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Audio: Stuart Syvret on Jersey Child Abuse
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 11:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you again, Kathy.


Jersey abuse case officer flies to UK


Published Date: 14 March 2008
Source: The Scotsman
Location: Scotland

THE detective leading the Jersey care home abuse inquiry arrived in the UK yesterday for talks with specialists at Scotland Yard.

Deputy police chief Lenny Harper will meet officers who have experience of major investigations and who have been helping the Haut de la Garenne inquiry.

Search teams are still clearing rubble from the second of four underground chambers at the property.

The full article contains 69 words and appears in The Scotsman newspaper.
Last Updated: 13 March 2008 9:45 PM


Drains next target in Jersey abuse case

Published: March 14, 2008 at 4:26 PM


ST. HELIER, Jersey, March 14 (UPI) -- The next target of investigators searching for signs of child abuse among the foundations of a closed children's home on the island of Jersey is the drains.

Police are reportedly especially interested in the pipes draining a concrete bathtub found in a cellar at the Haut de la Garenne home, The Sun reported. The search is expected to get under way this weekend.

"The big priority is the bath and the drains leading from it," said Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper. "Statements from victims tend to give us reason to be interested in it."

About 160 people have said they were abused at the home before it closed in 1986, The Sun said. The investigation has raised questions about how much authorities in Jersey, a semi-autonomous part of Britain, knew about what was going on at Haut de la Garenne children's home.

Harper has gone to London to discuss the investigation with Scotland Yard.

Investigators have also reported finding two more "sinister items" in cellars under the building. A set of wooden shackles was discovered earlier.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 11:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Police look into claims of secret suicides at Jersey home

Ian Cobain in St Helier - The Guardian, Tuesday March 4 2008

From here

Jersey detectives are trying to establish whether staff at a home where scores of children were physically and sexually abused may have concealed suicides.

Several abuse victims have told detectives they knew of a number of boys who hanged themselves after being raped at Haut de la Garenne, and some believe others died in the home's sick bay.

Detectives have reports of a number of children who may have gone missing after entering the home at various times over the last four decades. Lenny Harper, the officer leading the investigation, said: "Many of them are identified only by a first name or a nickname."

Officers are scouring the records of the island's deputy viscount, who presides over inquests, attempting to match information about the identities of those who may have killed themselves, with the incomplete records.

An inquest was held into the death of one boy, Michael O'Connell, who hanged himself in 1966, but it is unclear whether any other inquests were held into the deaths of children at the home.

Carl Denning, who was at the home between the ages of five and 10 in the 1960s, says he knows of two boys who hanged themselves after being raped, and a third who died in the sick bay.

"I can't remember the names of the boys, I can just remember that one was about 12 or 13, and he had spent the previous week in solitary confinement. He hanged himself in the dormitory.

"The thing that I could never understand was there was never any police, there was never any ambulances. If you asked a member of staff what was going on, they would just tell you it had been dealt with."

Now aged 49 and living in Dinorwig, north Wales, Denning said that in addition to the underground cellar where a number of abuse victims say they were held, a modern wing attached to the 140-year-old building contained a series of small rooms, known as detention cells.

"It was a cell block for children," he said. "If you did something they didn't like you were locked up ... in some cases for two weeks."

Police have not ruled out the possibility that children were murdered at the home. They also say it is possible that no child - other then O'Connell - died there in modern times. Although a fragment of a child's skull was found 10 days ago, it was among material beneath a concrete floor and may have been brought from elsewhere.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


the Jersey establishment are double speaking.


Jersey detectives are trying to establish whether staff at a home where scores of children were physically and sexually abused may have concealed suicides.


Officers are scouring the records of the island's deputy viscount, who presides over inquests, attempting to match information about the identities of those who may have killed themselves, with the incomplete records.


"The thing that I could never understand was there was never any police, there was never any ambulances. If you asked a member of staff what was going on, they would just tell you it had been dealt with."

And now, three senior policemen are dead, by suicide. Coincidence?

No cover up?


atm Idea
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi atm

I know of 2 policemen's deaths. Who is the third?


Editd to add: I found the thread


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you abuse me, I am left with four choices:

1) walk away from you (and plan vengeance)

2) murder you

3) suicide

4) seek counseling

But cut the crap and skip to part 2.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kathy wrote:


I know of 2 policemen's deaths. Who is the third?

The late Inspector Neil Munro, 43, as I posted earlier.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This story is getting very mild, back-page coverage in the US, which is not that surprising, at this early a stage of course. But usually, something as drippingly tabloid-ready as this (in terms of it's potentially gory details, anyway) is quick to appear in the headlines. It's low profile, particularly if it continues, may speak volumes for the seriousness of it's implications.

Speaking of double-speak, this from CNN:
LONDON, England (CNN) -- Debris excavated from the basement of a former children's home is being sent to laboratories for further examination, police said Monday.

Forensic teams spent the weekend searching the building on Jersey, an island between England and France, after a fragment of a child's skull was found late in February.

Cadaver dogs have found six "hits," locations where a body or body parts may have be buried, said police press officer Louise Nibbs.

Jersey Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper said Monday the weekend search did not turn up anything obviously related to the child abuse accusations.

Since the skull was found under a stairwell in the building, there have been more than 160 allegations of child abuse there dating back to the 1960s, authorities say.

Harper said excavation of the grounds found "a fair number of bones," but none that an anthropologist said appeared human.

Even the skull fragment may prove to be a false lead, he told reporters Monday. "It could turn out to be a red herring. All we know is that it's human and that of a child."

I would like to see an artists' rendering of this non-human child. Could be a Bigfoot, I guess. Confused

"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 12:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Jersey warden to appear in court


Last Updated: Monday, 17 March 2008, 02:42 GMT

A man who served as a warden at the former Jersey care home Haut de la Garenne is to appear before the island's Magistrates Court.

Gordon Claude Wateridge, 76, has been charged with assaulting three girls under the age of 16.

He is accused of committing the assaults between January 1969 and December 1973.

The allegations came to light as part of the ongoing investigation into historic abuse on Jersey.

This inquiry was launched by Jersey police 18 months ago.

Mr Wateridge was born in Croydon and lives in the Jersey parish of St Clement. He is also being charged with the unlawful possession of a firearm.

Although he worked at Haut de la Garenne, his arrest is unconnected with the discovery of a fragment of a child's skull at the former children's home and the ongoing forensic search there.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Public inquiry into Jersey 'abuse'


2 days ago

A public inquiry is to be held into decades of alleged child abuse at care homes on Jersey, following a vote by the island's Government.

More than 100 people claim they were physically and sexually abused at different care homes on the island, with 100 saying they were attacked at Haut de la Garenne.

The former home is at the centre of the abuse scandal after the remains of a child were found buried under a stairwell on February 23.

Police have already said they were investigating why claims of abuse made at the time were not handled "as they should have been".

The States of Jersey senators voted unanimously in favour of a full public inquiry into the matter.

Chief Minister Frank Walker said the criminal investigation would be the island's top priority but once it was concluded there may still be questions to be answered.

He said: "There may still be unanswered questions about the way in which children have been cared for in Jersey in previous decades.

"The only way to ensure that there is total transparency in relation to this issue is for a full public inquiry to be held in due course."

Mr Walker said that once the police investigation had finished a Committee of Inquiry would be established to investigate any issues which remain unresolved in all care homes for children in Jersey from 1945 to 2000.

The membership and terms of reference of the committee will be agreed by the States of Jersey at the time.
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Jersey abuse: more arrests likely

Updated 19.23 Fri Mar 28 2008


Police investigating abuse claims in Jersey said they are confident of making more arrests in the next few weeks.

The statement came as the first pictures of a second "punishment room" at Haut de la Garenne were released.

The former children's home is at the centre of an abuse scandal after the remains of a child were found buried under a stairwell on February 23.

Investigators have released pictures of the second of four secret underground chambers at the site, which have been referred to by some former residents as "punishment rooms" where they were kept in solitary confinement.

The room is about three times bigger than the first chamber and on the wall a large letter K has been written in black. The rest of the word is covered by whitewash.

Graffiti was also found in the first chamber, with the haunting message "I've been bad for years and years" scrawled on a wooden post.

Forensic teams have now covered that message.

States of Jersey senators have voted to hold a public inquiry into decades of alleged child abuse at care homes on the island.

More than 100 people claim they were physically and sexually abused at different facilities, with the majority saying they were attacked at Haut de la Garenne.

Police have already said they were investigating why claims of abuse made at the time were not handled "as they should have been".

So far one person has been charged in connection with Haut de la Garenne, which closed as a children's home in 1986.

The home's former warder, Gordon Claude Wateridge, is charged with three offences of indecent assault on girls under 16 between 1969 and 1979.

The 76-year-old, who is originally from Croydon, Surrey, was remanded in custody and will next appear before St Helier Magistrates' Court on April 14.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 6:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


The Next Level Show - 10th April, 2009

Guest: Senator Stuart Syvret http://stuartsyvret.blogspot.com/

Jersey politician Stuart Syvret, who has been relentless in trying to
force a proper invesigation of the Jersey child abuse issues has been
arrested in a bid to try pressure him to back down.

Syvret has served as a Senator since 1990 and as Minister for Health
and Social Services from 2005-2007. He was dismissed from his
ministership in September 2007 after criticisms over his claims that
officials in Jersey had been covering up child abuse cases.

Broadband Mp3 Audio
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Anonymous said...

Jersey, its an embarrassment.
Jersey, where you can't say what you want.
Jersey, oligarchy harassment.
Jersey, crap government.
Jersey, had enough if it.
Jersey way, a pile of sh-t.

Its time to shift the oligarchy.
Its time Jersey joined the 21st Century.
Its time we stood up together.
Its time we said 'good riddance' to the Jersey way forever.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009 23:37:00 o'clock BST

Jersey politician in abuse cover-up claims
could sue police over arrest

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A controversial Jersey politician who claimed officials on the island
covered up child abuse is considering legal action against police after
he was arrested.

Whistle-blower Stuart Syvret was arrested yesterday in connection with
an alleged breach of data protection law.

The 43-year-old senator was not charged and, after a day in custody, was
released pending further inquiries. He said officers searched his home
and he was kept in a cell all day, other than for a two-hour interview.

He claims police did not have a warrant to search his property and
believes the arrest was politically motivated. He said: The whole exercise
was designed to intimidate and harass me and to intimidate the whistle-
blowers who give me information.

I am going to seriously contemplate a legal action of my own because of
this. This is what happens to anyone on Jersey who rocks the boat you
get clobbered.

Syvret was an outspoken critic of the establishments handling of the
historic police investigation into child abuse on the island and in 2007 he
was dismissed from his post as Minister for Health and Social Services
after claiming abuse cases were being covered up.

The investigation focused on the Haut de la Garenne childrens home
where hundreds of former residents claimed they were sexually and
violently assaulted.

Syvret, who called for both an independent inquiry and for court cases to
be held on the UK mainland, was accused by the Chief Minister Frank
Walker, of damaging Jerseys reputation.

He said: The police said they are releasing me, that they are not charging
me, but that I am still under investigation. The whole thing is politically
motivated the police would not have undertaken this action

Following the arrest, Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming said he had sent
a letter to Justice Secretary Jack Straw asking him to monitor the situation
because he believed it could be motivated by political reasons.

Mr Hemming said: Senator Syvret has recently revealed detailed
evidence relating to a nurse in Jersey who may have murdered a number
of patients.

He has also been working with me to try to get the rule of law to operate
in respect of the investigations into child abuse in childrens homes on

A Jersey police spokeswoman said they could not comment directly on
Syvrets accusations that they had acted illegally. She said: A 43-year-
old man has been released pending further inquiries.

The child abuse inquiry was dogged by controversy from the outset, with
claims that the islands government was obstructing the police and claims
by the government that the police had mishandled the inquiry.

In November last year Lenny Harper, the Londonderry-born detective
heading the inquiry, announced his retirement and then slammed the
islands legal system, claiming it delayed prosecutions and was held in
contempt by victims.

Mr Harper claimed his team would put together a case file but would run
into inexplicable delays and they felt like the goalposts were being



Here's Syvret's personal account
of his arrest and detention:


Well, they let me go in the end - after 7 hours in a police HQ cell.

To those of you who don't know what I'm speaking of - I was arrested in
a raid on my home this morning.

Apparently - alleged breaches of the data protection law merited me being
seized as I stepped out of my home - with 4 unmarked police cars and at
least 8 police officers proceeding to turn over my home.

And just think - some people don't believe me when I say the Jersey
oligarchy are corupt, abusive and out of control.

I'll write more later this evening.





A day of Arrest, Lies and Harassment.


Its very early on Tuesday morning.

Im trying to explain, briefly, given how tired I am, what took place this past Monday.

In The Jersey Way

All I can do is provide you with a brief narrative at the moment. With a little background information.

I, and those of my constituents I have been working with in respect of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster, know all too well - the utterly corrupt, stagnant and Kafkaesque environment we contend with in Jersey.

We are faced with a massive variety of corruptions entrenched and virtually unchallengeable within this little fiefdom ruled by an elite made barking-mad by dint of zero challenge to their abuses of power over the centuries.

A state of affairs Jack Straw seems entirely content with.

The inevitable disintegration of the credibility of the Jersey oligarchy has been triggered by the Jersey child abuse disaster.

And it is that issue amongst others I have been fighting to expose; fighting on behalf of a wrecked and abused cohort of my constituents who have been repeatedly betrayed over the decades by authority in Jersey.

And as though any further proof were needed of just how stagnant and corrupt the system in Jersey is we come to what Bill Bailhache enacted against me today.

Im happy to say, under oath when the need arises, that everything have done as a politician especially in the context of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster has been in the public interest.

And indicative of how corrupt and stagnant power is in Jersey it is me who feels the weight of the oligarchys displeasure.

Today, at 9.00am, I stepped out of my home to go across to my car to get my iPod.

I had taken perhaps three steps when four unmarked police cars descended upon me, with a total of around eight police officers.

In a scene like something out of a New York cops & robbers TV programme, I was surrounded, a cop grabbed my arm, and told me I was under arrest.

I hadnt planed to leave my home that day, so hadnt yet showered, shaved or put on smart clothes. I was just going to get my iPod.

Obviously, the cops had been planning this for some weeks, and on this particular occasion, had for reasons Ill explain later been waiting outside my home for me to leave the premises.

So I stepped out of the door and the mob of cops descended upon me as though I were a terrorist or a drug dealer.

I knew, instantly, what was going down.

The lead cop grabbed my arm, and told me I was under arrest; I asked what for, and he said data protection offences.

I asked him who had authorised this action.

He would not respond.

He and his colleague stated they were taking me under arrest to the police station.

Being dressed scruffily, I asked if I could, at least, get a clean T-shirt.

Four of the cops quickly rushed me into my home so I could get a clean T-shirt.

At that point I asked the lead cop for a copy of the search warrant.

He initially said, yes but within half a second after having semi-reached into his jacket pocket, said no, actually, we will give it to you down the station.

No search warrant was, in fact, issued, and concomitantly, no such search warrant was ever furnished to me.

I was rapidly taken from the house and placed in an unmarked police car. I wanted to make a phone call with my mobile, but it was taken from me, and I was denied use of it.

Whilst being driven to the police station, the ransacking of my home began by an army of police officers, as though I were a terrorist or drug-dealer.

Two points should be noted.

The act of arresting me in a pseudo- emergency manner was plainly an abuse of power, an abuse of process and an unambiguous breach of my human rights as guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights.

As had been made clear to the police a priori some months earlier, I would have been perfectly content to attend the police station on a voluntary basis, should the police feel they had any need to interview me.

This offer was ignored.

And secondly, the searching of my home in the manner undertaken was plainly unlawful and a criminal act.

So I was taken into the police station, and put through the standard procedure for admitting criminal suspects.

I asked if I could make my phone-call.

I was and this was recorded told that I could not make a phone call. Instead, if I gave the admitting officer a name, they would phone the person for me.

Under the circumstances, the name I asked them to phone was a journalist at the Jersey Evening Post.

I took the view that the most important thing I could do from a public interest perspective, was ensure that word got out that the oligarchy have started arresting anti-establishment politicians and searching their homes.

I was then stripped of my possessions mobile phone, wallet, etc and was left in only the clothes I was wearing, though even then, my belt was taken from me, so had to walk around holding my trousers up.

I was held under arrest in the police station for approximately seven hours with around an hour & three quarters spent being interviewed, and the remaining time being locked in a small, ground-floor arrest cell.

I must give thanks to Hiren Mistry and Advocate Philip Sinel, who ditched their days work to assist me.

During the interview, I responded no comment to every question I was asked.

Hell I thought if its good enough for ex-cop child rapists like Danny Wherry then I must be OK for me.

Notwithstanding repeated requests, I was not supplied with the search book which is supposed to itemise everything that was seized from my home during the day-long search.

In fact, as the time in my lonely cell wound on the excuses for not providing me with the search book expanded.

This reached the point at which I was told a copy would be left for me at my home, for me to view if, and when, they released me.

I was eventually released but no description of the seized items was left at my home.

I asked the police officers if I was going to be held overnight, could it be at La Moye, Jerseys prison, rather than the cop-shop as I had a load of my constituents who are abuse survivors there, and I needed to make another visits to them.

Well, I mean its all tax-payers money so one should maximise efficiency.

When eventually released, I wasnt allowed out of the front door because some of the Jersey media were there, and the cops wanted to try and minimise the PR damage, so they sent me out - still clutching up my trousers, and carrying my bagged possessions from the van entrance.

But fortunately, the media were wise to this stunt and filmed me coming out the door and walking towards the car-park.

I met the journalists, and gave them my account of events.

For all those hours I was left locked in a windowless, airless cell, there was a ladybird trapped with me. I was able to catch it in a paper cup and to take it out with me and release it into the grass.

No doubt, I and others, will have a great deal to write about during the coming days, so I wont go into detail now.

But just reflect on these points.

I have been subjected to a massed police raid, arrest and a total home search.

I have been locked in a cell for 7 hours.

I was lied to by the cops on several occasions.

I was denied my Rights.

They initially told me they had a search warrant then said they wouldnt show it to me at the moment of arrest, but would show it to me at the police HQ.

To this moment no such search warrant has been even shown to me let alone furnished to me in copy form.

I also repeatedly asked for the identity and hierarchy of those who had authorised this action against me.

I was told I would be furnished with that data but in the event, I was not supplied with it.

When arrested, I said I wanted to make a phone call.

They told me I had no right to make a phone call.

On admission to the cop-shop, I repeated my request to make a phone call.

The cops said that I couldnt and that if I gave them the number of the person I wanted to be contacted, they would call them on my behalf.

Only around four hours later did a cop finally acknowledge that I had a right to place a personal phone call, so I rang Ben Queree, a Jersey Evening Post journalist.

Whilst explaining to him what had occurred, the cop in attendance grew increasingly agitated and put me under quite improper pressure to end my phone call.

The call was ended as I was explaining to Ben Queree that if they kept me in overnight, I wanted it to be at the Jail.

The cop lost patience at this point and said this is absurd, and required me to end the call.

About an hour later after another lock-in, I was simply told I could leave.

Several strange events took place at this stage.

I was, again, told I would be given a copy of the seized property itemisation but was given no such document.

I asked when they were going to charge me or declare me free from suspicion.

They told me that I will remain under investigation effectively, indefinitely.

And bizarrely given all the cautioning and questioning they had put me through they took those last 60 seconds or so to tell me that I was under investigation, and under caution, for harassment this obviously because Ive been exposing on my blog - the malfeasances of people like Bill Bailhache, Michael Birt, massmurdering psychopaths, child rapists ex-cops amongst them and a variety of senior figures who have perverted the course of justice by concealing such crimes.

So let me summarise the days events in happy, sunny Jersey.

Im the only politician trying to expose decades of child abuse.

For my pains, I step out of my home this morning and am immediately arrested by a grouping of eight cops in four unmarked police cars.

The said cops lie to me by asserting they have a search warrant. Only hours later citing some part of police arrest procedure which is designed to enable emergency searches of property.

The Jersey cops thus carry out a manifestly ultra-vires and criminal search of my home unlawfully taking property.

In doing so, they utterly ignore the relevant Articles of the data protection law which state quiet unambiguously that in the case of a supposed need to search premises in connection with alleged data protection offences they have to obtain a search warrant.

A warrant signed either by the Attorney General Bill Bailhache or a Jurat.

But not wanting to do that Bill Bailhache instead advises the police to circumvent the law requiring a search warrant, and instead to abuse and misapply PACE so they can search my home after waiting for me to step outside my door.

So here I sit trying to recover from the days events which were inflicted upon me because of my attempts to fulfil my political duty to my constituents and to oppose and expose child abuse and the criminal concealment of such abuse.

And all this whilst a variety of child batterers, child rapists, and those who have concealed or failed to prosecute such crimes remain scot-free and un-harassed.

Fascinatingly the cop leading this persecution of me is one officer Minty; a man who is, by all account, deeply enthusiastic in this action against me.

Interestingly he is also the very self-same police officer who has been furnished with evidence and extremely well informed witnesses to the effect that a Minister of the States of Jersey has criminally abused his position to take kick-backs for supporting planning developments.

Yet Mr. Minty - and his very good friend, who he leaks information to Bill Bailhache regard the brazen corruption of gangster politicians to be not criminal offences.

But, somehow, these two titans of law enforcement and ethics feel a pressing need to mount a massed-raid on my home, turn it upside down, leave filth on the carpets, leave fragments of food from the up-ended bins laying in the kitchen floor, arrest me, hold me for 7 hours in a locked cell, seize my property, terrify my constituents and abuse and cast aside the due process of the law.

It really isnt difficult is it to see why this collection of shysters wanted to unlawfully suspend the Chief of Police, Graham Power.

Straight cops are the very last thing these adherents of The Jersey Way need.

Perhaps now theyve attempted to intimidate me, they think theyll be able to start taking bribes from tow-truck operators again?




Back in mid-March Syvret was unsuccessful in a bid
to get the High Court in London to intervene and
ensure proper investigation:

Syvret loses High Court bid


A bid to get Justice Secretary Jack Straw to intervene in the Jersey child abuse controversy was rejected today (Tuesday) by the High Court in London.

Jersey senator Stuart Syvret and Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming argued the rule of law on Jersey was deficient and witnesses feared "a cover-up and political interference".

The two men applied for permission to seek judicial review, arguing Mr Straw was under a duty to impose independent judicial control over the Jersey court system.

Senator Syvret told the judges this was vital to ensure the alleged victims of abuse had a fair chance of receiving justice.

But Lord Justice Richards, sitting with Mr Justice Tugendhat, dismissed the application and said the complaint should be pursued through Jersey's own judicial system.

The judge said he was leaving open the question what should happen once proceedings had been through the Jersey courts, including the Jersey court of appeal.

The application for judicial review was brought by Justice For Families Ltd, of which Senator Syvret is a director and Mr Hemming the chairman.

Senator Syvret told the court a lengthy police investigation into allegations of institutional child abuse had identified the remains of at least five children at Haut de la Garenne, a former children's home managed by the States of Jersey, which closed in 1986.

In addition to the possibility of child murders, there were a substantial number of credible witnesses who alleged they were subjected to various forms of gross child abuse over many decades.

Referring to it as "the Jersey Matter", Senator Syvret said: "It is my view, and the view of a lot of my constituents and survivors of the abuse, that a number of prosecutions which should take place are not in fact taking place."

The acts of abuse, including "the most serious examples of child abuse imaginable", were allegedly largely committed in States of Jersey institutions, or with the connivance of those institutions, he said.

Many victims alleged they were abused by public employees, said Senator Syvret.
He said the witnesses were now concerned that many of the allegations were likely to be covered up, as in the past, through political interference.

Senator Syvret said the "political contamination" of the prosecution system in Jersey was to be seen in the fact that the Attorney General, or his deputy, the Solicitor General, had to determine all prosecutions in Jersey.

But at the same time both were routinely involved in providing day-to-day legal advice to all States of Jersey departments.

They also provided advice to the States assembly, which involved frequently "straying into the political".

The head and deputy head of the Jersey judiciary - the Bailiff and Deputy Bailiff - were also the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the island's legislative assembly.

Senator Syvret said the Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache - the brother of the Attorney General William Bailhache - had given "an overtly political speech" at last May's Jersey Liberation Day celebrations, when Jersey celebrated the end of the Nazi occupation.

In his speech, the Bailiff had attacked the child abuse investigation and the media coverage it attracted, said Senator Syvret.

He told the court: "The administration of justice in Jersey is not capable - in practice or appearance - of meeting the necessary standards of objectivity and impartiality in respect of any legal issue arising from the Jersey Matter.

"A politicised prosecution system makes the ability to achieve justice practically non-existent.
"There are serious reasons to consider that the apparatus for prosecution is defective, and there are examples of conflicts of interest."

He argued that Mr Straw had unlawfully failed to use his constitutional powers to ensure good governance and the proper administration of justice in the Crown dependencies.

The judges refused to rule on whether or not the Justice Secretary had such powers.
They confined their ruling to their finding that Mr Straw had not acted illegally because the correct route was for Senator Syvret and Mr Hemming to pursue their allegations through the Jersey court system.

Dismissing the legal challenge, the judges ruled that complaints of bias or allegations of corruption in any particular abuse case could be put to the island's Royal Court, and, if necessary, appealed to the Jersey Court of Appeal.

There was also the possibility of a further appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
Later, Senator Syvret said consideration was now being given to taking the case to the Court of Appeal in London.

He said: "Today's judgement is a blow against my constituents who are victims.

"Many, many people I know and work with personally have been betrayed by the authorities in Jersey over the years and, in many cases, have wrecked lives."

During the hearing, Senator Syvret and Mr Hemming were told that Mr Justice Tugendhat had sat as a judge in the Jersey Court of Appeal between the late 1990s and when he was appointed a High Court judge in 2003.

Lord Justice Richards said that, as an appeal judge, he had met some of the office holders on the island, including names mentioned in today's proceedings, both socially and professionally.

The judge said Senator Syvret had made it clear he did not object to Mr Justice Tugendhat hearing his application, but that was "without prejudice to the concerns expressed in these proceedings about the legal system in Jersey and the close connections that exist between various office holders".



Haut de la Garenne
A youth hostel in Saint Martin, Jersey, in the Channel Islands,
temporarily closed as of 2008 during an investigation into cases of
child abuse from when the building was a children's home.

Child's body found at care home

Police probe pits at Jersey home

Jersey murder inquiry 'unlikely'

Man remanded over Jersey 'abuse'

Jersey home inquiry chief Lenny Harper accuses
Chief Minister of interference after police u-turn

Press release from Operation Rectangle







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Syvret arrest: Demand for recall of States
Seven Jersey politicians have called for an extra States sitting to discuss the arrest of Senator Stuart Syvret.

He was questioned by police for two hours on Monday in relation to alleged breaches of the Data Protection Law.

Deputies Southern, Vallois, Tadier, Pitman, Hill and Higgins, along with Senator Alan Breckon want to know who took the decision to arrest Senator Syvret, and why.
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