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Jeremiah Wright

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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2008 3:29 am    Post subject: Jeremiah Wright Reply with quote


What Jeremiah Wright is doing in Chicago --- and what this scandal brought him into --- is doing FAR more to correct wrongs in the world than anyone here on B4N, including me.

He's not a "conspiracy theorist" in terms of knowing about 9-11 stuff.
I don't expect him to be, though I might contact his church on some of that info that is publicly known and unimpeachable.

He has been called a black Ward Churchill, as an insult, but I find that a fairly positive comparison. (except for Churchill's lame excuse that CTers were racists for dismissing Arabs as 'too incompetent' to have done 9-11)

I personally know, and have read of, Americans who have been drawn to listen to his message, mostly white. Over 90% of the people who have posted messages have had positive or very positive responses to his messages calling for self-reflection, self-criticism, self-correction, compassion, justice, and peace.

My liberal-hillbilly personal friend heard the news and decided to vote for Hillary (not that I consider voting practical), out of the fear that a BLACK President would want to take out revenge on white society, but after watching and listening to Wright, decided he'd rather vote for Obama.

I did tell my friend that comparing the two, the fact that Israelis dislike and distrust Obama for offering too much hope to Americans and that hope for Change might impact Israeli politics negatively, the same idea promoted by the Wall Street Journal that Obama suggested too much hope to the ordinary American people for economic change, and that dislike alone (assuming it's true, and it seems to make sense) would make me want to support Obama more than a candidate they support.

However, at this point, I would sooner vote for Wright than Obama, based on the public statements they've made.

full full version http://odeo.com/audio/17889043/view (audio only 35 minutes)

Look at the verse; Look at the verse; Look at verse nine: "Happy shall they be who take your little ones and dash them against the rocks." The people of faith are the rivers of Babylon. How shall we sing the Lord's song? If I forget the order ... The people of faith, have moved from the hatred of armed enemies --these soldiers who captured the king; those soldiers who slaughtered his son, that put his eyes out; those soldiers who sacked the city, burned, burned the towns, the burned the temple, burned the towers, they have moved from the hatred of armed enemies to the hatred of unarmed innocents -- the babies, the babies.

Blessed are they who dash your baby’s brains against a rock. And that, my beloved, is a dangerous place to be, yet that is where the people of faith are in the 551BC, and that is where far too many people of faith are in 2001 AD. We have moved from the hatred of armed enemies to the hatred of unarmed innocents. We want revenge, we want paybacks, and we don't care who gets hurt in the process.

This is a time for me to examine my own relationship with God. Is it real or is it fake? Is it forever or is it for show? Is is something that you do for the sake of the public or is it something that you do for the sake of eternity? This is a time for me to examine my own, and a time for you to examine your own relationship with God -- self examination.

More than defending Obama --- I guess he's probably better than Hillary and not a psycho-killer "War for 10000 years" like McCain --- is how instructive it is that Fox (and CNN and other networks) purposely took Wright's remarks out-of-context, and did so KNOWINGLY, because they KNEW it stemmed from a conversation with Ambassador Edward Peck on their own show. Even if one was NOT interested in Obama, this preacher would not be a reason to reject him. (That reason might be his ties to the same establishment power and money as the other 2 major candidates and Obama's alleged position on Iran.)

I agree that Iran is helping in Iraq and Afghanistan, and so the Iran threat from Bush is probably psy-op, however, it is possible that Bushco is ARROGANT and WRECKLESS enough to attack Iran anyhow.

Worried Yet? Saudis Prepare for "Sudden Nuclear Hazards" After Cheney Visit

I know I keep flip-flopping on this point.

also, from a liberal Dem forum

Jeremiah Wright - What (ELSE) is going on.
Seems that Wright's religious angle is in direct conflict with the consumerist 'Word of Faith'/ 'Prosperity Gospel' prevalent in evangelical mega churches run by authoritarian-Republican-millionaire-preachers, such as McCain's, not-so-spiritual advisor, Rod Parsley.

This is "The Secret" version of Christianity.


<... whatever followers give to their preacher, God
will return several times over. Forget the bank:
if you need a thousand dollars, give the church a hundred,
and wait for your supernatural return on investment.
Forget the doctor: if you're sick or injured, a little extra in
the bucket will incentivize God to restore your health.

In an unapologetic return to the glory days before the
Reformation, the system even allows people to buy
indulgences: you can atone for your sins by helping the
pastor buy that new Palm Springs golf retreat his ministry
so badly needs!

... Wright is very sharp thorn in these people's sides.
As long as he and his friends [are] out there,
their 30-year investment in the whole Word of Life
movement is at risk
. Obama's candidacy put him in the
spotlight, and thus magnified the threat. So now he has
very powerful enemies on the religious and political right.>

a friend's comment:
Fleecing desperate people without means is one thing
I'm surprised these churches aren't in the 'payday loan'
business yet
. But focusing on the shaky position of middle
class believers, apprehensive about their economic future
(or simply wanting more), provides a new perspective on
the term 'value$ voter', doesn't it?

(This divinely-ordained pyramid scheme has not gone unnoticed. Six months ago, Senator Charles Grassley -- R-IA and a staunch Baptist -- took an interest in the way these ministers are using their non-profit status to generate vast fortunes. He asked six of the richest ministers, including Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn, to open their books and submit to investigation of their operations. Four have complied in whole or part; two, including Copeland, are refusing outright, howling that this is a breach of the church-state wall -- you know, that same one they've been working overtime for years to tear down.)

Starting in the Reagan years -- and with considerable practical and moral support from the GOP, which Posner documents -- the prosperity gospel swept through the country's Pentecostal churches, both black and white. To give you some idea of how incestuously this movement is bedded down in GOP politics, consider the fact that John McCain claims Rod Parsley and John Hagee -- two of the nation's biggest purveyors of the prosperity gospel -- as his "spiritual advisors." (A lot of us wondered why he chose these two, who are regarded as nutcases even by many Evangelicals; but reading Posner, the political ends being served become obvious.)

Needless to say: not everybody welcomed this new gospel with open arms. Millions of devout Evangelicals who've read their Bibles and noted Jesus' contempt for greed, as well as those who hew to older and more rigorous theologies like the Social Gospel and King-style liberation theology, find the whole thing beyond offensive and verging on blasphemy. From the beginning, some of the country's leading ministers, both black and white, have taken public exception to the idea of reducing God to the status of a personal ATM machine -- and have pushed back hard against a movement that they feel is a not only an IRS-sanctioned form of fraud, but also a heresy against 2,000 years of Christian teaching.

And here's where Jeremiah Wright comes into the story. According to Posner, Wright has been a visible and articulate critic of the GOP's new pet theology over the years -- one of a noisy clutch of ministers who've made no bones about the mischief inherent in this new theology.

I might have to contact him to help inform him that most of the Christian Right are closet MOONIES. In all, a good service to the entire nation, not really "Next Level" in our sense, but in many ways MORE Next Level than us.
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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2008 10:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jeez Dilbert, do you stay up all night writing this stuff? Your insights are just that - insightful. Thanks yet again for another great link (Bill Moyers) and another succinct interpretation.


There are souls in the boots
Of the soldiers America
Fuck your yellow ribbon
If you want to
Support your troops
Bring them home
And hold them tight
When they get here
-Andrea Gibson - For Eli
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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2008 11:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah - he's good Gary, isn't he? Wink
The rule for today.
Touch my tail, I shred your hand.
New rule tomorrow.

Cat Haiku
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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2008 6:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wuz away for a few days. Laughing
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Wu Li

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PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2008 4:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Continuity wrote:
Yeah - he's good Gary, isn't he? Wink

I concur
Yes he is.

I loved the ending Moon comment which I find truly insightful.
I also would like to suggest a strong Eastern Mystical element (Via the New Age Movement) to all of this and at what better a time then now.
I do not see coincidence at play here.

Here be "The Next Level"

Great Post!

"Fear is the passion of slaves."
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