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more on JFK and Bush

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 5:07 pm    Post subject: more on JFK and Bush Reply with quote

Dear Friend

I have a new DVD (actually, if you haven’t visited my website www.BushKilledJFK.com lately, I have several). My newest is Radical Politics at the Movies. I hope you find it to be a thrilling and enjoyable 2-hour movie experience. In creating it, I wanted to show you some unexpected treasures in old familiar places, and even more unexpected treasures in places you never knew existed, or might never have thought to look.

In the video you’ll find that Richard Pryor hides profound political insight in some of his funniest material. In perhaps the most important, and certainly one of the hardest-to-find documentaries on the planet, anthropologist Richard Leakey (the same Dr. Leakey that Pryor talks about in his video) shares the most radical and important evidence in anthropology, proving that co-operation and sharing have been fundamental and essential human behaviors for many millions of years, linked to upright walking, and the cornerstone of our nature and evolution. Dr. Leakey’s work provokes an amazing thought-problem, which proves an indisputable link between small brain size and greed. This stuff is really essential to understanding our species, understanding our potential as a species, understanding that all is not lost, and that the beasts who rule the world today are fundamentally sub-human. This section of the video is really the reason to get it. But, again, the video is not meant to be a dry lesson in anthropology. And I try to show that much of the same message and evidence is to be found in your local video store in a really beautiful and hilarious movie called The Gods Must Be Crazy II . My video also introduces you to the stunningly important and timely message of an innocuous film like Bug’s Life. I NEVER expected profound issues about the September 11th attacks to be addressed and answered in such a movie, but there it is. And the video invites you to a deeper understanding of the radical message of classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and Chinatown. I hope you’ll find it to be a valuable guide to locating and appreciating some of the most wonderful experiences in cinema.

I also have a new DVD on Critical Thinking, and one on 9-11, but I won’t take the time here. Go to BushKilledJFK. Com. Please.
Late developments in research on the death of JFK Jr.

I found out where George Bush Jr. was the weekend JFK Jr. died (thanks Keri!). I made much in my video about the fact that Karen Hughes, the head of the Bush campaign, was unable to tell reporters where Bush was, what he was doing, or when he would be back to respond to their questions about the death of JFK Jr. - this at the height of the 2000 campaign. And Bush stayed missing for 3 days. It turns out he was spotted at the Bohemian Grove celebrating JFK Jr.'s death. Additional screwiness: the year before and the year following JFK Jr‘s death, the Bushes were open and casual about their participation at the Bohemian Grove, and their presence was treated openly and casually in the press. In fact Cheney announced that he was going to be the vice-presidential candidate from the Bohemian Grove in 2000.

But that summer, 1999, after the Sacramento Bee and Santa Rosa Press Democrat each carried articles casually mentioning young George's presence, Karen Hughes, the head of the campaign, called up the reporters and editors and demanded a retraction. Both reporters told me it was one of the most extraordinary things they ever experienced as journalists - that such a big deal would be made by such high ranking people over such an apparently small matter. It made such an impact that the reporters’ memories were still vivid 6 years later. Both papers refused to retract, though the Bee offered to retract if Hughes would provide evidence of where Bush was in fact. Karen Hughes declined the offer. How do you explain it? Why did they make such a big deal? My explanation is that Bush was afraid people would think he was celebrating JFK Jr.’s death. Which only a guilty person could possibly think. Such a thought never occurred to the reporters, would never occur to an innocent man, I think.

I've been engaging in an email correspondence with a health food store owner in Utah named True Ott, regarding John Kennedy Jr.'s final days. Ott says that John Jr. was murdered because he had come into possession, through Ott, of thorough and conclusive proof of George Bush Sr.'s direct involvement in the assassination of JFK. Ott says John was preparing to publish the information. The story Ott tells is incredible, and I certainly did not believe it the first time I heard it.

However,...I've investigated and found that Ott is well known and respected nationally in the health food community. Ott is also listed on the Sierra Club and NRDC websites for the activism he claims brought him to the attention of George magazine. He has an important reputation as a respected environmental and health activist that is not helped by spreading ridiculous stories; and he assures me he wouldn’t jeopardize his reputation like this if the story weren’t true. You be your own judge as you read, below, what he said.

It has occurred to me, since speaking to Ott, that the day John died, he told his staff that "as long as I am alive, this magazine will publish." When I first read this story, this seemed to me an over-the-top statement from someone who had not shown a life-and-death commitment to the magazine up to that point. Ott's stunning story solves this and other important mysteries. I'll finish this letter with the latest part of my correspondence with him.
Best wishes,
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 2:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I emailed John when I received this email, and told him that I still beleve it quite likely that Dubya was not at Bohemian Grove, and that Hughes "outrage" at his location being disclosed was to cement the info further into the public psyche.

There's no other reason for Cheney to have announced from there if it was any problem. Therefore, it was an employed asset, to plant the info of where Dubya was during the JFK Jr. op, if he was indeed involved.

"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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