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the measure of "nothing"

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:48 am    Post subject: the measure of "nothing" Reply with quote

I've read there are now instruments in use that can measure chakras and meridians (perhaps indirectly). Most of us are aware of that pic of a leaf with it's tip cut off, where you see the missing tip's aetheric pattern.....

Can anyone validate any of this? I've heard Kirillian pics are actually not of the aura so are kind of fake in that specific context. I came across a claim that is actually rather interesting tho it is surprisingly novel...as per Fintan's statement that we humans tend to miss the blindingly obvious.

That claim was that since it (whatever, all that subtle energy/extra dimensional stuff) Is Non physical or out of 3D, to claim that it is here or there is completely erroneous. That makes a lot of common sense but it's the first time I've read it anywhere!! Most of us have bought into that idea I think, say with chakras, ley lines etc.

However, consider torsion fields and magnetic lines etc and so forth. So the thrust here is to determine the "coordinates" of subtle energy "structures". (Yeah Peter, it's that same guy. This was my question to him, which he chose not to answer.)

It could depend on what level you're at and are measuring. If that is the case and only the case then this guy or his claim claim needs the bayonet. Hurrah!


One more important item (for me). Does anyone know anything about super high tech, unmanned, prop Less - silent running drones? A co worker and I have seen some on several occasions.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:23 pm    Post subject: Nothing does not exist! Reply with quote

More and more, quantum physicists are coming to grips with the "field" theory of material reality rather than the particle meme held so fiercely for so long.

So just what is a field? Taken at its largest extent, it is a measure of the anisotropy that exists between any two loci. Question The slope upon which any presence will flow, thereby giving it both direction and momentum. (A gravity "well" is a prime example that we experience daily.) Taken at its smallest measure, it is the instantaneous expression of the cross-product of field strength and potential/inertial resistance. Question Question Any particle manifestation is an example of this phenomenon.

Quantum entanglement can be likened to the couple in bed and one rolls over, taking the bedsheets with them. Idea Action at a distance? Just a moderation in the field strength and the resistance to that situation.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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Joined: 14 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:54 pm    Post subject: c Reply with quote

I think the term you meant was gradient.

That description is fine in general. But it doesn't explain the incredible process of how the contents of an egg can morph into a show rooster. This off course involves dna but that egg goo needs to first form even that.

I also asked due to our traditional models of the multiverse. Tradition has it that there are about 7 major levels or densities, the 4th supposedly being the lower bands of the astral plane. This model is everywhere yet we must realize this to be pure speculation. Same with chakra models (as they are not physical; how can something not physical "attach" itself to something physical?)!

It remains to be seen if the 7 colors (and all other correspondences) of the rainbow are an indicator of such a cosmic scheme.

Maybe we need to distinguish field as to localized standing wave? I've read many models of the creative process. A bit too early applying that to (the origin/fashioning of) biological systems.

But quantum entanglement sounds fitting. It's more like everything is (electromagnetically) dependent on everything else. This may allude to intelligent design. I suppose it could mean it's all Consciousness... but not really conscious. It's perhaps more like a magically charged aether....

It's either this or there really is a God. Meaning that It has some level of self awareness. Maybe not awareness but it's like a grand System.

So if it's a magic void it's more likely about us and our own choices. But if it's a vast System of organization (God) then maybe the ball isn't in our hands? That what is going on down here is akin to say what is going on (somewhere) in a human body. I wonder if It or the System feels the need to detox whatever organs?

Well the more I read and ponder the more all the traditional beliefs seem to be assumptions as to acquired or revelatory knowledge. That there is, after all, no just desserts Karma... no real duty but to one's kin, no meaning but what one projects etc.

Things just go on and on. And as in the other post on the torus, "there's nothing new under the sun". Well then WTF are we doing still? Seems any evolutionary vector by man is just more of the same.

This of course is apart from a major leap in consciousness which would be nice, maybe. But I'm either losing site of things or I'm realizing that the cosmos just is and that's all there is to it. All this spiritual-religious stuff is pure noise.

Nihilism. So called. Ethics and morality enter just about now. Well, it would appear that it is hard for a person who's been a part of this artificial system to see what is real. There's the idea of cooperation...

But I still do not see any rule, other than contrived law, that says, demonstrates, it is Wrong to hit your brother over the head just for the heck of it. Cooperation and compassion.

This is conscience. I've a bit too much. But all this seems to be based on personal belief as well! It's like... altho we down here deal constantly with Centralization.... there is in fact no central headquarters in the cosmos. No judge. It's all us.

Meaning, us, as a collective, could go kamikaze... and the rest of the universe would say, "Oh, did I hear something, nah."


As an aside I realized that all the treeincarnation shows describe the torus. So much so you may as well call is torusincarnation or something.
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Joined: 14 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2014 2:49 pm    Post subject: c Reply with quote

I was thinking out loud again. I forgot about the other perspective. Life Force... This is really a new, secular sounding label. But as we know, more life force imparts positiveness in both body and mind; Enabling or influencing one to make better (for self and other) choices.

But or so this puts the ball in our court, akin to the magical void, where we alone are responsible. That is, praying would be praying to oneself.

I am talking about reason for being and would bet many have associated the neat observation in music improv that you go in and out of melodies that unfold themselves > as preconceived like. I think this goes beyond human perception and the local wild birds would seem to agree or maybe they've been around people too much.

Now life force surplus and this innate cosmic melody - reflecting the Word perhaps - are not to do with ethics and morality. I'm sure there are psychopaths into both. They've been around a long while doing that. But all they do we see is a degrading of earth's energies.

One might think this Melody points to a necessity of the harmony of many variables. Harmony and so an indicator of cooperation. Compassion is of another ilk. What is the status of these other fine qualities anyway? Like, where in our models of the multiverse does compassion fit?

This is another unfolding thought train I see... Guess I'm talking ontology.

As for my prod about torus and tree, the latter works but it's time to leave....

Back to edit. One thing I'm on about here again is the reason for being. Most of my topics posted at this forum have been imponderables. But today, not to imponderable perhaps. Tho you find it nowhere, I did find corroboration with my own intuitions. There is no Reason....
My own guess was that, simply put, Life Force pops us out, period. Don't that seem logical. It is apparently the case as I've seen systematic thinking behind this now as well as, to my surprise, Hermetic thinking.

That is, they were claiming something that flew in the face of religion's tenets - as well as mystery traditions outside it. That we each have some kind of evolutionary Vector is off.
I'm sure I'm not the only one to ask, "if we're From Source Already, what's with the need for lessons and all that?" Indeed, and we see others caught that bit. This isn't to say we're "there" however and we clearly need some more effort. But this effort may be Regaining lost ground!

The irony is that if you actually get it, you likely would not be reading this, or on planet earth. So this revision is that we don't Need to Keep coming back. If you are it likely means that something happened to your consciousness in the in between lives state. Something...that made you come back, again. Let's not forget we're talking about a planet now that is having serious issues.

Something you don't hear in church or magic circles etc. A "self actualized" person can Choose to come back and that happens. If this model is more accurate it means much of mankind is in trouble and they don't realize it.

All this is predicated on the thought forms Man has created. What we are dealing with are all those thought forms. So there is like a bunch of psi gunk between you and a more pristine reality. Scary kicker is that your mental emotional condition at the time of death will carry over and will have an impact on what happens. So, what if you've bought into all the lies in the interim?

It would be interesting if this astral plane of thought forms could be cleaned up in some way.

Forgot to mention, for the one or two who read this stuff, is that astrology has been laid to rest. A new approach called meta analysis has found it extremely wanting. I've dropped it cold and was in the middle of an advanced diploma. Point today is that that whole can of Karmic worms is out of the equation now. This then lends support to the ideas above.....

Questions? Ha.
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