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We choose Mars: Such a war we shall give them!

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Hocus Locus

Joined: 22 Sep 2006
Posts: 850
Location: Lost in anamnesis, cannot forget my way out

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 2:17 am    Post subject: We choose Mars: Such a war we shall give them! Reply with quote

[reposted from the Hermae thread where it was inappropriately off-topic. Probably still is, but I am 'unquenchable'] ;-)

If I am correct to say we are gathered here as ones who have witnessed destruction of the Hermae, we are not the young men in drunken frolic so accused, and finally, are not entirely supportive of the old men in drunken frolic who have assured us they will be continuing their campaign of delivering 'democracy air-drops'...

On one episode of the TV comedy 'WKRP in Cincinati" the station stages a promotion for Thanksgiving holiday, a plan which they carry out with complete success -- but (to their astonishment and dismay) -- all does not turn out well at all. The plan was to drop live turkeys from a hovering helicopter ... but no one realized that domesticated turkeys cannot fly. Despite this, to be fair -- the idea seemed to be a good one.

All who staged the event, one might say, were just doing their very best.

Especially the turkeys: they were trying hardest of all.

All that glitters is not oil. Or even gold...

"Gold is the corpse of value," says Goto Dengo.

"I don't understand."

"If you want to understand, look out the window!" says the patriarch, and sweeps his cane around in an arc that encompasses half of Tokyo. "Fifty years ago, it was flames. Now it is lights! Do you understand? The leaders of Nippon were stupid. They took all of the gold out of Tokyo and buried it in holes in the ground in the Philippines! Because they thought that The General would march into Tokyo and steal it. But The General didn't care about the gold. He understood that the real gold is here-" he points to his head " -- in the intelligence of the people, and here-" he holds out his hands " -- in the work that they do. Getting rid of our gold was the best thing that ever happened to
Nippon. It made us rich. Receiving that gold was the worst thing that happened to the Philippines. It made them poor."

"Then let's get it out of the Philippines," Avi says, "so that they too can have the opportunity to become rich."

"Ah! Now you are making sense," says Goto Dengo. "You are going to take the gold out and dump it into the ocean, then?"

"No," Avi says, with a nervous chuckle.

Goto Dengo raises his eyebrows. "Oh. So, you wish to become rich as part of the bargain?"

At this point Avi does something that Randy's never seen him do, or even come close to doing, before: he gets pissed off. He doesn't flip the table over, or raise his voice. But his face turns red, the muscles of his head bulge as he
clenches his teeth together, and he breathes heavily through his nose for a while. The Gotos both seem to be rather impressed by this, and so no one says anything for a long time, giving Avi a chance to regain his cool. It seems as though Avi can't bring words forth, and so finally he takes his wallet out of his pocket and flips through it until he's found a black-and-white photograph, which he pulls from its transparent sleeve and hands across to Goto Dengo. It's a family portrait: father, mother, four kids, all with a mid-twentieth century, Middle-European look about them. "My great-uncle," Avi says, "and his family. Warsaw, 1937. His teeth are down in that hole. You buried my uncle's teeth!"

Goto Dengo looks up into Avi's eyes, neither angry nor defensive. Just sad. And this seems to have an effect on Avi, who softens, exhales finally, breaks eye contact.

"I know you probably had no choice," Avi says. "But that's what you did. I never knew him, or any of my other relatives who died in the Shoah. But I would gladly dump every ounce of that gold into the ocean, just to give them a decent burial. That's what I'll do if you make it a condition. But what I was really planning on doing was using it to make sure that nothing of the kind ever happens again."

~excerpt from Neal Stephenson: Cryptonomicon

Let us declare war on planet Mars, implicating it with the sudden disappearance of Pluto. Let us gather an invasion force. Show of hands?

I say again: On to Mars! If it is a war they want... such a war we shall give them!

Reconnoissance drones confirm that Mars it is unguarded, ripe for conquest. The natives, even if they turn out not to be friendly, at at least very small, even smaller than the funny fellow with the brush on his head As an alternative to conquering the rest of our world so as to destroy the currency of others to protect the value of our own... as an alternative to easing into authoritarian government to enable the building of gulags that could encircle those unrepentant, those dissenting... as an alternative to the eventual dissolution of gulag into separate political entities and a millennia of tension and strife (Sons of Abraham, brothers! Stay this madness!). We choose Mars.

And such frontiers we may find along the way, we will conquer them also. The opening of new frontiers of material and geographical wealth is not unlike the opening of of a bank, which is not unlike the creration of a new currency. Until the FDIC comes to dinner, of course.

To protect the interests of the present oil, gold, silver, diamond and pork belly Consortia to keep hold of their Earthly investment and value, such as it is, we transit to a Nonobtanium Standard (atomic weight -1)

As for a name of the new currency I propose anything but 'credits' (yuck!)

Required reading for the invasion force (in sequence):
Kim Stanley Robinson: Red Mars, Blue Mars, Green Mars

Best-ever version of Holst's: Planets: Isao Tomita
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Hocus Locus

Joined: 22 Sep 2006
Posts: 850
Location: Lost in anamnesis, cannot forget my way out

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 9:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Training materials for the Mars invasion:
propaganda for the kids! and the young at heart.

L5: First City in Space [imdb.com] Some frame captures I made,

My IMDB Comment:
It is The Quintessential Children's Dream-About-Space Film: THUMBS UP!

If you're looking for people evaporating in ("high technology") energy bursts, or gritty complex characters suffused with (yawn) adult tension and drama... or cataclysmic danger so obvious with a heroic quest so clearly laid out and evident that it (may as well, probably has) come to life from the pages of a comic book... with all due respect, please keep on looking, you're sure to find lots of what you're looking for. But as regards slapping this up against Blade Runner or Star Wars... please don't. Leave it be.

This is on an entirely different plane. It is low-key, the dialog is mostly narrated, the story deliberately paced, as slowly unfolding as a bedtime story.

Hint! This IS a bedtime story, of a kind that technology has given us the ability to produce, but is seldom produced. The plot is surprisingly realistic -- in fact it more closely tows the line with what we sincerely desire in the thing called 'reality'. The concept of forward-seeing planners catching sight of and resisting a foreseen future disaster -- a shortage of water that might result in emigration back to Earth -- this is the 'real' stuff heroes are made of.

The perspective and the beauty shots of the colony are simply awesome, inside and out. This is a beautiful film for children with a story they can grasp and understand. And adults too... if they find themselves hyped with boredom fast forwarding thru the movie to jump onto IMDb and lob a 'sucks' review at it... just perhaps, it is time to switch to Decaf.

Check out the other comments. While I don't tend to see a tree hiding behind every communist I wonder whether the same psyop forces that now ply the Internet with junk sentiment have been camping out in the movie review clubhouse for years, diverting a continuous stream of people, through surface drivel on the technical details of presentation and apples-oranges comparison to other works, or just expressing (suspiciously intense) dislike with pompous disregard for saying why... to divert them away from the works of humanity that take us away beyond ourselves and towards the dream.

Instead, things that steer or attention inwards, towards ourselves, into distraction and angst, are trumpeted, praised. Especially the things that are unfit for small children (IMHO of course). I will always love the film Blade Runner but you will never catch me showing it to pre-teen children. A choice that has nothing whatsoever to do with the violence in the film, far more to do with the masterful presentation of a future that is not the one I intend to see. Hey, when they're teens I'll show it and it could lead into a long discussion of what's cool in it, what's not. How such things could best be avoided. But inflicting the Blade Runners on the young, who need to be steeped in bedtime stories that reveal the truly worthy purposes of life, of evolution, the wonder of science and dreams the young mind listening can participate in, to decide what they want to happen and begin to shape their own future -- ay, there's the rub.

As you might imagine I have never told a Brothers Grim unfairly-tale to a young child. And never will. I have explained gravity, wavelengths, the best things to do if you're in a building on fire (after she awoke from such a nightmare), where babies come from and the silly stories people have made up about it, and why (was treading on thin ice, not quite sure myself why people had made up those things), the difference between what is harmful and what is merely dangerous or risky. Told as bedtime stories.

When we were nomads who had just tamed fire, children hanging around the campfire in the evenings got to hear everything, even the crude (but funny) jokes. And it prepared them to become the best possible people they could become, as evidenced by the fact I am here today to mention it. Somewhere along the line we seem to have missed the point that if there are aspects of our 'adult' lives and society that are 'unfit' for children... perhaps it's time we adults set out to grow out of those things. Brutal pointless wars for example.

Some comments from imdb.com on 'L5'. The nasty ones not even worthy to cut and paste. I actually signed up at imdb.com for the express purpose of adding some 'reason' to the clueless, mindless (might I say malicious) madness that was heaped onto this film. It's running time is 35 minutes. So what, almost every moment is eye candy. And bedtime stories shouldn't run on any longer anyway. Cuts into the dream-journey time.

If you are an explorer of human psychology, notice in the comments there are pans one outright trashy attack on it, and the rest of the folk (except me, 'graphics-18') seem to be thoughtfully tripping over themselves to keep from stepping on the feelings of the hootin' and fartin' member of the peanut gallery. I was in full attack mode (though careful to avoid ad homenims because imdb justly frowns on such things: we're here to trash movies, not the people who trash them and all) and my final posted comment was several notches tamer than the first draft.

IMDB Comment: The story is set in space, in a type of space habitat called a 'Stanford Torus'. This mini-world is endangered due to lack of resources; a dangerous mission is undertaken to try to recover water from a distant comet...

I liked the details about living in space, it's kind of like a short version of 'Silent Running', only more realistic.

The film is not very long, and the story is not exactly complex, but I thought it was technically well done, as did the people who saw it with me. It succeeds at a technical and an emotional level- you really empathize with the little girl who stars in it.


IMDB: Comment: There are two bonus features on this DVD. One is a Korean educational short named "Journey to the Planets". It combines traditional animation (in the form of funny little space creatures) with the same kind of computer animation derived from actual space probe photography which we saw in "L5" (but in this case we get treated to fly-overs of Venus in addition to Mars). The space creatures are searching for a new home. As various planets of the solar system are encountered, the outstanding features of each are discussed. It's a curiously sedate short, with soft-spoken characters and periods of quiet.

The other bonus is the standard (but quite thrilling) trailer for the "IMAX Films on DVD" series.

"L5: First City in Space" offers a realistic glimpse of a possible future for us beyond our planet of origin. If you want a view of the High Frontier... this is the best we're going to get for a while.

I hope it's not a long while.

To boldly go where no man has gone before.
And why the bloody hell not? Where else we gonna go?
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Hocus Locus

Joined: 22 Sep 2006
Posts: 850
Location: Lost in anamnesis, cannot forget my way out

PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

More propaganda for the kids:

SPACESHIP EARTH SENSE DATA, DESCRIBED. The Tortoise Shell: Where it's turtles, all the way down, seven days a week. And some radio-plays intelligently and insightfully produced, quite suitable for children and those who yearn for whimsy and things besides the same old same old. And some Tesla too.

Quite Bhuddist-flavored... at times the fate-syrup is spread rather thickly... but easier to explain to the young than some of those other faiths.

The Tortoise Shell http://www.hbci.com/~wenonah/

Open Your Imagination... It's not very hard to think of our world as a puzzle.

A puzzle with more than one solution. Great fun lies in discovering the various puzzle pieces and assembling them on the puzzle board in our minds. In doing so, we achieve a deep understanding of the workings of nature and the wondrous ways we have, of harmoniously interacting with Her.

This web site is here to present puzzle pieces. Your participation is greatly encouraged.

Important Relationships and Concepts can be gleamed from these web pages, thereby helping you turn INFORMATION into KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge to help You make WISE choices in Your Life. Your challenge then, is to assemble the puzzle pieces and build a wonderful world in which to live. A new "High Tech Garden of Eden".

Science and Math can be Fun, and assimilated easily, when you can relate concepts and information to a project or theme. Here, we are Using Hydroponics to Understand the Earth's Life Processes on the Atomic Level. Atoms become our puzzle pieces, and we are assembling them to build a better world around us.

(: Plus, we get to eat many of our delicious experiments. :)

((( From ""Human Holiday" Radio Play, Fun Filled British Radio Play", 2 episodes, ~20 minutes each )))

"Deep in the crystalline blackness of outer space, the most exciting planet ever designed sails through the sparkling vacuum at a steady speed of 700,000 knots. She is Earth. Flagship of the Finite Fleet, built with a care and craftsmanship that money can no longer buy. Earth is a planet with a reputation unique in the annals of material existence. They say there's never been a planet quite like her. That there'll never be another one again. They say that to incarnate on Earth is to incarnate to the adventure of a lifetime! Into a world where dreams are embodied every day. They call her, "the playground of the Universe -- the ultimate in incarnation holidays." And yet, the question must be asked, "What is the Earth Experience?"


"On board the Earth you will see this philosophy reflected everywhere you look. Little things, like a time, so precise, so unwavering, you can use it as a clock. Thoughtful touches, like a gravity so constant that you can count on it to be there, when you need it, seven days a week. Unexpected refinements like a light so clear, that you can see by it in the middle of the day. On Earth, that kind of attention to detail is commonplace! You'll find it in the uncannily smooth ride that the planet provides, thanks to gyroscopic stabilization so precise, it's accurate to 1/1000 of a second, per century! You'll find it in the state of the art orbital navigation that provides you with a level of safety unequalled anywhere in the material Universe. You'll find it in an atmospheric system so flexible, you can be hot one day and cold the next, dry in the morning, and wet that very same afternoon. The Earth Experience is all this, and yet it is still more. When you enjoy the Earth Experience, you'll know you are incarnating on the planet that the experts judged 'the best'. Experts like..."


"I remember one short incarnation that I passed on Earth as a wild honeysuckle growing on the sunlit slopes of the [unrecognized Irish name?]. One shimmering Summer when my flowers were as fair and as plump as they would ever be, a hummingbird flew by. And then came back, stopped in front of me. Its iridescent ruby-throated breast shimmering just inches from my flowers. I'd never seen a hummingbird before! Never seen that long and gently tapered bill he'd soon be using to suck the honey nectar juices from my upturned cups. His flashing wings stirred the humid air and made my stamen tremble in a way I'd never felt before! And then suddenly without warning the hummingbird thrust his eager bill deep into my..."

Moments after birth, for the most fortunate among us, it's beautiful titties all the way down. Too soon we forget.
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