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The Geo-Politics of 9/11

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 2:28 pm    Post subject: The Geo-Politics of 9/11 Reply with quote

Reply to this topic with your discussion and evidence
about the Geo-Politics which drove 9/11. The changes
and developments in world politics leading to the events.
Not forgetting U.S. and North American politics.


A summary of the thread will be updated here.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 2:41 pm    Post subject: The G8 New World Order Reply with quote

I suppose I'll kick off with my geopolitical analysis based on
the actions, objectives and public plans of the G8.

Note that the first article in June 2004, specifically identified
the G8 as the prime movers behind 9/11, Iraq, etc. A year
later, the second article in July 2005 came as the G8 strutted
on the world stage in mid-summit as they promised to
protect us from the terrorism they had just unleashed in London.

I think the articles speak for themselves.


Reuters Propaganda Photo: Iraqi children from Al-Shohadaa

Dawn of The G8 New World Order

BreakForNews.com, 10th June, 2004
by Fintan Dunne, Editor

In the last few days the totalitarian domination of the developing world has solidified around the annexation of Iraq. And the G8 elite have moved swiftly on to outline the next phase of their New World Order.

Just days ago, the U.N. rubber-stamped an Iraqi puppet government --complete with a CIA-sponsored Iraqi president --and a U.S. ambassador with a blind spot about death squads.

It was the ultimate bad-cop: the USA, and the pseudo good-cop: the UN --dropping the facade and carving up Iraq together.

Now the G8 summit in Georgia has just announced a 50,000 strong global "peacekeeping" force --aimed first at Africa.

And they simultaneously declared a "partnership" with a zone called "Broader Middle East and North Africa."

U.S. Centcom, in other words.



Rise of The G8 New World Order

By Fintan Dunne, Editor
July 7th, 2005 11am ET

Losing the war against the Iraqi resistance, and with collapsing U.S. support for the occupation of Iraq, ruthless black-operations agents of the covert forces behind the G8 so-called War on Terror staged a series of bomb blasts in London, early Thursday.

The attacks conform to a pattern of civilian-directed psychological operations, of which the Bali and Madrid bombings were a precedent. A claim of responsibility from a previously unknown Al-Qaida group provided an immediate scapegoat.....

Leaders of the G8 immediately lined up somberly behind British prime minister, Tony Blair as he vowed to win against the "terrorists." U.S. President, George W. Bush later declared that "the war on terrorism goes on."

The resulting public relations image portrayed by the western corporate media is effectively presenting the G8 as a de facto world government, rising to power on the basis of their self-portrayal as defenders of our freedoms.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 4:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

attacks conform to a pattern of civilian-directed psychological operations

The resulting public relations image portrayed by the western corporate media is effectively presenting the G8 as a de facto world government, rising to power on the basis of their self-portrayal as defenders of our freedoms. ~ Fintan Dunne

Remember: This big news during the final months of 1999...

The World Trade Organization held it's world meeting in Seattle Washington, USA. The event drew massive street protests whichs so badly interfered with the summit that it wasn't able to do it's business. Or so they said.......

WTO Protests in Seattle, 1999

At the end of November 1999, Seattle saw major governments meet at a WTO ministerial meeting to discuss various trading rules. Seattle also saw free speech cracked down on in the name of free trade. Enormous public protests ensued. There were many differences in the perspectives of 1developing and industrialized nations on the current reality of free trade and how it affected them. It resulted in a WTO failure to agree on many issues, without adopting any resolutions. Developing countries were sidelined and one delegate even physically barred from a meeting


Video review

1999 Seattle WTO protests: Staged riots to justify police state crackdown. (Taken from Alex Jones' film Police State 2: The Takeover)

video of 1999 Seattle WTO riot

(Jones was the quickest reference I could find to post on this one--he certainly didn't notice quicker than the man on the street--disclaimer:Jones goes a little over the top talking about FEMA concentration camps once or twice, but the video's coverage of the Seattle WTO episode is accurate and thorough)

As the peaceful protest was underway, about 2 dozen intruders were flying in from the East Coast to 'join' the protest. Claiming they were anarchists under the name "Black Block" they dressed in black, covered their faces with masks, and commenced to throwing bottles at police and destroying parked cars, overturning city gargage cans, and hurling newpaper vending machines through the window of an open Starbucks coffee, and bank.
Genunine protestors yelled, "take of your masks! stop it!"

Police made no effort at all to stop them, saying they were only under orders to contain the crowds and could not leave their assigned positions, and had to wait for further orders. CNN and FOXwas getting plenty of great video footage of the mayem, and then an 'Emergency' was declared and crack riot squads were sent in to tear gas and arrest at random.
Video footage (video link above) during the riots clearly shows the the "Black Block" thugs were not real WTO protestors. They occupied a downtown building and dominated media attention during a night of 'negotiations' with the FBI and police, and were given another building to reside in free of charge by a non-profit urban housing organization affiliated with the City of Seattle. Not one of them was ever arrested or charged by police, or even detained.

I recall that in 1999 corporate events, WTO and political issues could still very much draw thousands of protestors. American protestors to my knowlege have never been violent, during the Viet Nam war they were not violent people. The following segment showing the Seattle riot looks exactly like the Democrat National Convention in Chicago in 1968, which was the mutual creation of Chicago Mayer Daly, and the "Chicago 7 'yippies', famously Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin.

The Seattle riots story broke in November 1999 and were talked about for the rest of that year. Despite the riots, public perception did not feel sorry for the WTO. More importantly, right wingers didin't really have much to say about it. I remember it causing no 'groundswell' of public 'demand' for 'more law and order' (as the '68 Chicago police/yippie riots did). It was far too transparent to alarm right-wingers nationally to have that reaction. They ignored it.

If the Seattle protest being turned into riots was a psyop as it seems so, the psychological effect was not directed to perception of Muslim 'fanatics' but domestic ones. I consider the operation less than successful for 'turning America to the Right' in time for the Bush stolen election, which probably was one intention.

Two years later, after the sleepy, economically tedious summer of 2001, the 'big event' on 911.

An observation. There were plenty of Americans across the country who would voice their disapproval of "Free Trade", NAFTA, and generally the policies the arms of G-8 were beginning to push through as the Bush administration took power at that time. Pubilc and office talk showed that most Americans thought Bush had stolen the election and was a bungling president already. The morning of September 11th, everyone who'd been stirred and complainging about the WT0, suspicious election ans so forth went silent.

Any comments on the Seattle WTO conference as a part in the prelude to the 911 psywar/psyop?

My observation:
The Seattle event demonstrated the motive, means, and modus operandi for a 'from the top' Delta Force operation to be carried out on television for days, carried out in a large US city, with national attention, without effective resistance from local officials, thousands of aware protestors and local pulbic.
(Alex Jones drags the focus to support his running fear based theme of this being about soon to be round up for FEMA concentration camps. My point is to forget about the 'they're coming to get YOU if you don't cower in fear' of Jones.)

I mean, the Seattle episode--a lawful protest against the World Trade Organization--was thwarted and entirely managed by a multi-agency military operation involving 40 COINTELPRO State terrorists, directed by Delta Force, with complicity of key local politicians, police managers and bureaucrats.
The entire thing was shown on television for a week with full media coverage.
The protesters could see what was happening, said so on television nationally, the public saw it all, it was transparent (deliberately), and neither the anti-WTO protestors, irate Seattle citizens and business owners, were effective in getting a groundswell of national public support, or even the arrest of the perpetrators.

The culmination of years of black operations to test carrying out State terror, COINTELPRO, and false flag psywar operations in broad daylight, nationally televised, were completed and now in position to proceed to the biggest one of all with confidence that they would get away with it. 911

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:13 pm    Post subject: What is the New World Order, Bilderberg, etc. Reply with quote

What is the New World Order, Bilderberg, Illuminati and all that stuff? A guide for newer members. (I initially posted this in the Gen Disc. to try to reign in the insanity, but on second look, I think it belongs here.)

None of this stuff is THAT mysterious, though the people involved keep it secretive and forbid outsiders from knowing what they do and plan, much like a corporate board meeting keeps their plans secret from disclosure. The difference is that it's more than ONE corporation planning planning their next development. This is cross-corporate planning, and these plans cross the line from "business" into "criminal conspiracy", as well as behind-the-scenes political control. (You can read about some of these machinations in past history of corporate scandals in the US 1800's, and certainly earlier examples, but it's now fully institutionalized, or nearly so.)

New World Order is a statement used by Bush, Clinton, Gary Hart, and others. Usually it's just "tossed in" to a speech, but practically, it's the emerging solidifying order of society where the rulers of the world are the "Global Network of Financial Capital", manipulating political options behind the scenes. The Public voting about "stuff" doesn't matter so much if the economic options for a particular country and the world are locked down. Voting in elections has more in common with voting on Survivor than voting on policy. They have a designed a system of "remote" control, "remote" slavery, and what is called neo-colonialism. Colonialism minus the occupying army, though the occupying army is there as a fallback for when they push thngs too far, (accidentally or even intentionally with the understanding that mass uprising will occur and will require a response by "security forces").

Neo-liberalism is about acquiring "freedom" for "repressed money" to run around doing speculation and predatory forms of investment, investment which is destructive to economies and normal business, extremely profitable for investors in a rigged game, manipulative of the markets themselves.

The Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commission are sister organizations formed by Rockefeller and friends to enhance their collective economic power and control over society. (Where Birchite types call this "communism" is mostly the fact that they meet for collective hegemony and seek a form of economic dictatorship or monopoly capitalism within the capitalist system. And they use governments to enforce and enhance their hegemony, and they seek to eliminate serious dissent, while manufacturing fake dissent, as one would manufacture a plot on a TV drama.)

Obviously, this is not some "future" manifestation, they've been doing it for decades. They keep getting their tentacles into more and more places as time goes on. The fact that members include all the major media heads (sworn to secrecy), as well as heads of every other major industry from energy to banking to communications, this this is TOO much collective undemocratic power. This could be seen as one giant corporation at the head of everything, with interlocking directorates and different people assigned to different areas and tasks, rulership by executive committee.

You could say they've moved in to seize power within the existing system, OR you could say that this has ALWAYS been the system, except with a veneer of politics over it. However, I think it's the first, because the methods and systems they are creating are new. Otherwise they would not be bothering to meet to create and manage them.

In the meantime, media heads are talking up the illusion "politics" as if elections truly mean anything except as a façade of legitimacy and a barometer of public opinion of the "herd", and managed public opinion at that.

Politics we are presented with has less and less to do with "running things" and more to do with "celebrity" than we probably realize. These are ceremonial positions. Bush is President of the USA like John Wayne was a cowboy. Even Rumsfeld and others with seemingly more brains are more or less celebrities.

I don't doubt that these people are given managerial control and decision-making power, to an extent, like the manager of the local convenience store or Walmart. They have a certain amount of responsibility, independence, and leeway within the parameters set by the committees that "appoint" them, the Boards of Directors, but the point is that they are limited. They are not truly "in charge". Even the executive powers that Bush is seizing, most of them won't ever apply to him, because there are practical limits to what he can do without "spooking the herd". So the dictatorial powers he is creating will transfer to his successors.

Bilderberg is or was a hotel in Europe. A bunch of rich f#cks and powerful movers and shakers met there for a conference on what you'd EXPECT them to be talking about, how to control more money and more power. The "host" of the party was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, according to Wikipedia. Not that bizarre, except the Bernhard was a Nazi supporter, like the Rockefeller family, Bushes, Harrimans, Dulles, etc.

The Bilderberg Group or Bilderberg conference is an unofficial annual invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in the fields of business, academia, media, or politics.

Due to discussions by public officials and powerful business leaders (and others) being off the record, these annual meetings are the subject of much criticism (for circumventing the democratic process of discussing issues openly and publicly) and numerous conspiracy theories.

The elite group meets annually, in secret, at exclusive, five-star resorts throughout the world, normally in Europe, although sometimes in the United States or Canada. It has an office in Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands.

Not that bizarre that they'd be meeting, but some of them are known Eugenicists (Nazis, Bush, Rockefeller) who have openly spoken about culling the herd of the human population. In the past, not only Jews but "feeble-minded" have been the ACTUAL target of Eugenicists in sterilyzation programs.

There MAY or MAY NOT be much occultish stuff associated, but the ecosyn website on these Nazis has an explanation on Sociopaths that includes the notion that Sociopaths consider themselves a Master Race above other races. Himmler spoke of the race of Germans, but not only Germans, but a subgroup of "hard" Germans, "strong" people who were capable of the tough deed of "necessary mass exterminations".

As for the "Illuminati" and "Bohemian Grove", I have one obscure AVI video by Alex Jones (WMV) where he described this as a "corporate crime seminar". He spoke of the Illuminati in terms of an "Intelligence Network". This is easy to see, CIA, MI6, Mossad, and other Intelligence orgs working various social subterfuge (media control, education) on behalf of Global Capital.

This veers into fantasy where Jones and other media jerks start morphing this with Satanism, and such. Apparently some of them DO engage in some occultic type rituals, for whatever reasons (i'm assuming the images are real). Jones, who believes in not just spiritual faith but "literal Christianity", believes that that this occult stuff represents

(a) people who THINK they get attain power from this abra-cadabra stuff

(b) a real manifestation of the power of Satan on earth, and the Book of Revelations. BOO.

The way I was initially drawn into this was the latitude that Jones allowed to interpret this in either secular or religious terms, but he tended to veer into the religious aspects where fantasy can run rampant, into what I consider unproductive discussions and fearmongering, inviting all sorts of insanity.

In other words, whereas Fintan uses "CIA" as a generic term describing "clandestine services" intelligence networks (black operations) working for the G8 nations, working for those groups and families with entrenched money and power behind the G8,
Jones sometimes uses "Illuminati" in a generic sense describing the people and networks within (behind?) the Tri-Lateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, CIA, etc. For example, Jones insists that these committees ultimately boil down to "families" and "bloodlines".

Jones also uses the analogy of "Mafia families", and describes this as a giant Mafia, but a white Anglo Mafia, above the Italian Mafia, however with the same general concepts and morals. Without giving blanket endorsement to Jones, I think there is some value in looking at it inside this paradigm. Seize the Night ( http://www.carpenoctem.tv/ ) a website partly about the Mafia and partly about political leaders. Apply this Mafia history to politics and economics, and you get the drift. Read about Arnold Rothstein under Mafia, and also Ronald Reagan, etc.

It certainly seems apparent that this is beyond "business" and a lot of it has to do with establishing financial dynasties and preserving heirlooms progressively along family bloodlines.

This is what you'd EXPECT rich people to do. It's NOT really super-mysterious in CONCEPT, and they leak SOME of their plans (or scary rumors). But the planners themselves are as inaccessible as they are predatory, despotic, malthusian.

Even though they are not elected to serve or rule within the political paradigm, they clearly wield much power over economic and political outcomes, more so than any politician, to the point that politicians are actually little more than puppets to them.

Although they can control and manage entire populations, they don't want to do stuff WITH people, they do stuff TO people. This could even be seen as benign dictators, secret economic planners who believe that economic planning by them is necessary, but we've already seen how they operate in Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

I was just fixing up this page, lotsa quotes here:
I still can't believe how friggin' SCARY some these guys are, in their own words. (Not "Jones" scary, cool and calm scary.) (I'm not trying to promo my site, just found some good quotes and links for reference, IMO.)

These folks DO NOT CARE about the lives or well-being of their "cattle". That attitude could be described in many ways, but "Evil" would not be inappropriate. A problem arises when all the mumbo-jumbo gets in there, it opens the door for every kind of loony fantasy, where a conversation about economic neo-liberalism is more reality-based. (They could worship Molloch all day and night for all I care, it's the economic manipulation and media manipulation which affects our lives. Deciphering the "spins" and the economic manipulation at least gives us some handles on which to grasp for understanding.)

Anything anyone can add to this thread that uses "corporate management" euphemisms is worthwhile, as are euphemisms about TV scripts. Conversations about "magical" aspects of this should cease here, and go to the David Icke forum. Conversations about political leaders as if they are leaders outright, should probably reside on the Truthout forum. Since I'm not the dictator, these are only suggestions, but I think they are wise suggestions, built up off wisdom I've acquired here from other members, and from other websites.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:54 pm    Post subject: Prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks overheard in Hebrew Reply with quote

Ed Haas of Muckraker News published the below report today.



December 1, 2006 -- In October 2000, approximately 11 months prior to September 11, 2001, a former Israeli Defense Force member and veteran of the Yom Kippur War (1973) was collecting English Ivy cuttings at the Gomel Chesed Cemetery located at McCellen and 245 Mount Olive Ave. in Newark, NJ. The Gomel Chesed Cemetery is a ‘Jewish’ cemetery.

While he was scouting the cemetery for ivy cuttings, he overheard what he believed to be a conversation spoken in Hebrew, which drew his attention. Curious, he walked toward the voices until he was close enough to accurately hear the conversation and confirm that it was indeed being spoken in Hebrew. He found himself along a heavily vegetated fence line that sat on top of an eight-foot high retaining wall, which concealed his presence from the men engaged in the conversation. The two men he saw and overheard were casually leaning against the retaining wall beneath him.

As he watched and listened, a third man arrived to the meeting in a Lincoln Town Car. He emerged from the rear seat of the car while the driver and another passenger remained in the car. The two men leaning against the wall, upon seeing the arrival of the third man, changed their relaxed posture into that of attentiveness, signifying respect and the importance or ranking of the person that had just arrived. It was clear that the two men were waiting and expecting the arrival of the third, indicating that the meeting was pre-arranged.

What the observer of these happenings heard beneath him after the normal niceties were exchanged between the three men alarmed him. The man who arrived in the Town Car said, “The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September.” One of the men that had been leaning against the retaining wall expressed concerns regarding whether the upcoming presidential election (November 2000) between Bush / Cheney and Gore / Lieberman could impact the plans. The man that arrived in the Town Car pacified the doubts by saying, “Don’t worry, we have people in high places and no matter who gets elected, they will take care of everything.”

Is this Muckraker Report source that has requested that I not use his name in this article, credible? Initially, I had my doubts. However, after listening to his account of what he attempted to do with the information he had obtained in the Gomel Chesed Cemetery, coupled with the plethora of independent media accounts of a vivid Israeli connection to 9/11, I decided that I should avoid contempt prior to investigation, and check out this story.

The source informed me that he wrestled with what to do with the information he stumbled upon while searching for English Ivy. Truthfully, he fears for his life. Having served in the IDF and possessing a firm understanding of how the Israeli government and the Mossad really operates, his fears are justifiable and prudent rather than the result of skittish paranoia.

According to his account, on February 9, 2001, approximately 8 months prior to the airplanes being flown into the twins, he sent an e-mail to then Attorney General Ashcroft informing the Attorney General that he had important terrorism-related information. The U.S. Department of Justice did not directly respond to the source. It forwarded the e-mail to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Shortly thereafter, on March 28, 2001, the source received a letter from Arthur Radford Baker (FBI) informing him that if he had information to share, he should contact the FBI Newark Division. The source contacted the FBI Newark Division and was told that two agents would be in contact with him, but no FBI agents came at that time.

The source continued to call the FBI Newark Division in attempt to pass his information onto the agency. He wanted to do this in person to ensure that it wasn’t carelessly discarded or dismissed. He also sought a guarantee of protection by the FBI. As September 2001 drew closer, he grew more impatient. He began to act with a sense of urgency because in his words, “Time was running out!”

As he was getting nowhere with the FBI Newark Division, the source decided to write a letter to Arthur Radford Baker on May 21, 2001, the person that sent the letter advising him that he should contact the FBI Newark Division. In this letter, the source reiterated that he had important information to share with the government, but would need a guarantee of protection by the FBI before he could disclose all that he knew.

On the day that the source received a response letter from Arthur Radford Baker, June 26, 2001, now less than 3 months prior to the 9/11 attacks, two FBI agents finally paid a visit. They were Agent Robin Gritz and Agent Andrew Stengel. The agents were shown the second letter received that day from Arthur Radford Baker by the source. The letter informed the source that the FBI would not be able to do anything on his behalf.

Without the guarantee of protection, the source was unwilling to disclose the complete details of what he heard at the Gomel Chesed Cemetery in October 2000. However the two agents, Gritz and Stengel, spent 2-3 hours attempting to draw the information out of the source. What he did tell Gritz and Stengel is that there would be an attack in New York City and airplanes would be used. He emphasized once again that he could not provide greater detail without a guarantee of protection.

The source has spoken favorably to the Muckraker Report regarding Agent Gritz and Agent Stengel. They must have been in a difficult situation. It is assumed that they wanted the information the source had, yet were confronted by a letter from the upper echelon of the FBI command structure that indicted that the FBI was not willing to provide protection for the source, regardless of the information he provided. All they could offer was to “see what they could do”. However, given the seriousness and scope of the intelligence the source maintained, he could not risk revealing the information on the flimsy non-committal being offered to him by two FBI special agents, particularly in light of the fact that he had just received a letter from FBI Headquarters telling him that the FBI was unwilling to do anything on his behalf. Even though Gritz and Stengel told the source that they would see what they could do for him, the source has never heard from either of them again.

I contacted the FBI Newark Division on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 to confirm whether Agent Gritz and Agent Stengel met with the source on or about June 26, 2001. I was directed to the FBI Newark Division Legal Unit where I spoke with a woman who identified herself as Amy. She suggested that I put my request in writing and fax it to her, which I did that same day.

On Friday, November 24, 2006 I received a phone call from Amy confirming receipt of my written request. She informed me that she would be out of the office the following week, and that somebody else from the Newark Division Legal Unit would handle my request.

On Tuesday, November 28, 2006 I received a phone call from Kathy at the FBI National Press Office. She informed me that the Legal Unit decided that I needed to file a Freedom of Information Act request.

On Wednesday, November 29, 2006 I contacted Agent Robin (Gritz) Laird. Since her meeting with the source on June 26, 2001, Agent Gritz has been promoted to a supervisor position within a counter terrorism unit at FBI headquarters. Once I had Agent Gritz on the phone, I introduced myself and immediately explained that I was attempting to confirm a meeting that herself and Agent Stengel allegedly had with the source on June 26, 2001. Agent Gritz was already aware of my inquiries. She indicated that she understood that the Press Office was handling my request. I told her that I decided to call her directly and emphasized that I only wish to confirm the meeting. Gritz said, “I’m not allowed to discuss this with you. I would get in trouble.”

The Muckraker Report has received copies of the contact cards that Agent Gritz and Stengel left with the source on June 26, 2001. Both cards have old phone numbers crossed out and new phone numbers handwritten on them. Clearly, the handwriting would be that of the agents.

I also have copies of the letters received by the source from Arthur Radford Baker.

The copies of the letters, the business cards, the way my initial request quickly reached FBI Headquarters, and the fact that Agent Gritz was obviously informed of my inquires and told that she was not to discuss anything with me, is sufficient evidence that there is yet another effort to cover up any information that strays from the “official” 9/11 story, especially any information that further exposes an Israeli connection to September 11th.

In addition to overhearing in Hebrew, the statements, “The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September”, and “Don’t worry, we have people in high places and no matter who gets elected, they will take care of everything”, the source also reports that he overheard one of the three men in the Gomel Chesed Cemetery say, “The Arabs are so stupid. They don’t even imagine that we are using them.” This comment should not be overlooked.

For the reader that is unfamiliar with the under reported stories of an Israeli connection to September 11, 2001, it is important to do your own research. There is plenty to read and learn. However, as with any other news story that has been purposely censored, you will have to collect the pieces of the puzzle in individual news reports and piece them together to finally see the big picture. Be forewarned, the picture is not pretty.

Here are some search topics to consider.

9/11 Investigative Journalist Harassed and Beaten at his Home by Undercover Cops

Odigo says workers were warned of attacks

The Israeli Spy Ring

Evidence of Mossad Treachery in the ETC

Israeli 9/11 Crook Flees with $57 Million to Israel

Pre-9/11 Put Options on Companies Hurt by Attack Indicates Foreknowledge

Dov Zakheim and the 9/11 Conspiracy

Urban Moving Systems and Detained Israelis

These suggested research links are a great place to start. If you study them, and follow the links imbedded in the content, in addition to further research, you will begin to have a better understanding of the absolute death grip Israeli influence has on the United States. You’ll also discover that this influence is not sentimental but rather criminal and treasonous to the fullest extent. I recommend that you print the content within these links as soon as possible so that you have a hard copy for future reference.

Of all the stories about an Israeli connection to 9/11, the Muckraker Report believes that the story of the Urban Moving Systems and the five Israelis detained on 9/11 is related to what was overheard at the Gomel Chesed Cemetery in October 2000.

As reported by Scott Da Vault for What Really Happened, ‘an employee of Urban Moving Systems, who would not give his name, said the majority of his co-workers were Israelis and were joking on the day of the attacks. (September 11, 2001) The employee said, ‘I was in tears, and these guys (Israelis) were joking, and that bothered me.’ These guys (Israelis) were like, “Now America knows what we go through.”

In October 2000, at the Gomel Chesed Cemetery, a former IDF member and veteran of the Yom Kippur War overheard, in Hebrew:

“The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September.”

In closing, here are some additional quotes to consider carefully.

I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing – although that was part of it – by a sovereign government…It will become public at some point when it’s turned over to the archives, but that’s 20 or 30 years from now.”

--Senator Graham (FL) as quoted in Senator: At Least One Foreign Country Assisted the 9/11 Terrorists

"While I agree with you, if I say anything about US geopolitical interests with Israel, I might as well clean off my desk."

-- Unnamed reporter as quoted in American Media Censorship and Israel

"Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying ... is considered career suicide."

-- Carl Cameron, as quoted in The Spies Who Came In From The Art Sale

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."

-- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 2:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Ho, Heiho!
I'd need to know the exact variety of Ivy...

We need to unclog the pipes of truth with caustic logic.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 6:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've already posted my opinion in other threads that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9/11 attack.

Here's some VERY interesting news about recent Saudi terrorism.


"All major crime is an inside job."

Livestock detective Henry Beige (Slim Pickens) in the movie "Rancho Deluxe."
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