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Audio: Hot Facts For A Cold Case Murder
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Reviewing source documents really brought Joan's case into focus. Missing pieces changed the investigative focus how to identify Joan's killer. The list of discrepancies is very long ruling out human error or incompetence. None of Tim Burke's evidence, witnesses, or comingled cases stand up under scrutiny. I am focusing on a few significant pieces that were hidden.

1. An eyewitness identified and described the man that left Logan Airport with Joan on November 28, 1981. The lead was suppressed.
2. A friend of Carmen Tammaro, Patty Bono, placed an anonymous call on January 20, 1982, and implicated Leonard Paradiso in the murders of Marie Iannuzzi and Joan.
3. Burke falsely claimed a John Doe grand jury on March 5, 1982, in the Iannuzzi case. He targeted Paradiso.
4. Tr. Carl Sjoberg implicated Paradiso in another Boston case, Joan Webster, to other authorities on March 11, 1982.
5. Carmen Tammaro met with Paradiso on August 1, 1982 and accused him of murdering Joan on his boat.
6. Robert Bond was transferred to the Charles Street Jail and positioned close to Paradiso on December 8, 1982.
7. Palombo filed a false affidavit to the court for a search warrant claiming Burke received an unsolicited letter from Bond on or about January 5, 1983.
8. MSP met with Bond on January 10, 1983. MSP fed information to Bond about the Iannuzzi and Joan's case, including Tammaro's boat theory.
9. Bond mailed the letter to his wife with an inner envelope addressed to Burke on January 10, 1983, from Concord, and received after January 14,1983.
10. MSP met with Bond on January 14, 1983, and offered enticements including Webster reward money. Bond did not know the manner of Joan's death or the location where Paradiso had moored his boat. After working with MSP, Bond claimed Paradiso struck Joan in the head with a whiskey bottle and dumped her in Boston Harbor.
11. Burke gained a conviction in the Iannuzzi case on July 24, 1984, hiding exculpatory evidence.
12. Judge Bruce Selya affirmed on April 9, 1985, based on undisputed evidence, the boat, the alleged crime scene, did not exist by August 1981 when Paradiso filed for bankruptcy. The alleged crime scene did not exist when Joan disappeared on November 28, 1981.
13. Burke, Palombo, and George Webster continued to make public statements claiming Paradiso murdered Joan on his boat.
14. On April 18, 1990, Joan's skull was discovered in a heavily wooded and remote area in Hamilton, MA, more than 30 miles from the alleged crime scene. The grave was found after a week long search.
14. Burke announced his publication on November 28, 2006, with public support from George and Eleanor Webster.
15. Burke's book was released in February 2008. He gives a graphic description alleging Paradiso raped and murdered Joan Webster on his boat, an impossible crime.
16. Carmen Tammaro and Andrew Palombo worked with Bond to construct his statement. Bond's interview on January 14, 1983, and the letter received after that date, included the correct manner of death with correct detail more than seven years before Joan surfaced. This was information only known to the killer or complicit parties. Tammaro and Palombo are complicit n Joan's murder.

It seems clear to me that the key people involved in promoting the Paradiso/boat theory were shielding the man that maneuvered Joan to a blue car on November 28, 1981, and left Logan. The Bond statement was fabricated, and Burke and Palombo perpetrated a fraud on the courts, false statements to federal authorities, and the public. This was a cover up. Source documents affirm who knew about the eyewitness description and case CR 85-010-S affirming the boat did not exist when Joan disappeared.

Tim Burke
Carmen Tammaro
Andrew Palombo
George Webster
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Joined: 16 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm getting some very interesting feedback to the question who would Tim Burke, Andrew Palombo, Carmen Tammaro, and George Webster protect. There is already documented history of corruption during this era in Boston. It can already be established authorities in MA shielded individuals, some were known criminals. Why? The shielded individuals had influence, control, and preyed on cops on the take. Some authorities also shielded each other if someone got involved in an unsavory situation.

From my perspective after reviewing source documents, Tim Burke was manipulated. He took orders from higher ups. He was fed the stories and information from Andrew Palombo and went along with it. I learned some personal information about Burke that might reflect the "perk" Burke was receiving. I won't state it here since it is not something I can corroborate, but a tidbit that I factor in to my overall view. The information came from someone who worked for Tim Burke and something she personally encountered.

There are too many details, known facts, that point to Andrew Palombo's involvement in Joan's loss. It makes sense he would try to shift attention away from himself. He is protecting himself. I still do not see him having his own motive, but influenced, probably by the man at Logan that maneuvered Joan to another car.

Carmen Tammaro was Palombo's superior. He circled the wagon and shielded his subordinate. Tammaro and Palombo had knowledge of what happened to Joan. They guided the interview with Bond and inserted the correct manner of death with correct detail more than seven years before Joan surfaced. That's information that was only known to the killer or someone complicit with the crime.

Who would George Webster shield from justice for his own daughter's murder? George was the most visible for the family's position, but the accusations extend to Eleanor, Steve, and Anne. This is a patriarchal family. Whatever George said is what the family will maintain. So, who would all of Joan's blood relatives shield instead of seeking justice for Joan? I went to source documents for my information, because this whole Paradiso/boat scenario did not make sense. I can see nothing to support the family's allegations that Leonard Paradiso raped and murdered Joan on his boat. I followed my instincts and think for myself. George and Eleanor had the information that conflicted with this explanation.

A few responses tried to come up with some justification for the Webster family to support false allegations. To me, any rationale is a stretch and does not fit with the personalities in the Webster family. There is no good reason I can think of for a parent or sibling to abandon justice for Joan, but that's what they did. The Websters secreted the lead with an eyewitness description of the man that maneuvered Joan to a different car. She ended up brutally murdered. George shielded the man seen with Joan at Logan.

The person responsible for Joan's murder is the man seen with Joan at Logan aided and abetted by the MSP. He was a middle-aged white male, under 6', and approximately 160 pounds. He is described wearing glasses and having a beard. The man was travelling, he had a very heavy suitcase. Joan knew him, she announced he was with her to the Town Taxi driver. Based on what happened to Joan after she was maneuvered to a different car, this was premeditated. That means the man at Logan knew Joan's travel plans; the plans had recently changed. The man said, "we" don't want to take this cab. He had influence over Joan. Her suitcase was removed from the trunk of the Town Taxi, and she left with the man in a blue car.
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