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Scots Independence & UK Politics LATEST
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James D

Joined: 16 Dec 2006
Posts: 951

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That draft bill sure has got them worried ...

Big money currently being spent on billboards and mailings by dodgy group with mystery funding

Meet The Ultra-Yoons

Hardcore nutter collective Scotland In Union are already the de facto unofficial No campaign group for the second independence referendum.

Evidently very well-connected and already flush with cash from sources unknown, the limited company recently raised a reported £300,000 for itself at a “charity” dinner attended by such luminaries of the great and the good as Lord Alistair Darling, Lord Dunlop and (um) Willie Rennie, auctioning off exotic high-end goodies like hunting trips to Africa, polo parties with the Maharajah of Jodhpur and Alpine holidays described in the lavish 60-page auction catalogue as featuring:

“A fabulous chalet and a family home, with six bedrooms sleeping 12, all en suite. Although the chalet does not come with a chalet girl, we will provide one for you.”

(There were also some signed JK Rowling books for the paupers.)


However I prefer this one -


Anyway ..

The was a #Brexit "State of the Union" meeting yesterday between Prime Minister Theresa May, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Strurgeon and the respective leaders from Wales & Northern Ireland .... it didn't go well!

Nicola Sturgeon frustrated with UK Government over Brexit negotiations

NICOLA Sturgeon told Theresa May she wasn’t bluffing over holding a Scottish independence referendum.

The First Minister made the warning after at a “frustrating” meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee in Downing Street,

Sturgeon also dismissed claims she was undermining the UK’s negotiating position.

‘I’m not seeking to undermine anyone. I don’t know what the UK’s negotiating position is, so there’s nothing there that I can see to undermine,’ she told reporters after the meeting.

Sturgeon, and the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, and Northern Ireland’s First Minister Arlene Foster and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness were all at the meeting yesterday. It was the first time the group has met since 2014.

A report published yesterday morning by the Institute for Government warned of a ‘full-blown constitutional crisis’ if the PM fails to secure an agreement on the Government’s approach with all nations of the UK.

The think tank said all four governments must agree the “core planks” of the UK’s negotiating position. Imposing a Brexit settlement on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would be legal, but it would be a “reckless strategy” that would lead to the possible break-up of the UK.

“What I'm not prepared to do is stand back and watch Scotland driven off a hard Brexit cliff-edge." - Nicola Sturgeon



So if the will of the Scottish people is not going to be respected ...

And as regards #IndyRef2 there is a clear majority in favour at Holyrood as the Scottish Greens unequivocally reassured despite the desperate attemps of poor old BBC Scotland to talk them out of it Laughing


GIRFUY BBC as they say ... we're wise to your little games


(There's also a documentary which is now out and will eventually be on YouTube)

Here's Nightmares on Wax with "You wish" dedicated to BBC Scotland to chill us out ...

#IndyRef2 is going to be very different!
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Site Admin

Joined: 18 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


State of Scottish Independence Now In a Nutshell !

Interview and state of play analysis
with the legendary Peter Curran.

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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James D

Joined: 16 Dec 2006
Posts: 951

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for posting that video Fintan (... and me thinking - we're not worthy! Laughing )
Apart from his analysis Peter Curran's real expertise is in negotiation. He's someone the #Brexit Team could really do with, but he'll have the Scottish Government's ear instead, should they wish or need it. Wink

*Breaking! - Just out! - #LondonCalling - Must watch!
London Calling - The Documentary - How the BBC stole the Referendum has just been released on You Tube - it's an absolute must watch. Never has the BBC been put under such scrutiny and boy does it come out smelling like shite!


This just after BBC Question Time has been exposed for their audience bias -



Theresa May tries to pull a fast one but Nicloa's having none of it -

And some think we might need not one but two referendums to finally sort out all our constitutional woes! Shocked

The Gambit

Unionists got very excited last week about a YouGov poll for the Times which showed that not only had the post-Brexit bump in support for independence been undone, but that it was now (fractionally) below the level recorded in the indyref for the first time since the September 2014 vote.

But it shouldn’t be. Because what the poll shows is that there is currently a majority of people in Scotland prepared to vote for independence.

Now, just bear with us for a moment. Obviously that seems counter-intuitive, because only 44% say they’d vote for it tomorrow. But among the 56% who say they wouldn’t are a substantial number who as recently as 2014 actually did vote for independence.

And crucially, when they did that they were voting for a vision of independence that was expressly premised on Scotland remaining in the EU.

We’re increasingly coming to the view that the answer is for the SNP to commit to a second EU referendum in the event of Scotland becoming independent.

The bottom line is that the Venn diagram of support for independence and support for the EU is a horrible tangled mess, and there’s only one acceptable democratic way of sorting it out. If we don’t, then we’re all going to be condemned to arguing bitterly about the constitution for the rest of our lives, something we’re pretty sure nobody – Unionist or nationalist, Remainer or Leaver – really wants.

– if Scotland votes No in a second indyref, knowing for certain in advance that doing so means leaving the EU, there are no grounds for complaint. It’s pretty much impossible to imagine a bigger material change than Brexit. If we can’t win it then, we’re never going to win it.

– if it votes for independence, and then votes to stay in the EU, the Leavers will have been given a fair chance to get their way and will have lost. They’ll be free to keep campaigning, of course, but from so far on the fringes that the debate will be to all intents and purposes over. (Who would be their party, for a start?)

– and if Scotland votes Yes then Leave, then that too will be the unarguable will of the people. By then it’ll be far clearer what Leave means than it was in the UK’s EU referendum, and if voters choose it anyway then so be it.

It’s time for everyone to back their horses and get the race over with.

Some, of course, don't agree -

Anyway ...

On another note, Scotland is slowly coming to terms with the part it played in Slavery - when you look at all those amazing buildings of Glasgow and Edinburgh, remember they were built with the profits of the Slave Trade.



So appropriately to take us out today, here's Brina, fresh from Songs for Scotland 2 - http://bellacaledonia.org.uk/2016/10/11/songs-for-scotland-2-culture-and-political-change/ , with her new single "Warmongerers By Name" an adaptation of Robert Burns' "Ye Jacobites"

Meanwhile we await the #Brexit clusterfuck starting gun ...
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James D

Joined: 16 Dec 2006
Posts: 951

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Happy New Year to all at BFN!

I hope you all had a ...

Many have been seriously dissing 2016 and are glad to see the back of it, but maybe it wasn't all bad ...





... and 2017, as far as Scottish politics is concerned, might just be a little dull, although there are some predictions for the future ...

The Scottish Brexit FAQ

We’ll be honest with you, readers, we’re not looking forward to 2017 one little bit. It’s going to be the most tedious year in Scottish politics since we started this website, and perhaps since the advent of devolution.

Other than the mild distraction of the council elections in May – which are likely to be a bit of a damp squib due to the deadening effect of STV and the propensity of Labour and the Tories to do deals to keep the SNP out of power – pretty much nothing even a little bit interesting is going to happen.

All we ARE going to hear about is Brexit and the EU, over and over and over and over again, and everything we’re going to hear is the same empty, pointless, space-filling speculation we’ve already been hearing since June. So let’s just get it down, and then we can link to it every week and go and do something useful with our time instead.




2017 will be a year of going through the motions, an elaborate and hollow charade in which pretty much every participant knows they’re wasting their time for the sake of appearances before knuckling down to the reality in 2018 and 2019. Get yourselves a few good books, folks.

... but these initiatives at least look good -

Baby Boxes are here! -

( ... but not everyone's happy apparently Shocked )

Scotland set to pilot universal basic income

Nicola saw the UK's the empty "Brexit means Brexit" plans and raised some of her own -

The response -

To rule by scorn

The Scottish Government publishes proposals regarding Brexit reflecting the referendum result in Scotland of a nearly 2 to 1 vote for Remain. European leaders respond by saying they are positive and constructive. The president of the European Commission indicates they are worthy of consideration. The Green Party observes that they represent the "maximum extent of compromise" in relation to accommodating the UK Government's requirements.

What is the response of the UK Government? It is threefold:

1) Rejection of the proposals within 3 hours of publication, that is, before they could even have possibly read them and developed an informed opinion.

2) Repetition ad nauseam of the "trade fallacy" - the idea that Scotland relies on trade with rUK and so would be at a disadvantage under the terms of any differentiated arrangement. No detriment is possible without offering Scotland less favourable terms than the rest of the Common Market, which is not only vindictive, but undermines any possible Article 50 negotiating position.

3) Invidious promulgation of the "SNP hate the English" meme through mainstream and social media and their own loyal cohorts to distract from and undermine the Scottish Government's proposals, and divert attention from their own deeply embarassing lack of anything resembling a coherent plan.

This is not governance we are seeing from Westminster. It is chaos and naked contempt. And to rule by scorn is not to rule for long.




So ... Mhairi's polishing her armour -

Alan thinks Hope and Humanity are our only chance -

Alan Bissett: Hope and humanity – our only chance of survival

IN many ways, the course of events in post-indyref Scottish politics has been very easy to predict. Those of us who voted Yes could see from a mile away that Scotland would be more vulnerable rather than stronger as a result of the No vote. Since 2014, we’ve been saddled with a Tory majority, a surging Ukip and removal from the EU against our will. Promises from the No campaign about protecting HMRC and steelwork jobs, shipbuilding contracts and renewable energy have proven hollow. Westminster’s “new powers for Scotland” gambit was a pig in a poke. The Scottish Government has been left to fiddle at the margins of income tax – their single, paltry new economic lever – in order to offset Tory austerity.

"The idea that a No vote in 2014 would protect us from “uncertainty” or economic damage has been exposed as a joke. There is now a terrifying vacuum at the heart of British politics."


Our survival as a species now depends on our ability to treat each other with respect and dignity, to share what we have with those who need it most.
If 2016 was the Year of Hate then my prediction for 2017– naïve, overly optimistic and simple – is this: the return of kindness and generosity of spirit.

It’s our only chance.

... and this might cause a few problems -


... and oops! We weren't expecting a Spanish intervention! -

(at least not THAT one! Wink Laughing )

Anyway ...

If you liked the MoodieVision Christmas Special, here's the Documentary -

So, on to the 2017 Council elections in March and what they might hold -


(Remember to imagine that squeaky irritating voice for Kezia when you read it Wink Laughing )



Meanwhile ...

Oh well ...
Here's Julie Fowlis to take us out today and into 2017 -

Here's hoping 2017 is a good one!
Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!
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James D

Joined: 16 Dec 2006
Posts: 951

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

While Westminster voted to invoke Article 50 and push ahead with a "hard" #Brexit, it's been an informative week with the value Scotland's voice in the UK union being staunchly confirmed - it's worth f*ck all! ...

Time to Get Out of Dodge

Yesterday was the day when every Scot, regardless of political leaning should have been conclusively made aware the disrespect that the majority of the Westminster parliament and in particular the current British government hold them in.
I can only call much of the governments disdain towards not just the SNP but the wishes of the people of Scotland to be heard as being despicable.
If anyone was in any doubt of the vacuity of the statements made previously by Westminster, of Scotland being a valued equal partner in the Union, yesterdays debate at the committee stage of the European (Notice of Withdrawal) Bill should have shown them up for being the utter dross that they were.

However the manner in which the SNP were dealt with, and the manner in which they were denied voice was incredible. In the whole 7 hours, they were afforded a mere 4 speakers. While 2 Torys took up a third of the time available filibustering for half an hour each in order to deny debate, the scenes involving Joanna Cherry MP as she sought to speak was beyond belief.


[*Watch the first 5 mins especially]



The Scottish Parliment had already voted against triggering #Brexit -


Which basically means it's Game on! for #indyref2 -


However earlier some had suggested that "permission" wouldn't be granted ...



But when pressed on it they tend to waffle on and on without answering -

A very long time in politics

Five minutes and 51 seconds, to be precise, is how long David Mundell, Secretary of State for Scotland, spent frantically quacking out meaningless noise on this morning’s Sunday Politics Scotland in order to avoid answering a simple Yes/No question until the interview ran out of airtime.


#indyref2 is inevitable and a stark choice is facing the people of Scotand -


... and more and more are making the journey from NO2YES -

So where are we right now - Let's ask Alex ...



You'd think that Westminster accommodating the Scots even a little would be sensible and at least take #indyref2 off the table (for now) ... but you'd be wrong - they really are that bone-headed arrogant and stupid!

So maybe this is a good prediction of the future -


Anyway ...

It's been a fun week in other ways - Scotland has been busy leading the world with trending #PresidentBawbag and #SCROTUS (So Called Ruler Of The United States) Laughing

Never lose your sense of humour! Wink

Here's Fish (of Marillion) to take us out with one that I had missed before -

Patience is a virtue they say and there still are a couple of hoops to jump through first, but we're all champin' at the bit for #indyref2 -
And I reckon Nicola will have to sound the bell soon!

#indref2 - It's coming yet for a that!
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James D

Joined: 16 Dec 2006
Posts: 951

PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In this latest update of the ongoing process to restore Scotland's Rightful Constitutional Status to the Scottish People, we've had ...

Scottish conferences for the "British" Labour Party - with London Mayor Sadiq Khan equating Scottish nationalism to racism ...

The Weasel

It’s important to note, firstly, that the version of Sadiq Khan’s speech to the Scottish Labour conference he tweeted on Saturday morning simply flat-out said that Scottish nationalists were the same as racists and sectarian bigots. Its meaning was as clear as crystal to the Daily Record, a newspaper which is hardly hostile to Khan’s party.


Today there was a Scottish conference for the Tories, (who are obsessed with Scottish Independence Laughing ) where we were told to forget about Independence ... oh and also that Fisheries and Agriculture would be returning to Westminster post #Brexit and NOT to Holyrood so ... we can forget about a devolved parliment too because what's the point really ...


It didn't really go down that well outside the conference hall -



Here's poor David "Fluffy" "Snack-Beard" Mundell loosing it a bit under mild pressure - Compared to Angus Robertson's calm collected assuredness.

(particularly from @7.48mins til about @8.13mins Laughing )

Alex Salmond certainly wasn't impressed with Theresa May -

The BBC have decided to spend 30 million pounds of the 300+ that they collect from Scotland on a new revamped channel just in time for #indyref2 (or #NewIndyRef as some are now calling it - http://www.thenational.scot/news/15110703.What___s_in__a_name__Yes_supporters_debate_new_term_for_independence_referendum/) ... but it's fooling nobody -



BBC Announces New Anti-Scottish Channel

The BBC is to launch a major new unionist propaganda channel in time for the next Independence referendum. There will be 80 new unionists employed as journalists. Close relatives of senior Labour party figures are particularly welcome to apply, and in a new broadening of BBC Scotland employment policy, a larger percentage of Ruth Davidson fans will also be recruited. The news of the new job opportunities is especially welcome to the large number of Labour Party hacks who will be unemployed following the Scottish council elections in May.

LONDON CALLING: BBC bias during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum

There have also been some suicidal calls to block a second referendum, most notably for BBC Scotland's own Jackie Bird who this week practically begged the Prime Minister -

(@4.08mins ... ) Shocked

The effect of all this is that more and more NO voters are moving to YES -

The morality of nationalism

Journey to Yes #5

Journey to Yes #4

Journey to Yes #3

Journey to Yes #2


And Phantom Power Films who make these Journey to Yes videos have just released Perspective 1 which is well worth a look. It's broken into 5 parts covering EU Nationals, Deep State political corruption, Food banks, Football and Hip-Hop with some weird and interesting adverts too Wink - Excellent!

Well, after all that let chill out to Ímar and "Into the Light"

So with things hotting up a little and crunch time coming soon, I expect that the next time I post Nicola Sturgeon will be announcing #indyref2 or #NewIndyRef - either way it will definitely be ON!
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Joined: 29 Oct 2007
Posts: 247
Location: Inverness, Scotland

PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the summary and updates, James.

Watching May - the leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party - sitting in front of a totally unnecessary Union flag (indoors!) repeatedly accusing the SNP of having "tunnel vision" over the independence issue is almost the ultimate in irony. On the face of it, it appears to be a pathological case of lack of self-awareness but the reality is that the Tories don't have any intellectual counters to the nationalist position and their only other option is to brassneck it and bluster shamelessly until Holyrood actually calls for a referendum; at that point, I expect the Tory bullies to try their best to simply refuse to co-operate, using nothing other than their Westminster majority as an argument. They'll call this the democratic will of the overall UK public, despite the fact that May has no democratic mandate to head the government.

In fact, Hitler had an infinitely more legitimate claim to power in Germany than May has in either the UK or Scotland and nobody should be shy about repeatedly emphasising that. (Aye, and to hell with Godwin's law: it was only ever created for the benefit of a new generation of fascists who don't even have the balls to put their name on the label of the tin.)

A friend of mine who has a contact in the Cabinet Office told me privately about a year ago that the London Establishment and the Tories in particular have completely given up on Scotland. They regard the unionist cause as beyond recovery now and they regard it as a matter of "when", not "if", until Scottish independence. It certainly looks that way.

Having said that, there is no country in the world that can surpass Scotland when it comes to making a complete arse of a winning position, as we've already proven in 1979 and 2014. I feel a pretty strong sense of resentment watching those "No to Yes" videos. Campaigning around the doorsteps, as I was doing three and four years ago, you couldn't tell those smug wallopers anything. They had all the answers, they knew best, they were doing all right, Jack, and the sooner this damned inconvenience of a referendum was over, the better as far as they were concerned. Oh look! Now they've worked out - all by themselves - that the bullshit they happily bought into four, three and even two years ago was indeed bullshit all along. This, of course, is entirely the fault of someone else such as the Scottish [sic] Labour Party or the bad Tories in London but now the smart-arses and know-alls have worked it all out and they're finally ready to do what they should have done three years ago if they'd been even half as smart as they thought they were. Well, thanks for nothing and forgive me for not showering you with praise for finally recognising that your beloved HMS Union is holed below the waterline so you may need a place in the lifeboats after all. I'll leave that kind of sanctimonious welcoming to the politicians.

Back in 2014, a week before the vote, when it looked as if the Yes vote really might carry the day, I was talking to one of my pals. We'd been campaigning together for months and we were unsure how it was going to turn out but we both realised one crucial thing - any country which has to even hesitate before deciding to run its own affairs frankly doesn't deserve to be independent. It shouldn't have been a question of, "Can we get to 51 percent?" It should have been, "What will our winning margin be? 80-20 or 90-10?"

The saddest thing is that while I'd still like to see independence - or, to be more precise, get the hell out the UK - I can plainly see that it will only happen when people such as former BBC unionist stalwart Tom Morton calculate that they've suddenly become surplus to Little Englander requirements and lost their advantage over the rest of us. [/rant]

Very Happy Aye, probably a bit over the top there, but I've been bottling that up since 2014 (as opposed to the shiters who bottled it in 2014.)

My real name is Gerry.
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James D

Joined: 16 Dec 2006
Posts: 951

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good rant ManAtTheWindow!

I know exactly where you're coming from and don't think you're alone.

I think many people are now at the stage where they really have NO MORE FUCKS to give. If after everything that has happened, after every single statement made by the Better Together campaign and the UK Government has been proven to be a LIE, after every promise made by the Tories has been broken and they seem determined to drive us all off over the #Brexit cliff ... If after all that you still can't bring yourself to vote for Scottish Independence - then Fuck it! Fuck off and vote NO, but be happy. Just don't ever come back and complain if things don't quite turn out how you imagined. [/rant] Wink Laughing

However, we still have to win a referendum and those NO to YESers will be important and I welcome them all aboard, ...

*[Updated edit] Here's another one -

... I'm just not going to waste time and energy debating with Howling at the Moon Cringing BritNat Yooners - life's too short!



The cow in the caravan

Sometimes, explaining the difference between the EU and the UK to those who demand to know why Scotland would swap London rule for Brussels rule gives you a considerable amount of sympathy for Father Ted as he sat in the rain in a caravan and painstakingly explained the difference between small and far away to Father Dougal using a tiny model cow and pointing to cows in the field outside. ,,,

It’s remarkable that this still needs to be pointed out, but in terms of the control that they can exert over Scotland, the EU is both small and far away whereas the UK is both big and close by. The UK is the cow in the Scottish caravan. It’s on top of us, it takes up most of our space, it dominates everything, it can’t be ignored and the stench of its crap fills the room.

The fact is that right now, Scotland is being taken out of the EU into an uncertain and frankly frightening future by a UK government which has demonstrated that it has not the slightest interest in listening to any opinions other than what is good for the electoral prospects of the Conservative party. Once outside the EU the power of the Westminster parliament will not be constrained by anything at all. It will be absolute. Absolute power over Scotland, an absolute power which has ruled that Scotland doesn’t even have the right to be consulted about policies which affect it.

For all that Unionists tell us that Scotland has influence, the bottom line is that as the UK seeks an exit from the EU, Scotland has no influence at all. The harsh reality for Scotland is that tiny member states of the EU, countries that are far smaller and poorer than Scotland, have a veto power over the negotiations. That means that the governments of Estonia and Malta have more control over Scotland’s destiny than the people of Scotland do themselves.

If Scotland really expects to have a say over its own future, if Scotland really wants to have a voice and an influence that determines the path that Scotland takes, there’s only one way we can do it. It’s time to evict the cow from the caravan.

And have you heard the latest brain-fart of the UK Government? -

Shocked Shocked

Empire 2.0

Those of you who noted the, apparently serious, idea to re-float the Britannia, un-buckling it from Ocean Terminal and letting it set sail to act as a Throwback Cruise Ship for Brexit – kinda like a xenophobia-themed episode of Love Boat, or who clocked our Foreign Secretay’s references to “piccaninnies” and “watermelon smiles”, might not have been too surprised to hear that British Government ministers aim to build something called ‘Empire 2.0’ with African Commonwealth countries.

The overwhelming impression that large sections of the political elite have swallowed some giant amnesia tablet is growing steadily. Our very own (Dr) Liam Fox stating at the Scottish Tories shindig: “The United Kingdom, is one of the few countries in the European Union that does not need to bury its 20th century history”.

Re-writing history is an absolutely crucial task for Brexiteers and British Nationalists, desperately keen to establish some terrible slight that has been done against us by those Foreign Europeans and, equally, keen to make sure that any (*awkward!*) role we might have had globally / historically is gently erased.

This double-act of constitutional abdication from Left and Right is a sure-sign of Britain’s death-rattle – a litmus test of national failure.

Harris writes (‘Hard Brexit is making the case for Scottish independence’):

“…at the heart of the revived noise about independence are a set of clear points. Last time, if the case for Scotland leaving the UK came down to one shared conviction, it was this: that over the previous 30 years, politics in England had too often taken a mean, callous, small-state tilt that had not only spelled bad news for Scotland but collided with the fact that it is a country with an essentially social-democratic centre, and left it marginalised.

Today, the government’s vision of Brexit surely makes that argument a thousand times more vivid. Meanwhile, as the Labour party meets hard Brexit with the whitest of flags, it becomes even more obvious that Scotland can leave behind the worst kind of consensus politics, leading in the worst of all directions. Who wouldn’t grab that chance with both hands?”

The unionist argument is peeling apart and the terms of the debate are now reversed. How can whoever has the unfortunate position of leading the No campaign this time round possibly stand up and argue against flag-waving nationalism, splitting up unions and economic romanticism when the entire Brexit fiasco is predicated on such themes? The hard-headed case being slowly unveiled by Andrew Wilson to essentially de-couple the oil economy from the case for Scottish independence is well overdue and will undermine and disorientate the most rabid unionist spleen.

With all this Empire 2.0 talk I think it's time to revisit this video of masterclass trolling - Laughing

Anyway ...
With Ireland's future also being affected by UK political madness, here's Enya with "Smaointe" and some stunning Scottish scenery -

You YES Yet? #Indyref2 #NewIndyRef
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James D

Joined: 16 Dec 2006
Posts: 951

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Nicola Sturgeon announces her plans for a New Scottish Independence referendum!

More soon ...

... but it's f*cking ON!

Sign the pledge! - https://www.ref.scot/


So ... feeling a bit like this right now - Laughing Cool Wink

#indyref2 #NewIndyRef
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Admin post - this page is heavy loading.
So a few posts will tip us onto a new page.

And I just figured the way to fix this happening
is to spread a long post over a few posts -thus
all posts on any one page are short.

Great coverage though. Full-on AV Wink

Nice 1 - there's an answer for everything lol

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.

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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Admin post - this page is heavy loading.
Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.

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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

And off we go onto a new forum display page ---->
Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.

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