorance, blindness, and stupidity, by not trouncing Bush 43 even much worse than they could have. So now it is time to fold up this op and move on to the next level. Their successes in the Bush 43 Psy-op have been considerable: The war on terror has been institutionalized-Homeland security, National Spy Director, draconian laws, as the two wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan, have been institutionalized as well, with all kinds of benefits to the NWO and its minions. On the American domestic scene the freedoms of the American people have been eroded like never before, as well as the intelligence level of the American psyche has been degraded, to such an extent that it is time for the next Republican President to do the final solution on the American and western man, that will end his freedom in totality. If it is necessary to have an interlude democrat (something I doubt is necessary) like the Zionist lackey Hillary Clinton, than so be it, that is only a preparation stage, and will not hold the NWO back at all.

Bush will do nothing at all in the next two years but cement this institutional mess in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, and the fake war on terror, that was the neo-cons plan in the first place. Brining in the Bush 41 institutional puppets, will do this. Indeed it was never their intention to defeat Sadam Hussein but to make the mess they have made in Iraq in order to bring carnage, confusion, and much business for their cronies, and the perpetuation of division, strife, and conflict in the Mideast. This was the idea of using and commissioning the so-called neo-cons in the first place. The NWO said to them: go ahead shoot your shot, see how much carnage, strife, and conflict you can cause in the region while we garnish the consequent business opportunities we all get from this. The neo-cons were never interested in their dreams, they were only interested in what we call creating institutional strife, so all the dead American troops, and Iraqis are just pawns in the schemes of these savages with neck ties that rule this rotten matrix.

Donít fall for this bull shit going on about division in the neo-con ranks, it is as much bull shit as them throwing over the ex- CIA head George Tenet, and Colin Powell, who both left their service and got rewarded with all kinds of perks, accolades, meddles of honor, jobs on boards of directors, while the victims, of these vermin suffer by what they did in office. There will be no rewards for the Iraqi victims, or those stupid American boys, who are now either dead, or maimed for life, they wonít get any medals.

Rumsfeld will do fine, he will probably soon get some kind of Medal of Honor from Bush, go around giving speeches, get a top CEO job in the defense industry, and write some book filled with lies, as he is patted on the back in secret by the same people who are publicly condemning him.

Itís a wonderful, wonderful, world, isnít it?
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
Posts: 949

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 4:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Prime proof as I have written over and over that Bush 41 is a psy-op in order to gauge the stupidity or gullibility of the American populace is the strange scenario of Bush doing a Katrina like:Ē Brownie you are doing a fine jobĒ that he indulged in right before the elections when he actually praised Rumsfeld and promised that he would be here for two more years, and then right after the election fires him!

What possible sense could that make, other than Bush putting it into the faces of the American people, the absurdity of praising Rumsfeld before the election? There is not a single degree of sense in him doing that, other than the scenario I have painted, that Bushís job is to not only fuck things up, but also to portray himself so egregiously asinine to see whether the American people would still support him despite his absurd actions. Canít you guys see the obvious psy-op in this? I tell you if you even look at Bushís demeanor it is defiantly different. He is no longer deliberately acting the obvious jack ass, as he was acting all through the six years before these recent midterms that as I have said were the final test in gauging the degradation of the consciousness of the American people. Look closely at Bush, look how he behaved in the meeting with Pelosi, he is obviously not as stupid, yet still stupid, but not as much, check it out. The psy-op is over, they have succeeded with it, so he doesnít have to help along his natural inclinations to be stupid. So what I am saying is that Bush no longer has to be a caricature of his self.

Bush all through the six years he was pretending to be as ridiculous as he appeared to us, but that was all an act, donít you guys see that, I cant understand how you miss this.
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Joined: 16 Jul 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 6:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ooh - Bush the 'bipartisan, responsible helmsman of State'?

I knew there was a Bush 43 action figure that I hadn't collected yet! Wink

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Joined: 14 Apr 2006
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Location: Belly of the Beast, Texas

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 8:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Donít fall for this bull shit going on about division in the neo-con ranks, it is as much bull shit

You nailed it, Zak. Same as the 'bipartisan' love-fest is written into the same scene plot. The neo-CONS have to look like their turning on each other as the 'bad guys' are expelled, leaveing the 'good neoCONS' to 'see the light' of lollypops and rainbows and extend the glad hand to the Dems.
Like Bush just said to Pelosi, "we have more in common, we ALL LOVE AMERICA"

Well, would have been a great place in a musical for 43, "the Finger" Pelosi, and "Mad Dog" Dick Cheney to stand, hand over hearts, and launch into a rousing musical momentL "GOD BLESS AMERICA! LAND THAT I LOVE!"

Why did the script take this unexpected turn last week?
I think the way they sell politics these days is keeping tabs on what their intelligence tells them the people want. The people WANT to get past the long devisiveness, they want to be 'Americans, 'one nation under God' and all that stuff.
The 'love fest' is the way to seize on to this unspoken desire and give the public an illusion of what they want to have happen.
Only problem with it is, these guys are doing it for:
1. it's the perfect excuse to drop investigating the treasonous crimes of the last 6 years.
2. The perfect way to go right on doing what they've been doing---without public complaint or even notice for a couple more years.

Elections and the visible politics show is ALL ABOUT passification of the public.

Canít you guys see the obvious psy-op in this? I tell you if you even look at Bushís demeanor it is defiantly different.

That's right. Bush's stupidity is scripted. Make no mistake, how Presidents appear in the media is thought out beforehand by handlers, scripted, and nothing hits the air without approval.

As for Bush sayng completely contradrictory statements often, a couple of years ago I learned that's a technique through which people remember what they want to hear and generally forget the rest. What it does is confuse the listener, since there's no logic in it to rebutt. The weak minded will respond mentally by just extracting what they wanted him to hear. That's why Repbulicans think he's brilliant, and we think he's stupid.

Bush's way of talking frequently is a string of contradictions and non sequitors. It's been interpretted as mere stupidity, but I don't think it is.

I'm in no way saying Bush is smart enough to be what we expect a 'real' president to be, or any kind of strategist. He's a world class confidence man.
Pure sociopath.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
Posts: 949

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 9:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I just heard Netanyahu talk to this MSM jerk-off Glen Beck, who by the way kissed Netty ass thoroughly. Just to show you how these cunning devils like Netanyahu manipulate MSM jack-assess like This Beck guy. All Netanyahu said over and over was: holocaust. holocaust, holocaust, Nuclear bomb, nuclear bomb, Bomb, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, stop Iran, from getting Bomb, Stop Iran from getting bomb, holocaust, holocaust, like a mantra it was comical and to see the jerkĖoff Beck sucking it up, and Netanyahu, one of the most, cunning manipulative trained devils breathing air just use and manipulate this guy was amazing.

Also did you hear that are good friend Liebermann is going to threaten the Democrats with going over to the Republicans if he doesnít like what they do.

Boy itís getting interesting; you couldnít make up a movie script with this stuff and get anyone to believe it.
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