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The Climate Change Scam & Big Nuclear
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:06 pm    Post subject: The Climate Change Scam & Big Nuclear Reply with quote


The Group Behind Blair's Global Warming Manouvers

Tony Blair is the smooth operational face of the NWO.

The slickest 'reasonable guy' in the business, and a
key player in their geopolitical scheming and clever
psychological manipulation of the global population.

Now that his role in the Iraq & Afghan invasions is over,
he has been redeployed as the 'persuader' in their
campaign on the Global Warming issue and it's softly, softly
shadow cousin, the Nuclear Power industry....

Here he is outlining his recent moves in a TV interview.

There's never been a better opportunity to get inside the
motivations of the Global Warming Scam than by studying the moves
this evil f**ker Blair is making. I will put something together on this....

So, what's the big gameplan here?

Tony Blair on Global Warming and Nuclear Power


Audio of the above TV interview

Here's some background articles:

Tony Blair takes on an expansive new role

24 Mar 2008, 1406 hrs IST,TNN

NEW DELHI: Having resigned the prime ministership of the UK, what is
Tony Blair up to nowadays? The answer to that appears to be a roving
global ambassadorship, taking up causes as varied as Mideast peace and
climate change.

Blair’s latest mission brings him to India. He’s been meeting politicians
and industrialists, advocating a leading role for India in tackling climate
change. Stirring as that may sound, what exactly does he mean?

We hope it’s not binding emissions cuts on India, an idea that Blair has
been pushing globally. The fact remains that India’s per capita emissions
are 25 times less than the US and 13 times less than the EU.

The US is actually a good candidate to play a leading role in tackling
climate change. It’s not only the world’s greatest generator of greenhouse
gases, it ranks sixth on a per capita emissions scale. Its technological
capabilities are second to none.

India, by contrast, comes in at a lowly 140th in terms of per capita
emissions. What’s Blair been doing to change the US position on binding
emissions cuts, which would actually be far more helpful?

Blair ruined an otherwise impressive political career through excessive
enthusiasm for the Bush administration’s ruinous course on world affairs.
His decision to send British troops into Iraq, following in the footsteps of
President George Bush’s invasion of that country, cost him the UK

He’s now looking for larger causes. But how long will we see him in his
current avatar as climate ambassador? Or is it a mere stepping stone
towards a greater goal, becoming the first president of the European

If he’s interested in moving from a national to a global role he needs to
make sure, first of all, that he’s not pitching for purely national interests,
or even those of the US and the developed world.

Despite the many platitudes on climate change, not much has been done
to bridge the yawning gap in the stands taken by developed and
developing countries. One thing that makes developing countries see red
in the climate change discourse is talk of emissions cuts based on present
emissions levels, which punishes poorer countries which pollute less.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has pledged to commit India to a per
capita emissions level which won’t exceed that of developed industrial
countries. We look forward to Blair crafting a speech on climate change
that features, somewhere inside, the phrase "per capita emissions".



This country is the right place to strike a right global deal

For a better world: The former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, during
the launch of “Breaking Climate Deadlock” — a collaborative global
initiative for a successful international policy framework on climate
change — in New Delhi on Thursday.

India can lead battle against climate change: Blair

NEW DELHI: The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday
said India had an important role to play in mitigating the impact of
climate change.

As a powerful, developing nation with the right response to the issue,
India could assume a strong leadership role, he said at the launch here
of an initiative, “Breaking the Climate Deadlock.”

As “India would face the worst consequences of climate change
that would involve its food security, water and energy security
also,” it was the right place to strike a right global deal, Mr. Blair
said. He appreciated Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for setting up a
separate council to look into climate change-related issues and come up
with an action plan.

Pointing out that unless the world changed course by the middle of the
century, irreparable damage would be caused, Mr. Blair said it was
important that the global community came together to deal with the

Calling upon the developed world to take “strong, definitive”
action for checking emissions and offer incentives by way of technology
and funds, Mr. Blair said only then it would be fair to ask the developing
nations — including India and China — to make
commitments to mitigate climate change. “The world has a
common but differentiated responsibility and we all have an obligation.
Those who have grown [industrially] and those who are growing.”

Suggesting “transformative and revolutionary changes in society
and economy,” Mr. Blair said while it was true that the Western
world was responsible for climate change and the main responsibility of
reversing the trend vested with it, unless developing countries checked
emission, nothing much could be achieved. “The substantial,
transformative effort may start from the developed world but it has to
include the developing nations too.”

The project — Breaking the Climate Deadlock — is being undertaken
by the Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation and The Climate Group,
a non-profit organisation that works internationally and with government
and business leaders to advance climate change solutions and accelerate
a low-carbon economy. A group has been set up to devise a framework
for getting the developed world and the developing world, including China
and India, into a comprehensive deal to tackle climate change.

Mr. Blair leads this work and guides it politically to ensure
that technical work is given the right political direction.

The project has already been launched in Japan and China.


Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


View Full Details on Blair's Global Warming Group

About Us

The Climate Group is an independent, nonprofit organisation dedicated to advancing business and government leadership on climate change. We are based in the UK, the USA and Australia and we operate internationally.

The organisation was founded in 2004 by a diverse group of companies, governments and supporters who saw the opportunity to create new momentum in the international effort to stop climate change.

Proactive companies, states and cities around the world are demonstrating that cuts in greenhouse gases required to stop climate change can be achieved whilst growing the bottom line. Using the work of these leaders as a catalyst, The Climate Group works to accelerate international action on global warming with a new, strong focus on practical solutions.

We promote the development and sharing of expertise on how business and government can lead the way towards a low carbon economy whilst boosting profitability and competitiveness.

The °Climate Group represents a new approach. Focused on solutions and positive collaboration across the government, business and non-profit sectors, we act independently of special interests and political affiliations.

OUR CARBON NEUTRALITY POLICY. The °Climate Group has partnered with EcoSecurities to attain complete carbon neutrality across our operations in 2008. Read more about our carbon neutrality policy on our Governance page.

The °Climate Group is a publicly supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the USA and holds equivalent charitable status in the United Kingdom (registered charity no. 1102909) and Australia (registration pending). Click here for more information...


Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gore Group Plans Ad Blitz on Global Warming

Published: April 1, 2008

Former Vice President Al Gore and a nonprofit climate group have begun
what they say will be a three-year $300 million advertising blitz to recruit
10 million advocates to seek laws and policies that can cut greenhouse

The campaign was introduced in a “60 Minutes” appearance by Mr. Gore
on Sunday. The first ad, posted online at wecansolveit.org , compares the
challenge of fighting global warming to the invasion of Normandy and the
civil rights movement.

That advertisement will start appearing on television Wednesday,
according to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a group created by Mr.
Gore in 2006. It will be followed by ads tailored to particular audiences and
media, including the Internet.

About half the anticipated budget has been raised from donations, mostly
from anonymous benefactors, people involved in the campaign said.

In a presentation on the campaign last week, Cathy Zoi, who heads the
alliance and was formerly a Clinton administration environmental aide,
said the goal was to replicate the marketing success of enduring public
service ad campaigns like the frying egg depicted as “your brain on drugs”
and the 1971 advertisement featuring a tearful American Indian
considering a polluted landscape.

John P. Murry Jr., an associate professor of marketing at the University of
Iowa who has studied public service advertising, said the campaign might
be spending too little.

“I think the global warming project media budget should be 10 times as
high,” he said. “Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi spend over a billion dollars each
year to promote brand preference for soft drinks. In this light, the $100
million per year to change our lifestyles seems pretty small.”

Pollsters and communications experts have noted that the public remains
deeply divided along party lines over global warming and that the issue
rarely shows up on voters’ lists of worries.

Ms. Zoi said the goal was to recruit people she described as “influentials.”
She added: “These are people who talk to five times as many people a
day as the typical person, who derive self-esteem from having new

The ads will be coordinated with outreach through organizations like the
United Steelworkers union and the Girl Scouts.

On various blogs on Monday, reactions ranged from strong support to
complaints that the money would be better spent on energy research and
that the effort would mainly swell coffers of environmental campaigners
and carbon traders.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All your posts.....
.......are belong to us.

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nothing like a good fear-mongering bullshit assumption boldly referred to as a "fact" to get people on board.

The °Climate Group represents a new approach. Focused on solutions and positive collaboration across the government, business and non-profit sectors, we act independently of special interests and political affiliations.

I live in British Columbia. Yup we're on the list too. yay Confused

BC has been stepping up the carbon crazyness lately.


B.C. introduces carbon cap-and-trade legislation
Last Updated: Friday, April 4, 2008 | 11:18 AM ET
The Canadian Press

The B.C. government is aiming to reduce air pollution with new legislation capping some greenhouse gas emissions, but the opposition says the plan is full of holes.

The new cap-and-trade system is the first of its kind in Canada and part of the Liberal government's plan to cut B.C.'s greenhouse gas emissions by one-third by 2020.

The law will place a cap on emissions of carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. It also allows large polluters to participate in a government-monitored trading system that enables them to offset some of their emissions by trading or buying pollution credits.

more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/04/04/bc-cap-trade-legislation.html

B.C. budget hikes fuel costs with new carbon tax
Last Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 | 1:02 AM ET
CBC News

British Columbians will be paying more at the fuel pump and less at tax time under a new carbon tax on all fossil fuels unveiled Tuesday as part of the Liberal government's budget.

more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/02/19/bc-provincial-budget.html
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have been wa-a-a-yyy too busy lately. Just ran across this thread. Again with the crickets Fintan.

Anyway, if Gore is drafted for the presidency, you bet we can expect carbon-trading schemes, cap and trade measures, and all sorts of taxes to kick in. All with the noble idea that any of them will help stop climate change.

What a load of bull shit!

And people will continue to fall for it.

Man, the longer I live the more I think the film "Idiocracy" has it nailed.

I wish the folks at bushvision on youtube had more people paying attention to them. Here, for a reminder for folks, is a lecture by one Bob Carter about the fallacies in the AGW debate.
Four parts:


Anyone still believing in Al Gore and the rest of the propagandists' crap after seeing Carter has got to be a certifiable idiot.

There are souls in the boots
Of the soldiers America
Fuck your yellow ribbon
If you want to
Support your troops
Bring them home
And hold them tight
When they get here
-Andrea Gibson - For Eli
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

RockDock: Anyway, if Gore is drafted for the presidency,
you bet we can expect carbon-trading schemes, cap
and trade measures, and all sorts of taxes to kick in.
All with the noble idea that any of them will help stop
climate change. What a load of bull shit!

Hit the nail
on the head dude! Wink


Obama: will 'guarantee' he'll offer Gore a role in administration

LAFAYETTE, Indiana (Reuters) - Barack Obama said on Thursday he would “guarantee”
that he would offer former Vice President Al Gore a position within his administration

if he wins the White House........


Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You can't make this stuff up!


David Blood, Al Gore, and John Doerr, photographed
at Gore's Nashville home on Oct. 16, 2007.

The recovering politician is teaming with a legendary venture capitalist
and bigtime moneyman to make over the $6 trillion global energy
business. A Fortune exclusive

Al Gore's next act: Planet-saving VC

By Marc Gunther and Adam Lashinsky, Fortune - February 12 2008

(Fortune Magazine) -- It's lunchtime on Sand Hill Road, and Al Gore wants answers. "How does the efficiency decline with latitude?" he asks. "What size community could be served by one plant? If a manufacturer like GE wanted to make smaller turbines, would the technology support a smaller scale?"

We're sitting in the giant conference room at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, where the partners hold their weekly meetings. After loading his plate with Chinese food from a buffet, Gore is firing detailed questions at the management team of Ausra, a Kleiner-backed company in Palo Alto whose technology uses mirrors the width of a flatbed truck that focus the sun's energy to generate electricity.

Once Gore is satisfied -- sunlight lags north of South Dakota, an Ausra plant can serve 120,000 homes, and yes, smaller turbines will work fine -- he shifts from inquisitor to fixer. He was chatting with California Senator Barbara Boxer "on the way over," he reports, and he isn't optimistic that Congress will extend the tax credits Ausra has been relying on. On the upside, he offers on the spot to organize a summit highlighting the company's solar thermal technology to educate lawmakers and other policymakers on its potential. He also thinks a powwow at General Electric (GE, Fortune 500) would be beneficial, even though Ausra is a tiny customer.

"I know Immelt well," he says, referring to GE's CEO. "We ought to set up a meeting."

Gore appears utterly comfortable with this drill, but in fact he's engaging in some on-the-job training. The recovering politician, environmental activist, and Nobel laureate is adding another title to his résumé: venture capitalist. After "a conversation that's gone on for a year and a half," according to Gore, he has decided to join his old pal John Doerr as an active, hands-on partner at Kleiner Perkins, Silicon Valley's preeminent venture firm.

The move is more than another Colin Powell moment (the former Secretary of State signed on as a Kleiner "strategic limited partner" two years ago and has hardly been heard from since). Gore is joining the firm as Kleiner makes a risky move beyond information technology and health-care investing into the fast-growing and increasingly competitive arena of "clean technology."

According to Doerr, by 2009 more than a third of Kleiner's latest fund, which was raised in 2006 and totals $600 million, will be invested in technologies that aim to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. Already Kleiner has invested more than $270 million from various funds in 26 companies that make everything from microbes that scrub old oil wells to electric cars to noncorn ethanol. Twelve of Kleiner's 22 partners now spend some or all of their time on green investments.

In turn, Doerr, the master networker whose greatest hits include initial investments in Netscape, Amazon (AMZN, Fortune 500), and Google (GOOG, Fortune 500), will join the exclusive advisory board of Generation Investment Management. That's the $1 billion investment company Gore started three years ago in London with David Blood, the former head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, to analyze and invest in publicly traded "sustainable" companies. Over the past five weeks Gore, Doerr, and Blood agreed to give Fortune an exclusive look at their new alliance.

Already they've begun to pool information. Generation came across a small company engaged in carbon trading that Kleiner is analyzing, and Kleiner has shared intelligence about which startups could threaten the established companies in Generation's portfolio. In the long term, though, they want to help drive something much larger, "bigger than the Industrial Revolution and significantly faster," as Gore puts it.

They argue that to halt global warming, nothing less will be required than a makeover of the $6 trillion global energy business. Coal plants, gas stations, the internal-combustion engine, petrochemicals, plastic bags, even bottled water will have to give way to clean, green, sustainable technologies. "What we are going to have to put in place is a combination of the Manhattan Project, the Apollo project, and the Marshall Plan, and scale it globally," Gore continues. "It'd be promising too much to say we can do it on our own, but we intend to do our part."

Does that sound grandiose? Sure. Will they be accused of being partisan? Probably. Is there something incongruous about globetrotting rich guys jetting between multiple homes and lecturing the rest of us about climate change? Of course.

But there are good reasons to take Gore and Doerr seriously. Gore, who never seemed fully at ease as a presidential candidate, has demonstrated a real knack for using mass communications to influence public opinion. (He estimates that he's shown his homespun slide show on global warming more than 1,000 times, while the documentary version, An Inconvenient Truth, won him an Oscar.) Doerr, meanwhile, has displayed a real talent for deploying venture capital to create or disrupt whole industries.

In short, the foremost eco-activist and the dean of Sand Hill Road could, together, draw a huge amount of attention and cash to companies that are aiming to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

There is, however, one thing standing in their way. Five years after Kleiner Perkins made its first green investment, the firm hasn't had one "exit" -- VC-speak for an IPO or a sale of a company that validates the investment thesis. Doerr equates this moment to Internet investing (which he famously called "the greatest legal creation of wealth in the history of the planet") before Kleiner took a certain web browser public in 1995. Now, he wonders, "what's the company that will lead the boom? What's the Netscape of green innovation?"
A look at Kleiner's energy portfolio

A bleary-eyed Al Gore needs another cup of coffee, and no wonder. It's a Tuesday morning, and four days earlier he and his wife, Tipper, were up into the wee hours in San Francisco waiting to learn if he'd won the Nobel. (He was cited "for informing the world of the dangers posed by climate change.") They then flew home to Nashville after a stopover in Phoenix, where Gore spoke to an advertising industry convention about Current TV, the youth-oriented cable television network he co-founded in 2002. Over the weekend, Tipper threw him a party with 150 or so of their closest friends. Country singers Kathy Mattea and Kim Richey preformed at the bash, at Nashville's Park Café.

"It was a good weekend," Gore says with a grin.

Now Gore, Doerr, and Blood are gathered on the back patio of Gore's $2.3 million, 10,000-square-foot home in the Belle Meade section of Nashville. That's the mansion -- to Gore's critics it's always a mansion -- that tagged the former Vice President as an energy hog. He's quick to point out that the house generates electricity from more than 30 solar photovoltaic panels on the roof as well as seven 300-foot geothermal wells in the ground, and that it has been certified as an energy-efficient home by the U.S. Green Building Council.

After offering everyone coffee or bottled water (hey, no one's perfect), Gore explains why he's combining his advocacy work with a profit motive. "We want to give a big shout-out, though that's not the corporate term, to every inventor and entrepreneur and idea generator at the micro, macro, systems-integration, and global-thinker level to create with this alliance a clearinghouse for the identification and selection of the most promising ideas on the planet for quickly solving this climate crisis," he says, without pausing to take a breath. Then, clearly catching himself in a moment of speechifying, Gore boils it down: "We all believe that markets must play a central role."

Professionally Gore, Doerr, and Blood have little in common. Once the boy wonder of American politics, Gore turns 60 in March. In addition to his roles at Kleiner, Generation, and Current, he's an advisor to Google and a director at Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500). He also founded an advocacy organization in Palo Alto called the Alliance for Climate Protection.

At times his schedule seems downright presidential: the week after our interview in Nashville, Gore visited the leaders of France, Germany, and Austria to talk about the environment. Says Gary Hirshberg, a climate-change activist and the CEO of Stonyfield Farm, who has known Gore for years: "I had an easier time seeing him when he was in the White House."

Technically, of course, Gore was never "in" the White House. But he's been dealing with continual speculation about whether he still has designs on the place. Is there a chance he'll jump into the race? "It's a luxury to be able to focus on what you are most passionate about all the time," he says. When asked to elaborate he adds, "Casting about for words to describe this with precision is less productive than just saying that what I'm doing feels like the right thing to do." So the answer is probably not, though like any good politician, he's left the door open.

For now Gore truly seems to enjoy kicking around Nashville, where he'll continue to be based. Since he won't be on Sand Hill Road daily, he explains, he's installed a high-definition videoconferencing system to dial into Kleiner's weekly partner meetings.

If Gore is the elder statesman of the group, Doerr is the salesman. Famous both for his boundless energy and his high-end hucksterism, at 56 he is wiry and birdlike in his tendency to flit from topic to topic. He specializes in making everyone around him believe as passionately about his current cause -- -first the PC, then the Internet, now the environment -- as he does.

Blood, silver-haired and 48, may be the youngest of the group, but he's accustomed to managing money on a scale that dwarfs Kleiner's (See sidebar, "Talking 'bout their generation"). At Goldman (GS, Fortune 500) he oversaw the company's $325 billion asset-management arm from London. A retired Goldman exec, Phil Murphy, who now raises money for the Democratic Party, introduced him to Gore.

Gore and Doerr got to know each other more than a dozen years ago when they met to discuss technology and education policy during Gore's vice presidency. They were seen together so often that by the late 1990s, VC Stewart Alsop jokingly printed up and distributed hundreds of buttons that read GORE AND DOERR IN 2004. Doerr says he never considered elective office, but he credits Gore for his environmental awakening.

In June 2005, Doerr invited the Gores and Bill Joy, the former chief scientist at Sun Microsystems and now a Kleiner partner, to dinner at his home. Over coffee and dessert Gore hooked up his laptop to a projector and showed the group the slide show that the filmmaker Davis Guggenheim was just beginning to turn into a feature-length documentary. "I didn't get it until Al showed his slide show at our home," says Doerr. (Doerr has on various other occasions credited his conversion to his daughter Mary, Segway inventor Dean Kamen, Bill Joy, and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, a pal and cross-country ski partner.)

Last year Gore and Blood came to the realization that Generation's wide-ranging research into public companies could be put to other uses. For one thing, Generation's investment analysts were coming across all sorts of interesting companies and trends, but since they currently invest in only public companies, they couldn't use those insights. Remembers Gore: "We began to think about how we could develop another way of pursuing these ideas in the market. And I said, 'Hey, the best in the world is Kleiner Perkins.'"

Kleiner had been dabbling in green investing, backing companies like fuel-cell maker Bloom Energy and solar energy startup Miasole. It has financed others that stretch the definition of clean technology to the breaking point: Terralliance has a stealth technology for finding fossil fuels, and GloriOil uses superbugs to increase recovery from mature oil wells. "GloriOil ought not to be named GloriOil," says Doerr, sounding defensive. "It ought to be named GloriMicrobes."

When Gore approached Doerr about a Kleiner-Generation "mind meld" last year, Doerr felt it was worth exploring. Capital requirements for startup IT companies had dropped precipitously, so the timing was good to explore a new area.

Doerr asked a younger Kleiner partner, Ellen Pao, who recently had been hired to make consumer Internet investments, to organize a meeting of 50 environmental thought leaders so that the partners could brainstorm with them about opportunities. They met in May 2006 at the San Francisco Four Seasons. R.K. Pachauri, whose UN Global International Panel on Climate Change later would share the Nobel with Gore, was there. So was Jose Goldemberg, a Brazilian scientist who spearheaded his country's push into sugarcane-based ethanol.

Road trip into America's nuclear future

Kleiner was by no means the first venture firm to pursue clean-technology investments. Firms like VantagePoint Venture Partners and Nth Power were earlier to the sector, and former partner Vinod Khosla, who remains affiliated with Kleiner and works out of its offices, began advocating alternative-energy investments well before Doerr got religion. Today Kleiner has co-invested with Khosla's new firm in several companies, including Ausra.



Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 8:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm lost.

Could someone please provide a link or a few paragraph summary of the story so far? Is the hoopla about "global warming" a scam to jump-start the nuclear power industry? Is there more to it than that?


"All major crime is an inside job."

Livestock detective Henry Beige (Slim Pickens) in the movie "Rancho Deluxe."
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Forum Member Shroom is the Man on Gobal Warming.

Read any or all of his posts on the
'Global Warming is Bunk' topic.

The trail starts here:


Then I found Shroom's website
and he posted in the forum:

Ice Ages Cause Global Warming by Shroom

My view of global warming is shaped by the concept of ice ages. The past ten ice ages have been cycling at exactly 100 thousand year intervals, and the next one is scheduled to begin now. Now means within the next few centuries. Ice ages are always preceded by global warming, which particularly means an increase in ocean temperatures. Ocean temperatures are much more significant that air temperature. The oceans are said to have a heat capacity of 1,000 times that of the atmosphere. This means oceans greatly influence air temperature, but air does not easily influence ocean temperature.

Here's a graph of ocean temperature over the past few ice age cycles. It shows an increase in ocean temperatures of about 6°C before the temperature reversal of each ice age. The present ocean temperature is only 0.2°C lower than the peak at the beginning of the last ice age. The importance of this fact is that it overrides nearly every other fact about global warming. Regardless of what humans do, there is going to be a precipitous cool-down within the next few centuries. Humans have no ability to influence ice age cycles.

Warmer oceans mean increased global precipitation, which has been quite noticeable for about 30 years......

More: http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=13203#13203

Shroom's analysis continues:
Global Warming: The cause is oceans heating, not greenhouse gases

Science Details Explained

Heat in the Earth's Core
It seems likely that ice ages on earth are caused by a nuclear hot spot in
the core rotating toward the surface and heating the Pacific Ocean......
...It's quite significant that a large number of coral reefs are dying from
over-heating. Humans are not causing the oceans to over-heat; it
appears to be caused by heat from the earth's core.

Theory on Hot Spot Rotating within the Earth

Climate and Ice Ages

Concerning the above post on an ice age, my view about the Gulf Stream is that it cannot produce an ice age, because cold alone cannot produce an ice age. In order to get a precipitous temperature reversal, there has to be enough snow in low enough latitude for it to not melt during the summers; and then it reflects away enough of the suns energy to trigger a sustained cool-down. There isn't enough precipitation yet, but it's increasing. I think it will take a century or two before the precipitation level is high enough to create a precipitous temperature reversal.

In summary:

I have two simple proofs:

Proof one: Laboratory measurements show that carbon dioxide absorbs to extinction in 10 meters under atmospheric conditions. This means there is no radiation left at the frequencies which CO2 absorbs after 10 meters. If then humans double their 3% input of CO2 into the atmosphere, the distance of absorption reduces to 9.7m. A reduction in distance is not an increase in temperature.

Proof two: The quantities are miniscule.
heating the globe by the atmosphere --- 33°C
95% due to conduction and convection --- 31.35°C
5% due to radiation --- 1.65°C
5% of radiation picked up by CO2 --- 0.083°C
3% of CO2 produced by humans --- 0.0025°C
5% of absorption "unsaturated" for global warming --- 0.00013°C
claimed global warming --- 0.6°C

Crunching the Numbers.
There's no Mechanism for Global Warming.

Crunching the basic numbers shows that there is no real mechanism for carbon dioxide creating global warming.

It is said that the atmosphere adds 33°C of heat to the globe, which no one has been disputing.

The heat starts at the earth's surface. Most of it is picked up by the air through conduction and convection. About 3-5% will be radiated from the earth's surface into the atmosphere. This means, 1.65°C of air temperature can be attributed to radiation.

Carbon dioxide absorbs the emitted radiation through three narrow bands, which will pick up about 3-5% of the radiation. This means, of the 1.65°C due to radiation, no more than 0.0825°C can be due to CO2.

Humans are said to add 3% of the carbon dioxide to the air. If they double their input, CO2 will do 3% more of whatever it does. This means the supposed heat increase would be 3% of the 0.0825°C, which is 0.0025°C.

These are hard numbers which cannot be rationalized away. So the propagandists are trying to find some mechanism to explain how the globe has supposedly been heated 0.6°C due to CO2 already, and perhaps 1-6°C in the future.

They are pretending that there is an esoteric mechanism higher in the atmosphere, but they cannot describe it. There is no such mechanism. The only thing more CO2 can do is shorten the distance that some miniscule amount of radiation travels. Shorter distance does not mean more heat....

The other proof is this sequence of estimates:

heating the globe by the atmosphere --- 33°C

95% due to conduction and convection --- 31.35°C

5% due to radiation --- 1.65°C

5% of radiation picked up by CO2 --- 0.083°C

3% of CO2 produced by humans --- 0.0025°C

5% of absorption "unsaturated" for global warming --- 0.00013°C

claimed global warming --- 0.6°C


water vapor in the air is about a hundred times as concentrated as CO2, and it is much more varialbe, and it is increasing due to warmer oceans. This means water vapor would be doing much more global warming than humans, if greenhouse gasses were capable of producing global warming, which they are not.

Volcanism rears it's head:
Thar' She Blows!


Also Rumpl4skn

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Also, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Mars are ALL heating up too. I wonder what's up? I didn't think that they even had SUV's up there anymore? Something is causing ALL of the planets in our solar system to heat up and it is not thought to be caused by the sun, but something else more hidden and unknown. I will try to find my source of information. I got it here somewhere.
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I think it was Shroom who gave the analogy of a warm bathtub being able to heat the water in the tub and the air in the bathroom, but warm air in the bathroom will not warm the water and the cold tub.

Just noticed on the news that in 1913 it was 30ºC here and in 2002 was -15ºC. Today we are around 0ºC. Hmmm, not much global warming here it seems.

Yes pollution is bad and we need to clean up our act. However, please don't tax me to fix a problem that does not exist.

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